Khiazer is one full energetic lil boy that loves basketball motorcycles and outside!
Jace is a month old! He loves cuddling on his mommy and daddy’s chest, eating and sleeping and bath time! He absolutely does not like tummy time!
Keziah was born at 34 weeks. He only weighed 4lbs and during his first month,he was in the nicu. He struggled pretty bad during his first month from getting a cold and going back into the incubator and minnimum contact and having to get a blood transfusion because his red blood cell count was fatally low. Today he is as healthy as can be going strong. He is full of life and personality.
Hi, I’m Ellwood! I am 1 year old with 2 dimples and 3 times the smiles! I am very happy baby, love to cuddle, and take photos!
Jaxon Miguel
Jaxon is My Grandson who I Love So Much he has managed to Steal My Heart and everyone who sees him he leaves that same affect on others he's so Charming and such a Happy Baby, He's already trying to communicate since 2 months and now he Loves to hum and cooing he's so full of Joy ❤️🥰
Cheeky blue eyed boy💙Loves dinosaurs, his two baby cats and his hamster Eggy🥰
Zayden Austin
Zayden is 6 months old! LOVES to eat. Constantly smiling and giggling! Enjoys looking at himself in a mirror and pulling mommy’s hair!
She loves a cheese puff 🧀
Owen loves playing outside, riding around town & loves his 3 sisters🥰
Winter is all smiles and laughs and isn’t afraid to use her voice no matter what is going on. She is fascinated by her own recent discovery, her hands!
He is funny and he loves everyone. He is an amazing kid and he is very smart.
My name is messiah but my mommy and daddy call me papa bear 🐻. I LOVE cloud babies, being outside, learning, and water bottles.
Emberlee is 4 years old, she is very out spoken! Loves to be the leader and I’m charge of everything! She loves to ride her horse Dessie, and loves to play outside! She is very loving and sassy!
Chase Brenner
He's 2 years old and loves the water and his brother. Likes to ride his golf cart.He loves to ride his papas tractor and playing with his trucks Chase loves to be outside. He has the bigest blue eyes you ever seen.
Happy chappy, full of smiles and laughs 💙
Aliyah is a sweet, precious little girl. She’s so full of personality already! She can hold her head up on her own & she has the cutest giggle!
Aamir is such a sweet happy baby! He loves music. He very ticklish on his tummy n his toes lol. He such a good n smart baby! He has such a pretty smile! Pls share n like mamas n dadas 💞
If you didn't get to return all advance votes to return them to Za'Koria💕💕💕🏀🏀Ta'Kylen is a loving outgoing child he is very silly and loves helping people and he is very smart for his age. Ta'Kylen is one of the sweetest little boys you will meet he loves helping people he take good care of mommy when I'm not feeling good he loves playing basketball 🏀, football 🏈 he is very smart 🤓 loving kid he loves animals, swimming and playing with his siblings.
Mitchell Jr
Mitchell Jr loves to play with his older brother and sister. His favorite things to eat are bananas and mashed potatoes. He also really enjoys watching Mickey Mouse and making dinosaur noises.
Arcly is a Autistic 3 year old who loves blowing bubbles and playing outside on her swing set!
He loves animals, other babies, snuggles and kisses
Raiden is a sweet and happy baby he loves to smile and make noises. He loves when his bottles are being made and watching them being made. He’s only fussy when he has a used diaper or he’s hungry. He likes to watch fairly odd parents and drink his milk while he’s vibrating in his bouncer.
Adalynn is a happy little girl, she always wakes up with a smile on her face ready to start the day. She is also very energetic, she finds anything possible to get into, and she'll throw a fit if she can't play with it. She loves staring out the window. She loves playing with her brother and sisters. She absolutely loves night time cuddles. She is definitely our pride and joy.
Declan loves to play with his brother and loves to play with his toy cars. He loves the movies cars, monsters inc and shrek. Declan is also a foodie he loves to eat
Hi I’m Kobi. My bouncer is my favorite thing to do in my free time aside from sleeping and eating. I’m also learning to roll over and talk. Some of my favorite things to eat are mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes. Please vote for me 💙
Ryders favorite thing to do is munch on his fingers and toes!! He is such a happy bubbly bright eyed boy!!!
You already know this sweet boy is a mamas baby! His most favorite place to be is outside!!! He is ALL BOY!!! Mama and daddy can’t get enough of his sweet loving!
Just a beautiful little girl with a wild personality and loving soul ❤️
We are accepting ADVANCE VOTING and DAILY EXCHANGES!!!!!!!!!!!He used to love to go out in his car and act like a big boy driving! Now he just loves playing his video games and playing with the dogs. His favorite things to eat are fruits and steak. He enjoys his time playing with his older brother.
Isaac a fun loving 10 month old who loves to swim and play. He is raised by his daddy and loves going to the park. When ever you see him he is always happy, seriously always lol. We are starting on his collage fund early and would love your vote
Carson is 10 months old, super active, playful and loves to dance. He was born premature 4 weeks early and we are blessed to have him in our lives!
Greyson loves his hands, he loves to smile and loves to stare at all the picture on the wall. He loves a good snuggle 🤍
Quinnlyn loves cuddles and calling her a pretty girl she just smiles and coos up a storm.
Vincenzo has his own personality, he is such a happy and observant 1 month old baby boy! He loves spending time in our four season room and staring outside the glass doors! He makes the silliest faces, and loves to eat! He’s always laughing and smiling!
Bentley loves everything about life. Such a funny 3 year old, he will tell you jokes all day.
Scarlett is a gift from God! She is such a outgoing baby! Always smiling!
Tyler brings smiles and laughter where ever he goes, a little boy with the biggest personality! When that smile lights up his face, forget about anything else! So much love and joy from this little soul!
She is such a amazing child loves to laugh smile an she is very developed she is already trying to crawl
Brantley just turned two. He loves Bluey, and fire trucks the most!
He is a super expressive baby, pure happiness and joy with him. Smiles at everyone no matter who is it.
Waylon is 3, LOVES being outdoors, loves fire trucks and helping with his baby sister!
Doing advances for 2023!! TRUSTED voters and teams ONLY! This is Levi, our very brave smart and cheeky 6 year old. He loves his little sisters and Mum ❤️❤️💕 He loves his games and loves going on big adventures 🥰 Levi has CAS, which can make communication difficult but since starting school is thriving so so much and is getting better each and everyday! Please show us your support, it means the world to our special boy Levi 🙌 If you pass our page, please please leave a like :)
Carsen Lorena
Carsen is currently 8 weeks old. She is our little chunky monkey and the biggest blessing to our lives. Her favorite thing to do is stick her tongue out and we are already starting to try to roll! Her smile is so bright that we can’t wait to hear how infectious her laugh will be!! Please vote for our sweet girl as diapers ain’t cheap! 😂 😘
Champion is the sweetest lil girl my nickname for her is “SUGARPOT” she wakes up every morning and is smiling and laughing. I am so blessed to be her mum
Kayden is a joyful baby, Hes always smiling and laughing, he loves to move to music and most of all he loves to hug and rub peoples faces😂💕
Peyton is the happiest little chunk around!! She’s always smiling and laughing💗
Axel is 9 months old. He loves to stand on everything, crawl everywhere, get into everything and he loves chicken pot pie 😍 he’s the happiest baby and he shows it
Grey loves banana, loves long walks and laughing.