Little man Bentley is the best cuddle buddy and loves his Mommy and Sissys’! The sweetest thing since sugar!🥰🥰🥰
Dillon is my first grandchild. He is the happiest little boy and always smiling. He loves everyone he meets. Just a joy to be with all the time.
Grayson is a very loving , caring boy! He has so much potential! He is always smiling and it just makes your day so much better!
Greyson is almost five months old. He loves to watch Mickey Mouse, takes baths, and he loves loves loves his momma❤️
Loves to be around mommy
Kalecia Kamille
Hi I’m Kalecia and I am 7 months old. I love watching chu chu tv and making my mommie smile. I love to dress as you can see I’m a bit of a fashionista. My motto is the bigger the bow the better. Help me get to first place so I can buy more bows. 🫶🏾💕I love being a spoiled and staying attached to my mommies hips. I am learning how to use my voice more and more every day so I scream and laugh all day long. I love playing with my big cousin he’s my best friend. I smile my biggest when people call me pretty or beautiful because I know I am and love to hear it.
Hayden is the youngest of 4 and the only boy. He is such a happy little guy who loves playing with his sisters and he is a big mamas boy. He has such a sweet and loving personality and his laugh is contagious. 💙
Liam is so smart & such a sweetheart 💖 He learns quickly & is full of energy!He enjoys playing with cars & being outside.His personality is amazing & he also knows how to give a lil attitude lol 😆 This kiddo is always happy, always smiling, & always has the best vibe😁🤪 Please give our little Prince a vote plz it would be greatly appreciated & his Mom could use the cash prize to help take care of the babies maybe pay a bill or two lol shes a single Mom as her Babies Father (my Son) was killed not long ago due to gun violence. So she could definitely use the extra cash!!! VOTE for LIAM JAVIER HES THE BESTEST 😘😍💙
Parker Rain
Parker Rain. She is just as sweet as she looks! Her heart is so pure! She loves to dance, and play. She is a people person. She loves everyone! 🫧✨💖 She’s always just so happy, and we couldnt be more blessed!
Carter has the most infectious personality and just loves wrapping his arms around you and giving you a sloppy surprise!! He will dance all night if you play The Hot Dog song and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song. Please vote for this little cutie!
Travis Jr.
Travis Lamore Prince Jr. is a little over 2 mos old now & he is the light of our life 🌅♡☆ This Precious, Perfect, beautiful, baby is such a blessing he is so adorable!Hes always smiling & will make u smile everytime no matter how sad u may be, a little dose of Travis will fix U everytime 😊! Hes so smart, hes very alert, he loves to be sung to & talked to!!He will daze at U in your eyes & make u fall in love 🥰 u can always count on Travis' presence & huge smile to brighten your day!Him & his Big Brothers also are super special to us because him & his Brother's Daddy passed away recently & So now its just Moomy & of course I step up when help is needed but their Mom could really use this prize money!!!VOTE FOR TRAVY HES SUCH A DOLL With his beautiful green eyes 😍🪶🕊🤍🦋😇
Kyzier is a loveable baby. He enjoys playing and laughing. He's truly one of a kind.
Layla Rose was born on March 10th, 2022, weighing 6lbs 15oz. She’s such a sweet girl, she loves being outside, getting baths, being bounced and rocked, car rides, and colorful lights. She’s such a good baby, she hardly fusses!
Marlee is such a diva. She loves everything pretty. The brightest, funniest 1 year old ever ! 🥰
Hi my name is Treasure! I Love spending time with mommy and daddy! I enjoy watching Cocomelon and biting all my toys! I enjoy being outdoors , swimming, and shootin the Cruz 💕 I have 2 older brothers and a soon to be younger brother, But I am their greatest TREASURE 😂🥰 Vote for me!!
Onyx is so smart and sweet. He loves games. Among us and Roblox is his favorite
Odessa is a very outgoing and happy baby. She’s always grinning from ear to ear no matter what. She loves to eat her fruits and veggies. In the morning we make her favorite breakfast which is eggs and bananas. This little ball of sunshine also enjoys playing with her toys and standing any chance she gets. She loves to pull herself up on things and show us how big she is!!
McKinley is the happiest, silliest & sassiest little girl. She loves people & to make them laugh, she spreads smiles & love everywhere she goes . 🥰
Nova is the calmest baby ever, she’s full of smiles and loves to cuddle her momma.
He’s sweet, sometimes quiet he loves to play ball, he loves looking at cartoons, he loves to walk and explore new things and his favorite snack is Cheeto puffs, he has to have them 🥰❤️💙
This is Donald Edward foy walston.i name him after his grandpa. He is playful and sweet as he can be. He's my rainbow baby. Im so blessed that God gave me a sweet baby to love and cherish. Please vote for my babyboy.
Evie is full of spice and everything nice. She loves dinosaurs, monster trucks, unicorns and rainbows.
Baylee is our sweet blue eyed babe. Her smile lights up a room. She loves attention, bath time and anything to do with mama.
She is so sweet & can be sour on certain occasions!! has the most beautiful eyes that draws your attention, she’s like a babydoll
Jaynlee is beyond the happiest little baby. She lights up every room with her big blue sparkly eyes & her sweet smile. Her giggles are contagious & she loves to play & eat!
Colson is as sweet and genuine as he looks. He’s our little rainbow baby, and survivor of what would of been twins from IVF. We call him Mr. Handsome because, well just like at him. He’s as adorable as they come and is adored everywhere we go!
Skye is very loving, smiles at everybody, loves her hands and feets.
She already very sassy, she’s a happy baby always smiling only cry if she need anything . She love when mom sing to her. He personality is amazing she love to dance she
Janelle is the smartest, sweetest, cutest, most energetic 11 month old you'd want to meet. Vote, Vote, Vote😊
Brooks is our chunky 6 month old! He’s the sweetest and happiest boy! And we loving showing off his sweet face any chance we can!
Kai’Lani was born November 29th, 2021. She’s 5 months. She love to roll over and talk. She’s playful and she likes to play.
He has a huge personality and will make anyone smile. He has a heart of gold and oh so smart to be 3.
Sweet , smart & spunky! Lovess the beach ( pretty much just because the sand)
Shes a cheerful two year old who loves to make you smile.
Amaya is a very happy outgoing baby. She loves her momma and dog.
Jaius is sweet, he loves to laugh and talk🖤
Oscar loves watching blippi and blues clues while playing with his cars and football
Emily loves playing on her play mat and looking at her black and white pictures
Camdyn is almost 3 mths old and his little personality is starting to shine through. He loves being talked to and responds with the sweetest coos. He’s fascinated with tvs, ceiling fans, and daddy’s deer heads on the wall. He loves his swing and mommy’s cuddles. A wonderful blessing.
Harley is a very sassy, smart, intelligent little girl. She lights up the room when she’s not in one of her moods. She loves being outside and engaging in any activities.
Kanalya is 1 years old she a happy baby always smiling and saying hey to everyone she see
Kalia is so sweet, she’s such a great baby❤️
My name is Ibn NAAIM I’m 2yrs old .. I weigh 42lbs I know my ABC’s My numbers from 1-10 My colors I love to eat and I love anything with bright colors or noise I love to talk play on the trampoline outside I love to dance
Zacari is smart loves to draw and sing and she loves to pray
Bayleigh is a goof ball she has a cute laugh that will brighten up anyones day. She has an undeniable lovable personality. She loves to talk, see new things, and she always smiles when u compliment her. Pls vote for bayleigh Rae💕💕💕. Will Return double in advance 🥰🥰
My baby Mila just lights up the room! Her smile is contagious and she’s just the sweetest baby girl. We love her more than the world. ❤️
Ke’Lani is 23 months , birthday June 2nd. Loves to take pictures ❤️