Baby Stories - 44


Likes to play legos loves to dance and make people around her smile and loves play soccer
Asher is A handsome three-month-old baby boy. He is very happy, active and alert, holds his head up like he’s a big boy. Asher likes to watch Cocomelon and he enjoys being breast-fed and coddled. When he’s not eating he is cooing and laughing.
The ultimate ginger ninja; crazy little redhead, always with a smile. Adores cats, too much chocolate, and avoiding bedtime. Mama's little miracle.
Adalyn is the cheekiest little girl anybody could meet, she’s an amazing girl. Full of laughter, smiles and full of mischief. You’re vote won’t be wasted!
Shes a very smart lil girl for only being 4y and she loves ta gives hugs and loves her whole family and especially loves her mom and dad
Vienna loves Christmas lights and making tons of funny faces.
Brycen is full of giggles and loves cozy time <3 brycen is a miracle baby, he was born premature and made it out of the NICU from the strong little happy boy he is.
Easton is 3 weeks old, he enjoys smiling and his binky!
Connor is an active little boy. He loves to play, climb, and jump. He will eat ANYTHING and is a daddy's boy through and through.
I’m daxton im 4 months and I love to cuddle with mommy and playing Pattycake ! And I love talking to mommy , my uncle and grandma and grandpa !
Paisley is a One year old, ornery, playful, sweet little girl. There is never a dull moment with her, life’s always an adventure every day.
Jay'len is a very loving and active little boy!! He is very sweet and loves his momma!!😍
John is always smiling! He loves music and food 🥰
Besides being the life of the party with her facial expressions, Reece has a heart of gold and is wise beyond her years. She loves being outside as much as she can and being with her friends at daycare is always a good time but most of all she loves being with her family ♥️.
Loves to make a huge mess 😂 he also loves naps, and mom’s cuddles. He loves to play outdoors.
Theo is a happy little baby. He loves to roll (and then cry when he can't get back onto his back lol) and having cuddles with mama. He's always smiling and so he should, because look at that smile!
My sweet little girl loves frozen, minnie, and bowssss!!!
Lilly Rose
Lilly Rose is the youngest of 3 children she has 2 older brothers shaun and shae she loves scottish music and her favorite song is ally bally bee lilly Rose always has a smile on her wee cute face and at 8 weeks old she already has us all wrapped round her little finger
Wild child at heart, loves his momma and is the biggest Super Wings fan you’ll ever meet 🥰🥰
James is a chunky happy lil cow boy ! He loves to stand and laugh an play with his big puppy dog
Addison loves to eat and play with her big sister. Fruits and veggies Teddys and blankets Mama's snuggler ❤
My rainbow baby, olivia-Sue. Our happy little princess x
Im 10 days old, and love to snuggle with mommy and daddy. Oh yeah, my binky is my best friend.
Neveah is a bright eyed, happy baby with a huge personality. She loves her mommy and daddy and makes a bunch of facial expressions. Her favorite thing to do so far is enjoy tummy time . She’s a 6 pound bundle of joy and brings happiness to anyone she comes in contact with.
Aaron is such a happy baby and a joy to be around. He is always smiling. He is most definitely a momma’s boy.
Sienna is a kind soul who loves her family and friends. She wants everyone to be happy and always tries to make people laugh! She has been dancing since she was 2 and it is her passion. She also loves gymnastics, math, painting and crafts.
Amaya is a beautiful, loud, miss sassy pants. She runs the house and she knows it.
NoVella Blue, NoVa for short ! Is a blue eyed babygirl full of life and sass!! She loves to SCREAM and currently GROWL.
Babygirl loves listening to music, bath time, hearing daddy’s voice, she loves making noises & wants to talk so bad! Her silly faces can make anyone smile. Aleana is such a good baby definitely the sweetest one month old ever!! Her hair is curly when wet & she has the most beautiful blue eyes!!
George is a my beautiful rainbow baby 🌈 He’s always smiling and has the cutest smile, he’s the most loveable baby boy💙 He’s a 2020 baby born in the middle of a global pandemic💙 my perfect blue eyed boy🥰
Ivan is known as booger around the house. He loves being loud, playful, troublesome, adorable and yell at you for food. He's very smart and sassy for his age. Everyone he meets gets wrapped around his little finger and hes such a ladys man. His smile and personality could make anyone's day.
Hudson daniel loves his little Giraffe friend, and loves to say oo and growling. Hes very smilie and loves to cuddle with his family
Penny is 8 Months old!! She is smart, sweet, and on the move! She loves to play with her toys that light up, read books, ride her little 4 wheeler, take walks, going on car rides, she enjoys being out in public at the stores ( shopping like mom) and spending time with family!!! Penny has the biggest brightest smile you ever did see! she is always happy and always smiling. She WAKES UP smiling!!! She is the apple of our eyes and we wouldn't change not even ONE thing about her!!! She has a personality that just makes your heart melt to the floor. Penny loves smiling for the camera!! Penny was named after her grandmother Penny who passed away in 2011, and she was born May 4th, 2020 MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU !!! Please take the time to send your vote to Penny!!!!
A’Niyah is 20 months old! Loves cocomelon and cuddles with daddy💜!
My little precious girl is 22 months old. She loves cuddles and kisses... The best thing that could have happened that year she was born. I lost my little boy Robbie when Jessica was 5 weeks old.
Liam was the light of 2020 for his family. In a tough year around the world Liam was a beacon of light and radiates his energy on earth. Born at just 32 weeks Liam is a premie and is 3 months old. Fun Fact: Liam shares his birthday with both of his parents!
She is a personality to be reckoned with. She loves to be talked to or read to and she will babble back.
Loves lights and her pacifier
My name is Emory, I love movies, grapes, singing and dancing! I’m a super active and happy boy!
Getting our beautiful chunky baby P's face out there❤ hes the happiest little man and his smile shows it!! 🥰 thank you all for the votes and shares❤❤❤ IF YOU VOTE AND HAVE A LITTLE ONE IN THE COMPETITION AS WELL, LEAVE A COMMENT SO I CAN RETURN THE FAVOR❤❤❤**side note** he also loves twinkies🤣👇
Aquille Jr
We all call him JR, he’s shy until he gets to know you. He’s the most lovable baby you’ll ever met, with the cutest smile. Everyone meet Aquille jr.
Zayden is definitely his own boss and is great at making sure his rules apply to all. He loves bath time and socializing with his family. Can smile up a storm :)
Jai is a joyful baby boy who loves the outdoors, music, and Cocomelon. He wakes up with that radiant smile.
Sophia is 15 months old and loves to explore! She’s always into everything and she’s so smart. She loves giving mommy and daddy kisses, she’s such a cuddle bug! She is growing and learning more everyday! Vote for Sophia! 🥰
Maleah is such a sweet, adventurous, and curious little lady. She's friendly, smart, and talkative. 😍 She loves to read books and play with her baby dolls. Her favorite snack is cheese puffs. She likes to play with her big sister and copy her every move. She's beautiful inside and out. ❤️🥰
Aria is a tiny quiet baby. She was born 5lbs 1oz with a head full of hair. She enjoys being cuddled up in her daddy’s arms and loves to smile. She’s a strong baby and overcame her obstacles that had her in the NICU for almost a week after she was born.
Avaiya Rose she’s a happy little baby girl she’s like watching cocomelon