Baby Stories - 16


Mayson was brought to us when we least expected it! We prayed and prayed for him! And when we discussed taking a break and not focusing on trying anymore, it finally happened! He has been such a blessing. Such a great journey so far. And we look forward to the many many more years with him! He is absolutely the best little man I know (bias maybe, but true!) 🥰🥰
Glorielle loves to eat! She loves music. Glorielle loves to crawl around and pull up on the table.
He loves to dance and to play peek a boo. 🙈 he can do pat a cake all on his own. And he such a prankster. 🤪
Sweet Caroline says it all. Loves her fur siblings, lion toy, blocks and bedtime stories. Favorite food is avocado!
hi! my name is kayson. i like to play outside and i can ride my bike all by myself without training wheels! my favorite color is blue and i like toy dirkbikes!
Nature is an extremely happy bubbly baby boy, he lights up every room and greats everyone with a very loud HI!
MaKennah is a little over a year old. She’s so sweet and silly. She loves to give kisses and loves dogs. She definitely has an outgoing personality and is very loving.
Wyatt is a Native American little boy who loves so many animals, movies and toys. He's such a fast learner and remembers things for a long time even at 3 he can remember things from 2 years ago. He's one of the sweetest 3 year olds. He's such a mommys boy and wants to grow up like Mommy helping others. Help Wyatt start saving towards his college fund and even a little something for himself now 😁 with God all things are possible
She loves sofia she learned how to scoot and she loves cuddles and making her mommy and daddy smile
I'm Joshua but they call me tank because I am strong.
Kasyn has a beautiful spirit and personality. He is very charming and well mannered .. just at 2! He knows his name, colors, ABCs and numbers 1-10. He thanks everyone for your votes !
Scarlet loves to laugh, She loves her swing and she loves her family she loves smiling
He’s 3 months & he likes to play & talk! We watch Paw Patrol & Mickey Mouse together ❤️
Charlotte just turned 2 months old, she loves tummy time and music❤️
Keagan James Duncan 👶🏻 Born November 21,2020 Keagan loves to smile 😊 fart 💨 really loud, cuddle💕he also loves bath time 🛁🧼
Daquor Latchinson
Daquor is actually called SIR. Very happy baby he is a baby that loves to eat an be talked to thats mama big boy an he will be great
Nathan Y Carlos
My sweet baby boys love to play and have fun together. They love eachother very much.
Hello my name is juvisabella and I’m a rainbow baby ❤️ I love cuddles and hugs 🤗 and being spoiled with kisses 😘
Sylas is a very happy three week old boy. He loves his nighttime cuddles, his mom and dad, and most certainly loves his sleep ❤️
Victor jr is always smiling or laughing, he is such a sweet boy! He brings us so much joy🥰🙈 He loves playing with mommy and daddy (but mostly daddy) since daddy runs around and plays basketball and soccer with him. He loves dancing to all types of music but when he hears any song from Morgan Wallen he goes crazy! And boy oh boy is he a ladies man !
Ezra brings so much joy to everyone she comes in contact with. She is a sweetheart, she’s learning to sit up and trying to figure out how to roll over, she absolutely loves to talk to her Mama❤️
He loves learning his ABC and numbers, dances, puzzles and reading. He is a sweet and a wonderful heart little boy. He loves giving hugs and kisses.
She loves to smile and giggle ❤️ And play with her toys
Corbin is a happy 19 month old, he loves to ride his Dino, talk, sing and play he bring joy to everyone he meets and is an absolute show stopper!
He loves riding fore wheelers, and big trucks. He also loves his family.
Fun, energetic, talkative He like baths/showers Moms boob milk🙂.
Rory is a very happy baby. She has a very contagious smile. She is just growing so fast she loves playing with her cousins
Korinna is 2 months old, she’s already the sweetest little girl ever, she loves he big (dog) brother and her big (dog) sister, she loves smiling and giggling, and watching movies with mommy and daddy.
Arielle is 3 months old she’s so sweet and loving 🥰 her smile is so special and the cutest
Gabriella loves to laugh at daddy and snuggle mom and play with her brothers during tummy time.
Damien is 3 months old. He is a strong, happy & healthy boy. He loves to sit in his swing & watch cocomelon! Hes a baby brother & a miracle baby ❤💙💛💚💜
Damien is a bright, cheerful, & happy 3 month old Baby Boy! He is mommy's miracle rainbow baby after half a decade of fertility issues. He loves to smile, snuggle with mommy & daddy, play with toys, and hang out with his cousins Alex, Lili, and Natalia 💕
Dallas is the happiest baby!! He loves to sleep eat and repeat 💙
He is a loving boy always smiling and laughing was born on his due date weighed 7.5lbs and could hold his hesd up at birth a very smart baby he is almost fully walking and can say momma dad and hey he loves going outside and is one playful lil guy
Sophie is a super smiley baby who loves funny noises and to explore everything around her.
Brayden loves watching Cocomelon with his older brother and sister. He loves having his picture taken but he wants to do it himself. He loves his cousins and brother and sister.
Olivia is a 2 month old little sister! She loves bouncing, tummy time, and rocking the room with her toots!
Mavric loves to cuddle and giggle. He’s such a sweet boy with a huge personality, & man is this kid smart. His favorite thing is music of all kinds!
Emma Jean Evans
She is the beaiuful little girl. She a personality that will melt ur heart. She a loveable girl.she like to laugh. She is my trying my best to get her in my life again. I miss her so much.
Our sweet baby girl Londyn you’re surrounded by four big Brothers..And your father sorry sissy 😉🤩
Kingston is a loving child he loves cars
He is a mommies boy, loves the color orange, loves to play outdoors, and loves to cuddle with mommy. He also misses his father figure who is in the military and hopes to see him soon and walk in his footsteps he looks up to him and enjoys doing everything with him. He will most likely want to join the military just like my fiancée. He is a bright and wonderful boy and is caring of others and has a big heart and smile.
Mia is a very happy and smart baby. She loves music, tv, video games, and to dance!! #Vote For Mia
Maddox is an amazing baby. He always has a smile on his face unless mommy tries to take a picture. He loves babyfood and hopefully be crawling soon.
Dad Vcx
like to sing Johnny Johnny Yes Papa
He so sweet and learns so quick! 💙💙💙