Baby Stories - 33


Cooper is two months old and already accomplished so much in his little life.. He was born 7weeks early and started off in the hospital for 5weeks.. He is alrwady starting to roll over trying to use his tongue too talk and really taking everything in..
Sadie Elise
Sadie Elise 💕 my first born. such a happy baby and her smile is infectious so I’m spreading the love !!
7 months of happiness. Sebastian loves to yell and crawl all over the place. He is learning to try to stand by himself. overall he is a happy baby!
Can you believe I’m only one month old?!
Zahlee loves being silly, smiling and laying with mommy and daddy, she also loves sleeping lots and holding her ear while she drinks milk. Zahlee was born two days before her dads birthday so she’s a birthday present... the best one I could ask for💜😫
Laraya loves to play with her little sister and dance and sing to her baby sister, and she knows her ABC’S and can count to 10 by herself
She loves Minnie Mouse 🥰
Olivia loves to sleep and be held,Except at night time.Her favorite song is the song that the tree sings sang by her JaMMa sings to her. She calms down right away. She absolutely adores her Mommy. Olivia is a happy girl most of the time. Her Great Aunt Crystal is her favorite photographer,Aunt Whit Whit is her favorite hair stylist, and Uncle Bud is her favorite guitar player.
My grandson prentice is a very happy energetic little boy. Prentice is a christmas baby on his first bday the theme for his party was how prentice stole christmas.
Lylah is 9 months and has the most goofiest personality ever. She is so energetic and is full of love. ❤️
Tyler James Cantrell Jr
I’m 3, I love to get my hands on any and everything. I’m a Cracker Jack, always doing something silly and always smiling. 💙
Braelynn is our first born! Our perfect little baby girl!
Leonel is only 7 months and already has a big personality. He loves to give hugs and kisses!! 😍🥰
Paisley Renee
Paisley is very adventurous she is not afraid of gettin dirty loves working on vehicles and help do firewood with daddy. She definitely my backwoods Barbie in the makin. she sweet sassy and beautiful. Her favorite people are Jesus,mama & daddy!
Lyla Jo Marie
My little NICU baby , shes SO SO sweet . She is beyond strong and so squeaky . She look her momma and loves being wrapped up so tight like she being bear hugged . she decided she wanted to come about six weeks early , she thought she was ready for the world . Shes mommas little warrior and she has a big sissy that cries when she cries , they will be inseperable . Shes beyond beautiful and so tiny . Loves sleep , loves to eat & loves to cuddle . She has so much hair , with big dark eyes 🖤 VOTE FOR MY LITTLE WARRIOR 🖤🙏
Diesel Is A Super Fun & Outgoing Boy Who Doesn’t Let His Bone Mutation Slow Him Down!. He Loves Riding Dirtbikes, Going To The Lake & Driving The Boat!. He Absolutely Loves His Cousins & Can’t Wait To Be A BIG Brother!.
Elias loves to have conversations with momma and daddy. He loves dancing to music and he loves French fries
Vote for our giggly boy! He’s almost two months and already 14 pounds❤️
Baby Girl
She loves to play with her blanket, she is always happy, she loves bath time , she loves cuddles and kisses
Noah was our prayer answered. He was born hours before Thanksgiving. He brings so much love, joy and hope to his daddy and momma. He is a blessing 💙
Deriona is a smart and funny lil girl she loves to eat and play all day literally vote for my baby y’all thanks 🖤 ...
Emma is a super sweet little girl who loves her bunny and baby dolls. She is the youngest of 6. Emma loves to dance and snuggle at night. She loves all her family so much.
Brayleigh is coming up on 3 yrs old. She has very kind and caring diposition. She very passionate about horses and wants to ride. Dancing & singing is her 2nd favorite. Smart and eager to learn. But most of all loveable!
Indie is almost 9 months old and FULL of energy and so much personality! She loves smiling at everyone and making new friends. 🥰
Ahmari loves to eat chicken, he’s a very active and goofy as can be. He also makes sad faces while tilting his head to one side. Love smiling very happy baby
Allie is a very happy 4 month old. She loves her big sisters and is always smiling and laughing when they are around. She loves to play in her jumparoo and even falls asleep in there. Please vote for my baby girl!!!
Hi this handsome guys name is aiden he is 5yrs old
My Lili bug is full of life and SO smart . She can say dog dog , no no no , night night , momma , dada & thank you . She lovvves food and is beyond goofy . She loves to play with her doggo , they do everything even down to eating together lol . She loves being outside , and loves to dance . If music is playing there isnt anything stopping her from busting some moves . She loves to laugh and she is one crazy little girl . She loves the color yellow , loves when mommy reads books to her and LOVES baby shark. VOTE VOTE VOTE FOR MY LITTLE ONE 🖤
my baby girl is now 3 months. she’s a smart, adorable, inquisitive, serious, challenging baby. She’s always smiling she’s a very happy baby the loves bath time.
He is such an active little boy In love with his trucks
PC baby 4 life
Christian Hill
He’s the most happiest baby always has a smile on his face! He’s always laughing. Loves to talk,sit up and crawl!
Selina is the newest addition to our family. She has the brightest little smile that can brighten up the room. She talks away and just melts your hear❤
So curious and fun little guy
Filipemaka short for Lipe loves to play video games. Lipe also loves to create animated pictures, cut them out and give them different parts to play as if they were real life characters. He has such an amazing and fun personality.
Allen is an amazing kid who has the biggest heart. Allen loves to dance. Thats how expresses his individuality and his uniqueness.
Alexis is 9 months. Full of laughter and smiles. She loves smash taters, chicken, and shells in cheese. She enjoys playing with her big brother and daddy.
Those ocean blue eyes steal your heart i mean look at them OMG 💕 she is so amazing and bright
Dawson is a very silly little man. He’s always looking sharp and handsome with a smile that will melt your heart. He’s always been a chunk so he gives the warmest hugs! He loves stuffed animals and warm blankets. He’s a very good helper and loves playing with our puppies!
Taniah loves listening to music with mommy and daddy! She loves to suck her thumb and always loves to smile for the camera❤️
He is always verbal and fully of things to say ALL DAY LONG. He brings alot of laughter to our days.
This is Iyla. She is so loveable, happy, loud baby girl. Vote for Iyla(:
Kimora loves Dancing , Laughing and Love Resse’s Peanut Butter Cups
Adam is a healthy, lively and energetic 2.5 year old. He loves Mickey, paw patrol, playing ball and running. Park time is his favorite, except for right now. With a healthy smile Adam always brightens his families day.
Noah is always ready to play with his older brother! Always laughing and smiling, he makes our family so bright! ❤️
Karter is 2 yrs old and loves to play outside and help daddy work on his trucks! He also loves to eat food and play in the dirt! Full of a hilarious and loving personality!
Mihylee is a sweet little girl loves to smile! She never meets a stranger!! She is very energetic and loves her kitten and puppy !