Baby Stories - 13


Billie is 4 years old and loves being outside and playing with friends and animals she is a smart girl.
For Kaliah to be 4yr old she is very confident about how she loves to get her hair done and run to the mirror and be like mama I look cute.she loves Elsa and to play dress up and put makeup on her personality is a bang and she is shy at times but when you get to know her you would love to be around her hyper active self she is my broke best friend and I always wanted me a little girl you should Go Vote for my baby please Thanks
Deckard is almost 7 months old, loves to laugh, play, roll, and smile! He loves bath time and listening to baby shark 🦈
Sophia Grace
Sophia Grace loves to play with sissy and she loves to eat anything she can get her little hands on 😂 she can roll over, hold her own bottle, and scoot her walker 🥰 thank you for your vote!
Karina loves eating and blowing bubbles, she likes the sound of her own voice and 🎶 her laugh lights everyone up and her smile is well look 👀..........^^^
Mahaeylah is 4years old. Her favorite color is Blue. She loves to play with playdoh and get dirty.
Ryleigh is a spunky little girl who knows exactly what she wants when she wants it! She knows how to get her voice heard! Lover of cuddles and blower of raspberries, she’s the sweetest little girl on the block ❤️
Jordan likes to laugh and talk to his grandparents and sisters. He loves to eat. He also loves to be in his swing
This is my Gracie bug, she’s a sweet loving 4 year old. She’s autistic and is the smartest sweetestittle girl I know. ❤️
Brooklyn is our little bundle of joy.🎀 The best gift in the entire world to us. She is such a happy baby! She likes to talk a lot & loves her big brother.❤ We sure do love her. Show her some love & vote for her.💕
Brooklynn is 2 years old so sassy and loves doing makeup and nails her favorite movie is frozen ... her bright blue eyes and huge personality makes everyone in the room smile!!
Her favorite tv show is Jessie , she loves playing dress up and has the biggest heart ever ❤️
Ava will be 10 months January,12 she’s so full of life. She have a big personality, enjoy laughing, playing with toys. Her favorite cartoons are Blue’s clues & you, The Adventures of Paddington, Ryan. She loves to eat pretty much everything you put in front of her. She loves music tries to sing along with the songs and dance. She’s optimistic and very curious about everything and although she’s only 9 months she’s already independent she observe and tries to do everything on her own, she’s so smart.
Lillianna loves to run and jump and play all day long! She absolutely loves her baby brother and trys to help mommy and daddy take care of him in any way that her little self can! Lily is the sweetest little soul anyone comes across.
Hi! My name is Evelyn Jean, but you can just call me Evee J! My favorite cartoons are Pokémon and Masha and bear! I love to play with my instruments and sing along with the music. And cuddle my mommy and daddy! And i love to go on the biggest slides! I also love playing in the snow
Little Luka is a preemie baby who spent 2 months in the NICU and is trying his hardest to catch up to other babies his age!
Winter loves to play and eat❤️ Her favorite person is her DaDa,she can say hey,bye bye,mama,dada and can shake her head "nonono" she loves to watch The Croods😊Winter enjoys eating with mommy and daddy❤️She loves to giggle and smile every morning when she wakes up❤️🥰Winter is a very Happy baby😊 Behind all that love and happiness she hides her sass!
She is my beautiful babygirl and she just the happiest baby ever please vote for my babygirl emma
James for sure is a wild one! He loves says Dada, pulling mommy’s hair! He LOVES bananas and French fries🙂
Lennox is such a happy smart baby! He is so sweet and loves his big sister!
Jase Matthew
My Jase is the smartest little boy I know! He’s so good at everything he does, from his games to his school work! He’s a loveable little boy, who is an amazing big brother to his little sister Haislee! He does what ever he can to help mom out with her, and he loves to make her laugh! His current obsession is between Sonic & Bendy 🙄 ... 😂 He’s so goofy, and he loves his 🐈‍⬛ Dipstick, theyre best buds! He loves to play his Xbox, and is very good at the games he plays. His favorite person in the world (besides mom) is his “Paps” their bond is adorable. 🥺 He can be a pain in the 🍑 but at the same time is the sweetest most loving and caring little boy I know! He is adjusting so well to having a new sister, he’s been the only child his whole life but he is doing an amazing job! He LOVES to share and does a great job playing with other kids, his best friend’s name is actually Jase too! He’s also our neighbor, so his bestie is always close by when he wants to play! He loves to come up with math problems for me to (TRY) to solve :/ ... lol and half the time, he knows the answer before I have even stopped counting on my fingers! 🤣 He loves Science, and learning about space and wants to be an 🧑‍🚀 when he grows up! He has THE BIGGEST imagination that I’ve ever seen in a child, and can make any situation more fun. VOTE for Jase, help him win! 🙃✨💕
Major is the best 3 month old baby he knows how to hold his own bottle sometimes he is so smart and funny and a happy baby he is also mixed
Lola Grace
Lola Grace is a 11 month old ray of sunshine, with a sassy personality and a laugh that will melt your heart. She was born with Spinal Bifida, a Tessier cleft (which is extremely rare), clubbed feet, and she is blind in one eye. But don’t let that fool you, she is so very strong to be so little. She absolutely loves VocabuLARRY, he is her favorite bird. (It’s a show for babies on tubi) and she is fascinated by things that light up, and/or lights in general. Please vote for Lola, we would greatly appreciate it. 💗
Elias loves his milk and loves to cuddle with mama
Tyler is a very energetic, smart, loving young boy. He was introduced into this world 9 weeks early and suffers from a heart murmur but even through all of that, he is still very wild! He loves to play with dinosaur and watch Elmo or blues clues.
Loving and fun
Carter loves to laugh and tell lots of stories
Kiara is strong and loveable . love playing and laughing.
Deidrick is a very bubbly 10 year old hes he very smart and has a great personality for his age sort of like hes been here before. He loves to dance and be on tik tok please vote for him
Riley Grace
Riley Grace is always smiling! She loves playing and loves pageants!! Her favorite cartoon is Minnie Mouse and she has a big brother that keeps her company whom she adores ♥️ This is our first girl and our very last baby so she is very special to us. If you can pls vote for my sweet girl I'd greatly appreciate it. I would love to do voting for others if you would like to vote for her ❤️
I’m harmonie I’m 5 months old. I love peaches apples and pears with my oatmeal then 30 minutes later I demand a bottle. I also like watching YouTube and football with my daddy and I love watching TikTok and FaceTiming my grandma.
Hi my name is Alaia🤍 I love to listen to music and dance🥰 And I’m such a happy baby😁
Kylen is 4M old and loves to laugh and smile! She’s a sweetheart! ❤️
The HAPPIEST baby ever! Always smiling! 🥺❤️
This is Waylon my beautiful grandson! He loves the outdoors. He loves playing with his trucks, riding his scooter and playing with his puppy. He also loves to work with his daddy, and loves to help his mommy clean up after playing with his toys! He is a very happy an loving little boy!
Hi! I’m 4 months old. My name is Asher. I just recently learned how to roll over! I love to be held and carried around. Mommy says I’m a little spoiled..Iol I don’t believe her. It would make me really happy to have your vote, I mean do you see this handsome face? 😁
Raelyn is a very smart girl loves to be outside and definitely loves to eat
Mickey Mouse loving sweet heart 💗
He has five other siblings a 16 year old sister 2 15 year old brothers a 14 year old sister and a 3 year old sister. He is a very happy and entertained baby. He loves to stare at the ceiling and watch the fan. He lays in his brothers room and loves to watch them play the game. He loves to watch the tv (well look at movement on it.)
She has five other siblings a 16 year old sister 2 15 year old brothers a 14 year old sister and a 2 month old brother. She is a very happy and loving little girl. She loves to help with her little brother. She loves going places with her sisters. She loves Barbie dolls and LOL dolls..
Alyza loves tummy time ,her swing and her mermaid rattle ❤️
Kasidy is funny, cute and amazing. She like to listen to music and watch doc mcstuffins and loves to eat oatmeal.
She’s a free spirited baby loves to dance smile and loves to play with mommy and love hugs and kisses.
Vicente is the most adventurous baby ever, he’s so smart and loves to be around family. When he hear’s his name his eyes light up knowing it’s someone who loves him. Vicente loves talking to his toys and even his favorite show (Dave and Ava) which he cannot get enough of, please vote for Vicente ❤️
This is Aalayah &’ and she is 2 months old, she is a very happy and healthy baby, she love bath time, mickey mouse &’ a good nap here there with her daddy💓
Olivia loves to sleep and be held,Except at night time.Her favorite song is the song that the tree sings sang by her JaMMa sings to her. She calms down right away. She absolutely adores her Mommy. Olivia is a happy girl most of the time. Her Great Aunt Crystal is her favorite photographer,Aunt Whit Whit is her favorite hair stylist, and Uncle Bud is her favorite guitar player.