He's such a sweet happy baby. A joy to be around, he loves watching Shrek. He enjoys laughing and being played with peek a boo. please vote for my cutie pie 💕
Ellie is 6 months old. She just learned how to roll over and now does it all the time. She can’t quite sit up yet but we’re working on it. She has the biggest, bluest eyes I’ve ever seen. She loves to coo and smile at me and her daddy 🥰❤️
milan has a very striking look, when we go somewhere everyone says that he has more time since he is a strong and nice boy
Mateo is an 8 month old Mexi-pino baby 🇲🇽🇵🇭 who loves to swim and watch Mickey Mouse! This boy has an appetite and is always excited to play 💖
Messiah G.
Heyyy my name is Markeece and I am 9 months old. My favorite show is super why and I love balloons❤️I love music 🎶 and I am a very happy baby🗣😊
This Vahlee . She is 5 months old . Vahlee loves watching cocomelon and playing with her dad . She’s definitely a daddy’s girl . She has the sweetest personality already and is always happy and smiling!! We got very blessed with her ❤️
Jasper is 3 months old. He loves to laugh and learn his different voices right now. He loves watching tv while eating thanks to Grandma😂 He absolutely loves the camera.💕 Squishy cheeeksss😍😍
Raelynn is 8 months, she loves dogs and is very energetic! She Also loves cocomelon! She definitely has her own personality, she overall is a happy baby!! ❤️
Sweet loving boy who lights the whole room up. 💙
Very out going and dances to the beat of her own drum❤️
Kaedyn Elizabeth Hicks was born on August 9th 2021. She is the happiest sweetest baby I know! #upsyndrome
Carson is the happiest baby! He loves his snacks and laughing at pretty much everything 😆
loves to play outside, loves to dig in the dirt but also loves to put on makeup. big sister to Lydia. they call me boogie. I love blippi, ms. rachel, dr stuffins & I love to play baby dolls.
Winifred is a happy and cheeky little girl who loves to socialise, her favorite thing at the moment is to roll everywhere and cause mischief
aubrielle loves cuddles 🥰 she is the sweetest baby and not to mention so adorable 😍 she loves to talk and play 💕
Oliver's nickname is Ollie. He loves to laugh, smile and play with mommy and daddy. He's such a happy baby!
Raiyna loves people and is just the happiest baby!
Bailey loves to be outside playing with her sissy Skye. If we win the money will buy her her first play set for outside !
The sweetest, sassiest girl!!💗 loves the outdoors!
Steven "SJ" was born april 11,2022 and he is 3 weeks old.
Just 1 month old! baby sister to Paisley. EBF, not a whole lot going on here lol
Leilani is our little warrior, she has come a long way from birth and is absolutely the best gift ever.
Oliver is 4 years old! He is a very smart,funny, and independent boy. He’s always had the funnest things to say and will keep the crowd laughing. He’s a snuggle bug and loves his family so much. Please vote for my handsome boy! We appreciate everyone’s vote!
A’Mya was born with severe HIE and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She doesn’t have full function of her body but that has never stopped my little warrior. If we win we plan on getting her some “cosmetic” medical equipment that her insurance won’t cover or put it towards transportation to and from doctors visits and therapies! ❤️ Thank you to everyone who votes!!!!
Happy 7month old boy who loves making splashes in the tub, almost sitting up on his own , & jabbers up a storm!
Chaz is a Junior, who loves to swim & spend time outside! He’s an energetic, curious 4 year old with so much to still explore! CJ is his nickname, red is his favorite color. He loves chicken nuggets & ice cream (of course). His favorite superhero’s include Spider-Man, Batman & Hulk!! CJ would be so very grateful for your votes, thank you!!
Maci is fearless constantly wanting to climb up high and jump off of things.
Caleb ia absolutely the sweetest!! He loves his Big Sister, loves to laugh and his smile will melt your heart ❤️
Lucas is always happy and smiling hardly ever will you see him crying. If you need a smile or a laugh for the day he’s your boy.
Hi My name is BrayLynn Marie , I am 9 months old and I love my Mommy and Daddy very much . My favorite cartoon is spirit (The horse ). I like to play with my toys Especially my orange rope, take naps and get in to anything and everything I possibly can to drive my mommy crazy (Hehe) 😁 .I love my grandparents , who spoils me . I’m a very happy baby who loves to smile, laugh and give lots of kisses.
Cohen is 12 months old and full of attitude. He has the best personality and the biggest smile. He is the sweetest babe. He also has an extra toe 🤪
Jackson loves to smile and hang out with his mommy,daddy, and big sister! He is always smiling and never cries
Gavyn Wyatt is our little Pandemic Surprise. He is the 4th & final baby. He was born 4 weeks early due to high blood pressure. He is the happiest baby ALL of the time. He loves his brothers and sister very much & loves to play with puppies. He enjoys watching coco melon and dancing to music.
Mia Atwell
She is loving child, she loves playing, laughing, smiling she is so sweet 😘
Alía is a rainbow baby who came into the world full of light and makes us fall in love with her beautiful eyes and smile. sometimes she’s confused with a reborn baby doll.
She loves bath time!
Kenley Roman
Kenley Roman was born 5 weeks early and had bit of tough time . He is now 9 months and doing amazing. He such a smiler and happy baby Xx
Jaylah is very happy babyy💕 She lovessss watching her cartoons ♾ She is always smiling ☺️
Melody is very smart, can count to ten and knows her full name. She loves to learn new things everyday and has a smile that will brighten your day! She is very outspoken and loves to read books.
Anniya is the smiliest baby girl! She loves her big sister, her puppy and giggling at everyone.
Stated to smile and laugh at everything. Hair so so long 😍
Rivaan loves to giggle and stare deep into your soul that is bound to melt your heart.
Ryker loves Mickey mouse clubhouse!! He just started rolling over and smiles and laughs the days away. He's our little Bubba!!
Layla loves spending time with mommy and daddy, playing with her toys, sitting in her Minnie mouse chair, and playing with her puppy Maximus. She also loves to be sassy. Sometimes Layla will be shy and other times she'll wave hi to someone walking by. Her favorite things to watch are Criminal Minds and Teen Titans Go.
Hi I’m Ryver, I am 9 days old. I love to eat, and pee on mom and dad during a diaper changes haha. I enjoy cuddling my mom at night. I LOVE to be held. 🙂