Baby Stories - 30


Milo is a happy 8 month old nicu warrior 💪🏽🤍He is a calm and loving baby who loves attention and smooches! His nicknames are boopity boop, lo, papi and honey bunny :) Pls vote for him 🤍
Please vote for my Jasper! You can clearly see that this little cutie rocks selfies! 😍
Oli is the happiest boy, he loves to flirt with blondes but smile at everyone!
Our beautiful little Leo
My dream come true!!! 💖🥰
Cute with the funniest character…sent to me from above 🥰
Hi my name is Freya, I'm a very happy baby most of the time! I get hangry when i want my food! I love going for walks and going for drives in the car. I live with 2 dogs, 6 cats and 4 chickens 😁
Nevaan is such an amazing boy. He is such a happy baby abd has briught us so much happiness.
Rykor is 3 years old and loves monster trucks and spiderman. This year he chose to be a fire fighter for Halloween. He wants to help put out the fires we have around our state!
Baby graisyn is still in the nicu. He has a severe kidney issue and is trying to get better everyday. Some days he is very happy. He is going to be baby yoda for Halloween!
Sawyer Lamb
Sawyer is an outgoing rambunctious little boy that loves anything motorcycles, dinosaurs, or paw patrol. He also just took on the role of being a big brother and he’s such a great one!!!💙
Hi I’m Elijah I’m 12 months old and I’m a cheeky monkey because I love my food! My mummy calls me Wiggle monster because I don’t stop wiggling even when asleep! Even when I was inside mummy I would wriggle and not let the sonographer check me!
She’s always so happy! She LOVES the boob and LOVES watching movies with mommy and daddy💞
Allis Lee
Allis Lee just turned 3 months, and is such a happy baby! Shes rolling from her tummy to her back. She's such a mommy's girl, and a boobie monster. Allis Lee loves when her daddy sings to her. She loves sticking out her tongue and bath time! Your vote for our beautiful blue eyed baby girl is much appreciated
Kaia is a Sassy, Smart, Sweetheart. She is such a loving babygirl she loves cuddles, smiling and talking to me & her daddy.
Baby Bentley is just the cutest little thing with a heart beat. If you would meet him you’d fall in love!
Fun Smart , Likes to explore learn and have fun
John-Crew is our biggest blessing, he is the most perfect thing we’ve known!
Tariyah is 20 months years old and she love to play with her toys she love watching cocomelon more then anything she loves her family an one thing that she love the most is being with her big sus an playing games an so listening to music and dancing with her she a loveing child and wen she get around people she a loveing person
Hi I’m smiling Silas. I’m as happy as I can be for only a month old! As much as I enjoy watching Johnny Test and playing with daddy, mommies milk puts me in the right mood EVERY time!
Evelynn loves her daddy, but not as much as she loves paw patrol 😂😂🥺
Hi im a’myah & im 1 yrs old my interest are cocomelon, playing with my bestfriends and i LOVE to be outdoors jumping around! You should vote for me because im very smart, loving & kind, make everyone around me happy in an instant & have one heck of a personality.
Axyl is always smiling and loves to roll!! His favorite treat is a rice rusk, and he really loves apples and mangos purée!
Smiley Riley very happy always doing new things very on move child
She loves smiling and being cute
Total daddy girl, loves to smile and be sassy!
She loves watching space documentarys with mommy and snugglibg her pup pups
His smile & laugh can melt your heart. Jovanni loves his doggy named " Fatty"; well loves to chase him.😂 He loves Spiderman, dinosaurs, cartoons, loud music, dancing, outside in his car cruising;(four wheeler) going to church & praising, singing & going to the beach/ park. Jovanni doesn't even know it yet but he is a lifesaver to many in our family. Really loves his Gmaw who is with him 24/7!!
Sophie is 5 months old! She loves music, tv, and her mama! She loves to lay and look around. She says “dada” and “Alex”. She loves being upright and loves to play and laugh!
Our little Daedae is seriously so funny, this little boy can TALK! He doesn’t even need you to respond he just talks and talks. He loves Spider-Man, the Night Before Christmas, and truthfully anything scary.
Our little Zay is such a happy baby he’s always smiling and is already holding his head up so good.
Spencer is a outgoing baby who loves naps and his giraffe Earl ♥️
Ryker Schmelzle
Ryker is a sweet loving boy that has changed so many lives sorry little man I gave u a dad that doesn’t appreciate you but mommy and ur step daddy will always be by your side
Jasper is a sweet and loving boy, full of smiles. He adores his older sister and follows her everywhere. He loves being outside in the swing, playing with the dogs and splashing in the pool.....
Kieran Meyers
Kieran has made his appearance to be in heaven august 21st 2021 he was in the nicu since he was born on January 11th, 2021 he was only 7 1/2 months old he was the best nephew that put up a long fight in his life rest easy bubbas until we meet again
Brynlee Licklider
She is such a loving baby she loves to talk to me and her daddy and she loves watching her big brother
Zayden loves to laugh and play. He has such a vibrant personality already. He loves playing with other babies and will gladly share his toys with them, along with his snacks.
He loves watching coco melon he also likes to dance 🕺🏽 Elijah haves a smile that will melt your heart
Koa is a happy outgoing baby
I love to eat and smile and sometimes if I really like you I will giggle !! I’m too sweet and already sassy thanks to my big sisters !
Everett loves to watch all sports, Saturday college football GO BLUE and BOOMER SOONER. Sunday all football.
Im 7 months old. Im adventurous, I Have an infectious smile. I love to cuddle with my mommy and eat lots of food. And I love my big brother and my kitty 😺
Zaria is so curious about the world around her. She loves to be outside and play with her puppy, Stella. Zaria is always trying to be on the move, and is always smiling, talking, and laughing with mommy.
Delaney is the sweetest girl who loves her dogs and food!
Asher was born with bilateral deafness in both ears. He is learning sign language he is the happiest baby ever. He likes to listen to music and loves his mommy and to smile :)
Hi everyone I'm Gannon