Baby Stories - 16


Koleman is a very happy boy. He loves tummy time, sleeping and eating. He also loves his daddy and his mommy of course. He loves them all so much. He loves to smile at his mommy and daddy. He loves his animal siblings. He also loves to smile and laugh. He is the first human baby. He has 2 dog brother, a dog sister and 2 cat sisters..
Viliami loves to spend time with his family. He enjoys taking baths and loves eating squash.
Jacob is 6 years old and he's the most adorable little boy loves to play on his tablet loves watching Garfield the cat and catching lizards 🦎 vote for Jacob Jacob has medical issues he's the most loving little boy gives lot's of love and kisses 💋 😘 love's to swim very respectful with other children he's in the 2nd grade honor role student he knows more than adults 💙 ❤ love's watching SpongeBob please vote for Jacob he will give y'all huge hugs and kisses 💋 😘
Lae Lynn
Loves to sit up and play with her toes, talk, tummy time, and loves to be Read books
Morgan loves barbies, getting her nails done and helping around the house. Sweet as can be!!
Theodore is such a blessing to my husband and I . His sweet smiles and drools make our days 100% better . He is learning to grab and make sounds .
Alyssa is the sweetest girl. She is always smiling. She is always dancing to Adore you by Harry Styles. That's her favorite song. She loves when you sing if your happy clap your hands. She is my tiniest of my three kids but she can eat lol. She is a blessing from God and my family is blessed to have this sweetheart.
Elliott James is four months old. He loves apple sauce & smiling at people 🤗.
Nalixa was born on the same birthday as my mom. I came up with her name by putting different names together. She is the first child. Nalixa is a very smart ,curious and a sassy girl. She loves to explore and loves attention. She loves cuddles and kisses. She is one big bundle of joy!
Hi my names maverick I love to talk laugh and play but most of all sleep.I love to watch Mickey Mouse clubhouse.
Paisley is 2 months old she weighs 10 lbs 10 ozs she’s 24in long, she loves watching cartoons in her swing, she can hold her head up pretty good, she loves to eat! Paisley can now grab on to things and hold them as well.
Isabella is 1 years old & has a twin brother named Sterling. Isabella has such an outgoing personality. She loves Barbie dolls, cocomelon, mighty little bheem & bananas. She loves talking and she’s now trying to walk!
Emerson is very sassy & sweet. Besides snuggling up with Mommy & Daddy, Emmy loves going for rides in the car, watching Baby Shark, & meeting everyone she sees!
Sterling is 1 years old. He has a twin sister named Isabella. Sterling likes cars, trucks, and rattles. His favorite snack is Goldfish. His favorite shows are Cocomelon and Mighty little bheem. He loves car rides and lullabies at bedtime.
Hello my name is Gracelyn I am a year old. I love cocomelon and singing and dancing . I pick up every word you say and I love playing with toys and being outdoors
I love to play! I’m just starting to crawl! I’m moving pretty fast! I’m a mamas boy! Bath time is my favorite.
Layla is 2 years old, she loves Cocomelon and ChuChu Tv on Netflix. She also loves baby dolls, trucks, and coloring. She loves car rides and animals. She is the sweetest ❤️.
Hi my name is Bennett, I love to laugh and play! I also love Mickey Mouse!
His a very sweet boy he loves to snuggle 🥰 he is the sunshine of our home we love the way he brightens up our day with his smile btw he is our first handsome boy in our family full of girls 😍💓 so you can best believe how spoiled he is 🥰
Oliver is a sweet little boy. He is happy all the time. He loves to be outside. He loves to laugh. He enjoys his walks with daddy. He tells all kinds of wild stories. He’s been an amazing baby since day 1. His name nicknames are: Ollie, Ollie Bear, Little man. We are currently waiting on his first tooth to arrive 🤗. Mommy & daddy are over the moon for you, Oliver. ❤️☀️
He is a very smart 10 month old. He is very photogenic. He loves his mommy and aunt. He loves to eat all mommys food.
Kassey is 5 month old who can brighten your day with just one smile. 🥰
Waylon has the sweetest personality! He loves to give kisses,eat,and jump in his bouncer!
Hi my name is Kingston. I’m 4 months old. I love cartoons and car rides. I’m super friendly. I love to laugh and smile. And show off my dimples. I love my fingers( I’m pretty sure they taste like chicken nuggets. I’m ticklish and I love kicking mommy.
Baby Zayve we like to call him, he’s the extra love and bundle of joy I never new I was missing till I had him❤️🥰 he’s always smiling and talking to anyone that comes his way, he’s always been so active since the womb and absolutely loves food, playing in water and of course his toys🧸
Leo James
Leo loves to play outside and he enjoys trying new foods. He is silly and sweet and he brings so much joy to so many people!
Oliver is my adventurous charismatic goofy baby boy❤️ He’s always been our big boy (aka sumo baby) ever since he was born, he’s 40 lbs right now and was 25 lbs at just 6 months! He’s going to do big things one day I know it!!!
Em is one of the happiest babes you’ll ever meet! She loves to play, bounce, talk, scream, and wave her arms around everywhere!
Ashton is the sweetest boy, he’s so smart for his own self and is so precious. Vote for my baby boy 💙
Leo survived a pneumothorax at birth and is living life everyday to the fullest. His favorite thing are his puppies!
Ja’lynn is such a goofy pretty girl! She loves to smile and laugh! She loves snuggles! Everyday she always amazes someone! There’s not a day where she’s not smiling and all happy! She’s a mommy’s girl!
I’m patience I love animals especially puppy’s! My favorite snack is cheese puffs and juicy juice. I love my mommy and daddy (more of a mommy’s girl). I love to sing and dance. My favorite songs are baby shark and my ABC’s. I’m a social butterfly with lots of energy.🦋
My name is Cecilia and I was born September 12th, 8 weeks before I was supposed to come but I just couldn’t wait!!! So far I love cuddling with my mommy and daddy, eating my bottles and sleep! I can’t wait until I get home so I can see what else I like!!
Eli is my youngest nephew. He is the little brother to one handsome big brother and two beautiful big sisters. He is the highlight of his home. He is always smiling and belly laughing even when he doesn’t have a reason! He was his mothers hardest delivery with a few scares in the beginning.. He came into this world less than 6lbs and is now outgrowing 6-9 month clothes. He completed the family! I am doing this on behalf of my sister. Please vote for baby brother Eli 💙
Elena is full of smiles and loves to cuddle! Her favorite time of the day is bath time!
She’s the sweetest little risk taking sour patch 🙂 who loves to sing and dance! Chanse loves her ABC’s, 123’s and You Are My Sunshine! She loves the outdoors just as much as she loves being home! Sweet monster and a busy, busy toddler!
Atreus is a year old he knows how to crawl and stand up. And he’s very vocal. He loves it when you tickle him. Atreus loves playing in his bouncer and also loves watching Mickey Mouse, tots, Dino ranchers and puppy dog pals.
She is a very happy little girl, she laughs a lot she is very active, beautiful and very loved by the world, i am very proud of her🙏❤🍀🤗😘
Salem is our crazy silly girl! She loves snuggles, smiles and is such a joy to everyone around her.
Marcus is such a sweet loving boy, very curious and a big snuggler. He absolutely loves being outside! he’ll definitely bring a huge smile to anyones face!!
Hi I’m Kyrie I’m 9 months i like jumping and walking and my favorite show is akili and me on YouTube .
Emrys is 4.5 months old. He is a handsome, super sweet, smart, snuggly, happy boy. He loves to play, roll over, be outside and babble💙 His favorite people are his Mommy&Daddy Please vote for our sweet boy 🥰 Thank you for your vote💙💙💙
This is Kingston he’s 7 months old hes full of smiles and happiness he loves his family 😊
Loves cocomelon, watching football and cuddling with mommy & daddy!
Hi my name is EmmaLee Elizabeth i love my mom ,daddy, and cocomelon. I also love dancing and walking. I AM a very loving beautiful 1 year old that deserves your vote 😁
Fajri aka little Joey is my rainbow baby after 4 miscarriages my miracle baby came into our world he is so full of life and he happiest greediest baby ever you just got to love him
Noah is such a happy baby. Loves to smile and giggle.