Baby Stories - 26


He's my little milky monster, he loves when I sing to him and he loves cuddles with his Daddy. He's such a sweet baby.
Xander is starting to discover life! His favorite things right now are his keys, binkies, babas, and of course cuddles!! So share some love and vote! He says thank you!
Mi’Zel loves to chew on his fingers, he loves cuddle time with mommy, he loves blowing spit bubbles and he loves food ❤️
Beaudin is a healthy sweet baby he’s starting to hold his head up and find his voice! He loves to smile and he’s he’s fathers twin he’s the sweetest boy and we’d love your vote
Nova Skye
Nova Skye is 3 months old. She loves all the attention and lights up the room with her smile. She enjoys watching cartoons with her sisters and tummy time. She’s such a happy baby!
Loves dancing, talking, walking with her Walker, eating everything and playing with brother and sister.
Hello my name is Jaden Coty Gabrielle Donner I was born 2/13/19. I love going to daycare and making friends. I know what stranger danger is. I like minions. I love my 6 month old little brother. I love to sing and dance. I love a place called the Jungle gym in Springfield MO. I love my grandma, mommy and my daddy. I know sign language and my favorite foods are strawberries, veggie straws, chickie fries and I love sharks. I love to run and play. I dislike having to leave from places when I am having a blast and I dislike getting put in time out or in trouble.
Loves eating everything, playing with his action figures and playing with sisters game hide and seek.
4 month old queen bee loves to smile, talk your ear off at 3 A.M. and spend time with momma and daddy ❤️
He is a loving and silly boy loves to watch his dad play video games he always has a smile on his face he is learning how to walk and he can say momma and dada
Ry is a sweetie. Her smile and laugh just melt your heart. She loves the show “Bluey” on Disney Jr. She also loves cats and gets so excited when they come to see her!
Sofia is the sweetest little girl ever. Loves playing doll house with her big sister. Loves giving her baby dolls kisses and most of all always has the biggest smile on her face.♥️
Raina is a spicy baby who loves to eat. Her favorite thing is to be told she’s pretty! Loves cuddles and bath time !
Lily is a high spirited, spunky, chunky baby whose whole face lights up when she gets attention. She loves to roll around and laughs a ton!
Already a great dancer. Passionate about singing. Will read books in her crib by herself. Loves Frozen and always asks for Elsa.
Luna Rose is such a happy baby. She loves to smile, coo, and she loves being near Mommie. She can hold her head up on her own and roll over.
jace is a very hard working kind active boy he is one of the most kind boy; you will every meat he very active he would spend his money if he won on out door things
He is funny, he loves to laugh, he likes to be independent, fast learner. His favorite food is sweet potatoes, peach, strawberries and pumpkin. Favorite toy anything that lights up and a teddy bear. He also love to cuddle!
Kamden loves watching cocomelon & playing with his trucks!
Lainey loves smiling at her mama and daddy when they talk to her. She sure is a blessing 🥰
Alfie loves Spider-Man he is obsessed He has two sisters and is best mates with them so protective of them
Jonas loves the farm and all animals.
HazeLee is such a happy girl!!! She loves to talk! She rolls over and scoots! Trying so hard to crawl! She loves watching her bubba play video games and thinks he’s pretty funny! HazeLee is about to have her first tooth!!! She is such a ray of sunshine!
River Likes to go the beach, she can talk good and can count and say her abc, a very sweet smart girl that’s 3 years old! She is from Oklahoma
He’s such a happy and loving boy his starry eyes tell so much and his smile could brighten the darkest day
Shiloh is the happiest and most peaceful baby. He loves his mama & daddy, Mickey Mouse & his snacks, and he also loves the camera if you can’t tell.
Charley loves her make-up. Especially her lip stick.
He loves role playing, hot wheel cars and playing with different size and shaped balls
He loves his food cheeky smile loves the bath and doesn’t like going to sleep
Hi I’m Broc I like to play outside an I love paw patrols
Renee likes to cuddle and give kisses
Hi my name is Macey Ann I love playing with my toys and my big sister and little brother! 🎀
Im matthew! I love dinosaurs and my puppy!
A joy to everyone around him, Mav loves to smile bounce laugh play and just all around be on the move!
Brandon is 3 years old he is currently in a PPCD program at the school. He has Peter’s Plus Syndrome, but that doesn’t hold him back in life. He is a very smart and intelligent kiddo he loves playing with brother and video chatting with family! He also enjoys riding his scooter and playing with his punching bag he got for Christmas and doing front flips on the ground!
Hi my name is Gracie Claire I love reading and playing with my little sister and baby brother!
Brianna was born 4 weeks early a sunny side up baby. Me and my husband brought this little angel home on New Years Eve. And despite her high level of jaundice mommy and daddy didnt lose faith. Baby girl is almost 3 weeks now and healthy. She can pick her head up, roll on her belly, smile, and hold a paci in her mouth. She is a smart baby. After a previous miscarriage I prayed God would give me a family when the time was right. She is my rainbow baby.
A strong, wonderful, cheerful, full of life child, a ray of sunshine in our home and in our lives.🥰❤️
Please go ahead and vote for my cute little handsome man. He’s my miracle baby boy 💙 Thank you
Caiden loves to eat , watch his favorite cartoon paw patrol and sleep . Loves smiling.
Uriyah is so happy, especially when mom and dad are around, he loves eating and sucking on his fingers. He is fascinated with dogs, but doesn’t know how to be nice to them just yet.
She is a very happy person. She always dance and sing. She helps her mummy out with cooking and tidying up!
Gabriel Lee loves kisses and cuddles 🥰
Theo suffered anoxic brain injury at 11 months old from aspirating a raisin. He’s a fighter with a huge spirit.
My baby girl loves to eat eat eat. Shes playful and that smile will just melt your heart. ❤❤❤
Bjorn is very smiley happy and joyful all the time and he’s just a pleasure please vote my babies ❤️