Baby Stories - 41


Arlo is 7 months old and our little miracle. His father and I didn’t think we could have kids considering we were in our late 30s when I became pregnant. He shares a birthday with his 8 yr old cousin and his Meemaw! He likes all food, loves to paint, driving the golf cart with Daddy, watching Bluey, and Daddy and our 2 dogs are his favorites. We’re raising him to be a Mountaineer fan!
She was the very first baby of the new year in Humboldt county and didn't get any prizes due to covid she is the happyest baby you will ever meet
Myah is 9 months! She’s loves cuddles . She has the cutest face expressions. She loves Elmo she pops to the music. She loves to talk and loves to read books .She’s the sweetest little girl . If you have a bad day she will cheer you up instantly.
Madelynn is a very happy baby who loves talking and be outside and around people ❤️
Sawyer is almost 3 months old! He is a sweet smiley boy! Our heart and soul 💙💙
My mom from Thailand and my dad is American, they fall in love and found each other when mommy has a hard time with life. I was born during covid-19 by mom who has positive covid-test and has to survive from Covid for almost 2 weeks. I like warm bath and nice weather always felt asleep in the swing at our back yard with a nice breeze, enjoy outside and fresh air. I have a health situation with my right leg it has drifferent color and smaller than left side.
Kadin was born 8 weeks early and is very strong he loves to smile and snuggle with his mommy ❤
Kashton is one of the happiest babies, he loves bath time, playing with his dogs, and going camping!
Pyper, our bright eyed red headed fire ball. Full of sass and will talk your ear off. Her smile is so contagious it lights up your day. She absolutely loves being outdoors. Star gazing, watching the leaves shake off the trees, and feeling the breeze. Swinging at the park is one of her favorite activities. At almost 4 months old she’s wanting to skip all expectations and go straight to standing! I’m too scared to let her grow up too fast! Vote for this sweet babe, she gives the best talks and cuddles for a big thanks 🥰
PaisleyAnn loves to cuddle play with her doggy and loves the show Octonauts. She has an extreme case of reflux and gets surgery soon this money if we win will cover her surgery and more❤️
Reagan is a professional napper! She loves bath time and mommies cuddles. She is the light of my life 💕
Mia is an outgoing toddler❤️ She loves to play with her two big sisters and loves to watch Paw patrol. Mia's favorite food is hot dogs and pasta. Anyone that meets her loves being around her positive outgoing energy
If You Vote For Our Princess Go Check Out The Group Neon Threads That She Is Rep For 💗
My sweet Delilah’s favourite things to do are blowing raspberries, eating everything in sight and watching my littile pony 💕
She is sooo sweet
Quori loves to sing and dance Quori is also friendly she loves to watch CoCo melon and sing along❤️
Ayden loves boss baby Aydens is a very smiley happy boy who has a very energetic personality Ayden can light up a whole room with just a smile 😊
Im Mateo! i am a proud helmet baby!🥰 Soon to be the big one!! im so strong and curious💙I can say mama, dada, laugh all the time, walking with my push walker, im a super fast crawler & i love the bath!😎💙 vote for vote
Ella is a hard worker at age 2 she is a rowdy one tho
Hi! My name is Zaide, otherwise known as “Bug”. 🐛 I love eating and watching my dad play his games. 😝 I also enjoy chatting it up with everyone I meet! ☺️
Kinsey is a double rainbow miracle baby!! 🌈
Baby myla is only a month old she likes to eat an sleep lol she a happy baby she likes when we sing to her and why y’all should vote for her cause she is so adorable how could you not. Thank you all in advance
Rubie loves cuddles with her momma, and spending time with dad after a long day at work. She’s one of the cutest and sweetest baby’s you’ll meet, her eyes and smile bring nothing but happiness and positivity to anyone’s day. Please please consider voting for my rubie ❤️❤️
Olivias favorite thing to watch is pocoyo❤
Kayla is such a sweet little baby. She likes to sleep during the day and play at night. Getting milk wasted every 2-3hours
Adam Lee Jr
Hi, my name's Adam lee Jr I am named after my dad, I love the outdoors, not so sure how to take to grass yet, but I love swimming, and working with mom and dad in our family owned business outside, I love music, I like to dance, I am only 11 months old and can crawl, walk, say momma dada eat big boy food I really love peanut butter, I like cats dogs and love to play w my baby kitten she chases me around the house and I chase her back 😂 I am funny, I like to give mom a heart attack cause I crawl and climb on everything she calls me monkey because of it but my nick names lil roo for a little kangaroo 🦘
She loves bath time and loves being held. She’s normally quite unless she’s hungry or making her happy coos trying to talk back.
Our sweet Noah loves to smile all day but is never afraid to bring out his little attitude 🤣🐻🤍😍
Ronin is such a happy boy! He loves musicals and food!!
My Lil’ Man is such a Happy Baby! Forever Smiling! Say “Cheese” and he’s ready for pictures. Good baby, quick learner! ❤️❤️❤️
Rylie is 2 years old and is currently getting treated for two cancers in 1 tumor in her brain. She is brave and strong and still through it all happy as ever! She is always walking around the hospital in her princess dresses and makes everyone smile!💗
This is Journi she’s 2 years old she’s sweet sassy and funny she loves to swim and play with her toys and go to the park
Landyn Ward
He is very active and playful he loves hot wheels and Cars Lighting McQueen and stuff like that
Kei'andre is 6 months & such a happy baby💙💙
He is really active loves to play with his brothers cars he just learned how to crawl and he also just learned how to pull his self up
Viv is a smart, wild, and beautiful 6 month old. Sometimes too smart! She’s already crawling everywhere and stand up any chance she gets. She thinks ANYTHING is funny! She loves her animal siblings 🤍 and her absolutely favorite person is uncle bubba💙 Vote for my sweet wild baby💗
He was born prematurely at 36 weeks. He weighed 4lbs13oz. He has since then gained some weight 7lb3oz. He is mommy’s little burrito and loves smiling
My sweet baby Jaeden. Named after his two angels up in heaven
He LOVES to smile and loves being held. He kicks around constantly and is always wanting to be on the go!
Liam is a very sweet and lovable baby boy. Liam was born 1 month early and battled with jondice (the thing with not enough sun light). Liam over came the struggles of being early and his jondice and is now growing fast and becoming very strong. Liam likes to just look around and sit up. He loves his toys. Liam loves his mommy and daddy.
My little monster! He’s happy, he’s healthy and the smartest little dude ever. He’s so into legos and learning how to shoot his bow.
Ireland is a beautiful, spunky, and independent little girl. She is Blues Clues and Mickey Mouse obsessed! She keeps us on our toes but is the sweetest little girl we could’ve been blessed with.
Cash is such a happy baby, loves to eat his fingers and watch Mickey Mouse. Enjoys tickles by daddy and sweet cuddles with his momma. Please vote for my sweet baby Cash! 🥰
Hi my name is Adaline and i’m 6weeks old ! My favorite thing is to eat and watch mommy and daddy when they’re talking to me.
Carter John
loves to be out and about , such a good well behaved boy! loves people and giving everyone cuddles 🥰
I love my mom & her chi chi milk 🥛 I love to sleep & smile at mommy & daddy 🥰
I'm 9 months old, i was born at 37weeks and 5 days, my mommy developed preeclampsia, when i was born i scared mommy, daddy and the doctors because my umbilical cord was wrapped tightly around my neck, twice. I'm always a happy baby, plus who can resist this cuteness? I love rolling around on the floor , sitting up like a big girl and playing with my toys, my favorite is my monkey! Lets Go bills!