Baby Stories - 40


Nella loves to smile and laugh 💕 she’s so sweet but also sour, she gets that from her mama. 😂 she loves cocomelon and waffles😊 blue eyes that sparkle even in the dark and blonde curls 🥰
Sky beautiful and do nun but sleep Don’t say she look like her pappy cse my baby is not ugly #peaches😒
Miss thang is 6 months old and loves to bounce, squeal, laugh, and smile!
Colin is a sweet baby boy that likes to play with his toes and chew on his hands. He is only 4 months old and his daddy has already deployed.
Oliver is a wild boy with a speech delay. He tries his best every day. His daddy is deployed and he just became a big brother in 2020.
He loves to play and laugh and meet new people. He also loves bath time.
Kingston is a lovable playful boy he loves farm animals and being outside! He loves to watch coco melon! And wear his cowboy boots
She loves to watch cocomelon. Her favorite thing to do is pull hair 😂! She is a very happy and excited baby .
Aaliyah is so much fun to be around, her laugh is contagious! She has two cats, Winston & Harry and her best friends name is Norrie.
Messiah is the apple of our eyes. He is very cuddly and his personality shine right through. He has master the art of laughter at such a very young age. He is simply amazing
vote for our spunky, silly, beautiful little girl💖
Blake loves to dance & listen to daddy sing all the wrong lyrics to popular songs
Jasmine is a sweet girl full of energy! She loves unicorns and watching the croods. She enjoys food and running around outside. She’s extremely smart and funny and full of life.
Leeland is 10 months old Loves crawling around and he’s such a happy baby. He can light up anybody’s day.
Knox loves bath time, and playing. He’s the sweetest boy ever! We just celebrated his first birthday on the 31st of December! He’s a chunk!
Lilyanna’s my little chubby baby. She’s so loving and always happy. She’s always laughing and never fails to put a smile on your face. ❤️
Gwyndolyn was born a bit early, so she's a little petite, but her personality sure makes up for it! She's a little fireball and loves playing with her toys and talking (baby babbles)
Barrett just celebrated his 1st birthday! He loves cuddling, playing, & of course eating ♥️ He has such a big personality and is so loved!
Ellie is my one and only. She's smart and funny and loves a good chicken nugget. She's currently 17 months old and a little ham!
Nicole is a princess full of life and joy!!!
Skyland was born at 38 weeks , while pregnant with her we were told she had some neurological health issues that would need to be treated at birth, but she was born 100% healthy and no issues ! She is ahead of her curve & loves tummy time & sitting up assisted !
Ioannis loves food in any type and he is waiting every day his sister to return from nursery so they will have fun together!!! He is an explorer and a little monkey.
Hi i am Mom'sLeon my son i like to listen music and He loves so mach five little 🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤 and please votes fore my son and thank you so mach 😘🙏🤲
Im little willow. I love playing on the swings at park.
Javontae is 10. He Loves to play his Games or Go outside. He always talking about Money so i figured " Hey lets do this " && Here we are Lol.
Joziah is a very active baby he loves food and even fruit outside is his favorite place to be when he not watching tv he love watching his abc’s he even sing along 😂 give him your vote I promise you won’t regret it ❤️
Layla is such a happy baby !! She loves her blankets, loves to eat & play with her toys. She brings a smile to whoever she comes in contact with 😊
Lynore loves playing with her puppy, Blackbean. And watching Bubble Guppies in her recliner. She’s one laid back babe
He is mommy's best friend a good boy he love school but not the morning waking
She may only be a month but boy is she full of personality 😍 she loves snuggles and her puppy pudge
Analaya Lee
Leo🦁. The names Ana😇 I’m ready for school this year, I’m going to make lots of friends . Every year I choose the lake to spend my birthday, you could say I’m a water baby. I Love nerf wars and scooters, No glitz and glam for mwuah because I like boy toys and mud fights😂😂 my moms a #tomboyMom
I was born June 28th, 2019. I love to give hugs! Dancing is my favorite
Waylon is my first born ! He is extremely smart for his age, its astonishing. He was named after his uncle Dakota, whom passed away a month before we found out we were expecting. He loves tools and guns like daddy. He's such a mama's boy. His favoritw colors are red and purple. He loves blues clues and trains. Please help him win so he can get a jump start of saving for college and his first vehicle !
Kanai has a beautiful personality. He loves to give hugs and listen to music. His favorite toy is his basketball! He says the words mama, dada, and ball.
She loves playing with toys 🧸loves giggling 😁 she just started rolling over 🥺putting her feet in her mouth my baby making sounds my babygirl has such a bright personality 🧸❤️
Ivorie is 13 months old age loves her dolls and stuffies she’s always laughing
Nellie is 8 weeks old and loves cuddles.
Rayven is such and sweet little guy and is almost always in a good mood. He is absolutely obsessed with his drum and roling rovi from Christmas. He love cuddles and taking pictures.
Mackenzie is 4mos old. She loves to laugh at her grandma. She is such a daddys girl and loves to sleep on daddys chest. Shes such a sweet little girl.
Marlee is her daddy’s girl and momma’s world ❤️
Dimitra Cullhaj
she is very smart she knows 3 languages ​​she likes dancing
He’s a very active baby, loves to laugh loves his parents, family and friends! Our goal is to buy a house and get him his own little room!
Gabriella is a very energetic & happy baby ! She has bright blue eyes & two bottom teeth ! She crawls EVERYWHERE & loves bananas . She loves when her daddy sings to her and loves car rides with mommy ! ❤️
Leo enjoys sleeping and eating and he loves his mama. Leo was diagnosed with Down syndrome after birth and he has been the greatest blessing to our families. Leo is our first child and our rainbow baby. We went through IVF to have our little miracle baby.
She is a beautiful happy baby that loves to smile and laugh. She loves to go to her Nana's house. She is a very smart and loves to go on walks in her stroller and loves riding in her bumper car.
Ruben is such an Awesome Baby With a smile that melts your heart. He loves playing with his toys and is now rolling and crawling all over the house 🤣💙
He is a loving, silly and full of enery little two year old. He loves playing outdoors on his tricyle,playing with his brothers,running around and playing with toys😊