Hello🤗My name is Azaria & I am 2yrs old. I love to sing, dance, play with Barbies, play at the park, & play on my tablet. My favorite thing to do is spa day with mommy because I love to polish my nails. I love playing with other kids and being creative.
Please vote for my boy, he is the most happiest baby, as soon as he wakes up he is smiling! I’ve hardly got any photos of him not smiling! He did his first smile on video aged 11 days old.. he smiles, laughs, chats.. he just brings so much joy to so many peoples lives and will make anyone happy if they are feeling sad I guarantee it! Thank you x
Hello, my name is Sebastian, I am 5 months old, and I am very cheerful boy 😁
Elijah ray loves to make nosies an smile he’s such a good listener an fast learner his favorite thing is watching Tom n jerry..he loves being outside An giving his family cuddles..
She was born with some medical issues. But her beauty is more than enough
Harrison loves bath time, jumping in his jumparoo and hey duggie. He constantly smiling even on little to no sleep.
Hi everyone! My name is Kaden and Im a mixed baby! My momma is Puerto Rican and my dada is Vietnamese, and thats why I have this beautiful eyes! I love music, it makes me happy when mom sings, and I like when dad plays with me even though im 9 weeks old. I dislike when my mom put creme on me, I have dry skin and thats why mom put so much cream on me, jiji. Thank you for stopping by!
Hello, my name is Kylie Jean.👶🏻 I'm a little over a week old. 🦄 I love to eat & take naps with mommy.🍼💤 My daddy loves to make me smile💕🧸 Music is my go to🎶💜
William Brian
William is an adorable little boy who loves to smile and talk. He loves taking in the world around him. Papa, mommies dad, is his favourite person to see and will reach to out to grab him.
Amya is very intelligent for how young she is! She pays attention very well and catches onto everything! She is my rock, my world. She loves to run crawl around at lightning speed and chase our puppy boomer! She also like to torment the cats! She loves to act shy when people are paying attention then throw a fit when everyone looks away!
Ja'Heem likes to eat and smile at people he's the sweetest little boy when he's eaten on time
My name is Dorothy and I am a 2 year old on a mission constantly on the go, loving life with my little brother whose 9 months old.
I’m 9 months old I love to jump and play with my big sister, we have the best bond ever and play together everyday
I love my daddy and mommy, I love to smile! Being brought into this crazy world is such a blessing🥰. I'm a very good baby, the only time I cry is when I'm hungry. Oh boy I love to eat!!🤤. Im a healthy one, healthy as a horse. I'm a very good baby.
Michaella Amada
Michaella Amada is an 8 week old cutie! She is sweet and cuddly and loves being held and sang to!
This is my nephew Amir, he loves being bossy to everyone. He also love to eat lol you can’t eat in peace. He enjoy dancing and playing with his 2 brothers that love him very much. He have a birthday today 🥳
Kashton is 7 weeks old! Very happy and alert baby!! Such the sweetest and loves to cuddle💕💕he is biracial.
He is very adventurous, loves to pick flowers and he is the sweetest little guy ever💙
I am a sweet, lovable, happy baby. I don’t see a stranger, I smile at everyone I see. I am always smiling. (As you can tell), I light up the world with that little smile of mine. I warm the hearts of everyone I meet. I love playing peekaboo with my mommy, daddy, and big brother the most, but I also love it when my mommy and daddy takes me to see the big red fire trucks. (Mommy and daddy are volunteer firefighters) You should vote for me, because it would help my mommy and daddy out tremendously. Mommy stays home and takes care of me and my big brother, while my daddy works very hard to take care of us. Plus if you vote for me it’ll make my smile even brighter.😊
Phoneyx is a very happy outgoing boy! He is also VERY advanced for his age. According to doctors :) love this boys so much💖
My name is Chloe! I love to roll, hold my head by myself, and I love to watch cartoons! My favorite ones would be Tom and Jerry, and Scooby Doo! Ohh, I love to eat!! And, I poop a lot! I also love very bright colors!
Boozhoo! (Hello!) I’m Matthew! I’m apart of the Grand Traverse Band Of Ottawa Chippewa Indians Tribe! Just like my mommy! I’m shy of being 3 weeks old! I like sleeping, I like eating A L O T & mostly I L O V E my mama & family of course!
Hi this is baby Micah! He was a NICU baby after birth and became such a strong little man (: so spunky and adorable ❤️
Ayush love to stretch his hands and legs and it is just 3 months few days.
She is my sweet little rainbow baby! She is loved by many! She is a loving week old! She loves her momma and daddy A lot and loves to cuddle!
My name is Zaaria, like ZAH-RE-A. But– you can call me Zaza! I’m Hawaiian, Italian, & Black. Quite a mix isn’t it? I kinda think I was born to be a model because I’ve been striking poses for my mama since the day I was born! She (my mama) has been teaching me this new “serious face” for photos lately.. it really brings out the other side of the Gemini in me... and I think I’m kind of diggin’ it! 💕 Vote for me if you agree!
He is such a sweet boy, he loves to smile and his red hair just tops it all off! He is such a little bean💙
Ashton is a happy energized 4 month old baby who enjoys the the sight of his siblings and his grandma and family he loves to see new faces and he is very talkative using baby language and learning and discovering new things everyday
Omari is fresh to this big 🌎 we live in. Born only a few days ago on September 1st, Omari loves to sleep 💤 eat 🍽 and fuss but overall he’s a handful of love even only being 1 week old. 🧡
Jaxson loves saying please and thank you! He loves trucks, dinosaurs, his clothes, chicken nuggets, and his favorite sweet treat is cookies! Thank you for voting!!
Georgia likes to laugh and smile. She likes looking at different lights. She’s love to talk. I think you should vote for her because she is cute and has the prettiest smile.
Spunky sassy beautiful princess❤️
Hi i love chewing on my fingers and i love my bottle and i can say hi and im still learning to laugh I eat big girl food now too and I finally have two teeth ❤️
Ryder is a very happy, silly, smiley, sweet, little man! He loves to laugh, play outside, and go on adventures🌿
Miss Oaklynn loves her big sister, is a mommy’s girl for sure. Has to have her blanket so we call her Linus. ❤️
Nathaniel is a little guy that loves tickles, kisses and cuddles. His best happy moments are when u sing or talk to him. He also loves being held and snuggled when he needs to sleep, he nestles his head right next to where ur heart is and falls fast asleep before u even know it.❤ he loves play time any interaction with him is the funniest, especially his reaction he cant help but try to giggle but seeing how he hasnt made it to a full laughter yet he just grins really big for you. And try to be careful he loves to go nom nom's on your face if he gets close enough and well ur hands too🥰🥰🥰
Kyell is a very outgoing person at such a young age, He’s very playful and very silly. Kyell’s favorite shows are Boss Baby and Mickey Mouse. Kyell’s favorite food is baked macaroni he will snatch mines off my plate if I want give him any. Last but not least kyell loves to look at his self in the mirror or pictures of himself he just lights up like the sun.
Alani is a happy full of personality two month old who can hold her head up and smiles and laughs♡ she loves minnie mouse boutique. she’s one amazing little girl. She will make anyone smile 😃
Hi my name is Cali. I like to say dada. I like crawling and just learned how to pull myself up in my crib. I like playing with toys 💜 I love food 😂❤️
Alessa White
Alessa is a very happy little girl, she loves to see her papa, and make every one smile when she see them. She is very outgoing. She loves to watch blippi.
A smile that can light up any room 💙 he loves to run around outside, watch mother goose club on Netflix & bath time!
Isabella is a happy loving two months old she can hold her head up and loves Dora she’s one amazing little girl
Hi! My name is Dawson, and i am 8 months old! I love to watch Mickey Mouse, Blues Clues, and Spongebob. My favorite foods are blueberries, strawberries, apples and bananas. I love to dance while listening to some music! Just makes me so happy and want to move my chunky little body! I love playing outside, with my big brother and my puppy, Remi. I am a riny little person but i definitely have the biggest heart! Your vote makes me smile! Thank yoh, and high five!
1 month old.. bright eyed and alert from day 1. Mommas world and daddys boy. 💙