Baby Stories - 19


lorenzo is a big three month old who loves talking and smiling!
Nadia Rose was born a twin to her sister, Camille Mae, who passed away at birth. Nadia fought hard for 5 weeks in the NICU and is a thriving and sassy 11 month old, growing stronger every day!
Taytum is a sweet boobie baby who loves her Elmo and laughing with her big brother!
Cecelia-Rose is a beautiful miracle. ❤️ She was brought into my life when I needed it the most.
Honesti love to smile, love it when you talk to her, and she's a mommy girl. She really love to eat so she's my greedy baby lol. She loves to watch cocamelon really anything that is colorful.
Hi my name is Zaria! I love my mommy & daddy and most of all I love to smile! I do it all day long 💖
I am four months old, Virgo baby boy. Mommy’s hair is so yummy. I love my Mr. Bear, he’s my favorite. I think it’s funny when to fake cough and freak everybody out.
Trey Shutt
Hi im trey im 4 months old i love life and i love tummy time and playing with my big brother i love eating fruits and veggies
She 18 days old she loves kisses and to lay on her side also loves to be held and looked at she was born Jan 02 2021 at 4lbs 8oz
He’s a smart litltle chubby bubbly boy who loves to play with his toys & so cuddly! He loves to eat fruits & veggies it’s his favorite , he also likes cocomelon a lot !! ❤️
Raelynn Hope
Very sassy but loving 3 yo❤️ Loves Disney.
Avianna Leilani is my sweet and sassy granddaughter.She is the definition of sunshine and love.She lights up the room with her big beautiful eyes and smile.She is the sweetest happiest baby with the most infectious smile.She definitely has melted all of our hearts.She is always full of laughter and smiles a true blessing to our family.. Vote for Avianna!! Thank you for voting❤️
Darnell Jr.
Darnell is such a smart funny little guy who is always happy and loves to play with his sisters, dad and mom, hes very adventurous he loves the outdoors already!
Aden is a very funny, high energy boy. He loves making people laugh, being outside and anything Halloween.
Amina likes to dance, to cuddle, lovable. May 19 she is going to be 2! Vote for Amina!💕
Dylan is bright eyed busy baby boy! He loves applesauce, warm bottles, and Cheetos! He loves playing with his older siblings and riding in his motor car, that mommy navigates. He loves car rides, hug and kisses from mommy!
Ellis loves his big brother, playing basketball/shooting the ball and is a very happy smiley baby!
He survived heart surgery twice and is so amazingly happy , strong and happy!!! So loveable!!!!
Brumeko Bradley
He Smiles A Lot He Will Brighten Up Your Day With One Look❤️
Maleigha is a very spunky, kind, funny little girl! She loves loves horses! She likes to read and learn new things! She’s a great big sister! sometimes she’s bossy tho 😆 vote for our girl ❤️
I am the best thing in my mommy and daddy's world, and I saved their life! They tell me everyday. My favorite part of the day is morning when Mommy and I snuggle, and my bath time! I can't wait to learn how to swim. I love falling asleep on mommy's and Daddy's chest. I love car rides, I can't wait till warmer weather gets here so I can go for a walks in my stroller! I am only 5 weeks and 3 days old so the cold is too much for me right now. My nickname is Creed and I love to dress up and look pretty with my bows!
Mia Elizabeth Reyes
Hi, im Mia Elizabeth im 3 months old, I was born as a preemie, I love to smile and love to be hugged by my family and friends.
My name is Phoenix I love minnie mouse, dancing, music, and being silly. I'm a very happy person who loves being me. Vote for me now!
The sweetest most busy little man. He keeps me on my toes and makes me the happiest mommy in the world. ❤️
Kmauri is a smart baby he is very smart He knows alot he been threw alot He know his time table subtraction all that Good stuff He just the perfect baby to me very fun to be around
He is very sexy he can out love u all
Laiya Raine 🌧 She is beautiful inside & out. Laiya is 11 years old ⭐️ She loves soccer, math and playing with her little brother.
Mahogany loves listening to music , playing with her siblings and her toys !!! She is very independent baby and like to crawl around or get in her walker to roam the house !!! She is goofy and laughs and smile all the time ... she is a true BOSS BABY 🥰😍😘
I love bows and my mommy!
Corbin Andrew
Hello! My name is Corbin! I am 5 months old!! This is HUGE for me! Because i am a micro preemie, i was born at 1.9lbs and 13 inches long. I have had 2 surgies and lots of medications to help me grow! Im my parents warrior!! I am still in the hospital growing strong and now weighting 7.13lbs!
Vinny is almost 3 years old. He is a force to be reckoned with. Vinny loves dinosaurs and sharks, and will play his days away with his baby sister.
Natalie loves her toes the most. She likes squares, hates triangles, and indifferent about circles. Bathtime is her favorite part of the night, next to cuddling with mommy and daddy.
He loves to be outdoors. Hes bilingual. He loves horses. He loves his toy guns and his brothers and sister. He is such a sweet heart ❤
Nova is 8 months old. She loves exploring and getting into all kinds of mischief! Just look at that smile?!
Willow is still only a baby but definitely knows how to wrap mummy, daddy and nanny around her little finger. She has brought happiness and joy to a hopeless year. Every child is beautiful, they should all win but obviously she is the most beautiful to me.
My name is Wraven, I love to laugh at everything and mommy likes the bows more than I do!
Avery loves to sing baby shark!
Bryson is his dads twin in the face but has is moms attitude. Wants what he wants when he wants it. He loves to smile and act silly. He’s very intelligent his favorite words right now is wow and Hii. He’s got big blue eyes and is a chunka munka. He also LOVES FOOD vote for this little handsome man
Hi I’m John I love to roll over and play I’m getting bigger and stronger every day and mommy just can’t handle the cuteness. I’m getting ready to crawl and I love watching my favorite show Chuggington while my mom cleans.
Tatum is always smiling 🙂
River is the happiest baby. Always smiling and ready to play!
My girl has such a big personality for such a little person. She is so full of sas & spunk. Your typical girly girl but she loves getting dirty & playing with bugs. She is in Kindergarten & loves being read to.
Julian is such a cute baby boy and a blessing to our family!!
Dream is a quick learner, loves to play and loves to learn Spanish with Dora. She is very independent and already acts older for her age.
One of the most sweetest and cuddliest babies you’ll ever know.
Angelina (Angel) has so many beautiful attributes. She loves to talk, play and laughs a lot, but overall the happiest baby you will ever meet.
Ares is a baby boy born at 30+4, he is a very happy child, fascinated by new things, very energetic and curious 💙💙💙