Baby Stories - 2


Albie is the most beautiful happy boy he laughs at everything and loves his daddy
Perfection ❤️
Rhea was born on March 2, 2020 she is a very outgoing little girl, she has such a big personality and loves to talk and have conversations with you, if only we knew what she was saying 😊. You can see it in her eyes she takes everything in and loves to learn new things.
Cassidy Marie born Sept. 30th, 2020. She likes laughing at the most random things. Like a random stranger smiling at her or her Dad making funny voices. Her facial expressions are a whole mood! & she loves giving the sweetest kisses. My Cassie!
Autumns identical twin sister! ❤️
The sweetest and smartest baby 🥰 her favorite people are her daddy, her kitty and JJ from cocomelon 😇😅😍
She loves COCOMELON!🍉 and food LOL Very playful! Always smiling showing her teeth😀
Autumn was born prematurely at 29 weeks and 4 days along with her identical twin sister Bruna. They are both still in the nicu and excelling little by little as each week goes on!
Ariel Vodnik was born July 20,2020 at 9:30 am by a c-section. Mommy was induced at 39wks and spent 4 days trying to push her out but no luck. At birth she weighed 9lbs 6oz! She is the happiest baby ever, rarely cries, she started sleeping throughout the night at 2months! Mommy loves that! Bedtime is between 9-10pm to 6-7am. She’s definitely daddy’s girl, there’s never a time she won’t crack up with him! Daddy’s work requires him to leave for 6 months to another state. The money would go towards helping us get a place out there and be able to be there with him. We appreciate your votes to help us achieve our goal, I’d hate for him to see her grow through a screen, thank you!!
A beautiful angel given to us from above, on a day another angel said goodbye but left us with so much love🖤💜🖤 you knew this angel would make us try, you knew this angel would help us fly. (Lillian Amoura Irvine is the most sweetest baby girl I've ever known and im lucky she's mine she truely is a miracle.) #blessed momma
I love making monster noises. Eating food especially. I can’t stay still! Who wants to!! I’m very curious and love to know what’s going on at ALL TIMES! I can’t talk yet but I do make noises thinking I’m talking. Cause I’ve got a lot to say! I love my mommy and daddy. I’ve almost got their names down too. 💕
Hi I’m Elijah I’m 14 weeks old and I’m a cheeky chunky monkey because I love my food! My mummy calls me Wiggle monster because I don’t stop wiggling even when asleep! Even when I was inside mummy I would wriggle and not let the sonographer check me!
Lex’Lorae is a happy very happy baby. She loves music, loves yogurt, and loves to smile. If she’s not smiling she’s singing her abc’s, she’s only 11 months.
Cute, Sweet, outgoing, precious little boujie Princess! Ms. Alani Chanel 👸🏽
I’m Jayden :) I love sports, especially footballs I’m obsessed with Xbox and I’m very athletic!
My name is Tyleigh, I’m a total mommy’s girl & I love big bows. I enjoy sucking on my big toe & playing with anything that makes a rattling noise. I’m always so content and happy, I’m a happy baby!💗
Antonio is 9 months old he is going to be a big brother this year. He will be walking before i know it. He LOVES FOOD and to chill with mommy!
alexandria is soo happy loves cocomelon and does not like to be in her bouncer as much lol loves to sleep and roll and be on her tummy and loves to sound like a little trex . she will make sure you hear her
Shelby is a 2 year old big sister who loves cheering on the Packers and playing on fire trucks with her dada!
april is picky when it comes to food loves to play in dirt lol and loves to dress up with her sister and loves them both
ava loves to eat she soo sweet but yet such a brat lol but she loves to play outside . and she loves her sisters
Olivia is a 1 month old little sister! She loves bouncing, tummy time, and rocking the room with her toots!
I Love to make the house a playground. Oh and no one can get away from me, I he can hear you from miles away no matter how quite you are trying to be! 😅🤣 especially Mummy and Daddy .
I’m Mila :) I’m 6 years old and I love to sing and dance! I’m such a great friend and I tell the best jokes!
Hello :) my name is Julian. I’m 2 months old and a huge bundle of sunshine ☀️. I love giving huge smiles and chatting with my mommy!
My name is Ava! I love my momma, dadda and grandma! I Momma is the best personal chef and she cooks the yummiest food. After breakfast I like to watch the birds and the squirrels eat on our back deck. My walker is the best. It helps me to be mobile and chase after momma and dadda. Sometimes they hide and surprise me. It makes me smile and laugh. Vote for me please so I can start a bank account for the future! 😁❤️
Aniya is sassy, she loves to watch chip and potato with her dad.
Ever is a sweet girl who loves to play with toys and her bubba.
He loves cuddle time and loves to eat, he also loves to make funny faces when its picture time
Zamaria is very unique and love to care for babies Her personality is outstanding she will make your heart melt.she fits in wherever she goes
So Aria is 4 months old now, her personality is starting to shine through and omggg I'm in love she's such a happy, smiley baby she's gentle and vey aware for her age, she loves her animals, and I cannot believe I have my rainbow baby here finally!
Lewis is an extremely happy baby and I couldn't be any happier to have him in my life.
Sassy pants Ava! She is quite the diva. She's beautiful, smart, loves to talk and smile. Just a ball of energy
Girly girl mixed with a little Tom Boy glitter like mommy greasy like daddy lol Paisley is a very outgoing sweet happy loving helpful girl. She loves to wash dishes with her Gigi & Meme ,she loves her papa Bobby and pop_pop so very much and to cook on her lil pink kitchen for mama & daddy also loves to help her daddy work on cars and she loves her protective dog max
❤️ my pumpkin
Dexter was born early July and absolutely loves the outdoors! When he would cry during the summer I would take him outside and he would instantly stop crying. He loves animals, he loves getting kisses and hugs. Dexter loves to talk and let people know that he needs attention! He now loves to eat avocado and sweet potato baby food while also stealing mommys food from her hand! Dexter always has a smile on his face and if he doesnt, he will once you look at his sweet precious face 🥺❤
Please vote for Rosie she loves posing for the camera and loves babbling away she also loves copying facial expressions and having lovely warm cuddles. Rosie also has her own bank account so if she wins the money will go straight into her account .
Our beautiful new edition Jacob arrived 7th January. Loved by his big sister Isabella and all his family
Dior is a smart & funny boy ❤️ He loves to laugh & talk 👩‍👦 He’s spoiled rotten & has the best personality 😘
Aionna is a natural, she is extremely photogenic and has a take control type of attitude., A natural leader
Za’brina love to blow spit bubbles pull hair baby talk and laugh a lot she likes to bounce up and down as well
Brian (Bubba) is my miracle child! I was never supposed to be able to have any. He is the happiest child an always smiling! He's Mommy's boy!
Vote for my little handsome happy chap, always loves a snack and playing with his sisters ❤️
Princeton loves to dance sing and play all day he is an Irish twin and the 4th little king in the family ❤️