I’m almost 2 years old. I love my mommy, daddy, and sissy. I love to play with my sissy, go on quads with my parents, love listening to music and playing in the water. My sissy is my best friend. I was born on father day of 2020. I love to flirt with women/girls and I love to laugh at people that do funny stuff.
Peyton Manning
Peyton loves cubs scout love car and truck when he grows up he want to be garbage truck driver he is totally blind in his right eye
Neriah Moon, AKA Moony. The sweetest baby girl, she loves trying to speak complete sentences, dancing, and walks in the park with mommy. <3 ✨
Clover is a beautiful spontaneous angel. She loves to be the center of attention and will always put a smile on your face.
Anaiah Ke'Alohilani
Anaiah is a very happy baby who loves being with family, especially mommy and daddy. She also absolutely loves the camera! She's a cutie and she knows it! ❤️
Tennessee is a very active and happy little girl. While she has many toys she enjoys playing with mommy’s slippers and her pawpaws boots, especially to leave surprises for him before work the next day. She adores her baby sister and is the biggest helper we could ask for.
At only 3 months old there’s not much behind who she is yet, but Clarissa loves her big sister and nap time. She can be very boisterous and loves smiling back to everyone.
Jaliyah is a sweet 10 month old that brings nothing but Joy and Happiness to our household and family. She enjoys crawling and laughing out loud. She especially lights up to the Backyardigans and the sound of her daddy approaching. She’s a North Carolina Southern Bell and an overall gem to have.
Montana And Faith
The most loving and joyful baby. His smiLe and laughter will melt your soul.
Bentley Mullins
Bentley is 1 years old he loves his family and going outside and playing
Kenzley was just born on May 4,2022 and is the sweetest little girl.
He's very loving and kind. He's smart and creative. He's shy @ first untill he gets used to someone.
The best biggest sister in the whole world !
My name is Joshua Dillon peters I love my mommy and daddy and doggy very much please vote for me 🥰
Cash is such a happy boy! He loves to smile, and loves his siblings.
He has a kind soul and a big heart he can be your best friend or your worst enemy he's all about family and he will do whatever it takes to protect his family he is very smart and creative
Brody is a full grown man in a baby boys body.... He has the biggest personality and is the sweetest boy. He loves everything trucks, balls, and being outside!
First born daughter. She’s sweet and bubbly, full of smiles and laughter. She is her momma’s world and her daddy’s girl. She loves all things Elmo.
This is Dexter and he a very happy boy. He loves being outside and loves eatin Green beans.
Mariana is our little bundle of joy. She loves to smile and stick her tongue out. She like it when you make silly faces. She loves the sunshine and loves her mommy and daddy
DJ is our 7 year old sweetheart, he has the best smile and is the best big brother to our 6 month old daughter Aaniya. He enjoys Fortnite, all kinds of sports but most specifically basketball and spending time with his friends and family.
The most smiley girl you will ever meet. Miss Aaniya is the light of the family, and the sweetest most happy little girl. She has two older brothers and is the princess of the bunch. She will be turning 6 months on June 1st and already has a full head of hair that she loves to allow me to style. She is starting to sit up on her own, try new baby foods and babble all day long. Her favorite food is sweet potato and she loves to be a messy eater as you can tell from the sweet picture below. She loves to play with her favorite toy donkey named clip clop and giggle with her family. She is far from camera shy and loves to be the center of all the pictures ! Who could blame her with that infectious smile of hers.
Daniel Sebastian is a adorable baby boy the youngest of 7 Brothers, he's very friendly and loves to laugh with everyone, he loves elephants he's favorite food is mama's milk😅 and apple puree and sweet potato puree😁
Gia likes to pretend cook and is the most caring and sensitive little sweetheart.
An incredibly happy & friendly little man, brings joy to everyone who meets him!
Isla-rose is 7 months old, she is a very smiley, happy baby.
He like to smile 😊 a lot he loves talking with every one even if he doesn’t know yet.And he loves babies!
This is Karter , he loves to go swimming his favorite food is bananas , and butternut squash, he loves music and trucks
Hi! My name is Ariella! I'm 5 years old and I love reading and painting. And I love watching Encanto with Mommy. My favorite color is bluee and pink💙💘 and I want to be a princess or a vet when I grow up
Luca is a character. He loves dancing to cheesy pop, bashing his piano and licking everything in sight. He is kind natured, happy and is a pleasure to have around x
Rowyn is a true sour patch kid, she’s sweet with a super sassy side! She loves her older siblings and being outdoors!
Gabriel loves Cocomelon and Ms Rachel on YouTube. She also loves music , outdoors, and anything she can bang and make noise with. She also enjoys anything she eats but her favorite things is strawberries.
Aubrey is 19 months old , but don’t let that cuteness fool you ! She is sassy ! She loves dancing and playing outside ! She loves to do everything her brother does ( he is 3 years old ) . ❤️
Wynter is such a free spirit! Her happy place in on nature. She’s fun loving and so full of energy!
Penelope is the most curious and loving baby you’ll ever meet! My beautiful girl loves her huge family, and gives us the biggest smiles everyday!
Cazilyn is my 1 month old bundle of joy. She’s such a sweetheart, smiley and ball of joys around everyone. I’m blessing to be a first time mom of this little jewel! 💖
Chance loves big words! He always smiles when we call him a "distinguished little gentlemen". Chance is a very happy, calm, smiley baby who of course is very loveable!!
Violet Rose
Violet Rose loves to laugh and make others laugh. Shes very loving, likes to give kisses and hugs. She has 5 older siblings 4 which are brothers, so she is very protected. She is very smart and loves the outdoors.
Hi this is Colten he is 3 years old he loves his trucks and tractors and playing outside going to parks and he loves the truck and tractor pulls he loves playing with his sister and he loves his family and he is such a sweet good hearted little boy
Aazmin is 1 year’s old. She’s lovable, super playful, and has so much energy. Her favorite fruit are mangoes
Elijah is a very happy and smiley boy. He loves to dance and play with his big sister.
Jaydant is the happiest baby boy who loves bubble baths, music, cuddles, and his stuffed giraffe Gigi. He is the sweetest boy who can light up the room with his smile 💙
Jasir Hucks
Jasir likes to laugh he’s a loving little baby
Samaria is a wonderful, smart active baby girl. She love to dance, play with her bunny, learn, talk and love on mommy and daddy. Cocomelon and Motown Magic is two of her favorites. She amazes me every single day, watching her grow and learn has been the highlight of my life.
My Milly girl is one of the goofiest little girls you'll ever meet. A 3 year old cuddle bug with the brains and the beauty. She's sweet as ever and LOVESlovesloves to sing and dance with an appetite for cereal out of this world. The kinda girl who screams "mommy" a thousand times a day just to say "mommy, i love you mostestestes." My tiny girl with a big heart❤️ An immense compassion for animals and for people, a world changer😊✨