Baby Stories - 21


She loves to be outside and do gymnastics!
Lincoln Xavier
Lincoln is the most funny and adorable little boy. He loves baby shark and playing with his cousins. He’s loves to watch cocomelon and loves to eat.
I love to eat🌝 it’s my favorite part of my day I like other cars but I love my fire trucks more than anything my favorite show is paw patrol
Darla Rose
Darla loves cuddles and loves it when you say ‘ is it coming homeee’ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🤣
Mason is an advanced little boy he's walking now , trying to talk . All he ever wants from you is love , and to know he can make you smile and laugh . He's a jokester . If he things you're not giving him enough attention , he knows ways to get himself tied around your little finger . He's a smiling little toast stealer as you can see from the picture lol .
Joey is a personality himself but loves everyone.
Baby Atlas is a happy bubbly 3 month old who loves to laugh an coo with everyone.
Lakelynn loves her brothers & loves of course going to all her grandparents,she loves cocemelon,and loves to go to school,she a smart little toddler,loves being outdoors
Corinna is 6 months old, knows how to roll over, sit up, push herself up on her arms, and babble 24/7, and she is the happiest baby ever ALWAYS smiling 🥰
Blake loves to listen to Super Simple and LOVES to dance. He is so happy.
Paisley is a beautiful 9 month old, bubbling little girl. She was born into a rough start. She was born with traumatic brain injuries and has Cerebral Palsy! She doesn’t let that stop her at anything! She is so full of life and always smiling.
Aye. My name is Ashton, also known as baby Frazsh. I just turned six months old. When I'm not eating and sleeping I love talking, laughing, playing in the bathtub, and listening to music. I also enjoy spending time with my three American bullies. I love people and making them smile. 😀
Zen is the happiest baby! He LOVES to play with his toys, try’s to eat your face to give big, sloppy wet kisses and makes so many funny faces to make his family constantly laugh! He is a pure joy to this world!
Daxxon has the biggest heart for such a small human,he loves his family.Loves going to Pre-K and learning.He has a love for puppies and kittens.He has always been such a great well behaved little boy❤️
I'm Theo! I love going on walks, eating and making funny faces. I was 10 lbs and 21 inches long. There is a lot of baby to love.💕
Brayden is soo silly and smart! He like to dance and olay with his brother! 😊❤
Zulii loves to sing, dance, jump around and loves HALLOWEEN 🎃 she’s a very lovely girl that always has a big smile on her face. she’s very caring and loves to give hugs 🤍
Jayden is such a happy baby, he loves attention. Hes always smiling and laughing, kicking around, wants to move and talk so bad but cant😂 Hes such a loving baby.
I’m Aliyah Rayne and I’m 11 days old today, I’m pretty new to the world but love holding and throwing my paci already, gazing at my family while bonding and sleeping 💜 most of all against all odds I am becoming the most strongest, intelligent and sweetest babygirl ever, & my family & loved ones couldn’t be more grateful to the Lord for watching over me an Momma and keeping us strong and healthy 💜
King has the most outgoing personality, he loves to count , spell his name & play with his kitten . He loves going on adventures and is always doing something goofy to make you laugh 🥰💙
Kingston loves people! He is always all about making new friends. He is one of the most polite children you will ever meet and has a smile that lights up a room. He loves Paw Patrol, PJ Masks and Peppa pig. He is so funny and always knows how to make you laugh. He is very empathetic. Anytime he sees anyone sad he is the first to rush to them and comfort them in any way he can.
Hi, I’m Luna and I love to smile 😊
Calvin The Third
He is so smart already an teething already he is growin up so fast..he loves all his big sister. He smiles every time u talk to him. He loves being cuddles and loves kisses..he he just a wonder baby boy.
Ada loves to ride horses, she loves picking flowers, and loves to go to the movies. Her favorite thing of all is baking brownies and cupcakes for her brothers!
my daughter is the most bubbly baby you’ll meet ! she loves everyone tho she has her sassy times she’ll never fail to put a smile on your face with her cuteness ❤️🥺
Tuff is amazing in every way !! No matter what kind of mood ur in he will make u smile with his beautiful blue eyes!! He can roll over and his favorite word is mom!!
Brooklyn loves to be held at all times and loves the outdoors but most of all she loves to smile!
My little girl has overcome so much in life and for only being 5 she is the smartest and funniest little girl. She is also very brave and nothing can keep her down.
Nyma is just 23 days old but she’s a beautiful and already photogenic! She’s a very sweet baby and has brought so much joy to our lives. We’re looking forward to watching her grow!
Jacelyn loves to fish, dance and play soccer :)
Well he's only 2 months old almost 3 months, he doesn't like be fussed with. He's a very calm and quiet baby.
Aiden is 11 years old an one of the most fun loving eccentric kids to be around. His passion is contagious. He has been diagnosed with A.D.D., ADHD, Aspergers but it has never held him back from anything. He’s scary brilliant, and struggle with deciding what he wants to be when he grows up. Their was moment that we thought we lost him, when he was born he was 7weeks early and by emergency c-section, he wasn’t breathing and after the nicu team worked on him and got him to breathing he spent weeks in the hospital until he was strong enough to come home!
Kylen is the sweetest baby. He loves to be loved on and to laugh!
She loves to say agoo laugh smile very calm baby ... Loves to hear momma sing lullaby..
Luna Adanary
Luna will be two months on October 30th she loves to sleep and sip on her 🍼.She my first babygirl ♥️♥️♥️
LaNiah is very independent she likes to do stuff on her own without any help and she also loves to dance and watch Cocomelon.
ariba loves her Minnie mouse and fruits. She’s truly the light in my life.
Tydus loves dinosaurs, he enjoys playing outside and running around, he loves to eat and is very energetic. He knows certain colors and can count to 3. Loves to tell everyone hi and bye, he blows them kisses and says “love you”
Ry guy is a tiny adult , he has conversations with us tells us about animals and keeps us on our toes . He could probably climb Mount Everest but we are currently just trying to keep him off his brothers bunk bed .
Eren has a twin sister named Whitley and loves to play and watch Hey Bear.
He is a handsome and awesome kid that everyone loves so please make sure to vote for my little guy thank you all votes count💗
Logan Wyatt
Logan Wyatt likes eating, napping, music, dancing with mommy, hanging out with his four legged brother Bama, playing air guitar to Aerosmith, Harry Potter, and his favorite is bath time! He is destined to be a bad a$$ guitarist, football player, and aspires to be a doctor when he grows up.
Amarii loves to play and is such a good baby.
Whitley has a twin brother named Eren and loves Cocomelon and Elmo.
Kollyn is a smart, funny, out going, handsome little boy! He loves being outside and loves his mommy and daddy! Kollyn knows sign language and certain words in Spanish! He loves paw patrol!! He’s such a wonderful bundle of joy!
Nathan loves to snuggle and wakes up happy. Hes a little gummy bear/cheeseball and my miracle baby. Never did i think i would have such a sweet and beautiful little boy of my own. He is truly a blessing.
Ripton Wayne
This is our special boy Ripton Wayne!!!! We tried for 5 years and god finally blessed us with this sweet boy💙 He loves his food, his brother and yelling at his momma and daddy!