Colten is 6 months old, he was bor 5 weeks early and had to stay in the nicu for a month. We are so blessed to have this handsome little guy :) he looooves stuffed animals and watching shrek lol please vote for him ❤ such a happy little guy
Waylon; loves food, his dog Winston, playing outside and being a little stinker with the cutest smile in the world. He is the happiest toddler you will ever meet and is always on the move! This is our first time doing this! Who doesn’t love that smile?🥺 HELP WAYLON OUT ON SOME VOTES!
Abbey likes naps and mashed potatoes. She is the youngest of 3 and considers herself superior to her siblings.
Gracie smiles are contagious they just brighten up your day. She loves rolling around these days and giving kisses.
Amina Psalm is a bundle of radiant smiles and cuddles! Miss Amina loves her family and her milk. She also loves talking already, her sweet high pitched voice will melt your heart. This princess holds so much beautiful personality in such a small package!
Joel Jr
Joel jr will be 2 y.o August of this year He is very outgoing and has such a huge personality and so silly 🙃 he loves being outdoors and loves his trucks,motorcycles,walks with Mommy,and Daddy’s four wheeler,his favorite cartoons are Paw Patrol,Bluey,Baby Shark,Blaze
Cheekiest chappy who never stops smiling! Loves his milk and is the best little brother to his dachshund doggie 🐶
Eby loves many things, but she smiles the biggest when she sees animals. We have two cats and a dog at home that Eby is fascinated with. Eby crawls after Lola (doggo) and “sings” to her daily. Eby’s favorite time of day is 5:30 at night when her “pa” comes home from work and she gets big bear hugs.
Korban Quincy
fetching. fair. attractive. knockout. lovely. seemly. taking. well-favored. He like the most attention..happy little patutey😍😇 It really is hard to belive Korban Quincy Avant is 🎱 months old. Just wow. It has been an exciting month. This journey.. watching him grow and learn.. is a real joy. ❤️ ● This boy took his first steps, assisted by a walker, and he is climbing everything. Of course we have to watch him very closely now as the rate of bumps and falls has increased too. 😬🤕 ● He is also exploring language, making new sounds like clicking his tongue. I clearly heard "ma" one evening too. The closest sound to actual language I've heard yet.🤓🙊 ● And he loves eating anything from ribs to pickles, this boy will taste and chew on anything we give him. 🤤🤤 ● One of favorites, he now self soothes and puts himself to sleep when he's tired. He does not require us rocking him to sleep anymore. 🥱😴 ● Last, we are past the random temper tantrums 😖😫
Bryson is a huge mamas boy. He likes his milk, swing, his play matt and being held a lot. He is a very sweet baby. His smile will melt your heart for sure. I think You should vote for Bryson because he is one special baby!
Izzy is the best izzy
Messyah is a Very happy. He loves to play laugh and ride around on his car
She is a really smiley baby 😍 and she loves to eat ♥️
Layla is my little bundle of sunshine. She is a super happy and talkative baby who loves her doggies and football! She loves saying dada now and absolutely adores when dogs come up to see her. She lights up everybody’s world she’s around!
MaSaya loves her family very much. She is a very smart for her age. She enjoys playing with her siblings and she loves the out doors she also likes to dance
She's a beautiful and loving lil girl , she likes to crawl and talk we need as many votes as we can get for my babygirl 💜💜
He's a sweet and loving lil boy ,he loves bubbles and dinosaurs . We need all the votes we can get for my baby boy
Willow is 5 months old and loves to smile, laugh and eat ! 💓😂
Oaklie loves car rides, loves meeting new people and getting there attention! She also loves to smile!
Amara IS the boss, shes so intelligent and eager to accomplish everything around her. For such a tiny human she's the most ambitious person I know.
She likes to watch Ms. Rachel, she likes to play peek a boo . She answers to Lainey Bug, Pickle Juice. Very smart & sweet
My name is Grayson, I am almost 3 and I love baseball and dinosaurs! I have a puppy named Nova and I also am a little brother!
Kenza is a very active, funny and smart She loves to play with her sister
Robbie is just starting to talk and he loves exploring the world around himself, he loves his doggies and his is very loving and sweet to his brand new baby sister!
Ziva came earth side a month early and has been the light of her parents and grandparents 🌎 world! She a super calm super sweet loving chill baby girl 💗
Loves to be outside, loves his dogs and is a mommas boy.
My third and last baby, Everett is the sweetest little guy with the biggest smile always ready to play and snuggle
Delaney is a a very sweet loving child. Loves to play with her sister and be all over her momma♥️
Daleyza is a sweet active child. She loves to play with her sister and watch her favorite show, True♥️
This is freddie, he is an adorable cheeky chappy, always smiling and loves his cuddles. Hes growing far to quickly but were loving every minute.
Oliver is a year and 3 months old, he loves to play with his toys and watch his favorite show, cocomelon🤣💙 he loves his mama and daddy very much and also his dog Diamond, they're best buds. He's the cutest baby ever, isn't he? Give us a vote please! 🥰
Jordan is a funny happy 2year old. He likes Pets 2, Spongebob, Spider-Man & Balloons.
I love to snack, smile and talk.
My Name Is Kamii But Mama Calls Me Pookie! Every Morning I Give Mama A Big Simile Following Along With ALittle Sass/Attitude Until I Get My Belly Full 😂. I Love To Laugh , Im Very Talkative 🙃 I Enjoy Watching Mickey Mouse & Bluey , I Am 4 Months Old Weighing in At 15lbs & 5oz Living Life To The Fullest 💗. Her Favorite Thing 😅 Her Bottle ! She’s A Mama’s Baby For Sure ! Happiest/Sweetest Baby You’ll Ever See .
Grayson loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He also loves smiling, playing with his feet, babbling and cuddling with Mom & Dad. He is our ray of sunshine and our everything!
Gabriel is 14 months old He loved to run around and play with all his baby friends, he lives to eat, and he loves bath bath time
Daniel is a very happy baby that loves to play and laugh at just about everything. He loves attention and meeting new people. He also has the cutest smile.
Loves being talked/sang to, has a smile that lights up rooms, and is so loved by those in her life
Landon is such a handsome charming eight month old boy. Very independent and loves to smile and laugh at everything. He is always happy and loves being around his momma. This little boy deserves all the love in the world so, please send a vote to show him he is loved.
Kaylee is such a happy baby and ALWAYS smiles at EVERYTHING and EVERYONE as you can see ☺️ She is learning her voice and learning to sit up by herself,stands with help,and also teething already,as any girl she LOVES attention 😂 such a sweet calm babygirl besides when she is hungry and needs her baba 👀
This little sour patch boy is the sweetest cutie around! Hes a sweetheart with a bunch of sass. Being a covid babe has it's challenges but this little ninja runs at em head on...literally!
Blake is an amazing and so joyful and happy he’s LOVES being outside and playing he’s my world.
He loves playing outside with his puppy, loves spending time with his family and really enjoys school. He's a pre k student and doing fantastic this school year.. He loves dogs, eating happy meals at mcdonalds. He's a very well behaved and well mannered little boy... His big blue eyes give him away each and every time. You'll love camdyn douglas. He's too adorable to not vote for.
She loves reading, singing, going on walks, and exploring the world through her new senses. 💚
This is my beautiful loving daughter Autumn Rose. She enjoys playing with her toys,story time with daddy,cartoons & playing with her doggy (Milo). Autumn is a super happy baby as you can see from her picture. That’s mommy and daddy’s world!
Kaelyn is a fun loving, super outgoing, huge hearted girl. She cares so much about other people and takes good care of her baby brother. She loves dancing, singing, acting and playing soccer! She also loves tumbling and gymnastics!
Hello my name is Emberlyn!! I’m 4 months old. I love to eat and watch Veggie Tales. I also love “talking” and screaming!! I love my mommy and daddy!! Please vote for me!! Thank you!!