Baby Stories


Jensen Ezra Cole
4 months old, I found my voice and now I’m ready! Just in time for the election. Yep, you heard it first here folks, vote #Jensen2020! Proud supporter of Spider-Man, indoor swings and sleeping through the night. This advertisement was paid for by the Elect Jensen campaign. 🇺🇸Keep your diapers clean America!🇺🇸
Adelynn Faith
Adelynn was born at 37 weeks on July 20th, 2020 due to having a SCT at the base of her spine. She had a major surgury at 3 days old to remove it all & spent 9 days in the NICU with mommy & daddy right by her side. Now at 3 months old Adelynn is a very calm & happy little girl full of energy & lots of love. She loves to talk & cuddle ❤
Israel Ly'von Johnson
Israel loved super heros, legos, coloring, running, jumping and playing with friends his favorite colors are black and green. He is always happy smiling laughing and a joy to be around and always ready to pass out hugs and high fives to everyone he meets.
Little miss Everleigh is full of sass and smiles . She loves her sunshine and snacks ❤️
Born 6 weeks early because I just couldn’t wait to be welcomed into this world🤗
He is shy and loves to snuggle
My name is Ariella Larae, I had to come early because my heart was slowing down. I spent some time being watched at the hospital, but I’m doing great! I’m 7 months now and I love green beans. I live with my mommy and I’m super spoiled ❤️
Jullien is a fun, loving young boy who loves dinosaurs, loves to be read to and loves all his sisters.
Violet is a very happy lil girl ..she is a daddys girl for sure .she is very strong and. Beautiful
She is a very outgoing curly redhead. She loves animals and being outside.
Shelby loves to pose for pictures! She would much appreciate your vote!! ❤
Remi is 1 years old, Her favorite Tv show is Charlie’s Colorform City, she’s a very happy baby with the best personality! She’s walking everywhere and getting into everything! We love bidiboo, and are excited to be back!
She is a very sassy girl who loves monsters inc and loves sully. She calls sully baby and get so excited when we turn on the movie!
Joesiah is 3 months old. He is such a happy baby. Always smiling and happy, once he wakes up he has a big smile on his face. He loves playing with his big sisters they always make him laugh and replies with his little sounds trying to communicate with them. He loves when people talk to him. He loves looking out the window.
Finally home from being in NICU for her first 8 days in this world. Quiet sweet baby. Hates hiccups
Almost 2 months old. Rolling over and smiling. I want to learn so much already!
Payslee Renea Youngblood
Payslee is full of love & is always smiling💓
Evelin Aguilar
Senorita Evelin was born a month early! She has come to surprise all her siblings with her adorable personality. She has battled with Epilepsy shortly after turning 1 month. She loves music and making faces to everyone😁. We re blessed rhat even with an illness she is holding strong. She laughs at everything people say. Makes some facial expresssions that always have us laughing with her. She is forsure an going to be a great artist.
Leilanie is our sweet, beautiful little angel. She’s our first girl and loves to talk to you late at night, crack smiles, sleep and eat. Her smile brings joy and happiness to everyone around her. She likes watching Mickey Mouse and loves the song “you are my sunshine”
Learning class because she was born with sass
Sweet baby,full of personality. She enjoys pageants and playing outside. She brings joy to anyone around her, sassy pants and knows it.
Ryan is 3 month old, he enjoys his swing, sleeping, cuddling. he’s a very happy baby. he loves being talked to and tickled. his smile just melt my heart🥺❤️
Baby Preston loves snuggle with mommy and big brothers
Isla Rose is only 5 weeks old but she has such a personality already! She hardly ever cries and is a great sleeper!! Her favourite hobbies - Eating, Sleeping, Pooping, repeat haha So please vote for my beautiful little girl!
Novah is my first baby she is almost 3 weeks old, she enjoys tummy time and giving her mommy lovins. She is a good tempered baby always happy and kicking her little legs. Milk is life❤😅
Nalah Lily-Rose just turned 4 months on 11/10/20. She enjoys to try an talk and give everyone smiles! Nalah is such a great baby and brings joy to anyone she comes in contact with! ❤
Hello, Athena is my miracle baby. I was told that i couldnt have any children due to childhood thematic experiences. She loves walking and dancing. She lovesss music any kind. She has no problem screaming in your ear because your not oaying attention to her.
Dominic is a Daddies boy, he loves kisses, snuggles, and to rearrange the furniture in his walker :) He also has a little brother who was born 11-16-2020 :)
Hello world everyone meet the 1 and only Jehovah! He just turned 5 months and is so full of life and personality. He enjoys listening to music and going out on rides. Needless to say, he also was born prematurely and had no prenatal care the entire pregnancy during covid 19, so he is truly a gift from God.😘😃😄
"It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be" - Albus Dumbledore
Rhett loves everybody! He has the perfect smile and he would love to have your vote!!!
She loves frozen and dressing up! She has 2 little brothers and 2 little hamsters💜
Iokepa kai is such a lovable and funny kid & super outgoing along with being super smart for his age. Thank you to everyone who votes, it’s very much appreciated ❤️
Raylan is an only child. He looks just like his daddy. He loves his family, love His swing, TV, Toys.
Jiannah Rae loves to be held close to your heart. Stare inside her moon shaped eyes where you can see the stars inside of them. Loves 90s R&B music and riding in the car. Such an incredible baby girl!
She's a little wildflower with a lot of warrior underneath! I will be a future Jedi like my father unless I receive a letter to Hogwarts like my mother.
Evan Carter loves his fist and lights. He tries to act like a big boy by trying to hold his self up on his own.
James is the sweetest boy, loves giving cuddles and being silly. He really enjoys being outside and playing with rocks and sticks. James is a very curious little boy, always getting into everything!😄
Weston is almost 8 months old! He loves to play with his big sister, and big brother. Eat yummy foods! Cake especially! Loves snuggles, love, and smiles! Happiest baby I know! ❤ he is the light of our lives!
Miss Kenna Faye is a year and a half old spunky yet sweet little girl who loves her baby dolls and are papa more than anything. Sassy as it gets but the sweetest baby out there 💜
Elijah is the spitting image of his daddy, he's a very happy baby who loves to hear people talk and loves blowing raspberries
Bodhi is my adorable 4 month old who loves cuddles with mommy and daddy, is a non stop talker, loves his toys and listening to all the music!
Happiest baby ! Loves to smile and talk all day ♥️
Leo Sky
Leo loves giggling with everyone and having conversations. Playing with jingle bells is his absolute favorite activity! 🇷🇺🇺🇸
Hi my name is Wesley and I am almost 4 months old! I love to eat, play in my bouncer, talk gibberish with mom, and I love it when my big sister makes me laugh!
She is very lovable,she loves to sing dance!!
Justin is a very smart, crazy, wild child. Loves to play as much as possible especially outside.. & not only that he absolutely goes crazy over four wheelers, dirt bikes you name it he loves riding, lol. He enjoys watching all “toy story” movies and also For his screen time he loves watching Blippi, peppa pig, & paw patrol and many more! He LOVES TO EAT lol. My son is my world, the absolute best most amazing blessing that god has ever given me, and I’m more than greatful and blessed to be his mommy. He deserves anything and everything in the world that mommy and daddy can give him. He deserves nothing more than a life full of happiness and great blessings! Please give a vote for our sweet handsome boy ☺️💙