Baby Stories - 33


Catalina is a super happy and easy going baby. Everyone that meets her falls in love with her. 😊💕
Makayla has a personality all of her own. She loves attention and if you think you're going to walk past her. She'll holler at you. She's the happiest baby! She loves to try to talk, bounce, bathe, and dances in her own silly way. She loves bananas, yogurt, and hide your snacks. ♥️
Addie is the best and happiest baby despite having a rough time lately being sick with RSV, Salmonella, and various other illnesses. Even when in the hospital she was smiling through the sickness and pain jabbering away to everyone who came to work with her. She is our IVF miracle and we have been so blessed that she brings happiness and love to everyone she is around!
Little Mise Athena Mae is 2 months old. She absolutely loves her feet tickled, she LOVES to eat && talk. She loves bright colors & tummy time. && is very photogenic!
She’s such a happy baby and loves to watch Sofia the first and my little ponies. She’s always smiling and loves her big sister and her mommy and daddy. She loves her banana baby food, teething toys, and crawling
Such a happy baby with the sweetest little giggle. He loves the outdoors and feeling the fresh breeze on his skin. Starting to be very talkative.
Ardaella is 6 months old, born at 37 weeks due to cholestasis but came out strong and healthy, she’s a super active and happy baby 💙
Waylon is 3 month. He love to watch cartoon and he loves talking to mommy and daddy. He also loves dogs.
Heyy everybody I’m 4month old & I Love to watch Mickey Mouse club house & eat, smile, laugh & play.
Carson is a super happy 5 month old babyboy! He LOVES broccoli, and he loves his doggies beyond belief. Aside from being the happiest little bub, he has overcame some of the hardest battle due to laryngomalcia and is officially 3 months post op from his surgery!! He’s a little warrior in a nutshell, 💙
My name is Hayden-Scott, I am almost 6 months old. I can hold my bottle by myself when I don’t feel like being lazy. I love to watch pj masks and Mickey Mouse. I can almost crawl but instead I like to do planks and try to stand. I love cuddles and kisses and my favorite food is blueberry banana oatmeal.
Paisley Rae is a sweet loving smiling baby girl who loves her mommy and silly songs she has a full head of beautiful platinum blonde hair and she will melt anyone’s heart she comes in contact with she’s a real sweetheart she smiles so big all the time she enjoys her momma’s silly songs and dance moves
Kaydee is 2 yrs old she was born at 32 wks and spent two months in the nicu she is a fighter 💪 she love's the cartoon bluey its her favorite
Hello My name is Elias. I love to be held and laugh and smile in my sleep. Im very spoiled already and I love spending time with my mommy & daddy!
Bowen loves cars! Loves playing with friends!
Luna loves to play and smile. She is the happiest baby I know.
Hi my name is Ezra! I am currently 7 months old, I absolutely love people, making a splash, and eating watermelon! Mom & Dad are my two favorite people in the whole world! When I'm not sleeping or napping, you can find me exploring every inch of my house! Vote 4 Me!
You should vote for my little princess Kehlaya because she does nothing but smile and giggle all day😅🥺.. she is the happiest baby in the world and loves to play with her twin brother Zion🥰
Hi!! I’m Jessica! I’m the littlest in my family with two big older brothers but I definitely rule this house! I like big cuddles, foot rubs and to smile, laugh and talk to lights. ❤️
Braxton is all boy and always happy with a big smile on his face. He loves to be outside. Please vote for Braxton Blake.
Greyson is a very happy 2 year old little boy; always smiling. Busy walking, running around & quite talkative. Loves to blow kisses & call for Mama & Daddy! He is an awesome big brother to his baby sister Piper. Greyson brings such joy to his family. Loves watching Star Wars with his Daddy & also playing with his 2 furry siblings!
Rylan loves watching cartoons and eating waffles. He is the sweetest baby💋
Hi my name is koby. Im your average 2 month old, i poop, sleep an cry but i am the most happiest smilest baby ever and my mummy, daddy and sister love showing me the world an the world me. If the photographs of me made you smile please vote, mummy an i appreciate it. Thanks all be safe, love koby💙
Mason is 3.5 months old, he loves hanging out with mom and dad and smiling all day long ❤️
Braylor Ridge Price is two months old he is a happy go lucky baby!! He loves to ride four wheelers and stuff like that.. Braylor loves his daddy and watching tv!
Kru is 5 1/2 months and loves attention and kisses🥺🥰
Hi I’m Juliana Rose. I am the drool queen. I have 2 front bottom teeth😱I feed myself (except when I’m lazy, I make mommy hold the bottle) 🍼 I can sit up on my own, crawl (she just wants to be on her feet, running so it’s more of a bear crawl😂) I love to use everything and anything to stand myself up! I love to say “Da-Da” all day long but won’t say mama😢I giggle a lot and love to snuggle with mom & dad. I also love playing with all my aunties and my cousin Easton ❤️
Elijah is a month old baby boy who loves life already! He loves the camera & funny faces with daddy ! He’s smart & loves conversations with whomever he’s see’s. I believe his all time favorite thing right now is to be milk drunk! 🤱🏾🍼❤️
Azazel is a curious lil nugget who really enjoys chomping on tags, diaper wipes, and literally anything else that he can get his little hands on. His favorite movie is Puss in Boots and he eats bananas like they are going extinct. He loves staring at his Dad and his pets.
Lucy Lou
Lucy Lou loves her cat Batman!! Loves when I read to her.
Hi i’m melody, i’m super sassy I love mickey mouse clubhouse and I love watching cocomelon. I love mexican food and dancing. My favorite song is apple bottom jeans. I love cuddles with my mommy and spending time with my grandma, my nana, my titi,my papa, and last but not least my daddy ❤️I love to call my friends on ft but I especially love my calls with my tio he cracks me up.
Layla is such a sweet light hearted little girl. 💗 She loves animals especially dogs, she could cuddle our golden doodle Theo all day! She loves all types of food and is always snacking! She is definitely going to be into makeup and all things beauty since she is always stealing mommy’s purses and fake lashes 😂 everyday is a day full of smiles and laughs with our Layla girl ✨💖
Hi my name is Melody, I’m 13 months old! I love to talk to everyone! I love to be outside and be around family! I love dogs, that’s my favorite animal❤️
Owen enjoys rolling around and sticking everything in his mouth. He loves to be outside with his fur siblings and watch them run around. His giggles are contagious!
Sophia Sue
Shes and bright soul, so smart, kind and beautiful. She blows strangers kisses at the store and talks to every baby or child she sees. She loves anyone who shows her attention and is usually always in a good mood. She loves her doggys and makes sure if she sees one to point them out and say doggy. Cutest thing 😍
grayson is a sweet lovin 18 month old who loves elmo’s world and mickey mouse.
Carter loves to smile and talk. He loves watching his mickey mouse and listening to music.
My baby is a sweet gorgeous girl who smiles with everyone ! She’s a doll and loves to play with everyone she lights up my day when I’m having a bad day 🥰💕
Malachi is 9months old🥲 he loves outside, food, and mommy & daddy!
Hey My Name Is Kinzleigh . I Was Born At 30 Weeks Weighing 3lbs Now I Weigh 11lbs. I Love To Get Milk Wasted, Sleep, Poop, Pee And Most Of All I Love Sleeping On My Mommies Chests. I Am Now Laughing, Smiling,& Cooing. I Like To Jump. I Don’t Like People Touching Me . But Most Of I Love My Big Brother Ashton
Malia is a sweet, sassy, spunky little girl. She loves to be outside or crawling around everywhere.
Samar is very charming, loving and active baby. He has been very cooperative from birth. I feel god blessed me by sending one of his Angel 😇.Every baby is cute any I wish everyone all the best.
He loves to scream and talk to his mommy not to mention try to eat her face when she’s close haha we love to almost tip our bouncer over jumping so hard, such a good and happy baby
Ezio is a momma's boy. He enjoys looking around at his family and friends and giving them a cute smile while grabbing onto their fingers. Napping is his favorite thing to do! ♡
Amora is the sweetest little girl, she loves watching Cocomelon and The Backyardigans, she loves music and listening to mama read her stories. ❤️
Loves to smile, laugh and play with her sister and mommies ❤️
Alicia is a very active 1 year old who is very independent and lights up any room she enters. Alicia loves to spend her day watching Moana while playing with her dog