Baby Stories - 31


Bella is a very independent girl, she doesn’t like being told no! She loves to help. She loves being in the garage with dada!!
Kinsley is the baby in the family with 3 older brothers and 1 older sister, and boy does she show she is the baby. She is our sassy, smart, lovable little girl with the absolute funniest personality. She LOVES her older siblings, hocus pocus, dancing to ANY music including head banging music with daddy, lawn mower rides, tractor rides and pretty much anything to do with a loud motor!! She will for sure be our little motor head in the future!! She has everyone wrapped around her little finger especially her daddy!!!
Alora loves her Bubba and likes to watch tv. She has beautiful blue eyes and a wonderful smile!!
Brantley is the first born for us! He loves to smile and let out little giggles. Hes already so loved by us and his grandparents and great grandparents! Hes already spoiled by everyone too!
Carson is the most happy and bubbly and sweet baby. He loves adventuring and exploring new places and is a super adorable and happy go lucky little boy 💙
He love his baby toys and bottle ❤️🍼
The newest addition loves cuddles and sleeping in gramdma's bed
Our beautiful mermaid loves princesses and playing dress up
Full an energy, lives cars, baby shark and being a big brother to Anzlee (AJ)
Super handsome and awesome big brother. Loves fortnite and hanging out with grandma.
Liliana loves to eat, she’s happy all the time and she loves her mommy more then anything💖🌹🥰
She is a determined, happy girl. She loves her brother, music, mom, and dad and her animals. She should be voted for because she will use her determination to move mountains and encourage others one day.
Elliott is 4 months old and is super happy all the time, he loves his mommy and his big bubby, and being outside, and he absolutely loves to eat.
Rudarian is 6 months old. He was born 11 lbs 8oz. He is a very jolly and happy baby, he is always smiling. His favorite tv show is blues clues. He loves to scream and his favorite thing to do is eat🤣.
This is our rainbow baby Aydan. He is such a happy boy who loves his mama daddy and sisters.
Ryker is 3 years old, and he is the most fun, loving, caring and plain out funniest kid you’ll ever meet. He loves to play with his little bubby & his puppy, and watch cartoons and will talk tour head off.
This is Kyrian. He is almost a month old. He loves his milk and loves to snuggle up with his mama. This little boy has stolen my heart in such little time.
Asher is a month old as of yesterday, has been staying in the nicu for the whole month due to being born early, but has improved tremendously and hopefully comes home on monday 😀
Miles is a very happy smiley baby. He was 7lbs 14oz and 21in. long. Hes my second and last baby ❤. Hes loves anyone that gives him attention hes so caring and loves to share and hes such a big mommas boy🥰. He loves cocomelon and bubble guppies and pretty much everything and everyone. Please vote for my son miles cause remember you cant spell SMILES without MILES🥰❤❤❤
Born at 1 pound 3 ounces, Michael spent a long time in the NICU, and he’s gone through so much! He loves bouncing in his walker and being silly with his Grampy!
Hes a sweetheart baby boy always our miracle Rainbow baby..
He loves his momma and watching colors and shapes ❤
Judson rules the house with his little giggles and smiles. Hes rolling over, loves tummy time as well as sitting in his chair and being able to see all around him. 💙
Averi is a spitfire little girl who loves everything life has to offer! Shes sassy and has no fear. She adores her brothers and loves her family 💗
Persephone, a.k.a. Lil P or Percy is such a blessing,her smile and laugh are so contagious it will melt your heart!
Harmony is a amazing little girl she is blossoming into a wonderful child she is learning so well and she is loving once she gets to know you
She loves listening to music. She enjoys spending time with her family. She’s so funny with watching football. She’ll give anything an earful.
Hunter is a adventurous baby boy he is very in tune with himself and loves everyone he is a wonderful baby boy and everyone loves him that meets him
He is such a very smart, incredibly adorable boy. He started walking at barely 10 months and already started talking. He will honestly be the laugh of your day he loves to dance. His is el Pasito perron. He loves his cheetos and loves water more then his milk bottle.
Garret enjoys dressing up muddying 4wheelers trucks hunting fishing
Dante is the most CHILL and CONTENT baby i could've ever asked for! He hardly cries and as you can see is always smiling and he's not even a month old! (i know they smile when they have gas lol) but i swear i already know he's gonna be such a sweetheart 💙💙 he loves mommas kisses and all of dads cuddles!!
Remington, my perfect rainbow baby boy, is 2 months old. He loves being talked to and will give you so many smiles if you do. He is our world.❤
Oliver loves bath time and keeping momma awake 😅
Princess Elsa vada loves princesses
Emily is 15 months..happy all the time! Always laughing and loves laughing at her brothers!
Hi I'm Freya I'm a very happy 4 mont old baby. I like to be in my bouncer and watch Pocoyo.
This is Harper she is 2 months old. She loves to smile, eat and sleep.
Deacon is our little fighter, he had a rough start but has came through every hurdle like a champ. Hes always smiling and loves him older brothers & sister. His fav song is fancy like and immediately starts cooing when he hears it
Loves to sleep on a human pillow, already wears clothing suitable for 6-9 months babyes, enjoys tickles❤
Braunson is a handsome growing boy, he loves to be close/cuddled...He is learning new things everyday.... he is all around a sweet boy ,and early on he has developed into a comedian, the best part is i dont think he even realizes it yet.
Earl Campbell
Earl is almost 4 he loves to be outside and loves his mom daddy and aunt Tammy .. if u no Earl u would be like dang he's smarter than his age .
Sweet loveable baby girl who just lights up the room with her fun and unique personality
Arianna loves riding horses, taking care of her baby sister, loves going outside & loves seeing family💕
Oakleigh may be young but she is mighty. Her sparkling personality shines bright.
Rowan loves his mammy & daddy & his big brother (fur baby) Toby 🐶🥰
Weston is 11 weeks old. He was born July 26,2021. He is a talkative loving momma's boy.