Lil baby Cedar Mae is a bundle of joy! She loves to eat, sleep, and look around at the world surrounding her. She is the sweetest, mild tempered baby
This is Blakeleigh she is five months old and full of attitude already!! She loves to make noises and yell for her dada!! She enjoys being outside & having her pictures taken! She is full of personality’s and knows how to light up a room in time!
khy is a very happy baby that enjoys eating his hands , going on walks and cuddling with mommy ! 🥰
He loves tummy time and loves to Hear his momma sing to him. His laughed is contagious!
He loves to be cuddled and held and in all is just a little sweetheart. ❤
Camille loves to smile at anybody and everybody! She loves anything that makes noise and sings. She loves when anyone in her family sings to her, taking walks in the warm sun at the park and kicking and moving her feet.
He is a mommy's boy and he love to go riding in just about anything!
Milan is a happy 4 month old baby girl who loves to smile and stuff her face.
Paislee is almost 5 months old, loves taking baths and hates bows! She is our miracle baby! She was conceived with IVF after 5 years of trying and we couldn’t be happier!
Chris enjoys basically all things but his most favorite is to dress up as “spidey-man” and save everyone even if we don’t want to be saved 😂🥹
Willo is smart and energetic for her age. She loves to be sitting up. Loves being outside. To me she is the worlds cutest baby with her blue eyes and reddish brown hair.
Asher is a very happy baby he loves to talk to you and loves to smile all the time ..he a good baby he loves chewing on his hands..
Amelia is 6 weeks old, she loves to smile, kick her feet and babble. She is the sweetest baby you’ll ever meet 💓
Baby Gary is definitely a daddy’s boy! He loves baths and absolutely LOVES cocomelon!
He loves all the attention and cuddles, he loves tummy time and hates to be cold! He’s the sweetest little baby ♥️
Zuri is a very happy toddler. She loves to laugh at everything. She love eating chicken nuggets and giving her brother a kiss when he is cry. He favorite cartoon is Gracie's Corner and Cocomelon . She likes to be read to and to act like she is reading. She is very funny and loving and she can make you smile even when you are sad.
Andrel loves to watch Mickey Mouse clubhouse, spend time with his family and eat
My little ray of sunshine is the most goofy and energetic girl I’ve ever met. She loves her snacks and to stand up at all times, her current favorite hobbies include putting everything in her mouth that she can grab and being a drama queen for literally no reason lol her birthday is coming up so please vote for our little lily she deserves the world 🌎 ❤️
Ryleigh is a very energetic two year old that loves her brothers, Minnie Mouse, Paw Patrol, and playing outside! She is such a sweet little girl! ❤️
❤️Xavior loves taking pictures❤️watching movies❤️playing with his brothers and dogs❤️and gives hugs and kisses . He is delayed in speaking and uses sign language for me to help him understand what he wants or needs. He’s a ball full of energy and very handsome ❤️🥰Thank you all for voting !🥰😘
Olivia is a bright eyed, little fire cracker from New Jersey! She loves to play peek a boo, do laundry and dance to the sound of just about any music. Be careful she will tap dance her way right into your heart in just a few moments! Vote for Liv! ❤️
Dakota is 1 month old he loves to smile
Calvin is my world, he loves his mama, daddy and twin sisters he’s such an amazing baby. He loves French fries an bananas and loves saying dada he will definitely put a smile on anyone’s face 🤍🤍
Cora is fun loving happy little girl. She is always smiling and loves to gives hugs and kisses. She also loves rainbow rangers, unicorns and her fur sister Bear!
Landyn is a super happy and adventurous baby. He lights up any room with his big smile. He’s super sweet and silly.
Bella is only 2 months old . She’s already trying to sit up by herself. She loves looking at fans and lights.
He 6 months old. Loves to laugh, loves to cuddle, Loves to play with toys. He loves being with other babies, he calm and gentle around babies for a such young age. He loves to look at cats and dogs. Especially dogs to feed the dog food. Please vote for my sweet little boy.
Alyona Violet
Hello my name is alyona violet I love listening 🎶 music and watching tv
Jakobe is such a happy baby! He is catching on very quickly. He has so much personality and is only 6 months. Has not had a pacifier since he was 4 months, holding his own bottle & sleeps all night. A happy momma 🥰🥰
Sweet and happy girl. Loves her milk and dressing up
Everett is the most expressive baby I have seen for a 1 month old. He’s always making faces. He’s a vary sweet and easy going baby. If we won this money it would help with bills and rent so we wouldn’t struggle since I have been out of work and fell behind on bills since having him.
Riley is 7 months old. She likes to say dada and momma. She also love when her big sister play with her and make her laugh. She is always a happy baby. She also holds her hands together like shes praying all the time
Baby Karson is youngest of 3 brothers. Karson loves mommies milk and anyone to talk and smile at him. Karson is learning to coo and mimic noises. We are very thankful for each vote.
Mason is my spunky blue eyed baby boy . He is a foodie just like his momma .He loves bouncing ,running around and walking in his walker and chase the cats, he loves playing in the bath and causing havoc He loves to blow raspberries ,make silly faces and watch Sesame Street. His belly laughs and big ole smile just fill you with joy with his 4 little teeth 💙
Brayden Sloan
My son brayden is autistic but he is a very sweet boy he loves to listen to cocomelon and sing abc songs and he loves to watch cat and the hat and his favorite toys are cars he loves giving his siblings hugs
Sai is the sweetest thing! He loves to cuddle, pick his head up & look around & make funny faces❣️
Beau Cub
Our boy Beau Cub is always full of smiles and already has such good character! He is our little blessing and he gets us so much love and attention everywhere we go due to how content and funny he really is! Our little gorgeous is wearing his Snuza breathing monitor in these photos but is usually dressed in lovely neutrals and Spanish style clothing but we must add he looks like such a little lad in his tracksuits and airforce xo
He’s super alert and always on the go. LOVES baby shark. He loves laughing, imitating you, and keeping mommy and daddy on their toes. The dimples come out when he’s trying to charm you. This boy loves his food and is thankfully not a picky eater. The outdoors make his eyes go wide with curiosity.
She has the most amazing chubby cheeks! She loves bright colors. She’s a little silly 🙃 she has her own little personality that will make your day! And a smile to brighten your nights 🫶🏼
Cashleh Fallon
Cashleh enjoys riding horses, watching monster trucks and attempting to help work on vehicles! She is such a fun little girl and is so happy all the time! She was a premie and spent a lot of time in the hospital when she was first born, but you could never tell that looking at her today!❤️
He loves to make you smile
Lilliana Elice, also known as Lilly, is 2 years old. her personality is like no other. she loves to sing and dance to zydeco music. she absolutely adores her mawmaw and pawpaw. her puppy is her bestfriend.
Serenity Sloan
Serenity loves to play with her siblings and she loves to draw and color and dance and she loves school she likes to plant flowers
Kayden is new to this big world, he was born on March 23, 2022 as a premature baby, he is a very loving and content baby. He loves laying with mom and dad watching tv and he loves his racoon swing. Please vote for this new baby boy Kayden.
I am a smart spontaneous boy that’s crazy about his sissy and his mama. I love saying my abc’s and learning to count higher everyday.
Lincoln is 18 months old... He loves to talk ... He loves his mommy and his daddy... He is sweet and full of smiles from the moment he wakes up... How could u not vote for that face...look at them eyes 👀
She loves watching pokemon, playing at the park and wants to be a firefighter and a doctor. Is an excellent student and likes helping when ever she can.