Baby Stories - 11


Adam is 10 months old. He was born on the leap day 02/29/2020 which makes him lucky!! He loves playing and loves animals. His best friend is Buddy the ginger cat.
This chubby little girl loves to eat 💙 she holds her head so well, and when she’s awake she likes to be held under her arms and sat straight up so she can look all around 🥰
Julius James
Julius loves to be spoken to and at only 5 months he babbles and talks right back to you. He loves it when you tell him you love him and smiles right back at you. His favorite color is red and favorite toy is his jumper. He is such a happy baby ....always smiling and is always curious about new things.
His Favorite word is HOT!!.. he loves Grapes.. and his favorite show is Baby Einstein
Max loves to jump around! He is a funny little toddler, He loves christmas. He loves to smile!!
He loves to create things he likes to draw play his game and help when anyone needs it
Nathaniel is a happy little boy. He loves to laugh and scream when he wants attention.
Anui is my youngest Granddaughter born on my Birthday by the way and just to see that little face is priceless! She is Perfect in Every way just Beautiful !!!
Christian Carter was born a preemie at 3lbs 13oz two months early. His face can Brighten up an entire room , his dimples are to everything and more !
Ambria is a week old and the cutest most precious baby ever 💗 she loves her step dad so much and already has a little attitude! 💗 She’s good at lifting her neck and grabbing on to her bottle 🥺😭
Aliyah is always smiling, cheerful and funny little girl She loves everyone ❤️
Sofia loves cuddles with her family, afternoon naps & lots of milk😍
Elias is a blessing to his mom and dad. He has filled the hearts of his siblings, parents and loved ones. He loves to sleep. Elias loves to cuddle. His smile will brighten anyones day up.
Miss Meda is a happy little lady who likes to play, chat with you, loves her milk and afternoon naps❤️
Joel loves to laugh and smiles all the time! His favourite thing is to play on his play gym and try and talk to his mum and dad. He is such a cutie.
Phoenix is a busy boy! He loves crawling around, play time, giggles, and cuddles with mama. 💖
Rosie is nearly 2. Favourite word is 'snack'. She enjoys watering the garden, muddy puddles and pointing out animals.
I love taking pictures & saying cheese ☺
Hes such a funny lil guy.. And He such a big boy doing so much so fast..
My smart 1 yr old ❤️❤️❤️
Gia N Lia
Hi my name is Gia & Lia, we are twin sisters. We live on Top of the World, Utqiagvik. We love to eat butter squash, sweet potato, and carrots. We made 6 months today halfway there to our 1st birthday. We love cuddles and kisses from momma & dada. Please Vote for us, Alaska Grown Babies.
Kayden is a happy baby from the time he wakes up he’s smiling and giggling with the cutest dimples. Kayden is spoiled he can only sleep in my arms in order to fall asleep. His favorite tv show is coco melon and he smiles at lights lol. Kayden has a favorite toy which is his pacifier and there’s a little puppy connected to it that we call his chow chow lol he’s an awesome baby you should vote for him!
K'Liyah is a fun loving very playful energetic little girl who loves riding scooters and playing with her cousins. She likes making tiktok video, loves the trolls, watching cocomelon, and of course bossbaby.
Hi❤ my name is olivia rose...i love to smile and laugh my favorite thing to do is cuddle with my mommy
Everleigh is such a sweet girl! She has such a big smile and is always trying to talk. She’s very calm and loves to listen to everyone talk.
She loves dancing & laughing very photogenic Minnie and Mickey Mouse are her favorite 🥰
jadran is the happiest baby ever. he loves hugs and kisses.
Ruben is a fun, loving, and outgoing boy. He loves to smile! He is full of life, and currently loves eating his feet lol.
She's a very smart baby. She tried to hold her binky on her own at 3 days old. She's calm and she loves being cuddled.
Hey guys my name is jaice mize and I just wanted to say thank you for your votes. As some may know i can get into every thing now. I have really learn how to crawl bit im doing that walking thing and its not the best right now but im getting the hang of it. But thank you guys for all the love you have sent my way. I love you all💙
Noel is loving, caring and very independent. Loves cleaning, cooking, writing and drawing. Noel is ambidextrous. He has a big bright smile and angelic laugh. He’s known as the helper in school, at home he is the messy cleaning machine! He loves PB&J and singing songs. His favorite song is the itsy bitsy spider. He LOVES the old time Mickey Mouse shows. He always chooses the color BLUE 💙
Please vote for our son Jaziah!! All money goes into his savings account. Jaziah loves to play, make silly faces, and laugh. He’s the sweetest and smartest little cutie pie.
Cassidy is a beautiful 9 month old who is full of joy and loves the camera!
My beautiful baby Mi’Lanna is a premature Baby 🎀🙃who loves to laugh and look at everything 🦄🌈
Alisa is 2 years old. She is talking alot. She can say hi, bye, mama, dada, baba, give... She is active, playful, friendly and sassy girl! We love her sooo much!
Jerry loves to smile and laugh!!! No matter what mood a person has one look at him will have them in love! Jerry is a pandemic baby but that hasnt stopped him from being 22 pounds at only 6months... Yes hes a big baby but hims rolls are as big as his heart!!!
Osiel is the happiest little boy ever! He is always smiling and on the go! He loves being outside & loves to eat, some of his favorite foods are strawberries, avocados and zucchini. He is a might of God.
Athena is my sweet hearted Gemini she loves to play the piano and strum her guitar, she’s a daddy’s girl but her mommas world. When you’re next to her you feel at peace even accompanied by just her silence. She’s my silent leader!
Aiden is half Filipino and half Taiwanese Chubby cheeks with a big attitude 💛🐣 He loves to laugh and smile. But he is most famous for his RBF! 🤣 TikTok baobei.aiden
Ana Nohemi
My Beautiful Little Mermaid Ana Nohemi. Pretty Mawma loves to smile especially in her sleep and Love to be gels by Mawma💕 Please Vote for her 🙏
Josie is a sweet sassy red head who brings happiness to everyone around her. & She loves her food as much as she loves mom and dad🤣❤️
Please vote, any money won will be saved up for Xeno. Hi! I’m Xeno, I love looking at my hands & posing in front of the camera. I love family, & warm milk!
Arya Skye
Hi! My name is Arya Skye👑 But they call me Dolly. I couldn't wait to meet my mommy & daddy, so I decided to come out 6 weeks early, and surprise everyone! I had to stay in the NICU for the 1st month of my life, But, since being home, I've been growing like a weed, and now you can't even tell that I'm a preemie baby!. I LOVE to "talk" and smile at everyone. Mommy & Daddy (& everyone else!) think I'm just the SWEETEST, MOST PRECIOUS & BEAUTIFUL little princess they have ever seen. I have such a big personality, and I also have the biggest, most irresistible sweet cheeks ever!💜
She’s mine and dadda’s rainbow baby❤️ She is such a happy baby. She’s in the middle of learning how to get into everything in the house and how to get on mommies last nerve but staying cute while doing it lol
Rosie was born with an attitude, shes super smart for her age and oh so cuddly! She loves dancing, trying to sing and climbing up the stairs. She can say mum, dada, up and shake her head yes and no in proper context
Lucia is 2 months old, she was born premature at 4lbs 15oz. She is the sweetest baby as can be, always smiling and happy. She loves being told stories & being talked to. She is a loving baby girl, and I thank god for my little miracle
Aubrie’s hobbies currently consist of screaming, grabbing her crunchy book with all fours, and death-gripping the hair of anyone who holds her. She loves “reading” with us (aka babbling over our words). She is the center of mama and dada’s world, and we want nothing more than to provide her with everything she needs. If we win, we plan to put her money towards her college fund. Help us by voting everyday!