Baby Stories - 35


Saylor is the sweetest baby! She smiles all the time and it lights up the room!
Ryder is the happiest baby ever. He is definitely ornery, that’s for sure. He LOVES food! He loves books. He’s what keeps me going ❤️
Paul is a loving and active and playful baby he’s also advanced for his age and he loves to roll over
Emelie loves to talk, roll over, and be active most of all! She is sweet, loving, and very snuggly!
Bryson is a very happy , busy , loveable , silly baby . Bryson keeps a smile on his face and keeps everyone happy , it’s hard to stay mad around him
Everette is the sweetest boy you will ever meet, he has a smile that will light up the whole room, And crazy long lashes
Ryder is a pistol who absolutely loves riding dirtbikes and his sister and puppy. He loves to play outside in the dirt with his diggys
She’s very loving very funny she’s her own character lol 😂 💞 her favorite thing to snack on is pickles 😂💞
It is a lovely 👶
Loves Elmo loves to talk and make friends and loves to clean I also love to play games like my dad
He is the sweetest boy. He weighs, 15lbs 23oz. He is 2 months old. He loves to smile. He loves taking a bath, he is very pleasant. His smile is incredibly adorable. He loves to snuggle with mommy and daddy. He is half Filipino and half Mexican.
She so precious! She tries to already walk she loves big girl food! She loves Mickey Mouse! Shes just the best thing in the world🥺💖
Carter Davis
This is my 1 and only Grandbaby and I love him to Pieces. He loves to play Peek-a-boo, he loves when you make silly noises and act like you Know what he is saying to you by Making silly noises. He also loves ves to watch his Mommy And Daddy while they are walking around.
It is lovely baby
Treazure Phipps
Treazure is very fun she loves playing with her little sister,her tablet and is she very smart she love making forts and throw a fit if I don’t play with her
Lilith is a spunky, independent, little girl who just loves to run and play!
Aaliyah Rae Is my Step-Daughter she just turned 5 Years old !!! she’s full of life and energetic as any child ! but Aaliyah has her own interest in modeling So I thought we would start here to see how it starts 🥰
Little man is 4 weeks old and is the most bright eyed, sweetest, happiest little babe! When he is not sleeping or eating, he loves snuggling with mommy, singing with daddy, and looking around curiously at bright lights and pictures!
Julian is the happiest baby he’s always smiling and laughing. He will brighten any ones day with his contagious smile.
Tripp has been a blessing to our family with his beautiful dimpled smiles and silly laugh that will make anyone happy. He loves to play basketball with his big brother.
a surprise lockdown baby, born on the 24th of June 🌈💙
He loves to laugh eat his fingers and met new people starting to copy people and loves music
Reagan Williams
Reagan is a beautiful and funny little girl she is always smiling
Hims a loveable sweet boy🥺he loves to laugh and smile
I like hunting fishing play soccer wrestle likes pizzia friends and family
Brian is the most funniest/loving boy you will ever meet. He’s very smart , energetic, & happy all in one! He will put the biggest smile on your face❤️
Elias is a sweetheart! Loves to give out big smiles and get lots of cuddles! His favorite thing is his pacifier and music!
Gabby loves to play with friends and family she loves watching tv and building with her blocks she loves dance.
She 10 months old She love to crawl around and she pulls herself up on the sofa
He loves to dance and help around the house.
James is almost 5 months! He loves Mickey Mouse and his food a lot! He’s always smiling or laughing!!
My name is A'Mariee im 5 months old I love to laugh, spend time with my mom and sisters, play wit my stuffed unicorn, and sleep with my fluffy blanket.I hold my bottle on on own and sit up too. I smile all the time because im a happy baby. Im also VERY PHOTOGENIC AND I LOVE LAUGHING AND GIGGLING 🤭🤭😊I like when my family gives me lots of attention because i love being loved on by them😊😊😍 If you Won't give me a vote please at least leave a like.Thanks
Zander is cheeky and loves to giggle. Loves a chat here and there of cooing and giggling. Loves sweet potato and bananas but most of all he loves cuddles.
Damien is 1 month old ! He loves being talked to and looking at things around him!
Loves formula, blue clues, and bubble guppies.
This my love my baby girl Malaysia she’s 8 months shes growing so fast she’s very smart and sometimes have a attitude but I wouldn’t have it any other way if you meet her I know you’ll fall in love with her show my baby some love.
Christian loves to play, smile, & gab! he is always so happy and is sure a mamas boy but adores playing with dad when he gets home from work! He absolutely LOVES bathtime & our cat, Candy. He is my rainbow baby. & he certainly is a rainbow, he always brightens anyones day!
Elijah is a very outgoing smart 2 year old. He loves playing with his puppy. He enjoys learning at school with his friends.
He loves all things marvel and loves his mommy and Jojo and daddy
Cedric is a very happy boy. He likes to kick and smile and stick his tongue out!
Ari is an Star in the making, she loves to dance and sing into her microphone. She is very loving and outgoing. !
He loves his mommy and daddy. He loves to play outside!
Libby is smart outgoing loves every one enjoy playing with her older sisters
Isabella is a happy baby ❤️ She smiles all the time and she loves her some butternut squash!
Jaelah Douglas
Jaelah is very out going. Smart for her age. Loves to sing dance cook and into fashiin designing
Vote for the happiest baby around. He loves to laugh play and meet new people. Vote for my baby and leave a comment with your babies name so that I can do the same.
Oliver is a loving little boy . He is smart already . He loves his big sister . And can almost roll over . Go vote for this handsome little boy ❤️
Eliana is a smart, beautiful, little lady with a big personality. She loves to play with her doggy, eat bananas, and mommy cuddles. Fun fact! Her & her daddy share the same birthday😊