Jamaya is 1 years old Full of life and joy and happiness the sweetest baby in the whole wild world she loves to Eat she loves music very smart and intelligent for her age she’s friendly loves to laugh always smiling beautiful inside and out she’s an Aries ♈️ She loves her big brother the most🥰
Bentley is a 6 year old younger twin. He loves playing with his sisters as well as playing video games. Bentley loves wrestling and t-ball. He is so sweet and caring! Fun facts: He has 2 different colored eyes (1 blue & 1 green) & his twin sister & him have different birthdays!
Denise is 9 months old. She is a wonderful, loving, and cheerful baby. She always smiling and laughing. Putting smiles on others faces. She loves her milk, cuddling, playing, trying to talk, and smiling. Please vote for this wonderful little angel. Ahe is rolling over and trying to sit up now and she loves eating baby food!!!
Kanan is my first baby. He’s a big boy at 9lbs 3 ozs at birth and 11 pounds 5 ozs only a month later!! He loves cuddling with mommy, dancing with daddy and is such a happy boy. He’s the light of our lives.
Diomar is the little brother of 2 wonderful big sisters! He’s a very smart happy and healthy baby! His presence makes everyone very happy and he’s very much loved and he loves just as much😍
Melodie is the happiest little girl that you’d ever meet! She loves to strike up conversations and laugh with her older brother! She also loves her puppy’s kisses🥰 she is our miracle baby and we love her oh so much!
Benji is the most rambunctious 2 1/2 year old! He loves to run around, play with his baby sister and loves his letters, numbers and shapes! He is a Mama’s boy through and through but loves his Daddy snuggles! His smile brightens anyones day!
Malanii is loud, very energized girl , She has all the toys in the world and chooses to play with pots and pans instead Laughs at almost everything she is only 7 months and she says hi to everyone already with a huge smile showing her pink little gums
Aubrey’s a one year old, chunky sweetheart! She loves baby shark, she knows her ABCs, #1-7, she’s in the process of potty training herself, a big girl all around! She’s well-mannered (hey, thank you, you’re welcome). To know her is to love her! Vote for my baby 💞
Londyn is my sunshine ☀️ she like to dance 💃 at 9 months old she like to eat and is a bundle of joy 🤩
She’s a very outgoing and happy girl. She loves attention and not afraid or shy with anyone. She also Energetic and love to laugh when she see others laughing.
Hi, my name is Kolten grey a.k.a. lil man, booger, tigger, and nemo. I am 6 months old and I love to jump and roll. My smiles light up the room and my giggles feel empty spaces.
Baby X loves to eat and giggle and play with he’s older sibilings. He loves he’s daddy and loves he’s dino blanket. Such a happy baby with a lot of hair and big o eyes 😍🥹
Forrest is a daddies boy loves to swim and be out in the garage working with daddy
I’m a crazy little girl with a head full of hair and body full of personality.
Kaylee is an energetic, loving Baby girl. She’s sweet, smart and even sassy.
Paris is an energetic 5 year old who loves animals, taking pictures, and going on adventures! She also loves to paint her finger nails and style her hair! Vote for Paris Jayde she’s got the kindest heart of a 5 year old! “ Mama I love everyone who is nice to me.” -Paris ❤️
I am a rambunctious little girl who loves to play outside, dinosaurs, coloring and my family.
Amelia- alive proof, that you can be extremely cute if you treat exercise mat,as a NAP mat-beauty sleep working at its finest ✅
Luke is my first grandbaby! He is a joy to have in this world from the first day I found out he was on his way! He has overcame the odds that have been put in his way so far, and keeps proving the world wrong with his growth! He loves being talked to just as much as he loves his pacifier. Luke enjoys car rides, being in mommas arms, and all the kisses he can get! He truly is his Gamma's miracle boy!
Jaxon is a year old. He likes to get out and go riding in his car and play music. He also loves water and likes to swim in his pool and when it comes to bath time he tries to dive in the tub. Vote for Jaxon because he is the cutest blonde hair blue eyed little boy ever! ❤️
Quiet, loves to look at anyone phone. And has the most cute laugh. Every where we go people stop to say how pretty she is and how she looks like doll baby. Everyone should vote for my baby girl because she is just a blessing and so sweet and beautiful. She loves to splash water 💦 when bathing. Making weird sounds and blowing her 😘 makes her smile and laugh 😍
Harper is a blue eyed, bald headed, smiley little girl who LOVES Winnie the Pooh & banana’s🐻🍯🍌
She is a twin. She is already sleeping all night and is very active during the day. She is spoiled. Will not let us put her down
Leithan is a very spontaneous and adventurous little boy who loves to giggle and get into trouble. He loves playing with all 3 of his sisters and trying to keep up with the big kids.
My sweet little Hen is the happiest girl you’ll ever see💗she loves playing outside & anything elmo!
Ny’mir is truly a ball of sunshine ☀️ he likes to give random kisses and hugs. He loves to play with basketballs 🏀 or footballs 🏈 & he loves to cuddle 🤗
This girl has had sass since the day she was born. She always has some kind of facial expression! She loves her unicorn toy that makes music and loves to go on car rides. She’s mainly a happy baby except when it comes to her bottle…she does not mess around!
My name is A’van Amari’ Atkinson I love to be held I just started smiling I have a big sister that loves me so much I am spoiled by mommmy daddy and alll members of my family
Deklyn is a happy boy that loves to smile, kick and enjoys watching Boss Baby ❤️
Happy go lucky baby, always has a grumpy or Happy face
She goofy she like to bite play and she also loves dogs
My sweet girl Kaitleen. Kaitleen is very happy , always smiling and making silly noises. Her favorite thing to do right now is poke everything with her little index finger and yelling dada all day. Very playful and curious. ❤️
She loves her mommy and taking pictures ❤️
My son Zion Bragg loves to smile, even in his sleep. He makes funny noises, he enjoys being in water. His love for water might be as a result of him being a Pisces. It is interesting to know that my son is a quiet type, only cries when he needs something. Don’t hesitate to vote for him, because he is the kind of baby that you will wish to have.
Koda loves music of all kinds. He loves watching fish in the fish tank at his grandparents house. His favorite show is octonats.
Hi I’m ZaCarri I’m a Pisces 2021 I love to laugh smile play cuddle and watch movies.. my favorite activities thru out the day requires watching yo disney movies MOANA AND ENCANTO are my favorite rn and reading books with mommy… I love to play with my toys and I love to go outside and play at the park…I also love to get dressed and take pictures🥰🥰🥰please vote for me ❣️
Josie ClaraBelle is my rainbow baby and she is an absolute blessing. Her favorite things are tummy time, Sesame Street, and mommy. Vote for my babygirl please! 🙏🏼💕
Austynn is the world’s sweetest 6 year old! Full of energy, with the biggest smile.. Austynn lights up any room she enters. She loves learning about and playing with animals. She loves to plant and build all sorts of things with legos. Austynn wants to be a ninja when she grows up.
Eugene is an overall goofball he loves to play with any toys that make noise and loves to laugh and smile.
Stevie-J is our bit of sunshine on this rollercoaster of life. He’s funny and cheeky and loves buster moon and has a baby crush on Nina and Ash 🥰
Brooke is my miracle baby who love to cuddle and watch Tom and Jerry. She is 2 months old