Orrion is the happiest baby around. He loves music . He loves to play with kids and absolutely loves his snacks. If you smile at him he will smile right back! Oh what a joy it is watching him grow, learn, and explore the world surrounding him !
He’s a silly independent little trooper for 7 months old and has a spunky happy personality
She just smiles 😃 & shes love her stuffed animals
He loves to bounce in his exersaucer. He is such a happy little boy that is always laughing
Makenna Grace is the biggest blessing we could’ve ever asked for! She has the biggest personality and is so silly! She just turned 2 in April and is so smart! 💗💗
Bentley is a sweet, loving and caring boy who loves to be adventurous 💙 he is a wild child and a daredevil
Camilla is 2 years old. Her hobbies include watching Blippi, eating pizza, and running all over the place.
Bo Jaxon
Bo Jaxon is very high energy child. Bo is always got a smile on his face. Bo loves being outside riding on the lawn mower or just watching the cows.
Paisley Ann Fonseca
Paisley always has a smile on her face. She loves food & her puppy dogs. She has such a free spirit. Always happy giggling & laughing.
Rylie Marie Wolford
Rylie is very talented in her creativeness. She has a kind heart, cares deeply for others. She loves her sister's & puppy dogs. She enjoys music & drawing.
Cheyenne Micheal Wolford
Cheyenne is very funny out spoken personality. She loves her sister's & puppy dogs. She loves swimming & fishing.
Ms Kinsley Marie loves to eat her favorite food would be anything. She loves to play and stand herself up and loves to say dada
Violet is my sweet girl, named after her late grandmother. She loves to play, snuggle, and chew on anything she can get her hands on!
Jack is a 3 year old boy with the genetic disease Tubular scarosis. The disease gives him non tumorous cells on various parts of his body,brain ,and heart and he has develop mental delays .But on a normal day today Jack is just a normal 3 year old .
Noah Lee Niemi
He sure has his own personality he's a little man he loves watching cartoons ànd dancing he loves his momma and food he has a sister and a brother on the way he is a loving child but at the same time if he doesn't know you he is not interacting lol he is loved by everyone he's up by 7 am and ready to start his day he's a sweet baby so come on guys vote for my grand baby
I’m Aven! I’m a month old and love being held. I enjoy crinkle toys, eating, and being swaddled.
She is a happy baby she likes to play a lot and she’s a lovely baby girl
He loves watching cartoons and playing in his walker is favorite words are dada and mama he loves it talk
Jaxon is a strong, smart, handsome, happy boy! He was on oxygen for 2 months and now is complete strong doing everything he can! ❤️
RyLee loves spending time with mommy and daddy, she enjoys getting all of the attention and a good laugh, most of all she loves baby shark.
Gabriella was born 3 weeks early due to preeclampsia and was the tiniest baby, but she filled out fast! She loves to laugh at mommy’s face and blow raspberries :)
Dakota is a loving boy with lots of smiles. He loves fire trucks and likes to bounce when he sees people
Jose is a happy boy, that loves to eat! He is super sweet and always giving kisses. His smile is infectious ❤️
Naiia Elani
Naiia Elani is the most sweet little girl 🎀 she loves napping 😴 and smiles every time to for sure light up anyones day. 😊😇🥰
Jakson is extremely determined and makes friends everywhere he goes. He loves learning, he’s very vocal, and he adores his twin brother, Jameson.
Hi! I’m Harley! yes, just like the motorcycle! My favorite thing to do is go to the race track with mama and dada every week so I can see the cars go VROOM VROOM! I also LOVE food! My favorite TV show is “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives,” with my crush hosting the show, Guy Fieri!!! Mama says that she hopes for gourmet dinners to make her when I get older lol.
Jameson is so loving and vibrant! He almost always has a big smile on his face. He loves to dance and play with his twin brother, Jakson.
She is a sweet, fun, energetic baby who loves nature and animals😊. She loves spending time with her mommy and daddy and being in her jumper🌸 She also loves spending time with family🥰
Sebastian is so loving to anyone!🥰 He is a smiley one, it rubs off on you🫠 vote and share💛 I got very lucky on a happy baby🥺
Khiazer is one full energetic lil boy that loves basketball motorcycles and outside!
Jace is a month old! He loves cuddling on his mommy and daddy’s chest, eating and sleeping and bath time! He absolutely does not like tummy time!
Keziah was born at 34 weeks. He only weighed 4lbs and during his first month,he was in the nicu. He struggled pretty bad during his first month from getting a cold and going back into the incubator and minnimum contact and having to get a blood transfusion because his red blood cell count was fatally low. Today he is as healthy as can be going strong. He is full of life and personality.
Hi, I’m Ellwood! I am 1 year old with 2 dimples and 3 times the smiles! I am very happy baby, love to cuddle, and take photos!
Jaxon Miguel
Jaxon is My Grandson who I Love So Much he has managed to Steal My Heart and everyone who sees him he leaves that same affect on others he's so Charming and such a Happy Baby, He's already trying to communicate since 2 months and now he Loves to hum and cooing he's so full of Joy ❤️🥰
Cheeky blue eyed boy💙Loves dinosaurs, his two baby cats and his hamster Eggy🥰
Zayden Austin
Zayden is 6 months old! LOVES to eat. Constantly smiling and giggling! Enjoys looking at himself in a mirror and pulling mommy’s hair!
She loves a cheese puff 🧀
Owen loves playing outside, riding around town & loves his 3 sisters🥰
Winter is all smiles and laughs and isn’t afraid to use her voice no matter what is going on. She is fascinated by her own recent discovery, her hands!
He is funny and he loves everyone. He is an amazing kid and he is very smart.
My name is messiah but my mommy and daddy call me papa bear 🐻. I LOVE cloud babies, being outside, learning, and water bottles.
Emberlee is 4 years old, she is very out spoken! Loves to be the leader and I’m charge of everything! She loves to ride her horse Dessie, and loves to play outside! She is very loving and sassy!
Chase Brenner
He's 2 years old and loves the water and his brother. Likes to ride his golf cart.He loves to ride his papas tractor and playing with his trucks Chase loves to be outside. He has the bigest blue eyes you ever seen.
Happy chappy, full of smiles and laughs 💙
Jupiter is a very happy baby 💙
Aliyah is a sweet, precious little girl. She’s so full of personality already! She can hold her head up on her own & she has the cutest giggle!
Aamir is such a sweet happy baby! He loves music. He very ticklish on his tummy n his toes lol. He such a good n smart baby! He has such a pretty smile! Pls share n like mamas n dadas 💞