Baby Stories - 12


Fiona is the youngest of 5 and still rules the house! She has the biggest smile and loves eating her own toes. She is the last puzzle piece to our very blended family and we love her more than words!
Jaxx is one of a kind. She loves animals and is crazy about life
Hi, my names Milo! 😁 I’m 8 months old, I like to eat and watch baby shark.
Lillie is almost 2 months old! Her smile is contagious, she loves to eat, and shes always happy everyone loves her. Her nickname is lillie pad and little bit. Please vote for our sweet girl ❤
Koda loves to look at the world around him and loves the song you are my sunshine 🌞 ❤
Khyri is 3 years old and he loves Mickey Mouse! He loves watching Shrek and singing with his Mimi, and he has a lot of friends at church. He's very smart and learning his ABCs and keeps counting higher and higher every day. Khyri loves ice cream and riding his 4wheeler outside.
She’s my rainbow baby 🥰💝💕
Eden is such an energetic, happy girl!! She loves to sing and dance, play with friends and loves to giggle and smile at everyone!! Go vote for my little princess!!
He's a spunky 6 month old that loves sloths more than anything. He is usually the happiest baby you will ever meet.
Hello! My name is cooper and i love walking, playing catch with my dog dixie and playing with my sister ❤
Hi I’m Kingston, but I go by King! I absolutely love animals and jibber jabbing to them. Im a super happy, entertaining, calm baby and everyone who sees me compliments my blue eyes and long lashes. I’m a ladies man for sure!
Hello my name is Carlos, I am 1 years old and 2 months. I am a very creative and active little boy who is friendly with anyone I see. I will make anyone smile because I am so full of love ❤️ I love dancing with my mommy, playing with toys and learning new things everyday. I love watching Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, and Dino Arlo💙Despite being so little, I wish everyone good luck in this contest 😘
Joey is everything that we could ever ask for in a son. He is the happiest boy you will ever see; smiles all day, everyday. He is silly, playful, and so much fun! He is in the exploratory phase and getting into everything!! He sleeps good, eats good, plays good- literally such a blessing. We could not ask for more😍
Carmon is our newest, and final, addition to the family. Our red head, blue eyes beauty loves to snuggle❤
Hello! My name is sarah and i love dancing, playing with my little brother and hanging out with my papa!
From the moment she was born she is a girl with a mind of her. She loves her rides in her stroller and listening to music.
Hello my name is Alice i am 11 days old and im my parents rainbow baby. As of now i love to eat sleep and poop on mommy which i think is funny 😁. Thank you for voting for me and hope you have a good day.
Ryder is such a happy baby boy…He love to spend time with daddy and watch football…he loves to watch daddy coach football and loves going to daddy’s games
My Violet is a hectic little girl that loves adventure and food! She gives lots of laughs and love to everyone 🥰 she recently learned the word No 😬
This beautiful girl brings joy to everyone she meets, she loves to smile, is very alert and is now finding her voice.
Hi! I'm Robbie. My mommas rainbow baby! I'm a pretty special little guy! I have an extra thumb and a hole in my heart(moderate VSD). We are working super hard to try and get it to close on it's own so I don't have to have open heary surgery to close it. Due to this, anytime i get a cold, it hits me hard and i end up with a respiratory infection and typically in the hospital. Despite everything, I'm meeting my milestones and I'm always smiling and giggling! I love soft blankies, my big sister, who is 14, and my momma!
Millie is not only the most precious, snuggly, sassy baby, but she is also a fighter. She was adopted after spending several days in the NICU. We couldn't have asked for a better baby
Hi my name is Emiliano but my mom,dad and 2 older brothers call me Milo. I’m such a happy baby, I have 2 bottom teeth and my 2 top teeth are coming in!!! Vote for me
Hi my name is summer I am 9 months old! I love to play with my big brothers. I enjoy playing with my blocks and any music toys. I enjoy chewing on anything since I got 3 teeth! I love eating lots of yummy food. I love my mommy and daddy lots!
Declain is a happy baby.. Her mom spoils her rotten ❤ Declain was born with a condition she will have for the rest of her life.. but God blessed my granddaughter and she can live a normal life!!! We are so blessed she is a part of our family!! She loves music already and she is growing so fast.
Hi everyone I’m Jaxx!
💙Raylan is my adorable yet curious grandson that melts the heart of everyone he meets!💙
This is Collin and he loves playing with his toy cars, riding his spider man bike and getting to hold his baby brother
Noah is brand new and likes making silly faces
Max is a cheeky 6 month old and loves to run around in his walker and eat everything in sight, he’s currently in 12-18 months clothes and growing bigger everyday! Loves showing off his cheeky smile 😊
Marcelo is only a month old and has been in the nicu ever since he was born. It’s honestly been very hard to watch your child grow up in the hospital but Marcelo is a fighter and very SASSY for only being a month old so with that being said go vote for my baby and make my day better❤️
She’s my rainbow baby! She loves to smile and definitely loves her mommy.
His I’m Cianna I’m 7 months old I love my mommy an daddy, I’m learning to crawl an stand, I love an adventure! I have a big voice I love to scream a grawl, I’m a girl of many faces I can make you laugh the second you see me! I have a big personality an it shows. Your votes will be very appreciated we love you guys!
Evangelina Fé (Faith)was born premature via cesarean. She had a very rare condition (why she was being seen in Stanford my entire pregnancy) in her umbilical cord causing it to be more than triple the size of a normal umbilical cord in a fetus. At several ultrasounds we were told she was missing her corpus collosum in her brain. Our family prayed and prayed for her to be born healthy, after being told by doctors we could get an abortion. That would NEVER be an option. Evangelina was born 100% HEALTHY. Required no incubation despite being 6 weeks early, no assisted breathing or feeding. No explanation, but of gods grace. She is our miracle baby, our testimony and why we named her Fé. She is proof of when we place our faith in god, he takes the lead of everything. God has been more than generous. She made me a mother, GOD made me his daughter. She is the light of our lives, and her huge smile gives us the presence of true love on a daily. ❤️
Our gorgeous little Rainbow baby is a very happy little bubba and brings a smily to our faces everyday ❤
Eva Marie , she is a five months old . She is a happy baby . She loves to smile , laugh , and watch Mickey Mouse club house . She is just the most wonderful baby girl.
Harley was born 11 weeks early at 2lbs 11oz and spent 2 months in the Nicu. She is now home and thriving at 8lbs 2oz and gaining every day. She loves mommy and daddy cuddles.
I’m Zyair, I’m such a good boy. I’m almost 3 weeks old !
Hi im dawson! Im a month old and love napping almost as much as my mom and hate my little feeties tickled 🥰
Hello I’m kylo,I am a very happy chappy, I love to kiss and cuddle my family and I enjoy making new friends I’m very confident although I can be a little shy at first, I have some eating problems but mummy is helping me get better :)
Hi, I’m Khayison I was A sweet 5 pounds 8 oz. I’ve grown a lot over the past few months! I love to smile and play with my brother! I enjoy watching all eyes on my daddy. And bottle time is my favorite time!
Li Bellé
LiBellé Lynn is our sweet little baby “dragonfly,” for ‘LiBelle’ means dragonfly >j< When Mommy & Daddy first met we kept being followed by the same colored dragonfly on our very first date!! They say when you see a Dragonfly, Angels are nearby- she’s our Angel baby! “Bella” is our smart, sweet, funny little BIG girl who is about to turn two years old in a couple weeks whether we’re ready or not! Her favorite song is “Wheels On The Bus!” She loves “Baby Shark” and loves to read her books, color, dance and sing, as well as play with Mommy and Daddy of course! She loves Ma, Pa and her Grandpa & “Uncle Uncle” UnChris & Nana too!! Thanks to Nana, whom suggested her namesake! Also can’t forget her bff Orange Cat (aka Orange or Orange Peel), they’re best buds! We couldn’t be more proud of her, she’s so smart! She continues to impress us each and every day, it seems like she is always surprising us by learning something new the next day! Bella also loves to play “Whiffle Kick” a game we’ve made up as a family lol (aka close to soccer) and to play ball in general! She’s my little future mini golfer in the making, I can see it already lol! Makes Mommy so proud! Our little (BIG) girl also loves animals, the water, playing outside and feeding and watching the birds! She’s a music lover and loves to dance! Her little walk is so cute, she wiggles her little butt with each step, it’s too cute it’s such a girly girl walk! Our baby dragonfly can light up the room with her lovely smile and cute personality, she always keeps a smile on our faces! She’s a happy baby except when shes tired lol, but shes got the cutest laugh and keeps us laughing too, she’s pretty funny lol! She’s truly something special, a real gift to the world! Gift from up above! God is good!! Thank you Lord- Amen. LLC >j<
Loves watching his dad play video games and absolutely loves cocomelon
Caroline loves to sleep, and make silly faces, but most of all she loves to smile at her daddy! Happy 3 week old baby!