Baby Stories - 29


Libby is smart outgoing loves every one enjoy playing with her older sisters
Isabella is a happy baby ❤️ She smiles all the time and she loves her some butternut squash!
Jaelah Douglas
Jaelah is very out going. Smart for her age. Loves to sing dance cook and into fashiin designing
Vote for the happiest baby around. He loves to laugh play and meet new people. Vote for my baby and leave a comment with your babies name so that I can do the same.
Oliver is a loving little boy . He is smart already . He loves his big sister . And can almost roll over . Go vote for this handsome little boy ❤️
Eliana is a smart, beautiful, little lady with a big personality. She loves to play with her doggy, eat bananas, and mommy cuddles. Fun fact! Her & her daddy share the same birthday😊
My name is Lyla-Mae 💕 I love to eat, smile, giggle and sleep 😌.. I keep my mummy on her toes 👣.. And I'm following in my Lolli's (grandma's) footsteps and supporting blackburn rovers my favourite team! 💙🤍.. 🥰 Vote for me please 😇.. Thanks in advance xx
Jackson is a SUPER happy little boy! Loves his mommy, being outdoors, eating everything, and feeding his moo moos with daddy. God blessed me at the right time with this sweet boy. He’s super spoiled and has a funny little personality. We love watching him grow into himself more and more each day! Vote for Jackson!❤️
Mya is a loving, happy baby. She likes to play & smile. She is always looking around grasping each & every little thing. Mya loves bath time & when you sing you are my sunshine to her! ❤🥰
Mosleigh is a Diva in is a very smart young lady well beyond her years
Sophia loves to clap blow bubbles and fake laugh, she is crawling and starting to stand up on her own
Hi! This is Reid! Reid lovesss the camera. All I have to say is “say cheese for mama” and he smiles the biggest smile. My flirt!
Bryn is a very smart an very caring baby she loves giving hugs an snuggling with her mommy ,nana,nahnah an playing an following her big sister avery around all day. Bryn is one of a kind everybody loves her.
This is Tajh he love cuddles 🥰 and blowing spit bubbles.
Easton Jay
The sweetest most mellow little guy, he loves to go on adventures with us and his favorite album is Rumors by Fleetwood Mac, calms him down everytime.
She’s 1 & fun and all around a sassy toddler💕
My name is Viola 💜 I love playing with my dogs, bath time and dancing to any and all types of music! My favorite foods are Avocado and Blueberries! I make my family laugh every day with all the silly things I do..
Bentley loves smiling, he’s an overall happy baby
Kinsley Louise
This little girl has truly been my greatest blessing. Gods greatest gift. She’s is definitely sassy and a handful but she saved me. I love you Kinsley, from the bottom of my heart.
Elena-Mae has the cutest little personality always wants cuddles and love she’s the perfect little baby girl 😍
Emily is almost 2 year old and she loves the outdoors and she loves her family
Ahzias is a 11 month old , sweet baby boy He loves to smile & make other people laugh Hes loves cars , trucks, and superheroes but his FAVORITE things are anything dinosaur. He loves to roar !
He is smart, funny, loving and he loves playing outside and he loves his dinosaurs, he also loves mickey mouse
Grace is the sweetest little girl you’ll lay your eyes on her days are full of fun and smiles and giggles she starting to try and talk she loves to stick her tongue out and she loves looking outside 🥰
She’s a very happy baby loves being touched cuddled love laughing is greedy she’s just the biggest bundle of joy
Everly is a tenacious, spunky, and sassy little babe! She loves singing, dancing, music, pandas and her big brother, Hudson.
Hello my name is Tao, I like to eat, sleep, poop and repeat! I love Disney especially Lion King!👑 I’m only 3 months old and such a happy baby. I’m now starting to smile and talk 🥺🥰
Savannah loves to eat, smile, laugh, chase the dogs around, give hugs and kisses!! She’s always happy 🥰
Our baby boy Ezekiel is only 2 months and already shows his strength in many ways. He is such a happy baby and a big lover boy... Thank you for your time reading our story .
Happiest baby ever! Always happy and smiling
Wild child 🌻
Sulmy Jasmin Guerra Ramos
Sulmy love dolls she is a sassy girl
Ryder is an angel baby, sent to me from God to help me cope with the loss of my father who had recently passed from pancreatic cancer. She is so beautiful and such a sweet baby. Her favorite thing right now is bath time. This isn't for the money, this is for fun and to brighten everyone's day with such a great blessing ♥️ vote for Ryder Baby
Elijah loves Mickey Mouse! He has a goofy personality, big blue eyes, & you can’t help smile when he does! He is such an amazing baby! & stole our hearts!
Mr Theo is about to turn 2 months old on the 30th! He is such a happy smiley boy. He is a chunky boy. Just look at hims sweet face :) I can’t wait to watch him grow
Austin James
Austin is a true blessing a happy baby who loves to listen to music of all kinds dancing with his momma.his attention is well kept spending time in the company of his pack of rescue dogs. Austin loves the camera hes so intrigued, we try to get photos where he dosent know were taking them! Love him so much! Vote for Austin!
Hi, my name is Treau 💞 I am turning ✌🏽Years old . I love CocoMellon & Baby shark 🦈 more than anything . I have 3 brothers , 1 sister & I’m the youngest of the crew . Thank you for voting for me 😍❤️
Im just learning how to walk and I love to play with my mommy’s keys 🥰🥰
Cassidy Wright
Hello, my name is Cassidy. Everybody calls me sassy cassy/Poop Poop! I am 7 month old. I love watching cocomelon!!! I love for mommy,daddy, & my brother to read to me... I love smiling, and trying to talk. I’m so full of life. I was born on my great grandmother birthday who passed away . I am the gift 🎁 🙏🏽 Miracle baby 👶🏽It would be much appreciated if u voted for me!! Thank you in advance!😊😉
Zephaniah is such a sweet boy. Always giving his friends hugs when they get hurt. He loves playing dinosaurs and he loves to help me cook in the kitchen. He is such an awesome kid and he loves to swim, read, sing, and praise Jesus with me 🙌✝️😇 He is also very excited to meet his baby brother or sister!!! Zephaniah definitely will make you smile!! We would really appreciate any votes we can get or even prayers to get us another car! God Bless and stay safe🙌✝️🙏🏽
Zaniyah loves to sing and dance. She likes making faces in the mirror. And Cheeto Puffs are her favorite.
I’m a eighth month old little man, I love bananas and drumming on anything I can. Mommy’s boy❤️
My name is Tao I’m 3 months old, I was a premature baby, I like to eat, sleep , poop and repeat!
Oops! You caught me mommy!! Hello, My name is Kailynn and I am 2 years old! I love to sing and dance. I like to watch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Baby Shark in my free time. ❤️❤️❤️
Roberto Jr
Roberto jr is sweet n happy n loving