Baby Stories - 34


Hi, everyone meet Grayson! Grayson is my 3yr old smart, super silly & out going son. Grayson was diagnosed with SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) about a year ago and has taught us more than we’ve taught him. His out going personality steals the hearts of others so easily, his bright smile lights up the room so big, and he surely but not the least, keeps us all on our toes with his silliness! He loves to have fun & is the happiest kid with the happiest personality no matter the mood!
Anastasia is 1 month 6 weeks old, she’s very alert! She loves looking around at everything, lights, and loves watching tv. She is a big snuggle buddy and loves snuggling with mommy and daddy. She’s a big daddy’s girl!!! She loves tummy time and even acts like she’s trying to crawl. She loves to sit up and is already trying to hold her head up and does a pretty good job at it. She is very strong for her age. She loves listening to music and different sounds. VOTE FOR ANASTASIA!!!
Michael John
He’s smart, funny, loves toys and funny dancer
Hi y'all, I'm Dixie Jane! I love strawberries, coloring, cleaning, and learning sign language with my sister. I am the youngest, with an older sister and two older brothers. Please vote for me and my cuteness!!
He enjoys playing the XBox, riding his bike reading, playing basketball. You should vote for landon because he is awsome
AvaClaire is 4 Years Old and very bright! She loves tumble and playing outside!
Maverick is 3 months old. He is very smart. He loves to eat and take baths. He is 15 lbs. Chunky monkey for sure. He like to learn. He is an a amazing happpy little man🥰
Well let’s see Grayson love’s taking pictures he also love’s being outside, playing soccer, saying the word no, and go away. Grayson is a character but he is so loving and caring his smile is worth a million words everyone vote for my baby!!
Tenacious baby girl who loves enjoys to dance and listen to music
Hi :) I’m emersyn and I would love y’all to vote for me, I am a really good girl and am always smiling and laugh. I will also tell you all kinds of story’s especially about my puppy mya she’s my best friend ! I would love y’all’s vote ..... thank you !:)
Hi, My name is Kailani I am 4 months old and I love to watch cocamelon, laugh, and smile
Zendaya has had a rough start she was very ill when she was 6 weeks old she has a heart condition and a kidney and bladder problems and will be having surgery in June to fix these problems please vote for her and the money can help out with bills during her surgery time
Kora is the sweetest, happiest, chillest baby ever! She is a ham, always happy and making silly faces and loves to be tickled, play peek-a-boo, and log roll alllllll over! 🦋😇
An intelligent 3 yo, with quite the imagination! He loves Spider-Man and toy story, his favorite movie at the moment is Rango, but it always changes. He talks in full sentences, and caries on conversations like nobody’s business. He’s quite the mamas boy!
Ivy Rose
My name is Ivy Rose, I love playing with my puppy Ruby Jane and my cousins! I love to play in water of all kinds! I am a spunky and loving and smart and I love to dance and sing! I am my daddy’s pride and my mommas world!
This sweet girl is as cute as they come. Loves water and can be as sour as a cranberry ❤️
Jared is a very happy and lovable baby ❤️, he loves to eat oranges, watch Mickey Mouse and toy story. ❤️ He is in the phase where everything he sees he wants to put in his mouth 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣
He’s a smiley happy baby! Who loves spending time with his mommy and daddy and loves to watch blaze the monster truck
Liam loves jurassic world and knows lots about dinosaurs, he also loves unicorns and being a crazy adventurous boy.
Loves to crawl on the floor, say mama, wave, and has the prettiest smile💕
axl loves to play outside, he loves to say momma and daddy, he loves to hug his doggie!
Kellen is a very outgoing young boy he is full of life, he has been thru a bit. You should vote for kellen because he loves the camera and he would be worth your vote.
Kadence is AMAZING. She like to ride her bike, YOUTUBE, play with her cat. She is awsome.
Jamie was just born , she is the whole world to me and has changed my life for the better !
Love to smile, love watching tv and unicorns her favorite 🥰
Camryn is one free full of beautiful spirits that brings him to full Imagination of life and learning.. loves animals if he could save them all he would. Sweetheart but had that side everyone has.. He is a AMAZING lil boy that has trys to bring nothing but love and peace to everyone
River Grace
River is a mommys girl for sure but loves to play with her 2 big brothers. She had a rough start at the hospital but came home after 3 weeks and is doing great now. Her favorite toys are her violet puppy and foxy rattle that grandma gave her. River also loves her disney storybook that we read everynight before bed.
Loves talking
She is a considerate loving, big-hearted, young lady that loves to be loved like any other little girl! She absolutely loves to draw the most, but she also loves Anime & Cosplay!
Tru is a silly and rambunctious 10 month old. He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and to eat. His favorites right now are bananas and strawberries. Oh and he is a complete mama’s boy 💙
Paisley. She My Grandba Baby
My granddaughter. Paisley come in too this world. I seen here she was just my everything. It probably a good thing she come in this world. It trun my life around. She pap ever thing sweet little doll baby. Love her so much. She be 1 year old February 24.
Aubrey Jones
Aubrey is an intelligent and sassy six year old that loves riding her bike, singing, dancing, playing with her dolls, lipstick and recording videos for her YouTube channel.
Callie Jones
Callie is a fabulous five month old the enjoys music, her jumperoo and let’s not forget being held.
My baby was born on halloween on a blue moon, snorts when she cries and loves making goober faces 🥰
Amaya is our sweet, chunky, blue eyed baby. She loves food and animals.
i love to watch tv. my favorite people are my momma, daddy, grammie, papa and oma. i love to talk and smile and i have such a big personality.
Hi Guys my Name is Lailani , I have a BIG personality! I love to eat EVERYTHING & scream when I don’t get my way!this is my first contest and I hope I win🙂, Please Vote for me 🤍
Hello World, My name is Akeem K Pugh. I was born on September 22, 2020 to my mommy Raven Gray and daddy James Pugh. I am currently 3 mos old and discovering both my hands and feet and also my tongue. I love to talk, smile and listen to music. Tummy time and bath time are my favorite times of the day. I like when mommy sings the ABCs to me and when we watch Cocomelon. Thank you in advance for voting for me.
Hello world. Raluca’s like too much to talking🤭😂 this is the best describe for her, after children's activities. She love particularly all the babies👶❤️😘
A heart-warming child who loves to greet people/ stranger on street whenever she she one. Love to paint. And loves her brother...
William loves to Eat Play Sleep Watch educational movies Loves his swing
Sammy is such a happy little guy!! Always a smiling and trying to talk up a storm...he is so ready to go. He loves the lion king and patty cake. He is the best little brother ever!!
A warming soul! Loves playing with sister! Very smart and clever!
Ezra is 5 months old, he is currently teething, loves taking baths and play with toys.
Ryleigh is a gorgeous 1 month old brown eyed baby girl.
I’m Jade, I love to eat and chase my cat maya around in my walker. I also like to yell and test my voice out.