Baby Stories - 100


This is Kolsen, he is 4.5 months old and (fun fact) was born on his great great grandpa’s birthday! He loves anything that makes noise and is about to have 2 teeth on the bottom (yay!) He is such a happy boy all the time, his daddy and I love him more than anything.
Zaida Is A Feisty Princess, She's Is The First Granddaughter 5th Generation Of My Family, She's Full Of Love & Happiness. She Loves Barney's I Love You Song & Her Favourite Show Is Blues Clues &You.
Rylee is the happiest little soul who loves to play with his race cars, tractors, and dig dirt!
Hattie is a bright light to this world. She was born under extreme circumstances. The doctors thought she had a rare condition known as Microcephaly (shrunken head syndrome). She was also prematurely diagnosed with downs syndrome. Luckily after alot of protein shakes she was born 100% healthy and happy. Vote for our beautiful girl so that we can start her on a good path to the future! She is sweet and loves giving kisses, loving on her brother, and spending time with her grandparent's. ❤
weston is 2 months old and his favorite thing to do is snuggle, eat and watch the grinch!
Kameron is the most loving, energetic kid you will ever meet. He is a little rough around the edges but sweet and soft on the inside! He does not know a stranger and everyone is his friend. His smile and laugh are contagious to anyone he is around!
Leona is a always smiling baby! She’s very funny and adventurous she loves her dog and her dada. If lea was to win we would use the money to put down on a house for her to grow up in
Opal is our rainbow baby and the youngest of 3. She is the happiest little girl and is full of personality. Doing every she can to keep up with her brother and sister!
Amber is all beauty, wildness, and complete sass! She can bring the light into the room just by peaking in! She loves to make everybody smile and laugh as much as she can!
Ava is the first great grand baby in our family and is getting ready to start her journey into big sisterhood ❤️
Mommy’s little man 💚
Jaiden is my 1 year old blessing. He’s very silly as well as friendly with a contagious smile. He enjoys watching coco melon & paw patrol! He loves to eat literally EVERYTHING! His favorite toys are his Dancing Elmo, and basketball hoop. Help support my son by pressing that “Vote” button! Thank you!
Autumn Rose
Autumn Rose is the happiest baby you’ll ever meet! She can’t get through the day without her daily dose of cuddles and Sesame Street. She loves her mommy and daddy ❤️
Colt is a loving, always happy baby boy! He loves outside and eating!
This is Kyler! My sweet little red head, his hair DEFINITELY matches his attitude, but when he's calm he is as sweet as can be!!!
Briar Lynn
Hello My name is Briar and enjoy going outside with my Mommy, helping feed our cattle, and cuddling my doggo on her doggy bed!
My liddo baby is a true definition of a sour patch kid but he’s the happiest , and most fun loving boy I know 🍼💙 vote for my sour patch
King is very outgoing. He loves making people laugh
Tahkye was born on September 23, 2020. 🌈🤍 He is 3 months old. He loves to talk, smile, laugh, and tell stories. His favorite things are bath time, watching movies, and taking naps with his mommy and his daddy. He’s a very strong and smart boy and loves to meet new people!
Alynah is lets just say she is a doll
Mason is 4 months old, he loves to roll over, play with toys, and sleep.
Ashton is a sweet fun loving boy. He is energetic, he loves to help and wants to be a magician like his dad when he grows up.
Gianni will be 2 months in just a couple of days he loves his food and snuggles. Sometimes Gianni looks like someone’s disappointed grandma, don’t take it personal.
Hi my name is matilda. I am very outgoing. I love dance. I am very smart.
Gavin Leo is the most lovable little guy, always smiling and loves his family!! 🥰
Noah’s a happy, talkative little boy who loves his sisters, mommy and daddy!
He is a boy full of energy always including people in that he see left out so everyone around him feels included.
Super sweet, energetic boy that loves to laugh, cuddle, make big splashes during bath time, and constantly kicking them legs!
Tiana loves smiling and loves her big dog brother!!!
Hi! My name is Josiah. I love to take naps, eat and blow bubbles. My favorite show is boss baby. I also love talking and playing with mom
Briana is bubbly, has a great sense of humor and she is so funny.
Tariyon is my handsome 10 month old, my lucky boy 02/02/20 2:20. He enjoys eating EVERYTHING and having fun. He is such a happy baby💕
Braelyn is 21 months old and is very very sassy and has tons of energy! She loves laughing and playing with her cousins!
Kylar is my rainbow baby and he is my whole world. If we win it will be put away for him for college or whatever he wants to do with it.
Lennox love to sing back to mami when mami sings to her and she also loves her stuff unicorn Luni
Meet Mr. Kaysen Reed Blount! Kaysen had a very rough first year of his life. At 6 months old, in June 2020, we were flown in a helicopter to OU Children's Hospital in OKC where it was discovered that he had been abused by his babysitter. Among other things, he was diagnosed with Sepsis that was brought on from a tear in his stomach caused by blunt force trauma to his abdomen. I almost lost my baby! The doctor's told me that his chances of making it weren't very good. However, my baby kept fighting and, by the grace of God, he pulled through! Now he is a year old! He's got two front teeth. He's crawling everywhere and is constantly smiling! He LOVES Blue's Clues and playing with his older cousin, Apryll! If Kaysen wins this competition, I would use the money to help us make a fresh start! I would like to relocate us closer to family so that my baby gets all the love that he deserves!
Saphira, Named after the sapphire Also known as a female dragon She is 2 months and 13 pounds
Kreed is a mamas boy and loves his big brother! He wants to do everything brother does. He is the sweetest and happiest boy!
Kahne is wise beyond his years. He’s a great big brother and loves to play! He has the best sense of humor!
Shes the sweetest little princess. She loves Wow Wow Wubbzy and Mac n Cheese. Her Dada is her best friend.