Baby Stories - 2


Khimoni is my biggest blessing and greatest achievement she’s such a happy baby she loves to eat and watch tv. She brightens up every room she goes into ✨.
My name is Ryan i go by RJ or Bubba I’m finally a big brother to a baby brother! I love my mommy my daddy cole my big sister and brother i am obsessed with big trucks fire trucks are my favorite and i think the moon and stars are really cool!! Pinkfong is my favorite thing to watch! And my favorite color is orange!
Hello everyone my daughter is 2 weeks old she loves to lay on mommy and daddy loves to eat and sleep lol she has the cutest smile every !! 💗 and she has amazing brothers to protect her 🥰
Hunter Milo
This handsome little boy is my best friends babyboy!!! He is such a smart, energetic, handsome boy!!! Aunt Crystal loves you!!
Anthony J.
Anthony is a very happy, smiley baby. Such a personality!! Gotta love the cuteness
An inquisitive little man who just loves to smile. Archer was so excited to meet his family and make everyone around him smile that he came a month early. Now he enjoys car rides and walks with his best friend Finn (the dog)
Fun loving and adorable Babygirl named Serenity Lynn Nichole Felker
Definitely full of life, Definitely a Papaw's boy!! Handsome babyboy!!
Madeline Rose
Thank you all for continuing to support her!😇 My little angel is a dare devil. She will do arts and crafts with makeup while having the cutest smile on her face. Her favorite snack is anything cheese. Very appreciative little girl of everything. She will play until she is up there one day, thank you if you are sponsoring my girl☝🏼🥰 We vote back 🥰
Channing is a smiley guy with an attitude! He enjoys beaches , bars , and Frogs! He’s an outdoors kinda guy #wild thang! And can make anyone’s day with his flirtatious smile (he’s also a lady’s man ) all around , beat guy I know
Ryker loves his "big trucks" and "semis"! He has the biggest heart always wanting to "help" and gives the best lovins ❤ Ryker has grown to be such a smart, compassionate, and rambunctious little toddler. He loves his family and friends we have made along the way!
Maia is the happiest baby you will ever meet. She enjoys being talked to, going for walks, playing with her toys, and being with her family
Alijah Alexander Olivas
Me and money mommy spending time together. Is the best time ever
Kennedy is 2 year old, and loves to play with her big sister and puppy. She loves to eat pretty much anything and loves to play outside.
Our little sunshine is FULL of smiles, laughs, and sweetness. This chunk loves her groceries and her “Dada”. She is constantly getting into things, making messes, and talking about all the things!
Miss Alayna started pre K. Such a beautiful girl. Definitely a mommas girl. 😍
Always a happy smiling babyboy! Loves to be talked to and snuggled at bedtime. Such a sweetie!! 😍
Ava has an adorable face that brings a sparkle to people's eyes when they see her. She loves her bubba and daddy. She was her bubba's answered prayer when he asked for a sister!
She loves her swing, her unicorn rattle and, her frog pacifier. She love to smile. And love her big brother.
Gabriel always puts a smile on people's face! He loves to sing and make people smile. He is an amazing little piece of heaven.
Miss Luna bug is a very happy chunky loud screaming baby. Her favorite words are da da da da and i hear alllllll day. She loves to jump in and bouncer and her loves her food.
Christine loves being a big sister, she likes watching Adley on youtube, she likes riding her scooter.
Please help and Like/Share..Thank You Everyone For Supporting Aurora/ 🥰Very Gratefull 🥰Aurora is such loving /Adorable child, very happy bubbly bubba,she is the most PRECIOUS, BEAUTIFUL, SMART, AMAZING, INCREDIBLE little girl very intelligent,cheeky to, 😊(Aurora is my grandaughter)
Lyncoln is a fun , loving , sweet but wild boy . He loves playing with his big brother and loves to play cars .
Deacon loves riding his scooter, hes an amazing big brother. Hes a cysitc fibrosis warrior.
She loves bathtime and exploring new things and toys and is very curious about everything around her. She loves bouncing and playing peekaboo
Sylas has many facial expressions and will show them all to you. He loves hanging out with mommy & daddy, car rides, & going to his brothers football games.
Everyone this is Bentley !! Bentley is 2months old. He can hold his head up , roll over & loves to smile and laugh at his big brother . Bentley is an awesome baby and has the best personality ❤️
Xander is learning how to laugh and roll over! He’s quite the talker! He loves his stuffed sloth and he’s also quite the smiling little guy! He loves being called “handsome man” and he loves his mommy and daddy very much!
Hi my name is Elijah I’m 2 months old and I love looking at lights and different things and love to sleep on my belly and to hold my head up I’m a sweet loving little boy who can brighten up your day please vote for me❤️
Very sassy but sweet ☺️☺️
He is an amazing little man ! With a bunch of laughter and life ! Blessed 😇
Nation is a sweet happy jolly little guy. He Loves hugs & kisses and simply being a cute baby. In Nation’s free time he enjoys Playing and wavering Bye bye to everyone
Braelon is a micro premie! He was born super early only weighing 2.6 lbs ! He has shown all of us how strong he is and has overcome so much including a battle with rsv too! He loves to smile, he just rolled over , as he is delayed a bit , he coo’s and is the love of everyone’s life that meets him!
Salem is always posing and he is the sweetest little boy. His little gummy smile lights up a room! ❤️
Symonè is loving, fun, playful, smart and happy baby
Giggling and smiling is 90% of what her day consist 🥰 she loves playing in her bouncing and laughing at her sister 😂💖
Loves to smile and loves cuddles with her mom and dad
Eliza loves bath time and her lovie “Ellie” she also loves her kitten and laughing with her mama and dada.
Elijah Creed
Hey yall. I’m Elijah, I am two years old. I love riding four-wheelers and being outside. I am so smart I know all my colors, I can count to 5 all by my self, and I know my abc’s! Mikey mouse Club house is my favorite thing to watch on tv!
Cambri is the happiest baby i have ever met. She loves to snuggle mommy and daddy, she’s walking, she babbles and laughs all day long. She’s the sweetest baby girl.💜 Mommy loves you.😘
MiloJohn is a very smiley and happy baby, always giggling and just putting a smile on anyone’s face. He loves his food, playing with his big brother and most of all he’s got a thing for munching his hands and toes😂