Baby Stories - 39


Arielle is 3 months old she’s so sweet and loving 🥰 her smile is so special and the cutest
Gabriella loves to laugh at daddy and snuggle mom and play with her brothers during tummy time.
Damien is 3 months old. He is a strong, happy & healthy boy. He loves to sit in his swing & watch cocomelon! Hes a baby brother & a miracle baby ❤💙💛💚💜
Damien is a bright, cheerful, & happy 3 month old Baby Boy! He is mommy's miracle rainbow baby after half a decade of fertility issues. He loves to smile, snuggle with mommy & daddy, play with toys, and hang out with his cousins Alex, Lili, and Natalia 💕
Dallas is the happiest baby!! He loves to sleep eat and repeat 💙
He is a loving boy always smiling and laughing was born on his due date weighed 7.5lbs and could hold his hesd up at birth a very smart baby he is almost fully walking and can say momma dad and hey he loves going outside and is one playful lil guy
Sophie is a super smiley baby who loves funny noises and to explore everything around her.
Brayden loves watching Cocomelon with his older brother and sister. He loves having his picture taken but he wants to do it himself. He loves his cousins and brother and sister.
Olivia is a 2 month old little sister! She loves bouncing, tummy time, and rocking the room with her toots!
Mavric loves to cuddle and giggle. He’s such a sweet boy with a huge personality, & man is this kid smart. His favorite thing is music of all kinds!
Emma Jean Evans
She is the beaiuful little girl. She a personality that will melt ur heart. She a loveable girl.she like to laugh. She is my trying my best to get her in my life again. I miss her so much.
Our sweet baby girl Londyn you’re surrounded by four big Brothers..And your father sorry sissy 😉🤩
Kingston is a loving child he loves cars
He is a mommies boy, loves the color orange, loves to play outdoors, and loves to cuddle with mommy. He also misses his father figure who is in the military and hopes to see him soon and walk in his footsteps he looks up to him and enjoys doing everything with him. He will most likely want to join the military just like my fiancée. He is a bright and wonderful boy and is caring of others and has a big heart and smile.
Mia is a very happy and smart baby. She loves music, tv, video games, and to dance!! #Vote For Mia
Maddox is an amazing baby. He always has a smile on his face unless mommy tries to take a picture. He loves babyfood and hopefully be crawling soon.
Dad Vcx
like to sing Johnny Johnny Yes Papa
He so sweet and learns so quick! 💙💙💙
my name is malcolm and i was born 6 weeks early in november! i love cuddles, milk and car rides. nicknames given to me so far include: stinky, stinker, mj, baby mac, lil butt...
Es un niño muy ruiseño,le encanta bailar y escuchar música cualquiera se encariña de el. Le encanta el mango y el kiwi también que bailemos con el.
Loving , Rae’lyn Is A Loving And Caring Person
Alessandro will be 4 weeks tomorrow. He enjoys his feeding time, loves to cuddle, & loves his baths. Alessandro also enjoys hearing lullaby music❤️
She loves to cuddle she has a great personality and she loves her fur babies❤️❤️She was born premature after I carried her full term and she is now a month old doing great❤️
Ellie Mae was born 6 weeks early on January 12th. She weighed 4lbs 1oz at birth , but is now down to 3lbs 8oz. She has been putting up one heck of a fight in her few short days of life so far & is doing amazing !!! She struggles a little to finish her feeding because she just gets sleepy , but we’re certain she’ll have it figured out in no time ! We love our little miracle baby !!
Jacobi is very blessed baby boy. He was born at 26 weeks and lived in the NICU for the first 3 months of his life. He has grown into such an adventurous and happy little man! His favorite things are mommy’s phone and Peppa pig!
Benzley loves playing with his little brother. He is mostly into super heros and he is very energetic. He loves school, his favorite is math. He is so smart and always thinks of others. Lets show Benzley how proud we are of him by voting for him!! 😍😇💟
Hi my name is Lincoln and I love to eat and play. I love to run around and play with my sister.
Zander is a typical toddler. He enjoys his choclate milk and chocolate donuts in the morning. Playing with his best friend Heavy. Absolutely loves playing with potatoes and giving his mommy kisses when hes not spilling his milk all over the place.
Independent ,She’s 3 Months She Can Hold Her Self Up She Can Hold Her Bottle She Turns Over All By Her Self Since She Was A Week Old She’s Been Rolling Over And Holding Her Head Up
My incredible funny little Girl vote vote vote 📣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣
I love my family! I have a baby brother and he his the best. My dad is cool and always plays with me. I love cars and i always have one in each hand. My favorite movie is Cars (aka speed)
Letty Nicole
Im 3 years old love my nails painted an animals, im a very sweet an smart little girl i can count to 11 an knows abcs an colors, I wanna win so i can help others when they need it the most! God bless!
Leo loves his big brother Kaydenn & his forehead kisses. He loves to talk and giggle with mom. Dad and him take the best walks together with his puppy Cucumber.
Bianka Stephanie
Two lovely sisters thank you for your VOTE ❤️❤️❤️
This handsome little boy loves to smile and hes a bundle of joy and happiness. He is very active and loves to play with toys and kick balls. He loves puppy dog pals. Hes full of laughter and loves to listen to music 👣❤
My name is Oliver. I am 8 weeks old. I love to smile and tell lots of stories. I really like cuddling with my mommy. I love being talked too & sung too,it makes me happy.
Jaxson is an excited, wonderful little human. He loves singing, crawling, eating pasta and long walks on the beach. This little rebel is the NEXT BIG THING.💙
Hi im Julian & i love music & love to dance💙
Holden is the sweetest little boy! Holden loves his beagle puppies laughing, taking in the scenery and listen to mommy & daddy talk❤️
Klay loves to make silly faces with his crazy hair do’s❤️! #trumphairdontcare
Stella is a very social baby❣️ She adores dressing up, makeup, and doing her hair❣️ She loves people and her most favorite thing is being around babies❣️ She likes to be a little mommy to them❣️
David Lukas
David is very polite and very kind boy, he likes to make others to laugh with his funny actions, he never stops talking 😅 and he loves school too much.
Paisley is a Cheery little lady who smiles every chance she gets, she loves to play and omg does she love her ravioli ❤️🥰
Caleb is always a happy baby and smiling. He loves playing his Kick n’ Play.
Sebastian loves animals, he loves to follow his dad around the house. He also loves to read books.