Baby Stories - 20


Paisley is a sweet little girl who loves to smile and spend time with mommy and daddy!
Charismatic is Roman! He loves his cars, his lawnmower,ball and the beach! Hes only 2 but when it comes to family he loves and protects his loved ones! His mama and sister and grandparents are his best friends ..the geese in the park would even agree to Vote for Roman! Hes the sweetest most loving tornado this world has ever laid eyes on ❤
She is one month she has a twin brother she is a happy baby she is very nose any time she hear someone she opens her eyes to see wat is going she is a mommy girl
His newest thing is yelling dada just cause he feels like it but when he’s mad he yells mama
Hi my name is Adaline and i’m 7 weeks old ! My favorite thing is to eat and watch mommy and daddy when they’re talking to me.
Za’Mya is my granddaughter that lives in Georgia! She is very smart and absolutely beautiful 😍 She loves Trolls and Minnie Mouse. She also loves her mommy and daddy very much❤️ She lights up any room she enters😍 We all love her so much.
Our sweet girl made her way into this word 9 weeks early , and she bravely spent 30 days in the NICU. She constantly has a giant smile on her face and is the best snuggler you will ever meet.
Mia loves cuddles off of her mummy and daddy, she likes to pull and copy funny faces, Mia is also very alert and ticklish ❤️
Waylen is a happy boy, who is a mamas boy already. He loves old McDonald had a farm and being read too.
Khalil Vaughn
Hi I’m Khalil I’m 6 months old I like Cocomelon, I have my first tooth coming in, I can sit up on my own, and I’m starting to crawl. ❤️
Jayce is a very happy loving boy with the happiest of smiles, he loves the outdoors and his favorite show cocomelon!
she is the reincarnation of picasso ... she likes to paint on paper on the wall throughout the house ... she does not miss any opportunity.✍️🌈
She is such a happy, contented baby. She loves cuddles, colourful lights and lots of milk!
Mommys whole world
He's very smart and out going and very intelligent and very alert
He loves to play he always smiling laughing such a happy baby and lices his big brother kayden
I love my mummy and I love having cuddles & kisses and to meet new friends, I enjoy spending time with my little brother kylo & going to nursery, I always have a smile on my face, please vote for me. 🖤
Sophia is an amazing little girl... She loves having conversations. She is the best little sister to her brother and sister. She can hold her on bottle and is learning how to sit on her own
Kaison is 7 months old and already has 7 teeth! He loves Paw Patrol and Mickey Mouse! Kai can sit up on his own and has started crawling. He’s always smiling and laughing!
Gianna aka ‘’ Gia bug ‘’ is such a sweet babygirl, she loves to play and loves to smile when you’re talking to her she also loves to do tummy time and roll all over the bed ‘’ Gia bug’’ deserves your vote!
Nicholas loves to be outside and anything that has to do with carrots! 🧡 He loves his snuggles too and is ALWAYS crawling to explore new things☺️
Hello! My name is Sophia! I am a pro wiggler, happy clapper, great diaper filler, and a crawler that loves finding the best secret spots to hide from my parents. 😁
Savannah is a very smiley play full baby. She loves cuddles and loves her sister making her laugh. X
Maelynn is 4 months old, she loves being outside with her animals, she loves her mom and dad & sitting up in her rocking chair. She is our rainbow baby after 2 losses.
Infinity Love
♥️♥️♥️♥️ INFINITY LOVE ♥️♥️♥️♥️ loves school, (this is her 1st year)She is extremely smart! She loves to cook with Nanny & Mommy. Help Her Pappy move grass, Help Pappy & Nanny on moves for Our Moving Company ( she thinks she is a Mini Boss), She loves to tell Our crews to “ GET TO WORK BEFORE NANNY & PAPPY GET YOU FOR SITTIN DOWN” 🤦🏼‍♀️😂She loves singing, dancing, playing dress up, Barbies, & to wear JOJO BOWS EVERY DAY! She loves to Sing & dance to HER FAVORITE ARTIST HER DADDY!!!🥰 Infinity LOVES to help Her Daddy make up new dances to his songs, TikTok’s & music videos. She loves spending time with Her Favorite Uncle Ryan & riding her Hot Pink 🏎 Go-Cart. (He is the one who taught her how to ride Her Go-Cart 🏎) ♥️🥰♥️🥰♥️🥰♥️🥰♥️🥰♥️🥰 INFINITY IS AN AMAZING INDEPENDENT BEAUTIFUL, INTELLIGENT, FUN-LOVING, FREE SPIRIT BLACK PRINCESS, 🥰 WHO IS GOING TO BE AN AMAZING INDEPENDENT BEAUTIFUL, INTELLIGENT, FUN-LOVING, FREE SPIRIT, BLACK QUEEN WHEN SHE GROWS UP!! ♥️ She is no stranger to BLM protect. When She was 3 Nanny & Pappy took her to Her 1st peaceful protest in Our Small Town. She held Her sign & chanted every chant that all the BLM protesters chanted! We were so proud! 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Aria is loud, playful and loves a cuddle! She is perfect to us and completed our family 💗
Kobi Milan
Kobi is 2 months old, she loves cuddling with her mommy daddy and CeCe. She loves milk especially from mommy and she loves to watch tv. Her favorite movie is trolls because she’s also a music loving girl ❤️ Thanks for voting
Favourite activities include snuggles with my family, bubble baths, stairing at windows, drinking copious amounts of milk and just recently...smiling!!
Rin (Corinne) is our sweet and sassy two month old. She is the princess of our house, she is SO loved by her 3 big brothers. Her favorite things are nursing, listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers with momma and daddy, watching mickey mouse clubhouse, and going for nature walks or shopping trips. ❤
Kyrah is a very happy baby. She likes to laugh and smile. And she likes to grab her feet and talk. Her fav food is green beans, sweet potatoes, and bananas
Sophia is the sweetest little girl and the best baby a young mom can ask for. She always has a smile on her face, she loves dogs and other people, and she deserves the world if I can give it to her.
Flash is a tough girl! She likes dinosaurs, trucks and wrestling her big brother.
Raiden is my handsome 5 year old, who loves basketball, boxing and swimming. He’s such a sweet boy, and loves his two sisters.
Jemma knows her abcs , she can count to 20 & knows her colors! She LOVES baby dolls , playing with her pretend makeup & she also loves to play hide & seek.
Rosemary is very talkative now.. They like to tell stories and their family loves to listen to them.. I love that I'm able to make them smile my baby girl..
My name Is Braxton, I’m 3 years old. I love spiderman, the hulk & blippi. I am my mommy and daddy’s whole world.
Jaylen is a very happy baby. he’s always smiling & laughing. he likes to play with his toys & loves watching Mickey Mouse & taking naps with mommy of course! :)
This beautiful girl lights up any room she is brought into. She is always a happy baby and has beat the odds. She came into this world after 2 ectopic pregnancies and mom only having one fallopian tube. She was 5 pounds when she was born and now 15 pounds. She has saved her mommy and daddys life and she doesnt even know it! Her new favorite thing is splashing in the bath and blowing raspberries back at mommy and daddy and laughing 💕
Hi my name is Rihanna I’m 4 years old my birthday is July 30th. I like to swim 🏊‍♀️ Play outside and draw, i love animals 🐘🦒 I’m also the best big sister ♥️
Loves being outside exploring new things very happy loves making new friends
George is a very happy, gorgeous content boy who never cries and already knows how to pose for the camera! He’s a milk monster, fun, giggly and our beautiful chunky monkey 🐒
She is the sweetest baby ever but thinks she the boss she is 7 months old lost her father in June and mother abandoned her at the end of July she is very independent learning to crawl wants to walk loves giving hugs and kisses
If snow white was a person Estrella would be it!!! with her dark hair and big hypnotic eyes and a cute bubbly personality to go along with it. A baby that never stops smiling, her smile brightens up a room instantly ❤❤
Ronnie was born with an imperforated anus and has psarp surgery 10/20/21
Hi my name is Ava I’m 8 months my birthday is January 27th I love to play peekaboo and play with my toys 🧸 I love cuddles from mommy and daddy and my big sister ♥️