Baby Stories - 15


My son Mario's he is so lovely boy he like to play a lot of games and he is very friendly with all his friends!!!❤️ He like so much the summer the sea to swim🏊🌅⛱️🏖️🌊🏄 Take a minute and give him your vote🥰😘 thank you in advance ❤️
Shes a very lovable lil girl and loves her family lots likes school and loves to run from her grandma when i try to hug her as shes laughing.
Hello, this is Noah. He is a very sweet, funny, charming little boy. He loves cars, animals, and fruit. His long hair makes everyone go crazy. Vote for Noah.!
Skye Lynn is always a happy baby she loves mashed potatoes ice cream & she loves saying mama ☺️
Remi loves to smile, laugh, take baths, and play with her big brother Jaxton. Her favorite food is applesauce. She spends her days bouncing in her jumper, rolling over, and flipping the bird at Mommy at least once a day. She loves to lay on her floor mat as long as her puppy Rocco is close by.
Cute 😍
Beautiful, clever and friendly 😍
Tori loves to play with her older siblings! She really enjoys nap time. She loves listening to music and watching Motown Magic on Netflix.
Trevon is a bundle of boosting energy Also A Very Happy Baby & Loves To Tell U " I Good " 🥰 Oh And Caint Forget Always Loves To Cuddle With Mommy Vote For My Baby Please !!
He such a happy baby always smiling and he loves finding nemo
Ava Violet
Ava violet is a happy and funny girl. She loves her food, stories and bath time 💜
Wyatt is a sweet baby boy! He makes the funniest noises and can make you laugh! He loves everyone and will go to anyone to give them his love! He loves to jump in his bouncer! He could stay in it forever! Even when we hold him he still loves to jump! He also loves to be outside! He love his big sister and of course is a momma's boy!
Angel is 5 months old she playful and a smiley baby she loves playing with people and making bubbly noises she is starting to make noise where it kinda says she’s saying mama she’s a mommy girl she only has me and no dad she loves to be rocked and be in bed with mommy
Denim legend Medina hunt Favorite food , food he eats anything 😂 Favorite show Elmo . Loves to dance and loves give hugs and kisses 💙
Maisy is such a funny loving little girl
Summer is a out going starting to walk have 6 teeth and 2 coming in and not crying like either kids.. She is lovable and laughing cute lil girl so adorable and cute and happy go lucky all the time... She does not give up on noithing she is a one track mond intil she gets what she wants..
My baby wakes up so happy everyday! He loves to listen to music (super loud) and to look at lights. Whenever he’s not asleep he’s smiling! We would greatly appreciate your vote! ❤️
CJ is 3 years old. Loves getting mucky, drawing and learning his alphabet. Starting nursery fulltime a week ago and never wants to come home 🙄
Piper is a year old. She loves to dance and play with our puppy! She’s is super sweet and loves to cuddle
Very smart, handsome little guy. Loves dinosaurs
Raelene enjoys to go bye bye in the car, and is wanting to learn how to crawl!
Royale is a giggle machine. She is intelligent, loving, and warms your heart with her smile. She enjoys Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.Also she enjoys funny noises
Serenity is outgoing full of many silly faces, full of laughter's when she's not sleeping, she loves music,being outdoors, learning colors and numbers she enjoys hanging with mom,and cooking lots of yummy meals!! she enjoys time with family and most of all she loves shopping. her little voice is sweet and soft and it's hard not to fall for that beautiful smile.
Holdon is 3 months old. He enjoys smiling at his siblings and taking naps 💕
Mile morales is his HERO, he’s the kindest little boy with a wild side.
He loves dinosaurs!
Kaiden loves to play and loves school. He has 3 brothers and a baby sister, he’s the sweetest boy you’ll meet!
.Josiah Is Ah Very Fat Happy Baby !🥰 He Such Ah Adorable Baby
Isaac is a Halloween baby! He loves food & all music. I’d say he’s a pretty happy baby 🥰
Everett is THREE months old!! I love chewing on my hands, having conversations with mom & dad, napping in my big fuzzy blanket (thanks Grammy!), and reading books. As long as someone is talking to me, I’m one happy boy! 14lbs 8oz, 25ish-inches long with massive feet 🦶
Brody is my sweet angel he loved chocolate milk yogurt playing drums and dancing his favorite thing to do. Was go fishing with daddy
Italia likes to do cars with daddy and loves giving her arms to mommy!🎀 Obsessed w/ CoCoMelon🍉!
My sweet kodah bear . Loves spider man and whoody. His hair is growing by the second he is An amazing big brother . Loves to play with his nerf guns go to the park and call is ouma on ft and play with the filters . Thank you all for the votes it’s most def. Appreciated stay blessed in the crazy time. From my family to yours we will get through
Hi friends🤗🤗If you're returning advance votes to my son PLEASE make a post on my wall with dates daily returns and amount of votes each day same as I did for you.For anyone that want to exchange votes daily if you’re not serious exchanging daily 10 or 20 please don’t bother wasting my time.My time is very important to me as yours is to you.🤷‍♀️Thank you very much and good luck everyone..💙👦🏻🤞🏻🤗❄️
Liam loves to dance and count from 1-10. Liam can say bye-bye, no, yay, shoes,orange,and wow. Liam loves to blow kisses to all the ladies.
Armani is almost 1 years old. He is the most silly, playful little baby ever. He’s been an angel since birth! ❤️ He loves spending his days with mommy, playing, and most of all FOOD! 😂
Jaaproop Singh
Jaap is a lovely boy . He loves to play with other kids and make them smile 😀. He likes to pray every morning and before sleep .
Valerie is definitely a force to be reckoned with. She is a quick learner and knows how to put a smile on everyone’s face. We just recently lost her dad on Christmas Eve and so I want to do something fun like this to lighten a dreary time in our lives.
Lyla is full of spunk and loves her mommy and daddy! Daniel the Tiger is a hit in our house. Her favorite food is mommy’s sweet potatoes!
She's a daddy's girl. 💜💜
Mayson was brought to us when we least expected it! We prayed and prayed for him! And when we discussed taking a break and not focusing on trying anymore, it finally happened! He has been such a blessing. Such a great journey so far. And we look forward to the many many more years with him! He is absolutely the best little man I know (bias maybe, but true!) 🥰🥰
Glorielle loves to eat! She loves music. Glorielle loves to crawl around and pull up on the table.
He loves to dance and to play peek a boo. 🙈 he can do pat a cake all on his own. And he such a prankster. 🤪
Sweet Caroline says it all. Loves her fur siblings, lion toy, blocks and bedtime stories. Favorite food is avocado!
hi! my name is kayson. i like to play outside and i can ride my bike all by myself without training wheels! my favorite color is blue and i like toy dirkbikes!
Nature is an extremely happy bubbly baby boy, he lights up every room and greats everyone with a very loud HI!
MaKennah is a little over a year old. She’s so sweet and silly. She loves to give kisses and loves dogs. She definitely has an outgoing personality and is very loving.
Wyatt is a Native American little boy who loves so many animals, movies and toys. He's such a fast learner and remembers things for a long time even at 3 he can remember things from 2 years ago. He's one of the sweetest 3 year olds. He's such a mommys boy and wants to grow up like Mommy helping others. Help Wyatt start saving towards his college fund and even a little something for himself now 😁 with God all things are possible