Baby Stories - 37


This is Leilani she is 11days old.
Sidney 5 Months But He Act Like He 5 Years Old This Is My Rainbow Baby 🌈He A Happy Baby He Love His Daddy The Most But He Love Food More 😂💙🤞🏾👨‍👦
Nothing about his pregnancy or birth was simple but wouldn’t change him for the world.
Sophia is a beautiful little girl with a strong personality at only 5 months old.Sophia loves to stand and walk around with assistance of course.She is curious and loves to explore new toys and places. Sophia loves to talk and giggle, her smiles are endless.
Beau is a rainbow baby and his name honors his three siblings in heaven. He was born 3 weeks early and is an absolute doll! His favorite things are skin to skin with his parents, his fur siblings, and of course... milk!!
Natalie Rose
Natalie is now 10 weeks, she loves to laugh and smile.
Mason can be a handful, but he is very smart and loving! He’s very outspoken and loves school!
Ezra Perfecto
Our first boy. Ezra Perfecto was named after his great uncle Perfecto.
Luciano is the only child, he is 2 months old! He loves to cuddle with mommy & daddy, try’s to sit up like a big boy, and loves his ECE center
Haevyn is very smart! Very verbal and caring! She likes to be a mother hen to her siblings! She went from 2 to 13! 😂 She has that teenager attitude!
Lilly is very caring, smart and helpful! She loves to help with her baby brother and play with her other siblings! She learns very fast and can say so many words! She is starting to make sentences and smiles all the time!
Riley loves to play and always does her little smirk before she full on laughs at anything that amuses her.
Kai is very alert and smily! He is a mama’s boy and loves to be cuddled! He’s not fond of tummy time, but he loves to sit up and try and stand! He loves his big brother and big sisters!
Leo is 8 months old. He was born with bilateral vocal cord paralysis. He has a tracheostomy and a gtube for feeding. He is the sweetest little boy always laughing and smiling. He loves to put everything in his month and sit up nice and straight to watch his favorite guy Mickey Mouse!
Hi my name is Zyarie, I am 7 months and 3 weeks. I am such a happy baby, I love cocomelon!! I’m very ticklish and I love my momma, auntie, grandma, and GG. I’m super spoiled, but I love being spoiled with love the most🥰💙. Had a rough patch when I was born, but GOD protected me and I am super strong now🙌🏽
Riley loves to sing, dance and POSE!! Such a free spirit and joy to everyone she's around!
SJ is a very happy baby! She loves tummy time and loves when you sit down with her on the floor. She LOVES music especially classic rock like her mama. She’s full of smiles, she loves cuddles and kisses from her daddy and I.
Such cute dimples! He will talk your ear off..he is happy as soon as he opens his eyes! He is a momma boy but loves his daddy too...he is teething right now but still tries to be happy!
I can hold my own head up like a big boy. I love cooing, smiling, and kicking my legs. I love car rides, music, and when my mommy sings. I love to roll over onto my belly a lot. I also love to be held by my mommy.
This is my surviving twin Kingston! He is 6 months old. He loves to cuddle with mommy and watch sports with daddy 😍 hes big on rolling over and wanting to be held all the time!!!
Emmalee is a very happy girl. She loves playing with her baby dolls. She love to play with her big sister and baby sister.
Annabelle is a very happy 4 year old. She loves to play doctor and with her barbies. She loves to help with her baby sister.
My name is Daxton William Pace. I'm a sweet baby boy who loves napping, and smiling. I'm still an itty bitty thing so I have not gained a personality of my own just yet but mommy says I'm a very good baby and that I always have a cute little smile on my cute little face❤
Ellie is a beautiful little 4 month old girl, who loves her family so much and is full of happiness and love.
Odin is a happy boy with nothing but love to share 🥰
Zay Zay as we like to call her is a real diva. She loves lipgloss and TikTok & loves to play with her brother. She’s the best big sister ever
He love's toy story! He like's to cuddle & be wild <3 Mac n cheese he love's (: {Chunk is his nickname}
Nolan loves to play, sleep and EAT! This cute baby is getting his comedic personality and laughing at everything!
Zaiire (Zy-Ear) is 7 months old & such a smart boy! He’s starting to crawl and loves to snuggle! My happy baby is always smiling and laughing! Growing smarter and stronger everyday💛
Hes is 21 days old and can already see his own little attitude shining thru ...❤🙏🏽🥰
Eliza is a beautiful little girl with a strong personality at only 6 months old! Such a happy baby who loves her Family so much 💗
Gabriella Milaine Rose is 9 months years old she is a very bright happy outgoing blessed baby. She loves to watch TV, her favorite show is Elmo. She loves to eat and loves to smile Gabryella is very lovable very bright she is very intelligent and love the camera.shes full of energy and her smile brights any place she goes.
Jackson is a Twin!! His favorite things to do are, driving his car around the driveway, and playing cars. He has lots of energy and is VERY outgoing! He’s quite the little character. His favorite food is pancakes.
Charles is a Twin!! He loves sports, and is very soft and gentle. His favorite food is pizza and fruit. He would like to grow up and become a pilot.
Everleigh is the light of our lives. She's the youngest of 9, so she's pretty well loved!
Maverick is 8 months old. He loves to stand and letting our pets know how much he adores them. His favorite toy is his dragon tambourine.
Nickname is Tilly, sweet and sassy baby girl that loves to smile, sing, listen to music and read! Daddy’s girl & mommy’s world!
Yanek is a true live wire! He loves gaming, dogs, singing and dancing. He has his own unique style and follows his dreams. He is very sensitive and hates injustice , he’s very intelligent and will go far in life! Please vote for him! He’s a little legend in his own right. ❤️🌈😇💙🙏
Hudson my baby boy ! He is such a handsome baby ! Please vote for him 💙
Treston loves watching blippi and learning new things. His smile is everything .😍😍
Hazel loves to eat food, Sleep, and giggle! Thats pretty much it!
Kevin is a very bright smart kid! He loves to play video games especially fortnite and he loves to draw which he is amazing at! His drawings are amazing! He’s a kind loving young man who adores is 2 little sisters and he is very loved by everyone who meets him!
Anthony Anderson
He loves to take off in his walker and explore 😍😍& loves Cocomelon !
Kristina is the most sweetest and kindest little girl ever! She’s always thinking about other people and always looks out for her big brother and little sister! She’s beautiful inside and out! Kristina also has a condition called neurofibromatosis type 1 but this does not stop her from being the most sweetest little girl! She can be shy until she gets to know someone and if you’re lucky enough to know her you will see what a bright kind loving sweet girl she is xx
Hunter James is a very cheeky and happy toddler who loves cars and playing outside but above all Hunter loves his daddy the most!
Cheeky chappy loves Dinasaurs and sharks. Deep blue eyes like the ocean
She is a cheeky monkey, who can always make you smile:)
He loves Music. Such a Gentle Giant. He loves cuddles & Tickles 🤗🤗