Baby Stories - 38


She is s Smart baby girl funny and happy baby 💕💖💕
Daniel is very cheerful baby smiles to good natured people,but if he feels something bad about someone he cries and never goes to that person.He has an attitude,you can't force him to do things that he doesn't want.He sleeps and eats whenever he wants😅
Charlie loves riding his hoverboard and playing outside with his friend's. He is very smart and is doing awsome in his first year in school.
Hi my name is Aliviah , I love to sleep , eat and play with my big sister 💜
Tessa Amelia
Tessa loves to talk, and play with her puppy all the time! This was her first Christmas present and she was beyond happy!
Liam is a rainbow baby who loves to cuddle up mommy. His doesn’t enjoy tummy time unless tummy time is on daddy’s chest!
She is such an amazing baby girl. We can say momma & give kisses😊. No matter the day or time this girl always smiles❤️ we love books , I can sit through so many stories paying attention the entire time. For being a 5 month old she is very smart. Very opinionated. An absolutely the sweetest.
This is my baby girl Rose. Shes crazy smart and supper sweet. Loves cuddles with mama and loves singing and dancing with her daddy. Rose- Photoshoots, Big bows and food complete me. Dont believe me... check my pics
Bentley is the happiest baby. He loves listening to music, playing peekaboo with Aunt K, and cuddling with mommy and daddy. He enjoys staring at every clock or fan he sees. Bentley is such a loving baby boy, and he is most definitely loved.❤️
He is a mommas boy he loves his teddy bear and he is the youngest of 5 my cutie is a breastfeed baby and he was born on Friday the 13th
Kir Kir loves to laugh and play
Emanuel is such a happy baby he loves it when you talk to him, play with him, and his nap times. He’s loves the camera always has a huge smile when it’s in front of him.
Jameson is very adventurous and loves to learn new things everyday! He is 10 months old and is trying hard to walk on his own. Jameson loves to try new foods and cuddle with mommy. His favorite word is dada. Any money won will be put away for Jameson to use on his future education!
Hi my name is Aceon I’m 1 month old ! I love to listen to music also I love tummy time , I love my milk and I love to cuddle and laugh ❤️
Very happy baby :) very energetic very outgoing very sassy at such a young age, super playful and loves smiling all day like.
I chuckle and smile when Mummy walks in the room and laugh and cue when daddy holds me up high. I love my bottle, bath time and singing elephant teddy.
Sarah loves to play with her dolls and loves to jump around
Aubrey Raine, my sweet precious baby 🥰 This baby has brought me so much joy through those big pretty eyes & even bigger smile ☺️ Aubrey enjoys laying on her back, talking & she really likes pj masks 🎭 & she’s definitely a boss baby 👶🏽😊 please leave my baby vote & give her 1 more reason to smile 🙏🏾Thank you 😊
Liam River
Hi I’m Liam River, I’m an October baby like my parents. My mom says I’m her rainbow baby. My mommy and daddy struggled so hard to have me. They even lost a few of my siblings on the journey. Doctors and science couldn’t help them. So God sent them a miracle (me 😊) when they thought all hope was lost. Here I am learning this thing called Life!
Grayson was born 6 weeks early via c-section because of preeclampsia. He loves music and when we hold him and “dance” with him.
Mila is 7 months old and is FULL of energy! She is a sassy little baby but is a ball of joy! Mila never stops smiling and making others around her laugh 🥰 her favorites are any foods and cocomellon ❤️
She’s a spunky, adventurous, wild child with a sweet heart. ❤️ She loves laughing and making other people laugh too.
Atlas has been such a champion through some health problems, a surgery at 5 months old to fix an inguinal hernia and we have just discovered atlas only has one kidney! Our little champ is as happy as always.
Alex loves watching Clifford the big red dog and loves watching his paw-sister Bella run around and act crazy.
Emorie loves to go on walks play with her babies and watch Elmo.
Out spoken extremely opinionated really loving and friendly
Aniyah Is one of the happiest baby’s, always smiling. ❤️
Kevin is an amazing baby and makes anyone that’s around him smile❤️❤️
Logan loves to cuddle with mama and daddy he’s so handsome
She is a soft spoken beauty Queen that loves her hair done and dresses clean
Kaleah is a ray of sunshine! Kaleah loves laughing and smiling!
Romeo Loves the Outdoors, loves Dogs and Sports Balls, He is a loving smart boy!
Mira is energetic fun loving child extremly smart she loves telling people that she can recite the cat in the hat book with out looking she loves softball and she knows no stranger she makes friends with everyone
Our cute little one loves getting his hair washed but HATES baths. He loves to make his mommy smile all the time as well as make cute little spit bubbles. He’s already rolling over and growing wayyy to quickly
Oliver is a beautiful baby boy who loves too laugh and smile and watch what you're doing. He brings so much joy and cheer and is the most adorable baby and we are happy everyone can see this beautiful baby boy.
Cru is two , he absolutely loves dinosaurs and often scares he’s mummy ! He also loves to play football and enjoys problem solving.
Hello, my name is Genesis. I came into this world 6 wks early. I have came a long way since entering the world & spending 19 days in the NICU. I was born with a clef tongue & chin. Other then that I’m healthy & picking up my weight. I love kisses & when people talk to me. My smile will warm your heart if you can get me to smile. I’m truly a gift from god.
Arleen Martinez
Arleen es una niña que se porta súper bien lo de ella es ver mucha tv su serie favorita es blippi ella brinca de alegría cuando mira sus contenido
JaSiaan is a 3 month old beautiful baby boy . ❤️ He loves Puppy Dog Pals , Mickey Mouse , & Mommy Of Course . He’s The Sweetest Little Ball Of Sunshine . Every Vote Will Be Greatly Appreciated !
We take great pride and time in all our exchanges and advances ❤️ NOTE; IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT#S OF EXCHANGE OR RETURNS I WILL POST SCREENSHOTS. JUST ASK! Ara (pronounced Air-uh) Has green eyes, that one day, will melt hearts and has lashes that most ladies would kill for!! Loves chewing on anything he can get his little hands on (especially hair!) , and drooling! He sleeps through the night with his little tush in the air. Be prepared.. you gotta be able to hold a conversation with this little guy.. HE LOVES TO TALK! (He's a good listener too ☺️)He absolutely loves giving Mama kissys and looooves to eat! Sweet potatoes and bananas are his favorite❤️ Besides eating, his two favorite activities are jumping and swimming! He would live in his jumpy or the tub if he could! He loves it when Mama holds the back of his head when he's in the bath so he can float on his back and kick his feet and push off when he gets to the end. I might have an olympic swimmer on my hands one day!!😂 This guy is an all around UNICORN BABY!! He's as special and unique as they come 🥰 (Not to mention, he's absolutely gorgeous🥰) This little guy is perfect-The Whole Package-in every way!
Hi, I’m a summer baby but I love the cold winters.❄️☃️ I love bananas 🍌 ! My favorite thing to do is dance with my mommy to Latin music💃. I like to fall asleep to The Weeknd - king of fall 😴💤. I hate wet or 💩 diapers, because I’m boujee and hate being stinky. When mommy needs a break, I be chillen watching Cocomelon.
Hi my name is Kingslee! I’m 15 Months old! I love to dance, be crazy, and bath time! I love playing with my brother and sister and spending time with mommy and daddy❤️
Princess ling 💕😩 only girl of two big brothers ‼️ I love to smile & laugh 🥺 my mommy and daddy is my bestfrienns ‼️✅💜
Amarii is almost 5 months old now he loves his cartoons and hanging out with dad💙🤞🏽
Gracelynn loves her sister and brother shes love play with her toys and loves to eat
Born premature baby boy. He struggled for a while and was in the hospital for about 2 and a 1/2 months. He loves playtime with mommy, his blanket and the you are my sunshine song. Still just eats and sleeps most of the day.