Baby Stories - 14


Hi my name is Henlee Tyler MacGregor and I’m 1 and a half years old! I love to snuggle my daddy and my favorite show is Mickey Mouse. I love to run around and make silly faces and noises. My favorite game is “Closing the door on Mommy and Daddy”!
Also known as Chichi, she likes to giggle & drink bottles. 🍼
I love to roll and sit up on my own! Mommy and daddy are my best friends and are so funny! Please vote for me😇
loves blues clues , loves to dance and is learning new words . Very playful boy
Audrie turned 4 years old on the 9th of January! She loves her family, especially her baby brother. She’s obsessed with Frozen and barbies. She loves going to school, and is always learning something new ☺️
Hi I’m Brooks Patrick I am going to be 1 January 29th! I love to play with my puppy Stella, walk with my walker, play with my hockey sticks and cars! I also love tubby time, being outside, Little Baby Bum and reading books. I babble and giggle all day long. I am the happiest fun loving baby and the BEST gift of 2020! ☺️💙
Amira is 6 months , she’s a Gemini ♊️ , loves Music 🎶, and thinks she can walk 😂 but is the best baby in the worldddd 🌏 & not to forget GORGEOUS 🌸🥰
Anden is a very outgoing, handsome boy. His 1st birthday is on the 18th of this month. He loves his vehicle toys, and anything that makes siren noises. He’s always giggling, and loves his big sister ❤️
Fairy odd parnets and jeff dunham and luke bryan music. Get into stuff and jumping from livingroom table to the couch.. this is my daughter jesse ouellette son
Hope is our little Angel and she likes music
Shaundez Jr.
Shaundez Jr. is a funny, smart, and lovable baby. He loves to be outside and to climb on things. He’s always playing and making Noises.
I love to sleep,eat and watch tv while cuddling with mom and dad
Ja'Siah is 2yrs old. He loves paw patrol and hes very smart. Hes always smiling and does some crazy things that always has you laughing. He loves his older brother and hes a mommies boy. He loves to lay with our dog. Thats his best friend. Hes very protective when it comes to gurls. He always makes sure his friend is ok amd no one hurts her. Hes very loving and happy. He has bright blue eyes thatll melt your heart. He even likes to help clean.
Our blue eyed Babygirl was born so sassy and full of personality she smiles very often and sleeps a lot too. She makes funny faces and is very curious.
Matteo Is The Sweetest Baby You Can Meet‼️
Hi I’m Lillian, I love my puppies and my grandmas kitty. I love helping my mommy clean I try to sweep all the time. I love playing and going outside and finding bugs and leaves. My blonde hair and blue eyes get me out of all sorts of trouble❤️
Alex is 11 years old. He loves to youtube, play football and play with his baby brother. Hes funny outgoing and very caring.
Stella is the happiest baby no matter the time or place. She loves her toys and jumping. She loves to eat or snack anytime especially if someone else is eating.
Kimber Powell
Kimber has the biggest heart I have ever seen. She is a lover through and through! Her favorite things right now are Unicorns and Princesses. Elsa is her favorite. She loves animals and her family. She is very witty, smart and loving.
Juan Jr
He love to have play with his sister and so much active, he loves puppy’s also likes people when they call him cutie🥰
Sophia is an outgoing adventurous talkative bubbly little 1 year old ! She loves dogs, trucks, baby dolls and her big brother !
Hi I'm Teigen. I love playing outside all year round & walking my puppies.
Jadalie is a sassy and humorous one year old. She loves to sing baby shark, has an obsession with humpty dumpty and enjoys watching Vamparina. She can sing the abc song with clarity and can count from 1-10 in Spanish and English. If you spend a day with her, you will surely have fun watching her explore around.
Addison loves to ride the sxs and loves water she is the sweetest most lovable little girl. 🥰
Chosen is a little fire ball that loves food❤️She’s her own little person who acts like she’s been here before 😂
Hi, I’m 4 months old and I have retinal detachment! I have to go through procedures every 3 months to improve my eyesight and it gets very expensive! I love to smile! My favorite thing to do is take baths! Please vote for me ❤️
Noah loves all things food! At his last doctor's appointment, he was told he was a "Texas-sized baby".
Cristiano is a happy baby who loves to smile, loves music and makes us all happy at home.
Louie is a smiley, happy boy. He loves going out for walks in his pram or carrier, and taking in everything around him, he’s so nosy!
Lillianna is 1 year old. She is starting to walk. She has a goofy personality. She loves brother, mom and dad.
Levi is a 13 month old baby boy. Who loves his Mommy and his Papaw. He loves his god and little Mercedes car that mommy pushes him around in. He loves listening to music and reading books with mommy and he Loves his little cousin willow dean
Mi’Chozen-One is the last of 6 she is a blessing and brightens up the darkest day her name is specific to her because she was never suppose to make it but God chose her to be here..... vote for her the sunshine on a cloudy day💕
Hello my name is Aria. I love dressing like a princess and making dresses with my mommy. I am a huge people person.
Gurpreet is a very strong and brave girl
Carlos Beckham Cummings is 3months old 15lbs and 24inches long!! He loves to watch Akili & me, attempt to walk in is walker and drink up all the formula known to man. He is mixed with greenish eyes and straight brownish hair. He has the biggest smile loves to sleep.. like his momma & is known as Fat man or Butterball.
Dyami loves to run, play on the jungle gym, read harry potter, and write poems. Not even 3 months old but learns quick, such a little Einstein 🤣
Baby Pio 🖤
Khyree is a bubbly baby with many personalities. He loves his teething toys and he loves to move and bounce up and down to music.
Aleaha loves horses and goes riding regularly. She also volunteers at the Humanae society every Sunday night!
Lucas is amazing little boy who can put a smile on your face within seconds. He’s so silly and loves everything. Lucas is currently in speech therapy and learning new words each day! He’s a momma’s boy for sure. We would love a vote from you!
Kyleigh loves to learn! Her favorite activity is dancing and favorite color is pink!
This big boy is almost 3 ft tall, loves Mickey Mouse, and has the most infectious smile. We are blessed beyond measure. 💕
Marcus Jr.
Marcus is a funny little dude, he will giggle and laugh about everything. He loves his big sister more than anything. He is a go with the flow type Of child until food is involved.
Matthew is a mommy’s boy. He likes dinosaurs and robots, he likes to ride his bike and play outside and spend time with his Mimi.
This is Jayla Isabelle and she may not look like it but she’s been through a lot in her 3 months on this earth she was born with a heart defect called truncus artierosis and had to have open heart surgery at just 1 week old she developed chest fluid from the surgery and had to have a chest tube. She had a nasogastric feeding tube but they did another surgery so now she has a g tube but she’s a fighter!! And definitely deserves a vote!!!
Deacon loves his Puppy and watching Scooby-Doo with mama!