Baby Stories - 43


Kyleana is such a sweet girl! She loves cuddles and loves to play with her toys! She’s the cutest little snuggle bug. ❤️
I LOVE to lay around and stare at everything that I see! Food is also my best friend when I’m awake:)
My wild child❣️
Madelyn is just a 2 month old baby who loves her momma, blue's clues, and food.
Lincoln is my beautiful Rainbow baby. He has blue eyes, and super curly hair! He loves to climb and run to mama for tickles!
Isabella is a dancing joy of life!🌸🥰who brings sunshine’s☀️ into everyone’s lives she meets💕waking up with giggles and laughter what else does a parent need?👨‍👩‍👧
Maverick James 💙 our chunky little boy is always trying to keep up with his big brother! 8 months old and almost walking!
Vincente is such a sweet boy. He loves to cuddle and watch everyone.
Big Smart Boy❣️
My grandson has brought so much joy in my life it’s truly amazing. He is the most sweet, loving and charming little boy. His laughter alone will brighten anyone’s day. He loves playing in the yard and helping his daddy work on things. Vote for the most handsome little boy in the world.
Little Boy With A Big Personality🥰
Most beautiful, clever girl I’ve ever laid eyes on! Full of so much hope and joy! So content and always smiling!
Evan is such a good baby! He is usually very quiet, happy and content! He was our 2020 miracle!! 💙🥰😍
Ornery little cutie pie 💞
Nova loves to chew on literally anything, mostly her hands. Her favorite things include playing, bath time, and giggling!
She's a sassy, bossy football loving disco bunny that loves making people laugh
She is out going and very funny she loves to talk she has about 20 words in her vocabulary she is almost walking will eat anything she has a smile that will light up a room her laugh is catching she is our beautiful babygirl
Ellie Rae is my rainbow after a storm. She has red hair and blue eyes. She loves to smile, drink mommies milk, play with her K9 brothers and take naps.
Ellie is a bubbly yet sassy little baby girl. She loves her big sister. She is always smiling.
Kash loves to eat, and lay on his mommy and daddy . He grunts and makes a lot of funny noises already
Caleb is just the happiest,smartest and sweetest soul I know.
Aria is a very genuine baby. She’s always happy and lovable. She adores cuddles and her favorite is Minnie Mouse and Boss Baby.
My name is Azaylee and I am 7 months old. I have my first tooth growing in and Im starting to crawl and sit up on my own. I love tasting new foods and enjoy eating my favorite cookies! I’m not a cry baby I’m a happy baby with lots of laughter with my two older brothers!
Hi my name is Axavier, and I just turned 2 years old. I love food, food is my favorite! I love to be silly and love to watch dinosaurs! I love to play with my siblings and have a good fun time! I love to take naps with my favorite red blanket.
I am a month only almost 2! I love my mommy and daddy, I love to be talked too❤️. I have a puppy and a cat that are my best friends.
Hudson loves smiling,laughing and he loves family.
He loves to eat, laugh, play and cuddle
He’s a very happy funny baby his smile lights up every room
Camden is a happy baby who very much enjoys the bath and anything water related.
Everyone meet Taniya . She’s 3months old with a big personality at such a young age . She is a very sweet baby She’s always smiling she love to eat she enjoys car rides and back rubs . She loves noise and to be held
Cruz is 3 months old! He loves his mommy and loves playing with his toys. He currently is getting his first tooth and is one of the happiest babies
Isabella loves Frozen, she will sing her heart out , loving wild child 💜
At this time, she's a happy baby, and she loves to watch my pony, and lights her MeMe instslled on her baby petition!
Silas is the sweetest happiest little boy! He spent three weeks in the NICU and is now three months old and doing wonderful!
Kevan was born with bilateral clubfeet. He has faced his challenges head on and has been so brave throughout his treatment!
Elias is 17 months old, loves to run around, eat and watch Word Party!
Skylar Rai
Sky loves to hang out and talk at 3:30 in the morning, she loves playing with her Care Bears, and she loves reading books with mommy. She’s full of laughter, smiles, and energy!!
Dayton loves to cuddle mommy and cuddle daddy he likes watching paw patrol and all his shows
Taylor is the happiest baby. She loves cuddle and loves to held.
Louie is an unbelievably beautiful little boy, who loves to share a smile and have snuggles!!
Hey, I'm kinley. I have a twin sister ava. We are 1 month old and we lovw to eat, sleep all day, being talked too.
Wyatt loves to smile and of course eat!
Hi meet timothy but we call him tj. Tj is very active he loves to military crawl it's so cute. His favorite TV show is tots. He loves to eat and play I love this little guy
Hi I’m Nandiel 👑 I have erbs palsy so I can’t really move my right arm yet but I’m trying! I like to sit and talk with mom and dad. I’m a really good cuddler too! I’m almost a month old!
This is Drake he is 13 months old, loves to play he is very wild lol. The sweetest baby you’ve ever met, it would mean a lot to me to have you vote/s. Thank you very much!
Leila's favorite things are stars, Little Baby Bum, building things with Legos, and learning to cook with Daddy! She is so eager to learn new things, play outdoors, and go on adventures. Leila also loves music with a lot of energy! She is superb and hilarious and we love her like crazy!
Jerzey is a hat loving baby that loves to dance and play catch! He is such a happy baby filled with laughs and smiles. Any one he comes across he brings joy!