Carter is just over a year old, he loves his food! He’s a big fan of his doggies, climbing on things and pushing his lawn mower all around the house an outside. He LOVES bubbles! Carter is a big lover and has the cutest personality, he loves to play till he falls asleep. Carter loves is a perfect mix of a daddy’s boy and a mommas boy.
Skylan loves his mommies , he loves eating snacks , playing outside , watching Mickey Mouse & absolutely loves baths ! He walks around in his walker like he’s on a mission and he’s the happiest boy ever 🥰.
Tytalus is such a smart child to only be 4 years old he loves music and watching blippi. His smile just brightens up your day
Josephine was 7lbs 14oz when she was born. She loves laughing, smiling, and pretending to be shy! She’s always full of life and one of the best parts of mommies life! She loves cuddles and animals! She’s the perfect balance of sassy and sweet!
Vote for addie because , she loves being around people , her smile/laugh lights up the room and she loves to play with her toys 🥰
She is a loving, outgoing, funny wonderful little girl. She loves climbing into things and playing in the water. :) loves her mommy and daddy and is always smiling 🙂
Cai’lenn is a happy baby ❤️ He loves to jump, laugh, play in water, and can talk up a storm. His smile is irresistible, and his chubby legs are heart melting 😩🥰
Kobe is guaranteed to brighten your day with his big smile, cute laugh, and mesmerizing eyes. He’s an active 5 month baby boy that means business he enjoys his daily conversations, activity time, and giving love to his family.
Benson is 7 months old, he loves to laugh, crawl, play in the kiddie pool with his twin, Kohen. He is a very happy little guy.
Izaak is closing in on 14lbs and was born February 17th weighing in at 10lbs 1oz. With his long curly hair he is ready to take the world by storm.
My babygirl Amelia is such a bright , sweet , little girl who is very loved & loving!! What she likes most is being with momma and daddy & being held not put down❤️
My name is Collins. She’s 2 months old. A mommy’s girl. She’s sassy and super smart. She loves bath time and being outside.
Baby Josh is a 1 year old sweet little boy and is full of life. He loves to play, clap his hands and dance to music. Josh lights up any room he enters.
Serephina loves pear purée, her first word was Dada 🥲, she loves laughing when you ask if she’s pooping, she loves screaming, she loves bath time, she loves baby shark, she loves when daddy comes home and plays with her until he can’t breathe and many more
Vote for me. I have the cutes cheeks… 🥰
Damien was born 3 weeks early. He’s full of personality. Already rolling over both ways on his own. He loves to be around women; He’s a ladies man!!! Loves his fur baby siblings.
Izaak Is a almost three month old little man. He isn't just a baby he has such a personality. Loves to smile and giggle. Loves kicking his feet and baby food is his favorite right now.
Milo is just the cutest little boy! He is 7 months, he’s very smart, loves cocomelon, loves to laugh, and he will put the biggest smile on your face😁. He would love if you all Vote for him!! ❤️❤️
Angel Jr.
Aj was born just a month ago and is already the light is so many peoples world. He’s super alert and is such a happy baby!
Oakley is a sweet 7 month old baby girl. She loves to laugh and jump and will put a smile on anyones face when she sees them💗
Ava’Lynn is very smart and energetic she is a big sister and she loves her and is very protective of her she loves music and loves playing outside.
Azariea is such a happy baby she makes everyone happy she’s all smiles for her to be two months she’s very alert and very advanced. she also loves when her sister is playing and talking to her
Baby Richie just made 1 month a few days ago, and such a happy baby 😊 he has brought so much joy to mommy, daddy and his big sisters life 😊💙
Eil’ianni loves to talk, smile, and just light up any room she is in.
Samantha loves Baby Shark,Minnie Mouse,she loves music. Samantha loves to dance to music and FaceTime with her grandparents.Samantha is a fun loving little girl and likes her play time. Samantha always has a smile on her face and a giggle in her belly.
Adalynn is 6 Days old. She is a happy chunky 9lb 2oz babygirl.
Darrelle was born at 8month 5days! When he was born he was not breathing they had to revive him 3 times! My tinky butt had to stay in the nicu for 3 Days he weighed in at 7lbs 3oz! He has such the personality and is funny he wont point with his fingers he points with his fist balled up! my tinky butt LOVES Food and wagon rides around the back yard!! He loves the outside! He loves seeing his dad after coming home from school! Tinky butt will be 1 on may 31st!! He constantly smiles and laughed he thinks it’s funny when his gma fake yells at him! He is silly crazy and a big cuddle bug!!
She smiles all the time.
Lorenzo is such a funny and sweet toddler. Constantly on the go and living life to the fullest - it’s honestly his world and we are just living in it. You can catch us at a park or the lake on a sunny day, while on others you’ll most likely find us at a trampoline park or anywhere that will help burn this little man’s energy. An avid Mickey Mouse Clubhouse watcher and fruit snack enthusiast, Lorenzo is always up to date on what the cool kids are doing.
This boy is a little spitfire! Loves his music but also loves his little tempter tantrums! And what I love the most about his quirky personality is how happy he is every morning and how much he smiles to absolutely everyone!
Korbin loves motorcycles and four wheelers he’s a very smart loving 3 year old
Roselynn is always happy, loves to eat but doesn’t like her teeth coming in . She loves animals.
This is Odin he ,loves water ,loves to eat his apples ,loves cuddling and getting cuddles he also loves his kitten and puppies too!
Jaelon.. AKA fatmeat 💙
He loves to play with his monkey every day.
Hello!! My name is Calvin. I love going on walks outside, crawling around my room playing with my toys and laughing with my dog Doller. I was born premature but I am a fighter and my family is blessed to have me. I’m a very happy baby that loves people ☺️.
Austin is such a happy and healthy baby. He loves to cuddle with mommy and daddy .
Niko is an 8 pound blue eyed cutie 🥰! He love his mommy and daddy so much ❤️
My cutest little baby is 10 days old and looking gorgeous ❤️❤️
Dash is 2 months old he is the youngest of 3 very loving and sweet 💙 Houston tx
Adrianna is a happy and very lovable girl. She loves to eat and sleep; and go for walks with mommy and daddy!
I am 3 months old , I love talking when someone’s holding me & I love when my brother & sister play with me. ❤️
Orrion is the happiest baby around. He loves music . He loves to play with kids and absolutely loves his snacks. If you smile at him he will smile right back! Oh what a joy it is watching him grow, learn, and explore the world surrounding him !
He’s a silly independent little trooper for 7 months old and has a spunky happy personality
She just smiles 😃 & shes love her stuffed animals
He loves to bounce in his exersaucer. He is such a happy little boy that is always laughing