Baby Stories - 18


Elijah Is the happiest baby ever! Loves to smile and full of stories 🥰
She is the sweetest girl, such a free spirit ❤️🥰 and the light of my life
Emily is a very funny girl, she loves Minnie mouse. She is such a sweet daughter.
This is Kyngstyn. My fun loving handsome baby boy. He love to laugh and play and give kisses. He also love to play with his learning bears. He is such a loveable sweet baby.
Baby Edward loves to eat, read books and watch baby first! He always smiles when told say cheese.He enjoys playing peekaboo and give high fives.
Sweet , Smart , Goofy Babygirl 💕 Love Love Lovesss Princess And The Frog 🤞🏾
She's the most beautiful loving, smart baby girl
Adrian is the sweetest baby! He loves to smile, he loves watching cocomelon, eating banana and apple purées. He love sitting up and crawling. He won’t hesitate to talk to mommy and daddy all the time ❤️
Princeton loves to laugh, play & smile 🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️
Gabriel's is a 4 week old Precious Precious lil boy he loves sleeping and being close to his mummy hes my little fighter Super adorable
Amaris is such a loving baby he loves to give kisses, snuggle, laugh and play peek a boo, he’s a big boy he wants to feed himself all the time and FaceTime with his auntie and both grandmas 💙
Khali is a spunky little girl who loves her doggos, her brother and sister and most of all....FOOD!!!
Isaac is 7 months old born may 21. He is a very happy baby. He loves to play with all sorts of toys. He loves eating cheeto puffs. He loves being around lots of excitement and other kids. He is a really chunky baby and loves all who love him.
Paisley loves to play with her brother and sister she loves when her daddy comes home from work she likes fruit mashed taters gravy chicken deer meat
Scarlett was born 2 months early and weighed 2lbs 12oz, she is very cheeky and is 1 on the 18th Jan
Shaelynn is 3.5 months old. I loves watching The Cat In The Hat. I enjoys jumping in my jolly jumper and going in the garden in my slide in the snow (I like to have a nap while dad walked 3000 laps around the house). I loves to smile and giggle. I am loved so much by my mom and dad and by so many others! I may be small but my attitude is big
Jaxon is only a month old but such an active and alert little guy, he loves listening to new voices and has the cutest smile.
Hello my name is Ez’Rie Qua’ness and I love my dada and watching Moana , it’s my favorite movie!🥰
Brynn is a social baby and absolutely loves her big sister. She recently found her feet, as seen in her photo!
My name is Jhasi and I am 14 months old. I love to run around the house and play with my toys. I love to eat spaghetti and drive my parents crazy !
He is almost 7 month! He is a really happy baby like all the time😊he loves toys with sound and bright lights. He loves to say mama and baba
He is all boy and loves to smile and laugh
Baylee loves to play with her older brothers and loves to watch frozen and trolls and loves to dance and talk .... she is almost walking but crawls all over the place ... she sure does bring a lot of joy to many people and her smile is what I love the most along with her personality :)
My sweet lil angel. Always smiling. Loves to throw you kisses.
Hi I'm Charles! I like to laugh and have fun! I love my older brother so much. He is really nice to me. I like to be silly! It makes me happy. I love to watch boss baby and peppa pig. I like giving hugs to everyone. I am nice to the people I meet!
She’s a very out going beautiful little girl. Loves playing with her babies.
LAEHLA IS 6 years old .. she is a smart girl .. she loves her family
Preston John Bouwkamp 1 month old loves to smile and play he’s always pushing to learn and do new things 🥰
Hey guys my name is Harry and I’m 4 years old! I’m a little bit shy but my mum finds me adorable! Communication is not my strongest skill but I am really good at building stuff with my blocks! I have been told by the specialists that I’m in within the autistic spectrum but this doesn’t bother me at all , as long as I have my dinosaurs near by 😂
Hi my name is Ty'ceon I am 9 months . I love to eat everything mommy has , I love crawling and having mommy chase me & bother my big sister . and I LOVE to snuggle with my Mommy . I have brown eyes and very curly brown hair. Why not vote for me I'm just so adorable ❣️😘
Alivia is a sweet heart she is a very smart an bright child an she would love to win
Laelyn was born 16 weeks early and is truly a little miracle. She spent the first 4 & half months of her life in hospital and is such a little fighter. She is a cheeky little thing who despite a really rough start is always full of smiles.
She saved me and her mommy in so many ways..she brightens up anybody's day..she is so smart it blows my mind..memaws girl.
Elianna is a bundle of joy. She loves her brothers Corben and Gage, also her stuffed animals Puppy Jr and Lambert. Her favorite food so far is butternut squash.
Caileigh aka Caileigh girl is a 6 month old ball of sunshine! Her favorite thing to do is play with her big brothers! She loves FaceTiming her God mommy any chance she gets. She also loves the outdoors and is mastering scooting and walking backwards in her walker!
Landon is 7 months old. He loves to give kisses and loves to smiles. Landon is a very sweet baby that nobody can resist🥰
Hi! My name is Jacob, my friends call me Cubby. I love Curious George, going outside, farm animals, and PB& J. I love to say “uh oh” too so sometimes I drop things or knock them off of my high chair just so I can say it, it’s pretty cute my mom says.
Logan love to dance, fish play sports and is into video games!!
Naya is the full of spunk and is always checking out her surroundings. She has two little teeth coming in so you can always catch her chomping on something.
Jiraiya is a healthy, strong, smart, loving baby, her smile is warm and touching and her giggles are soft and cute. She loves playing with her toys especially the bright light up noise ones and being very active in general. She’s such a princess who will melt your heart🥰
Miia Wahr
She love to snack, and most of all she love dance, she the best big sister ever
Alexander is such a sweet baby. He smiles in his sleep all the time. He doesn't do much yet, but he is so precious
Chanel is a funny, smart and outgoing little girl. She loves YouTube and especially cocomelon!
Legend is growing so fast he's such a happy boy rolling around and scooting all over the place