Baby Stories - 31


Hardin loves to play and talk, he is always smiling and laughing
Easten is a spunky little man. He loves riding his monster truck, playing at the park, watching cartoons, giving hugs, swimming, singing, and dancing!
Zaily is amazing & funny she love too smile and eat ❤️
Xander is such a great happy baby, always smiling, except for when it's bottle and bed time, do not mess with him, a boy loves his sleep. He tries to sit up on his own, and supports his own head well. Whenever you put Mickey Mouse clubhouse, he sits there calmly cooing at the tv, trying to talk to mickey and donald. Enjoys sucking on his right index and middle fingers together.
Sergio is 5 months old. Loves bath time, lights, the show Larry vocabularry, story time and is smiles all around, all day everyday.
She loves people, she is very social and loves to smile.
Naomi is a beautiful bright little girl. With plenty of sass. She's my whole world definitely changed my life for the better. ❤️
She is very smart and quiet baby..she likes to play with everybody and she loves everybody..she says hello to everybody 🤗🥰
I’m sassy & I love to sing 🎶.
Wyatt is a smiley, happy loved baby boy!
Rachel is a sweet, caring, respectful, and happy little girl. She LOVES helping out in the kitchen! She loves taking pictures, she thinks she's a model 😅😍🥰
She is a smart,sweet and sassy little girl she is such a blessing to our family.
Benjamin loves to laugh and cuddle! His smile makes everything better. Vote for Baby Ben to show some love to this sweet boy!
Lucas is a happy baby and he likes watching baby bus and Blippi
Malachi And Amari
We are Twins we were born on Easter we love playing with our baby sister and each other
Erick is a super loving baby. He loves to laugh and play. Most of all he loves the camera.
Hey my son name is E'moni he is a great baby he loves to laugh he brightens my day every day all he do is laugh i love my happy baby
Aria is a sassy little thing with wild hair and the cheesiest smile to match. She is fully aware of the power she has over people and uses it to her advantage frequently. She is too smart for her own good and her mommy and daddy know they are truly in for a ride.
Kiana is such a sweet little girl who is always laughing and always has a big bright smile on her little face♥️
Xavian is 3 months old. He’s mommy’s first and he’s a sweetheart, he just discovered laughing and won’t stop! He lovesss to eat and kick and play on his mat !
Aspen is so sweet, he's always laughing and constantly has a smile on his face. My heart outside of my body. 2020 was a rough year but one thing amazing came out of it. 💙
Geovanii is still figuring out his personality! So far he likes to smile, he’s super silly with the faces he makes, and brightens everyone’s mood! He’s incredibly sweet and always knows how to melt a heart
Jason is a very happy kid who loves Spiderman and dinosaurs😍 Please give him your vote ❤
Nolan is such a charm he is only 11 months with a smile that can light up a room and melt a moms ❤️
Noah was is always smiling, he loves to talk and to give love. His laugh is the sweetest sound, and his smile lights up a room. He was born 1 month and 1 week early, he had issues with eating at first but not now! He’s meeting and exceeding milestones and is the toughest little baby we all know.
I love taking pictures & saying cheese ☺
Hailey like to sing all Dave ang Eva songs 🥰
Justin Bieber and Oreos
She loves her feet, she loves her stuffed animals most, she recently started sucking her thumb which is so cute to see in person.
Dylan Ernest
Dylan Ernest is very good boy, he love it make poo when mum is changing to him, the hobbie of Dylan Ernest is sleep but didn’t for the night. He like him dummy but sometimes he prefer the tit of mum.
Miiyah Is A Rainbow Baby && Was Born In June ❤ She Loves To Play With Her Sister && Cousins Shes A Very Happy Baby . She Loves Stuffed Animals && All Kinds Of Toys .
Liam is learning really quick how to count to 10. He talks so much now! He loves learning sign language!
She loves to bake play outside! She loves learning new things in school! She loves being with her little brother!!
Amelia is my first child, she’s the light of my life 🦋💛 she will brighten any room up with her personality, she is soo loving and caring! she is by far the best babygirl she amazes me always 💛
Carter is 3months old, he is very expressive and such a happy baby.☺️ He just started laughing and it’s the cutest thing ever!🥰 I can’t wait to see how his character blossoms as he grows.❤️❤️
Curtis is 2years old, very talkative and friendly. He loves food and his little brother.❤️ He is learning his numbers and letters and is doing an amazing job!😊 He also agrees that he is very handsome.🥰
Auden is a goofy, loveable little dude! He loves spending time with mommy and daddy, watching cartoons, playing with his doggies and toys!
Phoenix is my first son he is my little punkin 💙 He love his swing and his mobile. He has a smile that could melt anyone's heart ❤️Phoenix birds are born from the ashes and I lost my brother when he was 28 my mom had him at 28 and I had my son at 28💙 my mom also passed away a year before I got pregnant! I love my baby boy sooo much!!! Single mom life it's hard but so worth it in the end!!!
Hi , my name is Kealia-Mae . I love to eat , crawl & blow bubbles . My favorite person is my big brother ❤️ Thank you for your shares & votes 🥰
She's a very smart girl and growing up so fast she loves her other siblings and she loves to pick on her big brother and has lots of love for her family and she our lil princess.
Aubriella is a very happy and curious baby. She loves rattles and toys. Most of all she loves spending time with her mommy and daddy.
hello Im Rojs .. I am 7 years old .. I like dancing but my dream is to begin as a model .. thank for vote me
Alycia is 3 months on the 23rd. she loves to smile so big her dimples show, bath time, & listening to music.
Audrey is my sweet and sassy girl. You never know what face she’s gonna make but whatever it may be it’s sure to melt your heart.
Ivy loves dinosaurs, cars and music. She is a Grammys girl that is full of laughs and smiles.
A beautiful bubbly spirit with a big smile, loves to roll and scoot, very playful always laughing, talking, and singing ☺️
Hey My name is Kaiden I am 5 months! I am very playful and love to see new things. My favorite tv show is Mickey Mouse.