Baby Stories - 45


Nefeli is a kind and happy child she likes to read children's books and play with other children and her little brother 😊 she is very smart and cute 😊
Daniel is a sweet boy always smiling and loves to cuddle! He is a healthy lil boy who loves food! Momma and daddy are tryna get lil man a bedroom of his own so he can sleep in his crib instead of the bassinet he gas outgrown, any help would be appreciated to keep lil boy fed, diapered, and able to get a house so he can have a space to grow bigger in!
Hi, I'm Juno. Im mommy & daddies youngest & last baby. I love when my sister's & brother play with me, I make them laugh so hard when I growl so I do it all the time now. My favorite thing to do is eat my hands or mama's. Vote for me
Ramere loves to smile , he loves to talk , he loves to kick and roll over , he loves to flex his muscles 💪🏽. He is an extremely energetic little fella !
Cheeky little girls that likes painting all over the walls
Ezekiel is 3 weeks old loves being held and love sleeping smiles every time his big sister holds him and eats alot!
Ny Aair
Ny’Aair is 4 months old with a great personality. He loves talking, laughing, and smiling. He’s such a great baby. He loves play time and singing with mama and dancing. He loves his “Mr. Teddy.
Loves his mama, sitting up and trying to scoot around 💙💙 loves babbling
London is a very happy baby, who loves be held. London also loves his stuffed elephants, his mommy and daddy and big sister Janelle.
she loves to smile and is such a happy baby! she’s so spoiled and is getting chunkier by the day. all the love and attention goes to her!
Aidan is super fun and loves his sisters
Avery is a very outgoing little girl who loves to play and most definitely adores her little sister!
Afrifa is a fun loving 2 year old boy.He loves music and dancing.Enjoys trying different types of styles in clothing.He is a real joker and most of all loves spending time with his loved ones
Bennett loves to watch cocomelon. Loves to smile and make funny faces. He also loves to run around the house in his walker.
Khaleesi is 7 months old, she loves crawling, standing and playing with her sissy. She loves eating and saying dada
Cayden is very alert and funny kid that's been here for six months. He loves to make faces. He's also is bubbly and has big eyes that like to stare to figure who's talking to him. He loves to bounce and jump in his bouncer.
Kaison loves to coo and scream💞 he loves to sit in his chair & play with his toys 🤍🤍
Periklis is a handsome baby with big smile !!! He love walking a lot
Baby dude is what we call him, my little Taurus guy, so full of personality and drive for adventure😍 barley even 2, this boy is going to take me on a wild journey. Loves motorcycle and lake trips☺️ He’s an outdoorsy type of child
Aria Marie!
Brian can already count up to 10 with no help. Knows his ABC’s. Knows so many words and is starting to learn to form his sentences. He loves watching learning videos from Blippi to watching his favorite Paw Patrol characters! Enjoys singing “Twinkle Little Star” and “Ants Go Marching”.
This sweet girl can make any day better! At two months old she loves cooing, warm baths, storytime, and snuggles.
He is a happy baby loves to play and loves the water
Harper is a lil fire cracker with amazing blue eyes, huge smile and an even bigger personality! She loves music and her hands lol.
Brooklyn is two and a half months old. She loves naps and play time with her musical toys.
When this almost 4 Year old isn’t busy licking salt and mineral out of cow tubs and building fence in the winter she has a full time job sitting in a tractor for 9 hours for days at a time during the summer you know it’s bad When she’s better at peeing out side then in a toilet
Bentley is a very happy boy! Always laughing and playing. Bentley is two and loves being outside! You can always find Bentley playing with our dog or playing with his cousin.
He is the happiest most smiley little baby 👶🏼. From the day he was born he looked like a little baby doll 😊 No matter where we go someone always says how adorable he is 🥰
I’m a rambunctious lil boy. What else is there to say.
Ashton is a very loving boy. He loves to take naps and watch puppy dog pals!
Landon is a silly 2 year old, he loves to count and sing his ABC’s. He loves hot wheels, eating snacks, and most importantly cuddling with mommy!
My name is Kingston I am one years old i like to eat and run around all day 🧡
This is Sa’Rya, she loves to talk and yess she talks a lot already lol, she loves her toys, and when people give her lots of attention, she loves to receive lots of kisses and hugs and she absolutely loves to cuddle. ❤️
Malan’I is a bundle of joy, she’s funny and got a lot of sass. She’s smart for her age so don’t be fooled! And she loves her family and especially LOVES food!
He is a fun loving sweet young man.. loves fishing and hockey and just being a boy !!
This is Riley Chase, he cuddles, attention and being part of everyones conversation!
Evelina is a sensitive, kind, talented girl, she loves boxing, piano and reading❤️🥰Sociable and always smiling 🌏✨
Moni is very energetic and always making others smile. He loves playtime and story time.
Braylon is a very happy baby he slaps the ground for communication, he loves his momma and his BaBa. Mickey mouse is his favorite TV show. Braylon is a miracle baby his mom died at 10 years old and is permanently disabled but is doing her best to raise him.
Mazzy K the sweetest baby 💖
Serenity is the most happiest baby. She love to smile and love when her father does little silly things to make her laugh.
Gracie Lynn
Loves Minnie Mouse and playing with her big brother and dancing to music with her big sister!she loves her cats and toys and loves bathtime too!!!💕
Sweetest little girl, always full of smiles
She is smiling all the time!
Odin’s the happiest baby I’ve ever met. I get told I’m lucky all the time by family members and friends cause he’s just so smily and happy. He love to play in his jumper and o his play mat. He loves to scream to get your attention or just when he’s bored and he loves givin kisses