Hes a very handsome and adorable baby that like to watch ipad and eat starburst.
Kinsley is beautiful inside and out 💜 She loves everyone, hardly fusses, and never shys from the camera!
Everywhere I go I light up the room. I am the silliest and sweetest baby you’d ever meet
Hi my name is Katherine but everyone call me Katie bug all the time I love to watch Minnie Mouse all the time I love to play outside oh I love to swing all the time I love snow and I love my baby brother so much please vote for me I am almost 3 year old
Oh, Ever! From a 3 lb. 15 oz. preemie to today -- my, oh my! Standing, taking steps, being so, so funny! Eating anything we let her get her hands on! And, of course, adorbs. We love you, Ever Armi!
He's just a happy little guy
Timothy, is an independent, beautiful child with a wild side but also the most loving little baby in the world. He is such a happy baby.
This is Anastasia, she is 3 months old. She is very smart and growing faster than expected. Her personality is to die for! She has a smile that could like up the whole room.
Kori is the only girl of 3! Food and her stuffed Minnie Mouse are her best friends.
Peggy Rose
She loves to play outside and loves to play with the dogs.
Viviana loves playing with her stuffed animals, and spending time with her daddy, and loves to play with her toys
Kynslee is smart, funny, & such a loving baby. She can count 1-10 and sings her ABC’s. She also enjoys being outside, playing in the pool, and loves getting spoiled by her grandma & papa.
He loves everyone, he's always laughing and smiling an absolute wonderful baby to be blessed with.
Kayson is the happiest smiliest baby, he loves eating playing with our kitten and getting into anything he can.
Hannah LOVES Elmo! She also likes to say “no no” to just about everything.
Emiliana is very happy baby that loves try new foods and love her shower and nap time
Grayson is an ex 29 weeker, he is so full of joy and happy all the time!! His favorite things are as follows: talking, playing, sleeping, and being outdoors! Of course we can’t leave out FOOD!!!
Beautiful , silly , smart , her smiles melt my heart
Ryder enjoys laughing and anything that involves playing outside. He loves food and playing the game with his daddy. He also enjoys music and dancing 🥰
She loves to talk, eat and cuddle 😍💕
Tennyson is a social butterfly who will pull a smile out of anyone she meets. She loves animals and being outside.
Mason loves his mommy & daddy, he is 11 months old, so sweet and loves playing with other babies!!
Joziah is a huge mamas boy , he’s obsessed with dinosaurs and loves the outdoors 💙🦕
Adalynn is a very smart little girl to be 2 1/2 yrs.old she loves learning and playing shecis a very happy little girl.
She’s 3 and thriving , loves to pose and to be silly. Listening to music and dancing is her favorite thing to do ! Very spunky little girl ❤️
Hello there! my name is Zosia (zosha) a 7 month old baby, a half filipino and half American born in Wisconsin! who loves to cuddles and smooches. MY favorite toys are kitchen utensils and TV remote and i love my Baby Einstein Sandbox!!! without it my day is not complete. I always love attention for my mama and dada!. My grandma and grandpa loves me so much.
Kaleesi loves to talk, laugh, and smile! She is OBSESSED with snuggling her loveys. Her name also comes from Game of Thrones!
Jameison loves dogs , being outside , playing with his brother and yelling at mommy and daddy !😅💙
She is a wonderful baby girl she loves to laugh play with her brother's she is a bright Star ⭐⭐
He loves to play and just smile all day such a happy soul loves being outside likes books and is just all around a great baby boy
Waylon is 2 months old!! Loves music, engaging with people. Loves sticking his tongue out. He loves belly time, walks around the neighborhood & moms truck!!
Loves to smile, wants to sit up all the time even though he can’t support his head yet. His favorite toy is a play mat we’re he can hit the piano keys with his feet. Loves milk. Adored by all the family. First boy on either side
Solomon is our rainbow baby 🌈 He is currently 5 weeks old. He has begun making a lot of baby noises, and looking around at everything, especially lights. He also loves to try and use his hands. He smiles the cutest little crooked smile in his sleep. He must be dreaming about something good! His least favorite things so far are having his diaper changed, and getting a bath! We would love for you to vote for our sweet boy! ❤️
Hello my name is Andrew! and I just love cooing up a storm while smiling! My favorite part of being up is to be able to look at my momma.
Graham is a social butterfly, smiling and laughing at everyone and everything!
Knox loves superhero’s and riding his bike! He also loves his favorite snack, muffins! Super sweet with the biggest heart
Axton is a very talkative, social baby who loves to be out and about. We would love to take him somewhere special.
If you know paislee then you know she absolutely loves water. She is also a baby shark fan
Willow is 6 weeks and 2 days old i love tummy time , & i can roll.!
Blayke is always such a happy and smiling baby . She loves talking and growling 🤣 she yanks on everything you put near her and she loves to play and roll around 🥺🤍
Elara Esmeray
She wakes up with a big smile. She loves to play with everyone.
Minha can put a smile on anyones face 😚
Layla is a very smiling happy baby! She loves mommy and her grandma. She likes to sit up and try and talk with everyone, lots of joy!
Declan loves life, he is always smiling and laughing. He loves to play outside and get extra dirty! He loves spiderman and paw patrol!
This is Penelope she is 6 months old and our little last lady💗💗 she is unbelievably smart and never has a bad day she’s always happy and chipper!!! She loves her some cocomelon and will get excited when it turns on!!! She’s mommas girl and everybody who knows her knows that!!! She gave momma a run for her money being late to come and meet this world but me and her daddy and siblings are so happy she is finally here with us!!! Her siblings are her favorite but she loves all her family and anybody she comes in contact with. She knows how to say momma at 6 months old and will roll to get where she wants to go!!💗💗💗
Everyone meet Legend! He loves to smile and snuggle with mom and dad…Or he’s keeping mama up at night! We are so thankful for our big boy❤️ Thank y’all for voting!