I am BEYOND smart for my age. Constantly everyday I enjoy learning new things & playing with my family . I have the most beautiful smile and laugh that could spark anyones day. I am just enjoying this life ☺️✨
Ava is the sweetest smartest kid I know. She loves babies and her dada and park trips. She can make animal sounds and loves clapping for your every accomplishment!
Connor is a caring loveable 3 year old that really like to be around his family and also loves to go to school he is also very smart for his age too
My name is Kaiden I just turned a year old, I love playing with cars, I love playing outdoors, and I love going target with mommy🙄😂 I also love watching Mickey Mouse and spidey man
Brandon is full of smiles, dimples and pure energy! He loves eating more than anything, he’s quite the little porkchop!
Jaxon loves dirt track racing, Monster trucks, and going to the lake to watch the waves
Audrey loves squishmallows and chocolate milk. She loves to blow bubbles and go to the park ! She’s the sweetest and sassiest girl you’ll ever meet!
Beautifully mixed with Vietnamese, black and Puerto Rican. Happiest baby ever. Loves to eat, dance, walking around and chasing his sisters and watching his cocomelon!
This little lady has a cheeky smile, especially when she’s just woken up and sees you there. She loves it when you talk to her because she likes talking back.
My name is Xavier! I love the water and outdoors😊 My favorite food is veggies and fruits😊
Hello, my name is Justice im 16months old I love my sisters and brothers im my mommys 5th baby and a miracle one at that I was conceived on the Depo I also was suppose to have a twin but my mommy lost him im learning new words everyday I love watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse I also like my bluey stuffed animal 😘 I like getting into everything im a curious little man ❤
I’m Theo Moon🌙 I love to smile and make people happy! I love when my momma reads to me and feed me carrots! I love to rawr like a monster and laugh at my grandma, mommy says i’m the cutest and she wanted to show everyone how special I truly am!
Tinsley is a newborn baby jelly bean born day after Easter she loves cuddles with mommy&daddy big sissy! She loves looking at bright colors! Enjoys sunshine ❤ smiles at times already but maybe thats just gas hehe...
Haley loves listening to music and watching tv with everyone and looking around to see what’s going on. Haley has a great personality already
Liam is a very happy, and full of energy little boy. He is always smiling and loves to play. He is very loved by his parent and all of his siblings. His smile and positive energy bring joy to everyone around him.
Joshua, he was born 8/7/2021. He loves the camera. He is very active and loves his family. He is a overall happy baby and could use your votes to help prove his mommy is right. He loves to smile and always on the go.
She’s super energetic, she loves laughing and loves being called pretty girl, and loves Elmo, she was born a few months before her time, she has a stomach condition, but she gets stronger everyday, Thank God because without him she wouldn’t be here to brighten our world with her bright smile, and beautiful big eyes💗💕
Hello my name is Infinity! I just turned 4 years old and I’m the smartest sassiest girl you’ll meet☺️
Sa'Mora is fun baby with plenty of energy & she says Heyyy!!!
Hello my name is Oakley! I’m almost 1 year old and I’m 34 lbs, I’m a big boy!!🥰 I enjoy trying new foods, and playing outside with my big sister. I’m learning how to crawl and talk, I love exploring places I shouldn’t but I’m definitely Mr.steal your girl! 😎
Z.J. loves his toes and fingers. He loves to laugh and watch T.V. He has recently learned how to splutter and blow bubbles. Z.J. is starting sit up really well and says I Good. He has.been saying Hungy for quiet awhile. Z.J. has started holding his bottle. He is Gram's little man.
Jenevieve is a beautiful little girl! She’s the happiest baby around. She’s always all smiles and loves to wave at people.
Dream is such a happy little girl she’s always smiling , her favorite snack is bananas, her hobbies include watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse , zooming around the house in her walker and cuddling mommy 🙂
Elliana is a joy to be around. She loves to wave Hi and show off all of her “cool moves” as I call them. She can say Hi, Bye, I love you, Mama, and Dada (ALL the time). She loves to be outside!!
Amelia “Millie” is a sassy, goofy, sweet 2 year old. She is filled with so much personality it’s insane. She is truly just a mini adult. You can’t help but smile when she walks in a room. Millie has the biggest heart…when she sees somebody sad or crying, she immediately runs up to them and gives them the biggest hug. She is the light in all darkness. Millie loves Toy Story, being outside, playing with her cousins, and cuddling mommy & daddy.
Doing advances for 2023!! TRUSTED voters and teams ONLY! This is Levi, our very brave smart and cheeky 6 year old. He loves his little sisters and Mum ❤️❤️💕 He loves his games and loves going on big adventures 🥰 Levi has CAS, which can make communication difficult but since starting school is thriving so so much and is getting better each and everyday! Please show us your support, it means the world to our special boy Levi 🙌 If you pass our page, please please leave a like :)
My “happy baby” boy, or so he is called by everyone he meets has a giggle that will cure disease, a smile that will stop ships, and a heart as big as this universe. We get so many amazing compliments, I’m in awe of this boy. In his 19 months he is already beaming with joy, quite the little smarty pants, and smiles from ear to ear. He loooooves dancing and music and he is a burst of life to be around. He loves beets and clementine, string cheese, and all sorts of crackers. He deserves a WIN for sure!
Poseidon is a very unique kid his outgoing love paw patrol very active and lovable just giving him an opportunity to try something different
👌🏾👌🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾Team Loyalty 🤞🏾🤞🏾👌🏾👌🏾Please return all advance May 3🧸🧸🧸🧸💕💕💕💕 🏀🏀🏀Za'Koria is a loving sweet 🧁 child she is very talented she plays basketball 🏀 she does gymnastics 🤸🏾‍♀️she loves playing video games,🎮 reading 📙and drawing 📝she love helping out with small kids she is just a bundle of joy she is the only girl out of 3 kids oh and she love taking pictures.📸
McKenzie is a very smart funny outgoing young lady. She loves to be outdoors with her friends and family and fantastic at karate. She will have you laughing on the floor with her crazy jokes!
Karter Ray
Karter Ray is 3 months old and happy, loud, and feisty. He was born on New Year’s Day and is forever my little miracle. He brings light and laughter everywhere he goes. He loves rice cereal, cuddles with mommy and daddy, and his binky! He also is a big supporter of #justiceforjohnnydepp 😂
Grayson loves to be outdoors with mom and dad. He loves bath time and we can't wait for him to swim in Nana's pool this summer. He loves dogs.
My little smiler 😍
Athena is the most happy girl, always wearing a smile! She loves to do mini photo shoots💕
The most goofiest baby ever!!
Malakai, is 1 years old, he is energetic, happy, learning to talk, He loves watching Cocomelon😳😂 He loves to go outside and play!🥰 how can you not vote for this beautiful baby boy❤️
Vote for our big boy , always smiling and laughing. Loves his trucks and his momma and daddy. Ready to be WILD all the time 😁
Destiny is a beautiful 3 year old baby girl she loves to be around people she loves to play and be outside, she always on the go she's a very good eater and she's just such a very lovable
Christina is very bright, loves to be with family and shes always bubbly and smiling
Kaiden is a very energetic 3 month old full of laughs and giggles!! He loves to be sat up and to be attentive to EVERYTHING!!
Cas’mir has an amazing personality! Always laughing, keeps everyone around him laughing just a bundle of joy since birth! A very smart child beyond his age.
Valencia Aubree
Valencia is a mix of everything nice with a little spice🥰 She enjoys being in the water, trying different puréed foods, hearing herself scream 😂 and watching the world from her mother’s hip! She’s a fashionista from head to toe🎀 and full of personality. A Little Princesa👸🏽
Playing all day and watching cocomelon
Raymond is a very happy boy he loves people talking to him 🥰