Kenley Roman
Kenley Roman was born 5 weeks early and had bit of tough time . He is now 9 months and doing amazing. He such a smiler and happy baby Xx
Jaylah is very happy babyy💕 She lovessss watching her cartoons ♾ She is always smiling ☺️
Melody is very smart, can count to ten and knows her full name. She loves to learn new things everyday and has a smile that will brighten your day! She is very outspoken and loves to read books.
Anniya is the smiliest baby girl! She loves her big sister, her puppy and giggling at everyone.
Stated to smile and laugh at everything. Hair so so long 😍
Rivaan loves to giggle and stare deep into your soul that is bound to melt your heart.
Ryker loves Mickey mouse clubhouse!! He just started rolling over and smiles and laughs the days away. He's our little Bubba!!
Layla loves spending time with mommy and daddy, playing with her toys, sitting in her Minnie mouse chair, and playing with her puppy Maximus. She also loves to be sassy. Sometimes Layla will be shy and other times she'll wave hi to someone walking by. Her favorite things to watch are Criminal Minds and Teen Titans Go.
Hi I’m Ryver, I am 9 days old. I love to eat, and pee on mom and dad during a diaper changes haha. I enjoy cuddling my mom at night. I LOVE to be held. 🙂
Ryder loves animals, his mommy and daddy, and playing with his toys! He’s always smiling and brightens everyone’s day!
Jackson is 7 months old and very loving. His favourite things are listening to music, getting kisses, and of course eating. His favourite place to be is with his pawpa cause he gets lot of kisses and tickles.
Layla Rose born on March 10, 2022. Weighing 6lbs 15oz at 4:48pm. 19.25 in length
Avery loves being around everyone and is always smiling at you. She loves rolling over and watching tv.
A beautiful little girl bright blue eyes and infectious laugh light of her daddy's life loves music and is very loud LOL
Amara is a fun loving little girl💕 her favorite activities are seeing her cousin and playing with animals!
Eulila loves to smile and laugh. She’s such a happy baby !
Myla loves rolling around, screaming, smiling & chewing on anything she can bring to her mouth!
He is such a sweet and happy baby. He loves his toy elephant and dinosaur.
Chloe Alyssa
She’s very sassy an speaks her mind likes dancing fishing playing with her Barbie’s an her cat an loves swimming!
Kamari Grace is 6 months old! She loves chocolate and being carried everywhere!
Hank is my sweet boy who always wakes with a smile! So sweet and funny, his little giggle is contagious!
She likes to make messes and she loves to sing and dance.
She’s the happiest baby ever, always has a smile on her face. She loves sucking on fries, standing 24/7 and watching my little pony.
Rylynn is a very special little baby. She is 4 months old.. she is a very talkative little baby.she loves to tell her stories. She loves the movie trolls..Her momma passed away when she was a month old.and she suffered a skull.fracture.It has healed.. she is so loveable
Andre is a sucker for Blaze and the Monster Machines! He is so caring for such a small boy. He kisses all my booboo’s better.
Violet is a happy baby. She loves singing with Ariana Grande on the radio and cuddles from mommy!
Amias is our little chunky monkey who loves to play, walk, dance and eat! His favorite shows are Elmo and Boss Baby!
Baby Aurora was born 4-09-2022 she shares the same birthday with her older brother . She loves looking around loves her baby swing . She’s very Feisty and also a cuddle bug❤️ She will steal your heart in a matter of minutes. She’s loves when you sing to her . Her smile will brighten your day❤️💜
Alaya is the daughter of Hanah Ball and little sister to Alijah she’s loving caring and full of energy she’s a grandpa girl …
Meet Atreus. He is a sour patch baby that loves to pull your hair while he screams and gives you kisses all in the same sitting. His favorite foods include mothers milk, teething crackers, and vegan mac and cheese all in that order. He enjoys baby sign language taught by Rachel Coleman and throwing pretty much anything he can get his hands on for fun. He has one older sister and two cats he loves to torment. His favorite word is hey and knows how to sign bye-bye, all done, shoes and milk. Please vote if you enjoy his smile and energy 😊
Daylan loves to smile 24/7 and clap his hands. He’s a chunk and loves his food! 🧡
Gabriella is now 7 months old! She loves to smile and loves to eat! 😍 happiest baby girl you will ever meet!
Hi I'm Kennley Beckett, or as my brother likes to call me "Kenny Bucket" lol. I love Elephants, the ocean, my family, and anything Minnie Mouse! My favorite food is mashed potatoes, macaroni, and burgers. I do not like being told no, prunes, or the texture of apples lol. I refer to myself as "pretty baby" thank you all for your votes!! 💕💕
He is very out going for his age. Full blown boy to the core, He is fearless and loves to play with all of his siblings. Sorry for the photo spam.. I couldn't deicide on a picture I liked the most.... Mom problems. 🙈❤
Chase is Seven Months old. Cheeky, happy, bubbly and full of life. Loves his best friend Sarge our dog. Loves twinkle twinkle little star and mummy singing.
Ryleigh is a very energetic little girl who is very smart and loves to dress up and play with her friends. She is a sweet n sassy 6 year old who loves her lip gloss.
Roalty likes fishing with her daddy, watching tik tok, telling everyone she loves them and spending time with her nana ❤️
Cerai is anyones cure to a smile at birth he stopped breathing for 15 minutes we thought our baby was a goner hes a fighter and so sweet i love him and you guys would 2 please vote for my baby bear
Jalahni has a smile that can light up a room. She loves baths, tummy time and naps.
Hi im olanna. 8weeks old. Just learning my voice and how to laugh. My mommy and my daddy love me very much. And i love my big sister
Brextyn Is a funny, smart and handsome 4 month old, who loves people and nature!
He loves to play with his big sister. He loves his nap times . He loves to hear music & all around loves to smile & laugh. Amondrei is such a happy baby!!
Xiyani is 8 months full of Joy & Laughter. She loves to eat, laugh, take pictures. She’s a sweet baby who loves attention.
August will brighten anyone’s day with his smile and he’s always happy! I didn’t realize you gotta cheat to get votes how sad 😢
Lucas is a sweet happy one year old! He loves watching Elmo and playing with all his toys. He loves getting all the attention and having his picture taken!
Anyliah loves to be outside, with family! She loves banana and apple baby food! She loves her dog Lola ❤️ She was a premie only weighing 3lb2oz🙏🏽❤️
Nolyn is a shy but has a comfort of making people smile & love to make friends 💙