Bentley Ray
Hello I'm Bentley, Im 2 1/2 years old, I love being outside and playing with my toys
Easton is the FUNNIEST little boy! He loves to pull up on everything by himself, make funny faces, and never stops trying to make you laugh! Pickles are his favorite just like his mama😂❤️
Baby George captures everyone’s attention with his big blue eyes and smile everywhere he goes. He’s a fun loving happy baby boy who is definitely not camera shy. Please vote for my sweet boy. Enjoy looking at all his cute pics 💙
The sweetest baby alive!
Sophia brings the light to any room. She loves to give everyone loves and makes sure everyone smiles.
Lyndon beat GBS and sepsis at just 3 weeks old! He is a rockstar and loves his puppies and sticking out his tongue! If Lyndon wins, the prize will go towards his medical bills from his 3 week stint in the hospital 🧡
Sweetest baby boy 3 days old, my miracle baby. Loved by so many so quickly. I never knew true love till i held this bundle in my arms.
Olivia is the happiest baby full of laughs and smiles. She loves being outdoors and going on adventures. Most of this time she likes dogs more than people ❤️ Definitely knows how to light up the room with her infectious giggle.
Joe Sculley
Joe is a fun loving boy who loves to play outside he's got a puppy name Kelly that he loves to play with he also loves to wrestle with his daddy an thinks everything is funny
At 3 months, she has such personality! Her smile makes everything better! Babies are magic!
Tyler is the most sweetest baby he loves the water laughing and smiling. And loves playing with toys
Easton is a very happy and loving little boy! He loves to jump in his jolly jumper and loves to smile and giggle!:)
Leo loves to get his diaper changed, rocked to sleep by mommy, tummy time, being held by daddy! Leo hates the hiccups and being hungry, he loves to eat!!
Jonah Lee Moore, He has never met a stranger, Jonah smiles at everyone and through everything.. even when he is not feeling good! He is so sweet and he has been such a blessing to not only me but everyone he comes in contact with.
Kind,talented, and super smart with a heart of gold!
Sweetest baby ever always smiling and learning with every passing minute!
Kelly is the silliest baby boy, he loves when you sing to him and talk to him.
Parker is 11 weeks old, smiling since 4 weeks, he loves his brother Doug the pug and his toy duck ❤️
Miah is 4 months old. Her birthday is 02-22-2022. She loves being outside and exploring the outdoors with her family.❤️ she is very strong for her age and is very talkative. Miah also has webed toes like her daddy👣 she always has to be on the move she loves exploring the outdoors. She is always smiling even on a rainy day
Hi I’m Giovonni, I like to giggle and play with mommy and daddy. I like to snuggle and play and give mommy kisses! I like playing with my toys and watching paw patrol with mommy!
Katalena’s favorite things are her big brothers and spending as much time outside with the sun on her face as she can. You can almost always catch her with a smile on her face.
Alexander is a very Happy boy! He always has a smile on his face! He is so Very active and always on the go! He is very smart and so very curious about the world around him! Alex is sure to make you smile! His personality is one that shines bright!
She’s everything you prayed for a baby to be, bright eyes, cute little baby rolls on her arms and legs. Chunky little cheeks, perfect little nose and lips. She lights up every room she’s in and has filled all our hearts with love. She’s got a beautiful smile, that now has two little teeth popping through. A contagious laugh that makes everything going on in the world better. There’s no doubt in my mind that she’s going to make a difference in the world. For as tiny as she is, she’s already made a big difference in ours. To know her is to love her. She could eat her weight in cheese puffs and follow with a big nap afterwards. She loves Daniel Tigers neighborhood. Being held. Bath time is her favorite time. She’s her daddy’s girl and mamas world.
Nova Marie
Nova Marie, aka NoRi, is the most sweet, loving, & sassy girl I know! She has so much personality and never fails to make everyone around laugh. She loves everybody but her most favorite person in the world is her Great Grandaddy who she calls Papa. Anytime her Papa is around her face lights up with pure joy and her personality shines even brighter! You'd be CRAZY to not give her a vote! 🤪😂
timothy has such an amazing personality💙 he loves to play and always has a smile on his face ! he is such a smart and happy baby❤️
Adorable Miracle! 😇 Adam loves to eat, just like his daddy🍼 and to sleep, just like his mummy😴 Little lovely Simba, King of the Family!♡ 2.5 months old
Adalynn is a very sweet loving girl she loves everyone and loves animals yet she won’t touch a fish lol! The money earned if any will be put up for college since she wants to be a vet when she gets older!
Hello World !! My name is Serai aka Mommy’s RAI of Sunshine ☀️. I’m an 8 month old BOSS BABY and i live in Florida. I love french fries , the beach , and my MOMMY ☺️
Cooper is 3 months old and a big smiley boy! His smile is contagious!💙
Holland is full of curiosity and energy with a smile that melts our hearts. He loves to laugh, make silly faces/noises, climb all over us, and explore. His least favorite things are green beans and the sound of vacuums.
Lyric loves eating any and all fruit! ♥️ She loves the water and loves playing outside. Lyric loves being a little sister and adores her twin brothers
Kaitalena love's playing out side she will be two years old in July love's to carry on a conversation with anyone that will listen to what she has to say and she knows she's the boss at her Mimi and pawpaw's house
She’s is extremely smart and active. Her favorite foods are pizza and spaghetti. She can count to 20, knows what compound words are, and can spell her name! She loves going to the park and Chuck E Cheese’s.
Asher means happy, and BOY does he live up to the name!! He is one year old and walking all over, he LOVES to eat and play with trucks!
Cartier is my handsome, chunky, 5 month old baby boy. He loves to laugh and stick his tongue out as you can see 😂💙
Blakelyn has such an AMAZING personality and is always smiling from ear to ear! She loves her toes and TN Vols! 💕🍊
Dakota was born 2/22/22 on a two day. She's very energetic loves to talk and terth on everything in site. She's getting so big even tho she was 10lbs at birth. Her nickname is big baby
Lenny loves toy trucks and loves being with his mom and dad
Easton rylan, the sweetest boy ❤️ Loves his cars and Dino’s🦖🦕
Nyomi loves the outdoors and going on adventures. Her favorite cartoon is Boss Baby and she also loves to eat.
Barrett is 2 years old and loves the outdoors. His favorite thing to do is go to the park and slide. He loves Mickey Mouse
Delilah is such a happy baby and she loves the camera … always smiling and charismatic
My baby Beatrice is a 4 month old little cutie she has the most pretty blue eyes and red hair she loves taking tubbys with her rubber ducky she also enjoys watching little baby bum with her dada she would really appreciate if you vote for her❤️❤️
David Jr Trinidad
David is the sweetest boy he always puts a smile and every face David is our little angel
I’m a cheeky little monkey that loves to bounce :)) such a happy smiley little boy that loves cuddle chat with everyone
Blakeleigh is one of a kind. She is always such a happy baby. She loves the water, sleeping, and eating. She always has a smile on her face and she loves to tell you what’s going on in her mind.