Baby Stories - 23


Tommy likes Playing Roblox , Minecraft , Batman, Star wars, hide n' seek
Cassandra is a sweetheart loving baby. She is such a happy and energetic always. She loves to cuddle her mama and dada. She loves to watch Cocomelon.
Avanni loves music! She smiles so big when her grandpa sings her favorite song, Baby shark. Avanni is three months old but has the sass like her mama ❤️
She loves making silly faces, talking with mommy & daddy & she loves to dance.
Rowdy is 10 months about to be 11 months. He loves walking really fast, being held and dancing with someone. He’s a bubbly little guy. Oh he loves food also ☺️
Kamdyn is 1 month old ❤️ . He absolutely LOVES bath time and being talked to .
He’s the happiest sweetest boy
Kreegan is 4, and a beautiful soul. She is our spunky free spirited child, she is always smiling❤️
Rylie loves animals playing in the snow and going to kindergarten she loves making people laugh and drawing
Brody is our 10 month old spitfire! He's got the best expressions and what he can't say with words, he definitely says with his face. He's got 8 teeth and is so close to walking. His cutest new favorite thing is pushing buttons with one finger.
Emiliano, loves his mickey mouse ! Likes to play with mommy & daddy. LOVES being tickled. And laughs at the most randomest things. ❤️🤍
Khamari is only 5 months but i can assure that he will be one the most cheerful baby you will ever meet honestly there is never a dull moment with him !!
baby girl always has a smile on her face , loves to eat , an loves all the attention she gets from big sister 🥰❤️
Baby Ja’nailah loves to walk an dance her smile will melt your heart 💜 she loves Minnie Mouse
Oliver is our surprise baby boy. When we were pregant with him we were told he was a girl. WELL surprise! I got this handsome baby boy! Oliver loves to sit up and babble all day. The funniest person to him is his dad. His favorite place to be is on the couch watching Dad play video games.
Adam likes to growl like a bear and give you the meanest look when being changed.
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Jayce likes tummy time and to eat everyone else’s food he has an amazing laugh that will melt your heart and a heart of gold🥰🥰🥰
Miles is funny and he has a realy cute smile and loves is grandpa and grandma and he is so cuddly and loves his naps
Rizu short for Aaraiz, I love being outdoors and taking long walks with daddy, my life goal at the moment is to stand up all on my own and never sit down even if mama puts me on the ground!
Baby k loves to cuddle with him momma Loves to eat and cry ❣️ He loves to smile when he has to poop or spit up !!
She loves the Lorax and she always has a smile on her face. She recently just had surgery on her ears so she wouldn’t go deaf but all together she’s a happy baby and that makes me a happy father
He Loves everyone, He is kind hearted, he is 4 years old and he loves dinosaurs and playing outside!!
She may only be one week old but has sass for days! She loves to eat, poop, and puke on daddy
This little boy is my first child! He loves to be kissed by mommy and he loves lights and fans! He’s an amazing baby he’s always laughing at himself and other people
I just turned 1 I love Mickey Mouse and love dancing.. I always have a smile on my face and love animals.
Elliot is a very cheeky but happy boy who loves to listen to music and dance about. He’s our little bundle of joy❤️
Audrey is two months and two weeks old! She loves to try and talk and move her tounge ! She loves her swing and things that light up! She such a happy baby!!
Gracie is a very happy funny lovable baby girl she deserves your vote because she honestly makes everyone who comes across her fall absolutely in love with her😍 and always makes everyone laugh at some point😆😘 PLEASE VOTE FOR THIS PRINCESS 🙏
Aaliyah is very opinionated. She’s goofy, has a good heart(on good days). Very protective of her brother. She loves anything frozen!
Novalee is 1.5 years old. she loves her cousin and a her books. Novalee is smart and sassy
Wesson is a very smiley baby who enjoys watching the Grinch. She can watch it over and over again and she’ll be into it just as much as the first time!
Olivia is an outgoing, funny, out of this world little girl. She loves her baby dolls, little mermaid, momma and dada, growling 🤣, waving bye bye , and is starting to walk with a walker. Her curly hair, blue eyes, and dimples, are too hard to miss and not to find adorable. Hope she catches Atleast a few of your guys votes today!
Emberley LOVES animals, her favorite animal is a dog. She’d rather be outside running around than in the house. & Her favorite movie is the secret life of pets. She loves her family!! And overall is a loving outgoing, energetic baby girl❤️
Roselie is the goofiest girl! She’s always smiling and having a good time (when she’s not sleeping). 🥰❤️
Malachi is 7 weeks old. Always smiling, loves to sleep and eat, able to put a smile on anyone’s face already!
Liam is my youngest baby. He is also my happy baby. He’s always smiling and we finally got him to laugh. He loves his daddy and his big brother. He is getting his personality. He looks around at everything and everything.
Lucas is my oldest baby. He’s a ball of energy and he keeps me on my feet. He loves to give kisses, and hugs. He’s definitely a mommas boy. He loves Mickey Mouse and he eats and eats everything and anything. The person he loves the most is his little brother.
Noah is a very cheeky chap who loves play time and climbing the stairs 💕
Roman is the sweetest 2 year old alive. Never has a frown on his face. All smiles all the time. He enjoys anything that goes 'vroom vroom' and giving his mommy kisses. You should vote for him so that he and his little sister can have a nice start to this life.
She loves to blow raspberries, & she loves her momma most❣️
Nolan is a super happy baby that loves food! He is leaning to talk and his favorite words are “dada” and “mama”. He loves his brother very much and is always full of energy! He has the sweetest laugh and the softest smile that will melt anyone’s heart.
She love TikTok and she love to watch YouTube
Hi everyone! My names Cambria Jade, I’m 11 months old from WV. I’m a daddy’s girl but my mama is my best friend. I love crawling and getting into everything. Learning how to stand up on my own and hopefully be walking soon!
She’s a very happy 3 month old she’s the sweetest thing you can ask for she loves to laugh and play and watch tv 💕