Baby Stories - 18


Ayden is full of personality! He is a goofball! He LOVES food. He loves climbing things! He loves music so much as well!
A happy baby who brightens everyone's day with an infectious smile💙
Hi mat loves to play. Has a contagious smile. Loves animals both big and small. Only 17 months but he is our biggest hero.
Ashur is the most loving adorable baby I’ve ever seen. He’s also extremely smart, and very close to walking. He says things such as, “I got” “Mama” “dada” “thank you”. His favorite past time is hanging with mommy and daddy and LOVES watching Doc Mcstuffins
We are not in a contest! Thank you!
Hello my name is deviona but you can call me chyna I love doing dancing and singing you should pick me because I’m very talented and amazing and my looks kill
This little boy is a fighter 🖤 He was born 3 weeks early and had a rough start in the NICU, but he is so strong and thriving. He is very vocal, happy, and loves to smile and play with his big sister.
Olivia Mae
Big blue eyes and chubby thighs💕💎 Momma’s rainbow baby🌈🤱🏼 I love to smile and move around!
Weston is a very lovey baby! He loves to smile, laugh, and he’s a big talker! He is such a mommas boy but also loves his cuddle time with his daddy! He is learning how to crawl and LOVES bananas💖
Oaklynne was born 3 weeks early due to us both being at risk of high blood pressure. Oaklynne loves watching cartoons, loves her swing, and so in love with her daddy😍 She is the sweetest and most loving baby!
Makynleigh is a very giggly outgoing one year old, soon to be big sister to her sis sis, she loves playing outside, Cocomelon, animals and giving kisses!
Stetson is a happy little boy, always smiling & laughing ! He loves his rattles, and his momma! He’s my miracle baby. Please don’t hesitate to vote!💙
Oaklynn Laten Kay ❤️ Loves being outside already has a heart of gold! Loves mommy and daddy
Meet my little friday the 13th baby girl Divinity! Divinity is 2 months old and has such a big personality for such a littke girl! She has a appetite like a grown man and super sassy and likes to roll her eyes at momma.
Kaiden is my wiggle worm. He enjoys outside, tv, and being held. There’s almost always a smile on his face. 💕
Baxley is the happiest little girl. She loves her brother and everyone she meets. Her smile lights up the room. I am a rainbow baby sent to mommy and daddy. 🥰
Greason is a loving 11 month cuddle bug he loves cuddles and he loves giving people smiles😊😊
Elijah is one of the sweetest baby you will ever meet. He is so smart already. He is very cheerful and happy. He loves mommy and daddy. He loves anything he can chew on.
All advanced votes and bonuses welcomed 💙💙this is it💙💙 Lets make it happened 💙💙
Kingston is full or joy he loves bouncing he loves ATTENTION he loves it when people smile at him and Cheetos lol
Elena is 7 months old she is a rainbow baby she loves Daniel tiger and she loves her big sister
My name is heaven I might be little But I’m full of attitude ❤️Playing outside is my favorite I also love to laugh and play with my bubba and watch cocomelon.
Drew has such a spunky personality. She loves screaming and learning to do things on her own!
Aria Jade
Meet our 1st beautiful, sweet Granddaughter, Aria Jade! She is 2 months old. She has brought so much love & happiness to our family. She has an amazing Mama & Daddy that we are so proud of that love her dearly! She loves all the cuddling & is so happy & smiles all the time! Such a blessing! 💗
Mason is 10 years old! He is one of the best baseball players in his League! He plays catcher! His favorite player is Yadier Molina! He’s a cardinals fan forever!! He plays ball with his heart! This kid has so much talent and love for baseball! He also is a sweet boy with a twist! He a class clown with a hint of sweet! He is one of the middle brothers of 5! He’s a great kid!
A happy little man with lots of big smiles and giggles. Nothing makes him happier than a cuddle 💙
Ryker Isaiah is the name. I like to play in the dirt and “work” on my four wheelers. I’m half Native American and half Hispanic. And I’m a Momma’s Boy! 💙
Mesiah is full of love , joy and great cuddles. He is the happiest baby until he is hungry 😂❤️
Hi 👋🏼 my name is Royal and I love to sit up and watch my favorite show “Word Party” with mom and dad. 💙Thanks for your vote💙
My waters broke with Israel on my birthday! He likes cuddles and LOVES a bath! He likes to spend time eating his hands or watching our dog too!
Jayla Amoni aka “JJ” is 1 1/2 & will be 2 in January. She is full African American 😍 She is small but she has the BIGGEST personality! She loves to dance & play at the park. She also enjoys long naps & store runs with mommy. Her smile lights up any room she is in. She knows how to say a variety of words & she loves to interact with other little people. Please vote for Jayla! 😊
He is a happy baby he loves to laugh and giggle his smile is so preshuss he is all a round a sweet baby He likes everybody and everything
Rilan is 6 years old! He loves dirt bikes and fast cars!! His dream car is a mustang super snake! He likes to ride his bike go to school and sing! He likes to make his own Tik Toks lol he’s the second youngest of 5 boys! He’s the best big brother ever!
Braxtyn is a on the go bright eyed baby! He loves saying dada and has cute chunky legs!! He doesn’t miss a meal! Braxtyn is ONLY a fan of coco melon when it comes on, other than that he loves to play with his toys! Everything he does has to do with bouncing or jumping! Braxtyn is the baby of 5 boys!
Marcus sure loves his bananas!! He enjoys watching movies with mommy and daddy and he just loves getting tickles!! He’s ready for Halloween!!!
Leon is a smiling sweet little boy who loves to cuddle with mommy and daddy. He loves to watch TV. His favorite thing to do right now is tummy time.
Xander loves to go for walks, play with mommy and daddy, and watching big city greens.
Yaniece loves to be active and independent. She loves to put her pacifier in her mouth on her own and fight with it lol. She also loves getting kisses from mommy and daddy.
Sweetest little 3month old ever. He loves to laugh and he will smile at anyone. He loves his momma more than anything and absolutely adores nap time ❤️
Isabella is 3 months old and has two older brothers! She loves having cuddles from mommy & daddy!
He loves to smile!
Bentley is the most loving baby. He loves to be on his belly anytime. He hardly ever cry’s. He’s almost hold his head on his own!
Emilio is such a sweet baby who loves to be cuddled he is learning how to smile 💙
I can't believe I am so blessed to have my baby girl and privileged to watch her grow up into a smart, kind, playful, curious, joyful little girl. 🥰👨‍👩‍👧💖🎀💕
Valor really likes funny faces and being bounced on our leg. He is very vocal when he wants to be. I call him buzzy bee sometimes because he loves making noises. His voice reminds me of buzzing or as his dad says, goat sounds.
Wyatt is just a precious little boy. He loves talking to you, and watching cocomelon. His laugh brightens your whole day! ❤️