Baby Stories - 21


A joy to everyone around him, Mav loves to smile bounce laugh play and just all around be on the move!
Brandon is 3 years old he is currently in a PPCD program at the school. He has Peter’s Plus Syndrome, but that doesn’t hold him back in life. He is a very smart and intelligent kiddo he loves playing with brother and video chatting with family! He also enjoys riding his scooter and playing with his punching bag he got for Christmas and doing front flips on the ground!
Hi my name is Gracie Claire I love reading and playing with my little sister and baby brother!
Brianna was born 4 weeks early a sunny side up baby. Me and my husband brought this little angel home on New Years Eve. And despite her high level of jaundice mommy and daddy didnt lose faith. Baby girl is almost 3 weeks now and healthy. She can pick her head up, roll on her belly, smile, and hold a paci in her mouth. She is a smart baby. After a previous miscarriage I prayed God would give me a family when the time was right. She is my rainbow baby.
A strong, wonderful, cheerful, full of life child, a ray of sunshine in our home and in our lives.🥰❤️
Please go ahead and vote for my cute little handsome man. He’s my miracle baby boy 💙 Thank you
Caiden loves to eat , watch his favorite cartoon paw patrol and sleep . Loves smiling.
Uriyah is so happy, especially when mom and dad are around, he loves eating and sucking on his fingers. He is fascinated with dogs, but doesn’t know how to be nice to them just yet.
She is a very happy person. She always dance and sing. She helps her mummy out with cooking and tidying up!
Gabriel Lee loves kisses and cuddles 🥰
Theo suffered anoxic brain injury at 11 months old from aspirating a raisin. He’s a fighter with a huge spirit.
My baby girl loves to eat eat eat. Shes playful and that smile will just melt your heart. ❤❤❤
Bjorn is very smiley happy and joyful all the time and he’s just a pleasure please vote my babies ❤️
Maisies loves sit and play she loves to stand up she loves her nana and grandpa loves her pawpaw and granny she loves to make noises and try to talk she loves all of her family
Stormi is a special baby cause she was born on thanksgiving , stormi loves to sleep and eat and also model off her bows !
Hello friends, I’m Anastasia and I like a lot to play , go for walks outside and eat a lots of snacks . I hope you will vote me . Thank you !
She is the happiest little princess,She loves attention and she loves being photographed ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Alexis is a spunky beautiful little girl. She loves science and reading. She loves her mom and dad and her baby brother.
She loves to smile and loves her family she a daddies and mummies girl she turning 1 in August she is my rainbow princess and loves the attention and loves football she love's having photo's taken
Ms. Kennedy aka SweePea was born July 14, 2020 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. She is of course the baby girl of two older sisters London 17 and Aminah 12 and in charge at the moment lol. SweePea loves when you sing songs to her cuddle with her and watch her favorite YouTube show GooGoo-GaaGaa. Hi was her first word followed by Da-da, She is also learning to sit up on her own and we definitely “CAN” wait for her to start walking lol. But one thing for sure we are so blessed to have her in our lives.
Hi , me name is Dominik and I like watching football matches.
Egypt is an amazing big sister to her baby brother. She loves to paint andake slime. She wants to be a scientist when she grows up.
She is such a happy baby!! The moment she open her eyes she’s smiling. My baby girl
Bella-Rose is such a happy little baby, who adores her two big brothers (twins) Phoenix and Jasper. She loves cuddles and kisses and watching chip and potato!❤️ She’s my rainbow baby, after being told I could never half children, I got blessed with Bella-Rose❤️
Vay is very outstanding she is very smart for a 2 year old she can count to 20 she knows all her abc’s in she says yes ma’am she says yes Sir very well groomed and very intelligent
Carter is a survivor, my hero, my world. He was born 6 weeks premature due to the placenta detaching from the uterus and undiagnosed preclampsia thank God I got medical attention as fast as I did or neither of us would have made it. He's the most happiest baby. He loves to play with his toys, he loves to be talked to, he loves to try to sit up so he can watch everything going on around him, he loves his big sister and daddy so much he just lights up when he sees them. He is my hero he saved my life I don't know where I'd be without him. ❤️🥰
Hi my name is Rosalie & im 1 month old❤
Ksawery Sma Fighter
3y old cheeky monkey! Our whole world! Our SMA warrior! Our hero! ❤️ SMA taken all muscles out - Hes brave boy.. no walking.. but try to smiling all the time... <3 we try to win this contest as we r FUNDRAISING money for his life save treatment which costs over £2mln... www. gofundme. com/ stopsma PLEASE VOTE FOR OUR BOY! @ksawerysteam
Well for one she’s my baby I don’t really care about the votes but for a seventh month year old she’s a very happy baby always smiling and laughing,her favorite show is Masha and the bear .shes just a blessing in many ways to be honest
This is Parker Lloyd! He is 3 months! He loves to cuddle and always has a smile on his face! He has mom and dad wrapped around his little fingers!
A'Rayna Noel
she loves to wave at strangers and rawr like she's a dinosaur 🦕 lol this is my favorite picture of her for sure. she's got a personality on her though lol
Rychard is a really happy boy. Him is going to nursery and he like a lot.
Happy, silly, out going baby , loves snacks and crawling around. Has the cutest smile
Brooke has the most beautiful personality, so fun, full of life, cheerful and always melts your heart with her smile. Please vote for my only grandbaby
Jaxson is almost a month old💙 He loves sleeping💙 He loves his big brother Jayce He loves mommy💙 He loves daddy💙 But most important he loves his milk💙
She is always a happy baby! Smiling playing around. She loves playing with controllers lol. She is going to be mommy’s little gamer when she is older 😍
Delilah-Rae is one of 3, she’s a very bright and a forward little girl! She’s cleaver and loves to be a bit sassy for the camera.
Our sweet happy girl 😍
Yaniss is the happiest little boy. He is always smiling and laughing. Happy little chunky baby he loves his brother and likes to spend time with him he is very listening and understanding
Liam is only a couple days old. He likes to eat and sleep and be in his swing. He loves his mom and dad. He’s just the sweetest baby
Bentley is the sweetest happiest little boy ever 🥰
J’Ream is an fun loving sassy sweet diva she loves to smile and she loves the camera
Kayden is a vivacious and outgoing one year old who was born with Ehler Danlos Syndrome, resulting in a broken femur. Kayden has overcome a lot in his first year and these struggles have made him stronger than you might think! He is a fighter, a sweetheart, a charmer and a lover.
Calliope Loves talking to her mommy and her sister. She loves to smile and laugh. Her personality is out of this world❤. She is definitely a mommy's girl and has everyone wrapped around her little finger.
Grayson is a sweet boy!! He was born 4 pounds 8 oz and he is now almost 13 pounds!! Grayson is a survivor! He almost didn’t make it but my sweet boy is a strong loving boy who deserves all the love in the world! Please vote for my sweet boy!!!
Desire loves dancing to music & of course coco melon lol ! She’s a very happy baby & she loves food that explains why she’s a lil chunky but Aren’t chunky babies cute ? I think yes 😍
Holden is almost 7 months old! He loves to crawl around and play with his toys! He loves to pull himself up to his feet to see his puppy Alaska when she’s laying on the couch and loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! He absolutely loves to play peekaboo but only with daddy. But he loves mommy’s funny noises! And grandpas funny faces are the best!
Amaziah is 3 months old ! He loves to chew on his hands and drool everywhere, he also loves to laugh at mommy and daddy!💙