Baby Stories - 29


My name is aryana and i am 3 months old. I like to cry, eat , and sleep. I talk a little and hold my own bottle. I love my mommy and daddy
Bayleyann is the most outgoing independent girl i have ever seen. Loves her whole family and then some. She is a one of a kind gal. She is every smart
Hello my name artemis Ulysses little. I love to run and walk all over the place. When I see my mommys I like to give them big smiles and hugs. I'm 1 years old now and I've been trying to speak big words but its hard. I'll get there though.
Kace loves to work on the farm ride sheep, or help his daddy work on truck anything you can catch him in the shop,his 2nd love the water he is super smart super sweet and loves to give hugs and say hi! To anyone he also loves going to daycare coming home telling what he learned is absolute favorite thing is helicopters and planes he wants to be a pilot or a doctor he says and kace would love to have your vote thank you
Emberlyn is almost 4 months old full of smiles and giggles! She loves bath time and her daddy! She can roll over, says dada and is now teething.
Pierre also known as BIG PJ loves to laugh and be goofy! Dinosaurs are his favorite for he likes to “ROAR” loudly. He loves making new friends and giving them hugs, saying “Hi”, and painting/coloring with them! Vote for Pierre!!!!
He smart active boy that loves to climb. He likes play with his brother and sisters.
Zayden enjoys playing with dinosaurs and going outside to watch squirrels also loves watching lion king with Dad Very sweet loving and always has a smile on his face
Sally Jean
This is Miss Sally Jean she is a very happy Baby she is named after her Great Grandmother Sally And has her Grandmother's middle name for her middle name she has a big sister name Lilly that is truning 5next month and has a mommy that love with all her heart ❤️
Oliver never fails to make everyone smiles His such a happy little boy!!
Hi I'm Jamison. I'm 9 months old. I am so excited to explore this big exciting world! I can army crawl really fast and I think its funny to scare mommy by trying to stand up. I enjoy trying new foods and enjoy short naps. Please vote for me and make my day.
Emma loves her reborn babies she lives her Lil bro she is sweet smart and so kind she loves to dance to til tok and she loves helping her mommy out when she needs it
Izaya is out going loves music 🎵 loves his big sis he he likes to ride his bike play out side and play on his guitar. He will even sing a song if it's easy and you requested it
Landon is very energetic , loves to Play outside , loves to swim and ride his bike . He’s also very smart , he even knows sign language ! He’s a very happy baby
Alicia is a three week old baby girl who loves to be talked to aswell as look around and see new things.
Kal-El was born 6 weeks early and is exceeding wonderfully. Lifting his head up and rolling over during tummy time. He attempts to hold his bottle but doesn’t have a grip on it just yet. He loves new noises and grabbing things. His smile is contagious.💙
Baby Kevin was born at 4# 3 oz. He was in NICU for 11 days despite his rough start. He is a ray of sunshine brings a smile to everyone's face.
Hi my name makyle at age 6 I'm a curious kid love outdoor activities, games and dinasour toys also love wrestling.
Aares is 9 months His bday is 12-24-2020 He is Native American/Otoe he is also Hispanic Aares enjoy’s spanish music, enjoys dancing, climbing upstairs, outdoors, playing with his puppy!
Isaac Elijah
I’m Isaac I am 9 months old 🥰 im a Capricorn ♑️ I’m definitely a daddy’s boy nothing better then being with daddy watching sports! I love to be around the lady’s 😘
He loves Transformers, and Ryan’s World. He is a huge mamas boy. He loves to go for a ride in the car sometimes.
Hello, my name is Dominic. I am 4 months old and I love to laugh. I’m my daddy’s twin and I loveeeee my mama. I love food and my favorite is bananas. My mama tells me I’m a big boy and everyone calls me chunk 💙
Hes a wonderful baby quite and loveable
She is a great big sister and helps her mama alot
Stella is one silly, playful little girl. She loves her family and definitely her french fries. She loves to be outside and play. And of course loves her cuddles with mommy and jessie (our dog).
My little miracle boy 🖤💛
Oliver is a very active, loving little boy. He loves bath time and his favorite show “bo on the go”. But of course loves his mommy, daddy, and sissy even more.
Aaron Izaiah is 3 months as of the first. He’s learning how to smile and laugh at his mommy and daddy. Aaron is also learning how to hold his head up and hold his bottle. He’s very smart❤️
CoraLeigh is a happy 6 month old! She is my 1st child and can truly light up a room with her smile. She loves food and appreciates any vote yall can give her🥰
Elisa is my sweet, 5 week old Virgo! Elisa is active, alert, and ready to show off her strength. She likes to snuggle with mommy as much as she can. We hope you can see her big personality for such a tiny girl through out photos. Vote Elisa!!
She’s the funniest baby I ever had the chance to be around. She lights up the room with just her smile 🥰❤️
Sean is now 4 years old and loves to play with trucks and dinosaurs. He is obsessed with minecraft.
He is one of the sweetest boys you will ever meet, always saying "sharing is caring" and ready to give a warm hug. He's also really silly and loves to make people laugh 🥰
Zayvion is a gooofy goober , loves too run around an play on the slide . I love too pick flowers 💙love going on walks with my mommy an my favorite thing too do is build with my blocks an learn new things every day 💙
He's the cheekiest cowboy on the ranch!
Silas Michael
He loves ice cream, laughing, smiling, kicking mommy and daddy. 💙 happiest baby ever
Maverik is such a sweet baby. He loves to cuddle and play with his doggy. He came into this world fighting and is such a little trooper.
Emerson is the biggest Mama's boy around. He loves to laugh with his Daddy. Emerson loves stuffed animals, especially his sloth.
Future athletic heartbreaker that is caring, humble, and kind.
She is all smiles and giggles just a beautiful little person
Daisy loves to play outdoors. She’s not scared to get a little dirt on her that’s for sure haha. She’s very caring and loving and she sure does love her babies!
Harlo loves to stick her tongue out and play with her feet, shes a happy baby.
Kasen, with his big blue eyes, loves going to the lake & swimming! His favorite movie is Tarzan. He loves cheetos and meat sticks for a snack. He is a mamas boy & a sweetheart, he loves giving kisses & playing with his doggy Dallas. Most of all he just loves to be wherever mommy and daddy are, on the boat, in the camper, or at home 😊
Connor is a wild child. He is very smart and follows his sister around everywhere.
5 month old baby with two different colors eyes! she has 3 teeth, sits up, rolls and crawls. Loves EVERYBODY and has the most contagious smile!
Legend was born on New Years Day 2021. He loves eating everything in sight and spending time with his family. He is always going new places and walking/running away from mom and dad. He is very active and constantly on the move!