Baby Stories - 20


Lahna is a big music girl, she loves to dance and sing. She is such a positive little girl and never fails to make the people around her smile!
He like Mickey Mouse and cuddles 💜 he is currently 28 pounds and 4 1/2oz😍 He also likes French frys🤣 His nickname is Baby Splash🥶
Hello I’m Benjamin I love trains and hugs. I also like to make people happy with my goofiness. I hope my big smile can make you vote for me.
John is the smartest, funniest, loving little human being I have ever met! Every time he meets someone new they instantly fall in love! He love to play outside! From climbing trees to riding his bike! He’s so talkative it’s crazy! I love this guy with all my heart!
Korbyn is a rambunctious, adventurous, & anything on wheels snuggly cuddly little guy! Absolutely comical little person who turns your day into the upmost memorable momement possible‼️❤
Ooooh baby Aliyah! This cutie patootie loves to cuddle with mama alllll day long and she loves it when daddy changes the poopy diapers ❤️ Her personality shines through her wide variety of facial expressions...her smile melts the hearts of everyone we meet. She’s a very active wiggle worm. Best baby ever!
I am Emma and I love my mom and dad and I love my dogs and I love to play outside and she love her family and friends
Marissa has a smile that lights your heart on any given day. She loves cuddling with Mom and Dad, she is truly a heart breaker.
Skylar Marie is the happiest baby. She loves to interact with everyone she meets and has a smile that lights up a room.
Ryder is just a sweet giggly 5 week old babe who stole mom and dads hearts 🥰 his silly faces and mean mugs always surprises us. He’s the best little boy a mom could ask for 💕 he’s the perfect love bug
Fellynne loves to smile and laugh. She’s such a happy baby. She adores kisses, she can’t get enough of them.
Harper loves to play on her stomach and listen to music and laugh with her family.
Hello I’m an 10 months sweet boy who enjoys the life, I’m very happy all the time, I’m sleeping all night and I’m my mommy’s boy ❤️ She goes nowhere without me 😅😂 I’m the most happiest baby and the most lovely 🥰
Very silly and loves to look in the mirror and make funny faces
I’m 8 months old I love Mickey Mouse I have 2 front teeth I love strawberries 🍓 I smile all the time and I’m my mommy an daddy’s rainbow baby
Ja’Zion is three years old and he will be four years old Tuesday and is a very happy little boy. He loves tractors,cars, dinosaurs, motorcycle, he loves to play outside. He is very active and enjoy doing a lot of things.
Paxtyn is the happiest little baby girl! She loves it when mommy and daddy sing to her. She enjoys bright lights and bath time! She always has a smile on her face and she likes to suck on her thumb 😂. She has the cutest giggle and just loves to try and tell people about her day! 💛
The Mechanic
Luke loves to snuggle, blow kisses. Likes to shoot baskets play w his J Deere tractors, Elmo . He likes to play at the park and ride in his jeep jamming to his music. He likes cheetos, oatmeal, chicken nuggets & mac & cheese. Hes such a special smart little guy.
“Peter Parker 🕸🕷❤️“. This cheesy, curly headed goofball is Peter. Don’t let that big ol smile fool you, this child is wild. Terrible twos, I wasn’t ready for you 🥲.
I love to laugh when mommy plays peekaboo I’m a big cuddle bug and I love to talk and smile I’m an overall happy baby but teething really hurts
Zayden is a super happy baby, and a good baby at that. He wakes up 1-2 times a night and up most of the day, he loves when mommy and daddy talk to him
i am a big cuddle bug i love to talk and smile, and when mommy plays peekaboo it makes me laugh
Hi I’m 7 months old I love to crawl around in circles 😂 I’m starting to get 2 teeth! & I am a very happy baby that loves to smile except when I’m hungry! Vote for me ❤️
King is going on 6 months and has so much character! He loves bright colors; especially red, he loves to have conversations, and wakes up smiling and laughing every time.
Theo is a very chill baby!! He also loves when his sister sings to him!! And he is very photogenic!!
Blayke is two months old and loves looking at herself and tummy time. Also loves mommas milk and being held 24/7!
This lil girl is amazing make people fall in love with her 🥰❤️
Roman is the happiest baby Ive ever known. He wakes up smiling and has the purest heart. His smile melts away sadness and his giggles warm your heart. He loves to play with his older brother and bounce in his chair. He would run now if he could.
Jessica is very a sweet child! She loves to laugh, smile, and sing! She loves most animals and her favorite food is Mac and cheese!
Heidi Jae
My name is Heidi jae, my favorite thing to do is play with toys, naps with mom and acting silly with my daddy. My mom is my best friend, I am so loved!
MaeKenzie is a nonstop ball of energy, She likes to laugh, talk (babel) and enjoy her Sunday evenings kicked back watching Football ( which is the only time she is quiet). Below you can see her couch potato Sunday poses
Hi my names Jaylen! I am 2 years old. I love race cars and 4 wheelers I’m a very active baby who loves you to play with other kids! I’m a miracle baby🥰❤️ I’m very loved by my parents , my grandparents,aunts and uncles🥰🥰
Jaylen Christian Martinez
Hello my name is jaylen but you can call me jayjay I’m a cool little boy I love to play with my cars I like to fish I love race cars dirt bikes and quads I love my two dogs I always play with them and I love playing with other kids but the best thing is my dad and mom they are the best parents ever
Ivy Is A Goofy Mean Smart 1 Year Old Girl That Likes To Play Laugh Can't Stay In One Spot She Have To Move She Will Brighten Your Day She Can Make Yu Laugh & Even Makes Yu Fall In Love With Her She Very Sweet She Will Melt Your Heart ❤️
Keanu And Sylas
My twin Boy's they hate laying next to each other when awake but this picture was beautiful.
Aradhya loves cooing, smiling and playing with her toys. she loves cuddles and kisses too.
Austin is 4 months old. He is a happy baby. He loves to talk and he loves is siblings.
Benjamin’s smile will light up any room, a happy and giggly baby who loves to explore and play. At the end of the day he loves nothing more than warm cuddles with mummy ❤️
Hes a year amd a half old He loves soft things Hes smart and funny He loves to help and he pays attention to everything around him.
This sweet baby fought through heart surgery at a year & a half & bounced back better than ever! He saved my life, just like the Lord saved his 🧡
Adrian loves to smile, laugh, and play all day!💙
This is my baby girl Madeline Rae. She is only 5 days old and she smiles at mommy when she calles her “mama’s baby “💗💗💗
She is is the most loving baby . Mommy and Daddy are her favorite. Paisley Rain is the LIFE of the PARTY!💕
Landon is very loving and full of energy he loves to play he’s so sweet he also loves being a big brother and loves his little sister
She loves to eat and sleep and cuddle with her mommy and daddy and big brother she will also have to have open heart surgery in a few months to fix a hole in her heart
My names Tatum and I hate when my mom puts bows on me but I know I look cute😊
He’s a happy little one! He loves to say dada to everyone and everything lol! He likes to explore everything! He loves to meet new people