Baby Stories - 10


She loves to sing, dance (with help of her walker), and snuggle with her momma and big sister. She giggles when her sisters silly, and stealing her drum to play on.
This high sprung sassy independent sour patch of a little girl is one of the funniest little humans ever n will brighten your day with her smile and long eye lashes and love 💗
I'm a rainbow baby. I love to talk and sing. Running through the house is the best. I’m in love with food. My mommy and daddy are my best friends.
Charlee is 6 months old. He is a very happy boy. He has bright blue eyes and two teeth on the bottom and 4 coming in on the top . He loves playing in his race car walker and he loves to be cuddled
She is a happy spoiled baby, loves her daddy and mommy, loves outside, and loves being held
Atlas is a 1month baby who lovess to snuggle,take baths,and to be bounced/rocked!! he’s starting to laugh and cackle and it’s the cutest! anything will make this boy smile!
Hi im Aria, im a very energetic fun loving little girl. I love to play in the dirt and love on my family!
My little princess Mariah Catalina she will be a month old on the 27th. She is the most tiniest, most lovable and gorgeous princess. I’m so blessed for my little girl.
Everleigh is a ray of sunshine who is almost always very happy ☀️ 😊 she says Thank you for voting😉
Michael is 6 months old and so full of personality! He wakes up happy and goes to bed even happier. His smile and cute little laugh light up the room. He loves kicking his legs all over and is really tempted to be on the move soon.. Mom thinks he's going to run instead of walk. 😂 Please take the time to vote for ME3, we appreciate it. 💙
Xander Paul Ernst 💙 He’s about to be 1, super happy all the time, and loves his mommy, daddy & sisters 🙂
Zarai Ramos
Zarai is an outgoing, happy child.she loves to play with her toys and loves music.
Lil Debbie is very curious and excited about everything around her! Truly blessed for my baby girl.
Bleu was born at 33 weeks and spent 43 days in the NICU. Aftering coming home for only a few weeks, he then had to have a hernia surgery. Bleu continues to struggle with belly issues but is so resiliant! Hes always smiling and laughing, giving kisses as much as he can! Bleu is an amazing 7 month old little boy who brightens up everyones day! Bleu is our little miracle baby and wins our hearts more and more every day!
Shes energetic very independent when it comes to accomplishing certain things loves to laugh and smile hardly ever cries shes beginning to love horses and her dog mudbutt is one of her bestest friends
A daring little ball of energy. She’s always on the go and loves learning new things everyday. 😌
Mason is a happy and very active 1 month old. He loves to be rocked to sleep by mommy or daddy while listening to old music.
My son loves to help when we go hunting, he loves working with his tools and helping in anyway he can, he likes helping his grandpa work on the truck, trucks, riding horses, helping on the farm, animals, and his family. Hes crazy about his food!
Josiah is a very active, vocal, and a smart baby! Loves to be into everything, very curious, and explores anything he possibly can. Really enjoys food too. He was born in May at 10lbs. Moms first baby too. Grandmas first born grandson!
Ryker is a 9 month old baby who loves crawling, snuggles with mama, and using his little voice!
Michael legend Eaves💙 ✨Mircale Baby✨ 11/23/20♥️😇
Hi I'm Mikah!! I love my parents very much and I love my milkies even more. Hobbies are travelling, crying, watching cartoons, pooping, dressing up and baths. I have big eyes and small mouth but dont let that fool you because I am very noisy :) Please make my day and vote for me x
Our little miracle baby is such a happy boy, loves cuddling with his mama and daddy, and loves to talk and laugh. And is a big mamas boy!
She is a sweet girl she love to watch her big Brothers play she also likes 2 watch daddy play hia games she rolls over hold her own bottle she turned herself around her favorite song is my world and she loves to be outside and stare at lights she is such a daddy's girl
We waited 4 years to see this little one. Sweet baby girl came into this world through unplanned c section. She loves cuddles with Mommy, Daddy and her two puppers. Found out I was pregnant with her 20 days before the state lockdown. So I got to spend my first and part of second trimester in lockdown
Ryleigh is 11 months. She loves her bestie chubbs & loves to dance. Her favorite song is baby shark. She loves to give hugs & kisses.
Zachariah is the sweetest little boy. He lives for all the trucks & construction vehicles. He gets really excited about seeing dogs. They’re all called “puhpuh’s”. He never loses his energy & will definitely keep people on their toes. But at the end of the day, he just wants to be cuddled while he has a cup of milk. He’s a curious boy with a lot of time to learn about the world.
Athena is a very spunky, sweet girl. She started her life off rough at just a little over a pound, but you couldn’t even tell now! She loves the color pink. She loves to sing. And she absolutely ADORES animals of all kinds. She uses no effort to put smiles on peoples’ faces, and she could light up a room. She’s definitely a diva, but don’t tell her that, because to her, she’s just a “big girl”.
Elliana is a very smart little girl. She’s 15 months old but she looks like she’s 3😂. Her favorite word is thank you! But her first word was baby. She eats more than me and my fiancé combined and she’s super strong and sassy. She’s 100% a daddy’s girl.
Baby Avery Was Born at 28 weeks, 1 pound 12 ounces. Spent 117 days in the NICU. Even When Things Didn't Seem Like They Were Going Good , GOD Always Finds A Way To Make Things Better. Despite Avery Having Chronic Lung Disease, and Being on Oxygen That Doesn't Stop Him From Being His Best Self. The Thing Avery Loves The Most is Getting His Diaper Changed ahahah He Laughs The Whole Time
Vote for me because I’m so sweet 🥰
Precious little girl who loves to be talked to!
Hi am Kiara. I am 2 days from turning 3 months old. I’m super sweet and hope u enjoy seeing my pics.
Ava is my niece. I've had her since birth. She was born in an unfortunate situation. She brings so much light to our family. We are currently going through the adoption process to make it permanent.
Audrey loves to laugh at her brothers, play with her feet, and put everything she can in her mouth. She has happy feet that make us giggle.
Loves anything that makes sounds, she’s always listening to the gossip, she loves yelling at her brothers, she loves being dj & likes to play with everything but her toys
Liliana loves going on walks with her mommy and she loves playing with her stuffed animal friend, Carl the Caterpillar. She is sure to never miss when her daddy's football team is playing, always waking up from her nap right before game time. She loves to smile and giggle at her reflection in the mirror 🥰
Lilly-Ann is a sassy girl! She sits up says dada! Loves toys && is a mommas girl! She lights up a room instantly with the biggest smiles!
This boy is my whole world. He is so sweet and has the cutest little personality I've ever seen. He loves watching baby shark!
Ira was a premature baby, she was born at 29 weeks, she was 2 pound 14 ounces,
Hadlee was born 12/21/2020. She is such a sweet baby with a beautiful smile. She has a big brother who loves her more than anything.
Carter loves to ride his dirt bike. He is sweet and loves going to school to play with his friends. He has wonderful personality. He loves animals. Family is very important to him
Talianna is our miracle baby! After being told i couldnt conceive children God blessed us with her. She is just over a week old and is our everything. She enjoys sleeping and nursing and is not a fussy baby.
Stella is 7 months about to be 8 months she loves puppy dogs and jumping in her jumperoo she is a funny and cute little girl that will steal your heart
Olivia is such a bright and happy baby! Everyone who meets her loves her, she is such a doll! She is very smart and sassy. She loves her mama, dada, and sissy the most! 💗
Zion is a sweet little boy who loves his doggy and his mama. He’s always laughing and reading books. I’m just doing this for fun because I think he’s the cutest boy I’ve ever seen☺️