Eliza Gene is our third child and she is just adorable 🥰 I mean look at that SMILE 😊
Levi says a lot of words he’s a super happy baby, he loves the outdoors, he loves adventures.
She is 3 weeks old
Mia loves to play with her siblings. She likes musical toys and she loves to eat her favorite thing is ice cream she likes to crawl around and she loves putting a smile on peoples face
Super happy baby! Amazing personality and affectionate. Loves to learn new things.
Journey is a vivacious soon to be 1 year old. She loves to laugh and dance to her favorite movie sound tracks like Vivo and Home.
Miles loves to eat, and is the happiest baby ever. He is constantly smiling and laughing. Definitely the light of the room. Everyone he meets falls in love with his little laugh.
Amya is our 6 month old little ball of sass! She is such a happy baby and brings a smile to everybody she is around. She is our greatest blessing in this world and we love to show her off!❤️
This is our little pumpkin....always has a smile.....
Baby Charlotte loves to spend time with her momma and daddy, she loves cartoons and going outside. She loves to sit up and look around and play with her cousins.
Our youngest with 3 older brothers and man is she catching on quick, she’s officially walking on her own as of this week. She has such a bubbly personality but also very diva ish lol. We love her to pieces ♥️
Out going, very smart, chatter box & is such a mommas girl 🙂
She’s our rainbow baby❤️❤️❤️ 11/02/19 Born 3 years and 1 day after losing her big sister Lyndsay K to HLHS. 5/13/13-11/01/16 She loves to run everywhere and has smiles all of the time. Loves blocks, her puppy, and loves her baby brother! Always giving him kisses. Help me get her to top 100!!
He’s the happiest baby ever. Always smiling and laughing. He loves his family and siblings and brings joy to everyone he meets.
Jupiter is a very happy baby 💙
LouAnn is a smart, sweet, and sassy little girl she loves to play outside with her big sister and big brother, she loves going swimming
Alaia is a very happy loving baby girl! She loves to listen to music, and laughing at her siblings. Her smile will make anyones day so much better! 🤩
Marley is 6 months old. Marley is a Happy, playful babes who LOVES to Giggle and be silly. She learned to scoot, an rollover… That’s all she wants to do unless she’s eating her little piggy toes.
Wynter is the happiest baby I have ever met. She’s so full of life and oh so smart . Can be shy at times but will always give you a smile. she’s not afraid to bust a move when the beat drops m 🎵
Everlyn Reign loves to dance, and sing! She also loves the water, she is the happiest baby ever ❤️
Theo loves to smile and laugh, he spends most of his days playing in his jumperoo.
Noah was born 10 weeks early and weighed 3.5 pounds. He is now almost 3 years old and the smartest little guy. He has been a fighter since he was born . He loves to play outside , use tools (kid friendly ones) , play with his papa and pa ! He also loves his little sister so much ! He enjoys cooking in the kitchen with his nanny (my mom) and loves spending time with his daddy. Noah is his little sidekick 🤣❤️
Cheeky little chappy ❤️
Dion is such a sweet and caring 9 year old boy. For the first five years of his life he was not able to talk, he started speech therapy at 2 and started school by 3. He now speaks so well , but still receives speech therapy. He is so smart and competitive and at times too timid because he lets his emotions take over . He loves playing football and being out doors with other kids . When he was younger he was to shy to play with other kids because of his speech , but he has out grown that completely.He’s such a happy , well mannered, and respectful young man.
Levi’s loves his momma and daddy! He’s chews his fingers and loves playing with his toys! He’s loves watching tv and rolling around looking around! His favorite thing is definitely when he takes a bath!
Ophelia Nova (Olive) is 13 months old! She is such a little character and makes everyone around her smile and laugh! After she learned how to walk there was no stopping her, parks and hikes whenever it’s nice. Her new favorite thing to do is to make friends wherever she goes ☺️ Thank you for taking the time to vote! Olive appreciates you all ☺️
Clark is a beautiful strong little boy 💙 he loves listening to music 🎶.. and smiles alot when mom tells him he's beautiful ❤️
Albert is cheerful three month old, loves interacting with everybody, he’s always smiling, he enjoys now playing with his toys he starting to grab still not there yet but we’re getting there.
This is Zora, she loves her animals, the outdoors, and goin fishin with her daddy. She always wants to be on the go; can’t keep her still for very long. Vote for this little lovebug!
Jaxon is a 2-22-2022 baby! He loves dinosaurs and dragons!
Bella is such a happy baby and brings a smile to everybody she is around. Shes already got that sassy personality at just 2 months old. Gotta be her way or the highway! Please give us a vote!
The happiest little chunkster!
Armani is so loving and is always cheerful. She loves to hold long conversations as if she know what your saying to her and tries to respond .she loves to be cuddled. If shes not cuddled you will wake up to the smallest cutest hand on you it can either be on your forehead or your arm, but She will know that your near lol. She’s already infatuated with coco melon ,her favorite time to watch it is between 1am -3am lol . She always wakes up with the biggest smile. She so advanced At a week old she was recorded already snatching her binky out of her mouth and holding her bottle at 3 months.
From birth she was drawn to the sound of the piano....born small, but born with a smile
This is peyton jewel andrews, walsh she was born november 1st of 2021 she loves to smile and laugh.. : )
Emma is such a happy girl and she is always smiling! She likes to play on her activity mat and also likes to play peek-a-boo. She loves to crawl and explore everything around her.
She loves being spoken to !
Remi Kay is 1 years old and loves her momma and milk. She loves playing with her babydolls and toy balls.
Augustine was born 10 weeks premature. She spent 71 long hard days in the NICU. March 4 she finally came home with mommy and daddy! Augustine loves to smile, match mommy’s expressions and listen to music!
Lillie is all about her dolls and fashion shows ❤️ It would make her day to win because it would be her dream .
Harry is learning new things day by day, he's just learned how to smile and boy does he have a gorgeous smile. He's beginning to giggle at his family and friends. Please vote for our gorgeous bundle of joy
Lyliana Shehadeh
Lyliana was a miracle 💜 she was Emergency c section due to not haven 3 cords to her n made her oxygen low in side me. she was born only 6 weekd early also weight was great 6 pounds
Mahaki is a 7 month old who had a rough start in life. When he was born he was hooked up to a heart monitor due to low heart rate! However this doesn’t stop his curiosity warm hugs and spunky attitude. He’s a fun loving big appetite for life.
Marley is such a ray of sunshine! Her big smile can melt hearts and her laugh fills up a room. She enjoys long talks and JUICE lol. She is definitely the boss and very hard to resist. My little fashionista ♥️😍
My baby is the most brightest, smart, loving &’ extremely happy baby you will ever meet. She holds her own bottle, crawls and rolls over. It’s never a dull moment with her ❤️ Vote for my baby Itzy 🥰