Analynn is 3 months old and she loves to laugh and giggle and listen to baby music!
Vote for my sweet girl. She is almost 8 months old and she has so much character. She loves all kinds of food and will make you feel guilty if you don't give her some of what you're eating. She will just randomly scream for no reason when she wants attention, she loves crawling and walking in her walker, she loves swinging and just being outside. I entered the contest so I could get the money to get her and her sister more stuff they need before Evie's born and to help furnish our new apartment bc there's stuff we need that we still don't have so every vote helps
Haizley aka Punky Butt is the light of our lives! We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect girl!
Xavi Zakiya is the funniest 1 year old you will meet & can light up any room with his big smile and beautiful blue eyes. 💙 He loves his dogs and being his big brothers wrestling parter.
Willow is my wild, outgoing, smart beautiful baby girl who is 3 years old. She is very humerous as there is a never a dull moment with her! Her smile is contagious. She loves to sing and dance. Vote for my sassy Diva!
Yasmin loves too sing and dance. She’s very friendly but most of all she loves animals
Te'Hani is a 2 month old precious loving baby. She loves to eat , talk , and getting warm baths. ❤
Jo’el enjoys being a kid in every since of the word. He enjoys selfies the most. He is glued to the hip of his grandmother. ( His best friend) he likes paw patrol ( Chase) and toy cars and trains.
Meet Bryson Creek Davis! He is a very happy baby that loves to play with his brother, and get cuddles from Mommy and Daddy. He loves Mickey Mouse, music, the outdoors and his dog Sadie. And we can't forget meal time, his favorite. Please vote for this cute baby boy.
Sevyn Tregeá
She’s brave, smart & loves to talk! ❣️ She likes riding scooters, she loves dancing.
Im Amarah Skye, 6 months old, and I can steal your heart in under 30 seconds. I love everyone, and I'm going to get my hands on my two big brothers and my nanas puppy, princess, really soon! I love to play with my toys and roll over, I'm so close to crawling; my mommy says slow down but I say go-go-go!!!
Elijah is happy willing to work hard for what he wants super smart on many subjects at 5 he knows how multiple knows the solor system and so much more
Lil Man is a month old. He loves when the dogs give him kisses. He loves to eat every chance he gets. He loves when momma talks to him. He absolutely LOVES to be outside when it’s nice out. He’s the biggest blessing to our little family. And he is our little rainbow baby!
She loves paw patrol. She loves her sister azaylea so much. She so sweet. Loves her baby brother.
She is wild. Loves baby shark. Loves her older sister Dominiqa very much. She is sweet. Loves her baby brother.
Mateo is 2 months old. He loves the movie cars, going on walks, and his swing.
I am sweet goofball full of engery i love my older brothers and sister and my favorite person is my mommy.. i love to walk around outside and play with my toys.. i also love love food.. my nana is my the best she always makes me laugh. I love my whold family..
Charles "Charlie" loves to spend his spare time playing with cars, practicing his dinosaur roars, and making dirts piles in the backyard. He is all boy!! Young & wild is an understatement. We would love to have your votes!
Phoebe is a very happy baby all he time, you can already tell she is a people person. Shes very interactive and energetic for her age, and she loves following around her big sister and playing with her.
Hey is smart and cute with blue eye and blond hair you shiuld vote fir him because the money what he win willgo in his collage fund
Olivia is 10months old she does pageants she is baby miss bluegrass Cumberlands for the state of Kentucky !!
Theia is a Christmas present! She is adventurous and whole hearted in everything she does. She loves playing outdoors and doing everything that daddy does.
This is Ja’Cyason he is 8 months old & is my lil soldier baby. 💙
Little Miss Rae was born 4/23/22. She loves to smile and is able to hold her head up and already roll on her side! She loves her swing and tummy time! She likes to take naps on mommy and listen to music that mommy listened to while she was in the womb.
Jayce is very outgoing kid with such a amazing sense of humor :) he loves being outdoors , he loves animals, he also loves fishing with his dad and pap. Jayce is 3 years old and 4 months , he’s a lovable kid to other kids as well.
She is Such a sweet baby girl ❤ has a laugh that will melt your heart and a smile that lights up a room.
Remy girl is such a happy healthy baby. She is so advanced! Also a rep for Tea Party Boutique!! Go check it out
Mateo is 2 years old he loves basketball , cars & animals. Mateo is very adventurous and loves to play and talk
Jayden is a very bubbly and happy baby. He loves when his momma sings to him and laughs at his big brother.
My name is Oliver, I absolutely love my big sister and mommy! I'm 9 months old, but weighing in at 28lbs! I love crawling, trying new foods and playing with my sister!
Jonathan is smart and funny little man. He loves to sing and dance around. He can definitely make anyone smile.
Lailynn is one of the happiest babies you will ever see. She loves her mommy and absolutely adores her big sister! She is a sweet little girl but still has a sassy side to her.
Aoife (Ee-fah) is my feisty baby girl, she's 10 months old! She loves to talk and explore. Bathtime and playtime are her favourite activities. She loves her big sisters! Winning this contest would really help our family :)
Athena is a smart, sassy, strong willed, loving 2 year old. She’s a huge daddy’s girl! She loves playing with her cousins and just absolutely adores her little sister!
My name is A’Briella & I am three years old. I love having my nails painted & playing with my little brother ❤️ My favorite color is pink & I love to sing & dance!
Ember-Rayne is a silly, bright blue eyed, happy babygirl. She enjoys anything outside and any food she can get her hands on. 💛
Zy is the most happiest, loving, and sweetest baby boy! He loves to eat , sing with his mommy and listening to different sounds.
Aaliyah likes to roll around, make lots of noise and eat! Her smile is VERY contagious!
Novaleigh Snow Simpson is the happiest and most sweetest baby! She loves when mommy plays with her and when daddy holds her. Her favorite thing is her pacifier, she loves water and loves to lay in her little pool. She has the most adorable smile and the cutest dimples 💕
Waylon is the sweetest and sassiest little boy ! He loves his parents, his “dog-dog,” and any form of water! He’s constantly learning and picking up on the smallest things. He becomes best friends with anyone the moment he meets them and never turns down a hug ❤️
Zaidyn is Very Smart, Goofy, full of energy. He loves To Laugh & Talk! He loves playing with toy cars, bikes , and buses!!!
Owen is 6 months old and is a smiling fool! Loves his momma, his big sister and his daddy! He loves baby sensory videos and Mickey Mouse! He loves to chew on his fingers! And he likes to mimics others! Show him some love!
Brynlee is 8 months old she loves the outdoors and she has a huge personality ❤️
Hi everyone, this my baby Robert Williams III aka JJ! He’s so sweet, funny, & very observant. He loves to watch Mickey Mouse while sitting in his mini rocking chair💙