Baby Stories - 28


Jaxson is 8 years old!! He is one of the sweetest little boys he is always thinks of others before him self. He is and old soul.. He loves to read and play his Xbox . He loves to be outdoors and catch fish, play at the park, he's very active, he loves me.beast from YouTube an wants to be like him and make others happy ..
Rylee is silly and sassy, and she has the best smiles!! She loves bananas and sweet potatoes!!
Im cute and cuddly and wanna hug you!! Why not vote for me?
Rori loves her dada and playing video games with him. She likes to beatbox and dance with mommy. Rori also loves watching Pokémon and eating whatever she can find!
This beautiful baby boy of mine is full of smiles and love.
He is the most sweetest baby boy who will greet you with the biggest smile and wave so Vote and we’ll give you a wave thank you
Daemn is a great big brother and very intelligent im going to have problems with the girls soon
Jaquori Jr
Jaquori Jr is a fun, happy kid.. he loves playing and being silly with his friends. Vote my boy
Myles is a virgo! He loves to cuddle and eat! He’s a sweet heart who always smiles and loves his momma.
Callie just turned a year old, she loves to eat and her favorite show is baby shark. Her laughs and giggles are so cute. We love watching her learn new things everyday!
Robert is a sweet baby boy who loves to play and talk. He loves food and his family. His smile will light up the room a
Jaxon is 7 months old & crawling EVERYWHERE. He loves food, music, & his sisters.
Jaxon loves to go outside and find pine cones or jump in puddles after it rains. He loves his sister and his kitty and his favorite show is cocomelon. And some of his favorite foods are cookies, rice and turkey wraps, and noodles.
Loves tummy time, playing with toys, talking to her siblings and a huge daddies girl!
Winnie girl is almost a month old! She is a NICU baby but she is doing so well now. She loves sleeping on mama and daddy’s chest! Loves tummy time and hates bathtime 😅
this is camilla. shes the happiest baby i have ever met. she loves crawling, standing on her hands & feet, & eating literally anything 😂. shes the light of my life. i found out i was pregnant when i was in a rough place. she really was my biggest blessing!
Laila is a drop of sunshine! She loves making friends and knows how to light up a room. Her favorite things to do are wiggle her toes, blow bubbles, and cuddle. She enjoys tummy time, and walks with mommy outside.
Dylan es muy inteligente & le encanta bailar de todo!🥰🤣
The happiness baby in the world 😩😩❤️ He warms hearts!
Es una bebé super alegre, le transmite alegria a quien seaa!🥰
Ajani is a very sweet, energetic, spunky, goofy girl! She has the feistiness of an 4 year old but the heart of gold! She enjoys play time and Doc McStuffins!
Carver James 💙 I love smiling and sucking my thumb. I was a 6 week early preemie but not I’m a healthy chunky happy boy!
Layla Rose
She loves to laugh an jump in her mini mouse jumper, an loves to watch her favorite show color city🖍!While enjoying her favorite snack peaches 🍑! Layla always has a big smile, an is always the happiest little girl!😇
Hudson was born at 26 weeks gestation after we did 4 rounds of ivf. He is our miracle rainbow baby. He loves to smile, look at fans, Warm milk, and loves car rides.
Zion loves his mommy and daddy. He also loves his sisters,but also loves to beat them up. He loves dogs and being outdoors.
This is Grayson Kendall Rubio! He is 3 months old and is literally the sweetest baby ever. He loves smiling nonstop, especially when mommy is around ❤️Grayson’s favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He loves being outside and going on walks.
The spunkiest almost 2 year old you’ll ever meet🥰. She Loves cocomelon & loving on her mommy and bonus Mommys belly’s waiting on both her brothers arrivals💙
Aubrielle is sassy, smart and so loving. She loves to let everyone know she’s in a room and her smile lights up any room. She’s her mommy’s best friend and her daddy’s little girl!
Lanah is very lovable and an easy going baby. She loves being around people and loves going for car rides and being with her Big sister.
Our little guy loves tummy time & can already hold his head up so well on his own! He is a very smiley & happy babyboy. I’m pretty sure he’s trying to laugh but can’t quite get it out yet 😂 We love watching him make funny faces & observe his surroundings. Hes got a big personality and it’s starting to come out more & more every day, making us laugh all day long. Frankie is a premie and was born 4 weeks & 2 days early so he’s a small boy, we love our tiny man💙
Mayson is an amazing baby boy. He is so playful and filled with laughter, smiles and love. His favorite thing is tubby time. He loves going for rides and visiting the family. He loves when I tell him storys or sing to him. His favorite songs are "I love you" + "Part of your world" + "Your welcome". He loves being pushed around in his carrage seeing different sites. He loves to roll over and is so close to crawling he can do the army crawl but not the regular crawl just yet.
Ace loves to roll on his belly and hold up his head. He loves to giggle and smile. He is a big people person and loves his cousins!
Happiest baby in the world 🌍🥰
Raelynn Tommi
She is our Rae of sunshine ☀️ on a cloudy ☁️ day. She has the eyes of the bluest skies 💙 and a laugh that is so infectious. She most definitely leaves a bit of sparkle ✨ everywhere she goes! Her smile ☺️ Is unforgettable, and most importantly she is my whole world 🌎 🤞💝
Ace is such a happy baby. He smiles and laughs all the time. He is a ray of sunshine ☀️
My name is Everleigh I’m 6 months old! I love Mickey Mouse and babbling about EVERYTHING !
Ellieanna is a beautiful perfect princess and has saved me in every way. Shes so strong and so intelligent. Her personality is one in a million! This photo is her at exactly 24hrs old. Now she's 4 monthe old
Kash is my 6 month old infant, he loves blowing spit bubbles, bath time, watching Super Monsters, and kissing mommy & Daddy! Oh, and lots and lots of scream-talking!!! He’s our favorite tiny human!!!
Loves babbling getting into things eating and cuddling with her cat❤❤
3 years old! Sassy girl🥰 who loves babies & playing with her friends!
Roan is a very very happy baby boy who loves his mommy and daddy and his family. His smile is spontaneous!! Love's his horses and cows. Natural born cowboy!!
Silliest , cutest, adorable & keeps your day going also brightens your day no matter what 🥰🥰🥰
Hi my name is Gavin! I like to watch movies and snuggle with my mommy. I’m getting all my big boy teeth and so ready to start walking!!
Remington is a very active boy! He loves food, pushing stuff around on the floor and climbing on everything! Music is a big deal to him, his favorite is the song in the opening scene of the heartland tv show. He also gets Very excited about bath time or playing in water!
Hi i’m Kolton and i’m 6 weeks old and i love to eat every 2 hours and i weigh 10 pounds and i was born 8/17/21 and i love to laugh and smile all the time and love to look around the room