Baby Stories - 14


Stella is the most beautiful and happiest baby I could ever ask for. She loves music and for mommy to sing to her.
He loves trash trucks
When I am fussy put some football on and I’m in the zone 😂
Natalie is 9 months old ! She loves to be outside and in the water ! She is a very smiley girl and is a mommas girl !
A smile and blue eyes always 💙
Always happy & Always on the move💗
She loves spending time with family members! She loves snuggles! She loves her fingers! She loves being outside! She loves apples and bananas! She loves her Mommy and daddy! She loves to sleep with her hand by her face just like her mommy!
Sergio has a twin sister, Serenity and an older brother, Mikah. Sergio is 2 minutes older than Serenity. He's so soft hearted. He loves dinosaurs and Paw Patrol. He's a rough housing little guy but loves to show affection too!!! He's a mommas boy through and through but also wants to be like daddy❤
Serenity has a twin brother, Sergio and an older brother, Mikah. She has been through some surgeries from birth and still on-going but you would never be able to tell. She is very sassy but so sweet. Her personality is one of a kind. She's the toughest of the 3 lol and also the youngest!! She's definitely our little fighter!!
Olivia is a crazy happy and loving 6 month old baby girl. She loves walks in her stroller and orange baby food:)
She is super smart and funny! She loves dinosaurs and can name about 8 from sight! She loves broccoli and chicken nuggets 😁
Willow is a spunky four month old who loves to talk!! She’s full of sass and smiles!!
Zayleigh is a miracle nicu baby born at 33 weeks! She loves her big sisters && is just starting to find her voice, she has the cutest little giggle && a beautiful smile🖤 She has brought so much joy to our family! Thanks for voting!!
Maleyah is now 9 months old active very smart and very sweet at her age she loves to smile she is very goofy in I just love everything about my baby 💕
At only 4 years old I like to improvise games, I have a lot of energy and I am always focused on fanny things
Caelan is a cheeky chappy loves a wind up but is also a loving big brother to his little sister and is absolutely crazy about football!
Harlem is high energy, love food and is likes to snuggle. He loves basketballs, reading and his dogs.
My name is Miles and I am a happy, sweet, laid back baby boy! I have a very goofy personality and think everything is funny 🤪 I love paw patrol and elmo more than anything and have the best mommy and daddy ever! I even get to be the ring bearer at their wedding!!! how cool is that?! 😎
Lucía loves to play with her toys , and loves to eat berries.
Savannah is the happiest girl who is always smiling! She loves her older brothers and talking up a storm!!!
Harlyn is a loving sweet crazy baby. She loves her parents, her brother and paw patrol.
Hi I'm lily I just lost my grandma 7 months ago I love my mom and my grandpa and my dog and my step dad
This wild child loves running, climbing, food and most of all, his mama! He's always smiling , is extremely loud and there is no mountain this kid can not conquer!
Baby Gio loves to drink LOTS of his mamas milk! He likes taking naps in his blue baby sling and his favorite person is his mama! If Gio wins, he’d like to donate a portion of his winnings to the local animal shelter ❤️
Elliana Mae
She is the happiest girl. Loves Applesauce and Elephants. Her favorite show is Sesame Street. Loves Elvis songs. Her biggest nemisis is her hands they wont let her eat or suck her binky always pulling things out of her
Jackson loves his big brother and loves to watch Mickey Mouse.
Romen loves to smile,play and talk. He is the happiest baby and the cutest
1 month old today, beautiful baby girl who loves sleeping in the day and partying at night😂
Zeelan at 8mo already has a huge personality of his own! He’s such a wiggle worm and is always on the move. He loves his snacks, and 90% of the time has to have a snack in his hand!!
Payton Lee
My name is Payton Lee. Im 4 months old and have big blue eyes. I like to rock and swing , play and eat.
Carson loves all things that make noise! He loves to try to stand & is working on crawling! He’s so outgoing & bubbly!
I’m Charlotte! I love my twin sister more than anything in the world. Crawling and climbing on furniture are some of my favorite activities. I also love posing for the camera for my mommy❤️.
My name is Sophia! I love taking pictures for my mommy and crawling around the house. When my twin sister and I get into some shenanigans I give mommy a booboo fave and everything is all better❤️
Ezlyn is so wild and full of life. She is the second youngest!! She loves Mortal Kombat! She is a fighter but looks so cute in dresses!!
Vylette Moon
Vylette Moon is my beautiful rainbow baby. She is such a sweet little girl, with eyes full of so much soul. She is already so smart and strong and has filled my heart with so much happiness! 🥰☺ She is soooo loved and absolutely adorable.
Liam is the baby of 7. He is always smiling and so happy. He had a rough start. Breast-fed fully and just started getting foods and boy does he eat. His laugh is so genuine. His little smile lights up anyones darkest day! He is crawling and pulling himself up. He walks along the back side of the couch.
Karleyann is like the sun always shining she never stops smiling always happy
Rhett's a very happy little guy loves to stick his tongue out and he loves when we help him sit up. He's very alert and gets mad when he doesn't have something to look at. He enjoys being outside.
hey my name is gloria mary nicole.I’m named after my great grandma and my aunties .I’m about to be the BIG 1 on FEBRUARY 26th.I love to steal people food and I’m talking and crawling .my first word was hey.I love to be nosy and watch my mama cook .my daddy not in my live right now but my mama gonna be here 4L
Hi Im River, i am always hungry and love my milk. I smile at anyone and everyone too😇
Quentin is a loveable kind of character. He loves to run and play and hes always smiling. His favorite is Cocomelon
Hes a joyful baby who is always happy iand loves to play and mimick his older siblings. A chunker who loves to eat
Phoenix Eka
Phoenix loves to snuggle, take baths and look out the window. She is a big fan of music and being talked to. Silly faces and sticking her tongue out is a sure thing for her.
Jaydon Is very smart he loves his baby brother so much he's very outgoing, loves pokemon, his phone, board games, camping and most of all his family ❤️
Noah is a very loving, smart and extremely funny with such a amazing personality for a 2 yr old. He loves cars, trucks and playing outside.
Hello, everyone calls me MJ. I love anything I can get my hands on. My favorite things include golf cart rides, bananas, family, and cocomelon. I look so happy in my pictures but in reality my mom calls me criley Mylie because if I don’t get want I want, the neighbors will hear me yell. It’s almost Halloween time, I’ve been practicing saying trick or treat. Do you Like my pumpkin?
Ryleigh is very curious and super sweet. She loves her doggie kisses and cuddles from her family
My name is Mayden and I love to giggle and smile. I love to talk to my family. I love it when my mommy combs my hair and massages my forehead while she sings to me. My most favorite of all is my milk I sure do love to eat 😋