Baby Stories - 22


Joanna is such a fighter, she loves her blanket, and kitty. Shes full of smiles and fills everyone around her with joy 🥰
I’m ONE & Cute!! Vote for me please!
Madelynn is full of laughter, smiles and love! Her favorite food is strawberries and she loves being outdoors! ❤️ She’s a huge daddy’s girl and looks up to her big sissy.
Roman is a newborn he is 2 months he’s an adorable baby boy. He loves people and he is always filled with joy🥰💙
Amina Christine
Amina is such a happy and beautiful baby she loves to show off her dimples her nickname is dimple queen 👸 she loves screaming and showing off her vocals
She makes the cutest little noises and cant help but warm everyones hearts with smiles 🥺
Cohen Jase melts hearts with his pretty blues💙 He loves to eat (literally anything😅) & show off his little teethers 🥰
He is such a happy baby! He likes long baths and PIZZA! He knows how to keep you smiling and NEVER EVER leave bacon around him😍 he is such a strong smart boy and he will love you with his whole heart
This is Ivy , she's a happy baby & loves to dance & cuddle . Shes got quite the personality (:
Ember loves nap time with Mommy and listening to her big brother talk . She’s Mommy's girl and Daddy’s world 💖
Alonzo is 10 months old 🥺 loves his baby yoda toys and blankets. He ALWAYS has energy and is running around non stop. He’s super sweet except when he wants to bite your nose 😂 Alonzo is just a ball of positive energy and vibes and he can cheer up anybody with his big smile. 💙
Scarlett is my 3 year old girl who loves artwork, family, and animals. She loves cuddles and hugs!
Yahir Tovar likes to play and smile loves to see Coco Melo is a lovely boy
Creedance is 1 month old and she loves to kick her little feet . She loves her pacifier but she loves sucking on her arm more. She of course listens to Creedence Clearwater Revival. She loves to make noises and loves her hands to be close to her face at all times. She has many facial expressions always leaving people with smiles.
Diane is a little ball of sunshine 🌞 💛 A beautiful rainbow after a storm🌈 ❤ she loves to laugh and play, Diane enjoys making others laugh and making them happy! What she enjoys most is spending time with her family and her cat hunter and dog oso.
Kingsley is 5 months old. He is the most loving and joyful baby there is, he is always smiling and laughing and knows how to light up a room!! 💕
Briar is a super fun, super loving and super sweet 10 month old. He LOVES his animals. ( especially his piglet frank) He loves bananas and French fries!
Jacob loves to be held mostly by hus dad. Laughs a lot. Will cry and then start laughing once he get our attention. Likes to sit up and look around. Loves taking baths. Doesnt like being hugged to much he needs his personal space. A Jacob le gusta que su papa lo cargue mas que nadie. Se rie bastante. Llorra para despues reirse ya que tiene tu attencion. Le gusta sentarse y ver a su alrededor. Le encanta bañarse. Y no le gusta ser abrazado demasiado necesita su espacio.
My sweet little boy loves to show off his big beautiful smile and loves to look at himself in the mirror! He loves his puppies, his fingers, and is a BIG momma’s boy! Definitely the happiest baby I’ve ever met!
Hi! My name is Remington! People call me Rem or Remy for short. I love food, playtime, toys, and mommy & daddy! I get proud of myself when I stand on my own!
Wren Kate
Wren is the best baby. She makes your day just by looking at her. She loves to laugh and play about 3:00 am just ask her mother.
Jentree is a 16 month old baby girl born with hydrocephalus and myelomeningocele spina bifida. This sweetheart has had 4 surgeries in her first month of life. She is such a strong little girl and such a fighter. She doesn’t let her immobility keep her from moving! Her favorite thing to do is play peek-a-boo and give kisses 💕
Hello my name is Kendall, I love to play with toys and laugh and scream really loud to make myself laugh and I am always happy. I am almost 7 months the 23 I was born in June where it was so nice., My favorite show is Gumball it makes me laugh the blue guy is my favorite. I also love fuzzy blankets and to lay down on my belly and side. I can roll over on my own now and I am very happy but sad because I cant sit up on my own yet.
Rubi is so active likes turning around on her tummy or being on the baby jumper.. she is my little miracle baby ❤️
Erin is the sweetest soul, such a happy baby, a beautiful blessing sent to me from God!
Chloe is a very joyful baby, loves to dance and make funny faces. She loves to smile at anyone who carries her
She definitely has a big personality for such a little thing, always has a smile on her face
Jaidin is a happy 1 month old baby boy. He Loves Smiling, and laughing with mommy & daddy. He also loves cuddling and nap time ❤️
She’s so sweet and loving loves to give hugs and blow kisses ❤️💋 She tries to talk so much and lights up everyone in the room.
Here’s my boy Sebastian, he’s been in the nicu since he was born, he’s my whole heart and we can’t wait to bring him home ❤️
Axel loves car and dinosaur.....he knew 15-20 dinos from memory...his favorite color blue and he loves pancakes
Sean Davy
he always loves to smile, he is very nice, cheerful and cheerful. he especially loves his family. he likes to eat banana and rice soup. ❤️
Lucas is a happy baby that loves babyshark and chocolate milk ❤ loves hanging by the pool and playing with his brothers outside
Richard is 6 months ! He loves making silly faces and is already crawling . isn’t he the most adorable?
AMIR is such a happy baby! Loves to smile and laugh, and especially loves it when mommy plays classic rock!
AMIR is such a happy baby! Loves to smile and laugh, and especially loves it when mommy plays classic rock!
This is Chloe, she’s a happy baby and she sure loves to dance
Fallon Victoria
Fallon is the most happiest baby. She loves to eat and have her tummy time. She weighs 9 pounds, 8 ounces and 22 inches long. She loves to be hummed to in song while patting her but so she can take a nap. She is just already so full of personality for only being a month old. When Fallon was three weeks old I had her on her play mat while I was doing dishes. I kept hearing her grunting and sure enough I look down and she already trying to roll over and sure enough 5 seconds later she rolled over to her back! She is just always so full of surprises like always hold her head by herself since she was a week old. Her daddy like to call her "super baby" and that's exactly what she is.❤️
Yazmyn loves her mommy, daddy and aunts. Has a baby sibling coming July 2021.
Young Queen with a prissy jolly attitude 🥰 She loves eating and sleeping 😴💖
Alex is full of energy and likes to spend time outdoors. He is loving, kind and affectionate towards everyone.
Ziva is the best baby who is always happy and smiling! She ESPECIALLY loves her daddy!
Zariah is very goofy. She loves to sing, brush hair, and dance. She is very loving. She is smart. She also loves to draw.
Malani is 4months old 💙 She loves to breast feed, sing with mommy even though mommy’s not very good lol . Malani is a very happy baby! She’s enjoys playing with her brother most days.
Creed is such a happy baby! He loves Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood and Cocomelon. He loves talking to daddy, who is currently deployed. He’s seriously the best and such a blessing 💙 He is our Rainbow baby 🌈
He love to laugh, smile and be so positive. Good boy