Baby Stories - 100


Izabella is the sweetest baby, she LOVES to eat, play, color, and snuggle with mommy and daddy.♥️ Izabella absolutely loves baby dolls, she rocks them and pats there back to put them to sleep, she feeds them, and even tries to change their diapers 😂she's very smart, says many words and can even says a couple phrases. I love my sweet girl and I really hope she wins!
Kayden is a very sweet boy. He loves to be with his mom.
Just look at those eyelashes and that smile
King Landon future boss
O'shae is a month old. Loves to sleep on mommy's and daddy's chest & make random faces
Landon is simply just the best
Hi my name is Louie, I am 8 months old! I love cuddles and kisses with my mummy and daddy and I love FOOD!!🦋💙
Landon like Mickey Mouse and fisher price little people
Kinsley is such a happy baby! She’s so alert and smiles all time! She loves to stick her tongue out!! We always hold her up and she stands like a big girl with her strong legs! She is starting to find her voice and loves sucking on her hands ❤️
Love bug...she is the happiest baby I know she can bring a smile to anyone's face at any moment and brightens the room everywhere she goes ..very smart started saying mom at a couple weeks said grandma at 2 months she is a true gift from god..
Ty loves his mommy and daddy, his bottle, and his puppies. He has recently found his smile and loves to be silly
Elias is nearly 9 months old and he is very funny boy, he loves his dummy and he loves watching TV. He is very easy boy always smiling 😊
Paisley is the most funny and loving little girl. She’s curious about everything and loves exploring new things💖
MacRae(Mac-Ray) loves to laugh! She first laughed at 3 months, and hasn't stopped. Super sassy and loving, she pets the kitty cats, feeds us her snacks, and loves to "tickle" us. Loves anything sour! It's the sweet things that make her pucker.
Arkaydeious Troy ❤️ He saved my life ❤️ He’s my everything and just absolutely adorable!!
He loves watching cocomelon, running around, and walking in his papa's shoes all day!
Ryder is a spunky, loving little boy who loves anything to do with planes, trains, or Mickey Mouse! He’s got the biggest smile and brightest eyes. His sweet self is always on a mission to make everyone around him laugh or at least crack a smile!
Skylynn Marie is 8 months old. She enjoys playing with her two older brothers and getting glammed up with her Mama. She loves all food but blueberry bagels are her absolute favorite treat! She nothing short of a miracle as she survived Cystic Hygroma and two heart conditions. Our very own blessing. Please vote for our sweet pea 🌻
Kayden is almost 5 months old. He is so funny and loves to smile and laugh and watch baby shark! He enjoys spending most of his time being held! He’s such a sweetie. 💙
Jaizon loves playing football and playing the Playstation. He also like to draw💖
Zelena is a special little girl with 1p36 deletion syndrome. But that doesn't keep her from being a happy laughing little girl. She loves to see people and explore new things everyday. She Has A Smile That Can Light Up The Whole Room, A Laugh So Joyful Cant Forget..She So Young But Yet So Smart 🥰.
Zander has the goofiest, silliest, craziest personality for a 10 month old baby. He is always giggling and being goofy. His smile lights a whole room up!!
Ra’Nezmae is a fun, lovable baby who love to eat and play. She loves cheese puffs. But also she will put a smile on your face. She loves to give hugs and kisses and to have fun.
Angela is very smart she knows her ABC'S and how to count to 20. She is very well behaved and loved by her family❤️
Heyyy everybody, My momma and daddy say I’m sooo precious! They just love my little dimples! And they just adore when I try to talk to them! Wearing the bows my momma puts on me is my passion! And I LOOVE being carried like the princess I am! Vote for me! And remember, I Love you all! ❤️❤️❤️
Aria loves to sleep and eat all day long. She’s only 2 months old and will be 3 months on the 8th. She’s so adorable and have dreamy eyes.
Issy knows what she wants and is not afraid to let you know. She is so sweet but a little demanding at the same time.
Elijah aka Lilo to Mommy His favorite thing to do is too gibber/sing 🎶 & Nap 💤 His favorite food is Yogurt Melts 😋 & His favorite song is MY SUNSHINE ☀️
Olivia is the happiest little baby 😍 loves her dada,rolling over, and tickle time❤️
Sebastian loves listening to “Hey Bear” and will relax to it. He loves, being held & laying on mommy’s chest! ❤️ He is super strong and has been able to hold his head up since day 1!
Ina is my sweet girl that’s full of sass! Loves to dress up n then go play in the dirt.
Connor is a little over a month old. He loves his puppies, his swing, and loves going on walks. He enjoys snuggles and loves being held.
Hello! I’m Emersyn. I’m 7 months old, Im such a happy baby! I love being talked too, I’m almost crawling and pulling up on things please vote for me! 💛
Baby junior (Martin) he is a wild child. He loves to dance and smile he loves kisses and puppies. He is an amazing little guy.. always smiling.
She is the most sweetest little baby ever! She does have some issues with keeping her food down so she is in and out of doctor offices.
Connor loves baby shark and loves playdates with his friends
Stella is such happy cheerful baby . She loves to dance she loves to laugh. She brings so much joy to people. Stella grace has recently been dealing with hip dysplasia and just had hip reconstruction sugrey but yet is still a little trooper and still bring smiles to everyones face.❤
He's a happy, go lucky, and the most smiley baby! He loves his best friend Tony the pug! And he loves his mommy💙
Dallas is 9 months old. She loves watching Cocomelon, playing with her big sister and taking her bubble baths with all of her toys. She’s super smart and loving. She’s a sweet baby.
This is my daughter Kalila, she is 5 months old and is such a vibrant little girl. She loves to smile and tries to talk or make sounds all the time. She loves bright colors and watching the baby shark show. She loves to taking baths, does not like being dirty. Please vote ! We will do the same if done ♡