Aamir is such a sweet happy baby! He loves music. He very ticklish on his tummy n his toes lol. He such a good n smart baby! He has such a pretty smile! Pls share n like mamas n dadas 💞
Rebecca Margaret Walden, goes by Becca. Just became a big sister and is loving her little brother. Loves her horse named Beavis, and her dogs Dingo and Honey. Loves playing outside. Becca is also excited because she will be starting preschool this fall.
Calmest and sweetest baby ever. My grandfather may not be able to smile anymore but benji definitely careiws on his smile .
Ryan Trent Walden, goes by Trent. Named after two great men, his daddy and his papa. He will be two weeks old in one day and is already growing so much. He is already loved by so many. He has the cutest little expressions.
He loves to eat, play with others, Favorite thing he likes to do is play outside. He's a very adventurous baby!
Hi! I’m Aviana I love animals, playing outside, running, and going on walks around the block! I can sing my ABC’s and count to 10! I’m super energetic always keeping mom and dad on their toes! Most of all I love my family!🥰
Zoey is sassy, smart and strong! She loves Taylor swift and with so much going on since she has been born she has remained silly and resilient!
Cassie is constantly smiling and making friends wherever we go! She loves waving at new people and has even started blowing kisses! Recently we went on holiday and she even made friends with the airport security woman and wanted to be held by her, giggling away!
Abbey loves to play with her dolls!
Penny is the sweetest little baby ever!
loves playing with his toys and having a good time!
Mabel is a fun-loving little girl who loves to play outside, visit the animal park, and loves to hang out with her Grandma!
Ivee-grace Graham
She is a very lovely bubbly little girl she is so funny and clever. She has a smile that lights up the whole room.
Emma Rose
Emma is almost a month old. Her sweet self makes everyone smile. Very sweet
pleasant baby who loves to laugh and eat anything she can’t have 😊
Lukasz Steven 14months old. Those eyes and his curls. He is just perfect!
Breleigh is 23 months old. She loves the outdoors mommy nap time and love her bubba.
Emrys a sassy outgoing girl who loves the show bluey and her mama and kitties
Kehlani is 2months and 2 weeks she trying to talk she is spoil love to watch tv and ride around. She is a daddy lil girl she love to laugh and smile . She just the sweetest baby girl she can be .
Noor is always the happiest of babies, always smiling and watching Cocomelon.
Hi this is my daughter Ella she is 11 years old she's in the 5th grade Ella is such a amazing beautiful smart and talented girl she loves to sing dance paint and loves playing with her baby sister Lucy.
She is so outgoing personality definitely is her own person she enjoys spending time with mommy!! Diva to the bone
Smartest kid on the block. I can speak in full sentences and I ALWAYS know what I want!
Killian is the sweetest little boy! He loves fruit bars, excavators, and his family! He’s very curious and notices everything!
James was a sweet loving and caring brothers, he love to read and asking many question to know alot of things.
Jesse was a sweet loving and caring little boy. He like to ride his car, play outside and tried different adventure..
I love to talk, sing, and cuddle. I can’t wait to be a big sister any day now!
Hi my name is Xoloni (Za-lon-ne) 🥰💕I’m very photogenic, energetic, and goofy🙃.. I love to watch Badanamu Pop, Peppa pig, and also taking pictures with mommy🫶🏾 I loveeee to smile & giggle !
McKinlee’s smile lights up anyones day! A little girl that we have waited so long for and has turned our world upside down for the better❤️
Adalynn is such a happy little girl with the biggest smile. She loves to snuggle and listen to Mommy read. She also is quite sneaky right now with her being mobile and all. This cutie will steal your heart if you aren’t careful.
Emery is a Christmas baby and has the most beautiful smile and laugh; very contagious.
Ruby loves horses , we watch the movie spirit several times a day. Shes learning how to give raspberries and kisses and confuses the two , that makes for some super sloppy kisses 💜
Isaiah is a little go-getter baby! He's full of energy and love. His personality is definitely one of a kind. Such a silly boy!
He is just so adorable and very funny and he is smart
Aurora is such a happy and sweet baby girl! She loves everyone! She knows she's cute and gives the biggest smiles! She's definitely a daddy's girl! Her dad works for the TN national guard on computers. Aurora loves watching him on his computer (whether he's playing a game or doing work related stuff). Our sweet girl had a rough start at the beginning as she was in the Nicu with health concerns however she is a fighter and the happiest little blessing all the time!
Dolly is a happy baby, she loves it when mummy sings her nursery rhymes ❤️
Cataleya is 2 years old. She loves singing and dancing and is super strong and brave. She likes to pretend she's a zombie and chase her brothers.Cataleya is amazingly talented and can sing numerous songs including the alphabet and already count to 10. She is besotted with her baby sister and constantly asks to hold her.
Eden André
Eden is Four years old and is an amazing big brother to his siblings. He loves playing Roblox and Minecraft. He loves apple rice cakes and crackers and throwing stones in the sea. He enjoys playing with his older brother Roman and playing with water.
He’s loves music he love to dance he loves to go bye bye with his big cousin he loves to go outside he likes cars and motorcycles and playing in bathtub he looks up to his big brother who is 3 and try’s to do everything he does he try’s to copy everything he sees and he will try and try til he gets it like snapping his fingers and make noises with tongue And he likes try and bully us adults if we don’t move fast enough he loves to cuddle loves to be outside with his big sissy loves to walk and sit in front of u when ur vacuuming chases after his cousins cat and dog as they run away from him love to b tickled
Desiree was two months early n she is so smart n funny n at times she can act like an savage but she is such a sweet baby girl that will steal ur heart away
Cayson is my first baby. He’s an amazing special little man who has battled a lot throughout his very young life already. He is without a doubt a mamas boy (only pictures with mama) and his absolute 3 obsessions are Elmo and PBS Kids and puzzles!
Hi There! I'm Wyatt. I'm a Pisces and I enjoy warm baths with lavendar bubbles. A vote for me is a vote for good luck (I was born on March 17th) Mama says I am her good luck charm 🍀 🌈
I have a big brother, I like dinosaur's and my mommy and daddy.
Albie is a twin to his little sister Gracie he loves his food and is the only baby I know to smile all day everyday he loves to play with his toys and love his family and big brother Finley
LaiLani is one of the most happiest, smartest babies I know. She wakes up every morning with a big smile on her face. She started holding her bottle at just 4 months old, she already has one tooth, and another coming in. LaiLani loves to jump, she’s super talkative, and she can already wave and say mom. Her favorite thing to do is make spit bubbles with her mouth.
Gracie is a twin to her brother Albie it wouldn’t let me apply him too but she loves her food and she’s always smiling away at anything she sees she loves rolling over and playing with her toys loves her family and her big brother Finley