Baby Stories - 40


Hi my name is EmmaLee Elizabeth i love my mom ,daddy, and cocomelon. I also love dancing and walking. I AM a very loving beautiful 1 year old that deserves your vote 😁
Fajri aka little Joey is my rainbow baby after 4 miscarriages my miracle baby came into our world he is so full of life and he happiest greediest baby ever you just got to love him
Noah is such a happy baby. Loves to smile and giggle.
Liam is a happy and talkative little dude! His facial expressions are the best! He has about 20. He enjoys his baby swing and his animal mobile especially first thing in the morning. He absolutely loves attention from just about anyone.
Giovanni is a talkative and happy 2 month old baby who loves to take baths and loves to eat.
My sweet Willah loves anything and everything she can get her hands on! She loves being outside where she can see all her animals. She loves dancing and talking to her momma and daddy. Waving is her favorite way to get anyone’s attention.
Madilyn, 1 month old, loves her mommy & daddy!
Waylon loves to eat, sleep, and smiles all the time! he’s a very loving baby!! he’s super strong and loves to crawl and try to walk 💙
Hallie is a very energetic, friendly, outgoing unique individual who loves her family very much. She has been through a lot this past year with moving to a new town away from her older siblings and grandparents and other family members. She has lost 2 very important people in her life the beginning of the year, her great grandpa who she's named for and her beloved Papa who was always Her biggest cheerleader and supporter. She goes through the day with a smile on her face and hugs for everyone. She was 2wks early and has been diagnosed as borderline high functioning autistic, severe ADHD and has sensory processing disorder and is terrified of costume masks. She's a real firecracker That loves her 4 cats, her nieces- jaeda and Mak and nephew "RJ" as well as her sissy and bubbie to pieces. She loves to battle the waves in the Pacific ocean with her mom and going to the north jetty
Zachary is a happy baby boy that loves to eat! He adores his mommy and daddy and loves to be held. 💙
Jayden is 7 . He is a new big brother . He is such an awesome help with his sister . He wants to be the poloce chief when he grows up .
Analeya Mariana
Analeya was born on October 2nd she was 7lbs 11 oz and 22in! She loves when mommy and daddy talk to her❤️
Hey there ! My name is Arahmius & as you can see I’m a bit of a Chunky Monkey. Some of the things I like to do is numb on my hands, and cuddle my momma, but one thing I love more than both of those things , is getting ATTENTION !! 🥰
Sofia is 5 months old and a ball of energy. She loves watching Super Simple Songs. She’s a huge daddy’s girl. She can roll all the way over and her favorite baby food is green beans. Thanks for taking the time to vote for our princess!😁
My name is Chloe Ann-Marie. I have ten teeth and I love eating just about anything I can get my hands on, especially anything mommy and daddy are eating. I’ve taken my first few steps already and will hopefully be walking soon! I love playing and dancing! ❤️
Jax is a 4 month old ball of energy. He loves to make noise and hold his toes and stand up. Loves mommy cuddles 🥰and bath time 🛁
Aubrey is a very energetic girl! She is a full country girl, she loves dancing and playing with her baby brother! She loves Moana, her bear, and she is definitely a mommas girl
Ayla is 1 month old. She is such a sweet happy babygirl . Her smile can brighten up anyones day . She loves cuddles. She loves when you talk to her she will just stare at you while you talk to her, she is starting to make her noises and talk back it is the cutest thing ever.
Hi my name is Burgan and I am the baby girl of Logan and LaTisha Barnette. I am my mommies first child. Also, some thing I like is when my mommy sings to me while feeding me. 😂
Hi! I’m kali❤️ I love to talk to my mama! I’ve been a smiling happy baby since day 1. I know how to brighten a room with my beautiful blue eyes and my big smiles🥰 it would mean the world if you voted for me🥺
Well shes 4 months old and just the sweetest babygirl she loves to talk, laugh, and smile. She was little when she was born only weighing 5lbs 15oz at full term come to find out she has an issue with thr flap between her stomach and intestines is under developed. But she is slowly out growing it and putting on weight.
She loves Mickey Mouse club house she is a daddy’s girl and her favorite people are daddy and sissy
Julian Grey
Julian loves to play 🤍
Very lovable, sweet, but rotten! Loves to do things himself & likes watching tv & playing with others!!
We spent 2 weeks in the NICU with Harmony Aurora! And now she’s a 2 month old little snicker. She loves her big sister and loves the dogs! She is so sweet!
This is Zy’Veon aka “Zy, Zyzy, or FluGuyZy” he is 1 yrs old and advanced soo early. Yes he was born 6weeks but is moving and developing faster then most premies babys He loves to laugh and play. He also will get down and boogie with you if he see you dance🧡 This is Zy’s World
My story with little Andrew is a crazy one. I had my first born in February of 2020 and I had a iud birth control placed and the dr made me take a pregnancy test and it came back negative and I went for a monthly check up for my iud and they had to give me a ultrasound because they couldn’t find the iud and SURPRISE I was 8 week’s pregnant with Andrew and gave birth to him AND the iud.
My name is Xander. I am my mommy & daddy's rainbow baby. 🌈 I am 8 months old & I love people & animals. I love to talk & dancing to music is my favorite. I am the happiest, silliest boy you will ever meet☺️ If we win we will be using the money for his first birthday party! im here to play fair so have fun cheating🤣
Jaxstyn is about to be 2 years old, he eats anything and most definitely will eat ranch by itself or with anything, he’s a wild child by day and a love bug by night
Luciana smiles and laughs, with her beautiful big blue eyes 🧡
Elijah loves to eat lol 😂 and he’s such the sweetest little boy!!
He loves falling asleep to Patsy Cline, rockers and his vibrating chair. He can already lift his head and is starting to roll.
Mommas boy, loves to laugh and take his nighttime baths
Ayvia Rose was born on September 23, 2021. she is very alert and loves to eat!
Bexlee loves her mommy , Daddy and sisters! She loves to eat! She is almost on the move
Vaida is the happiest little baby with the biggest personality! She loves her mommy, daddy, grandparents and ALL of her aunts and uncles! She loves talking, eating her toes and rolling over all the time. She doesn’t know a stranger :)
Thomas James
Little baby Thomas is a fighter from day 1 ! From his 2 month nicu stay at Cardinal Glennon to being 8 months this past week! He is rolling over and trying to crawl but ends up going backwards and getting frustrated. He absolutely loves sweet potatoes, green beans and carrots but refusing any and all fruits. His favorite things are baths, being outside and cuddling with Mommy.
Dawsyn is almost 6 months old ! He loves his big sister & he loves his big family ! He’s a happy little man💙
Ari loves avacados and napping on daddy’s chest! He is a daredevil who loves to be upside down or thrown in the air!
Alaina is a very smiley happy baby. Always brightening our day!
Aurora loves snuggle time with mommy and daddy! She loves when mommy sings to her and tickles her belly! She’s slowly becoming more alert of her new surroundings! She’s a very happy 3 week old!
Abel loves making new friends, he loves Dinos and he loves going to the park
Memphis Edward
Memphis, my little monster! He has been up and running for weeks trying to keep up with his sissy's. He loves being a little drummer boy with his pots and pans, and to play in the dirt with his trucks! He is the light in so many peoples worlds. 💙
Zyden is 8 years old and loves deadpool. He enjoys his 11 pets and being in the country.
Kalet is a happy little boy that came to this world to make us so happy and Bless our life’s giving a little extra touch in our family ,He loves to see lights everywhere at home , i love when he smiles to us when we talk to him.
Timothy is a very happy and outgoing 3 month old who loves to laugh and smile 💙