Baby Stories


DO NOT ASK TO EXCHANGE IF YOU DONT PLAN TO VOTE BACK OR ARE ONLY GONNA VOTE 1-2 TIMES!! *** ACCEPTING ADVANCED VOTES AND/OR BONUSES/GIFTS TO RETURN AT YOUR NEXT CONTEST!!** I’m Kaleb and I’m 5! I love playing with my brother and my puppy, and I love all kinds of police car toys!
Please do not vote from fraudulent accounts!! Please keep your negativity off my page! 🌹💙 Looking for exchanges and advances! 🌹💙 Grayson is 18 months old, and full of joy! He’s always smiling, giggling, and playing. His favorite thing is Mickey Mouse! We really hope to be able to take him to Disney to meet Mickey Mouse one day. He loves playing, cuddling, and being held, especially by mommy and daddy! Grayson also loves learning sign language! He knows please, more, wait, cup, eat/food, water, help, and thank you! He picks up on things so fast, he’s such a smart baby! He loves walking around ever since he took his first steps! Please vote for our little man! ❤️💙 #RaceForGrayson
Hi! I’m aurora! My mama calls me Rory or bug. I love to eat anything mama cooks and watch cartoons with her! I also love to play with my toy camper and my kitchen utensils. I was born 2 months early and stayed in the Nicu for two weeks but look at me now! I’m big and strong! I love to smile and clap. I also love my doggy ranger. Thank you for viewing my profile! I hope you voted for me❤️
Royalty is 8 months old. She likes watching Sensory Bear and loves attention. She is a happy baby and is always smiling.
Key'ilah is a happy girl and the youngest of 5 girls she loves her mama and silly noises.
Isaiah is a loving,helps take care of his baby brother/family/friends and hes very adventurous.
Xio is 2 but she runs the show and has a huge personality with the vocabulary to match be careful with this happy and sassy girlie
Shane is a spontaneous 3yr old. He loves playing with cars. Also loves to race on a PS2 with his dad. Loves all his brothers too.
He was born a premie, hes one month old He is a lazy baby but loves to cuddle & smile his favorite word is momma 💕
Hi my name is Angelo ♥️ I’m almost two months old I roll myself over I can hold my head up I love my mommy and daddy ♥️ And I love to smile
Chase is a happy beautiful little boy who has had bronchitis but beat it after being in an induced coma, would be lovely to win after the year he’s had.💙
Hi! I am Damian 3 months old. I like to eat, sleep, repeat and just be a good boy. ❤️🧒 I love my daddy and mummy but for now the milk is all I need. 🍼😃💞💖
Nathanael is a cheerful baby boy who loves to explore and play. He is a very curious baby who babbles a lot, crawls everywhere, laughs, and loves playing peek a boo. He also loves to eat and try all kinds of food! Nathanael is very observant and learn things quickly. His favorite thing to do is cuddling with his mommy and daddy.
Emerson James
Emerson is a strong, loving and all around happy baby boy. He is 2months old can laugh, roll over, hold his head up for the most part. It’s hard with him having torticollis. He has been such a joy with his big brother and sisters. He’s the youngest of 4. In his 2 months he has been through a lot with milk allergies, issues gaining weight, and some medical issues he’s getting treatments for now.
Oscar Is is a very caring little boy he love to make new friends and make sure his brother and sister are always happy x
Loves to be outdoors. Light of our lives 💕 and one amazing baby boy
Hi My name is Tristan , I'm 3 1/2 weeks old so far I like drinking my milk bottles and nukes and I love to sleep , sometimes I like to occasionally put my hands and the closest thing to me in my mouth.. but I love taking long naps the most ...
My name is Addalynn, they call me addy for short. Ive only been in this crazy world for a month. I love to stay up between the hours of 2am-5am and then i sleep all day. I love to eat and listen to any kind of music. I spend most of my day sleeping. I love getting and giving kisses. I also love playing the cheecka game with mommy. I know sleeping with mommy and daddy shouldnt happen, but i sleep the best in their bed🥰
Harry was born 5 days before Christmas he was the best xmas present ever he loves his milk lol and loves his bath times with mummy thats all i can say that he likes at the moment till he gets older and more active he loves hearing his wee voice as all he dose the now is make noises and gooing he is the loving baby brother to Dylan who loves him so much and cant wait till he starts to run about after him lol xxx
Nathan Cash
Nate loves snuggles, bananas and his daddy! He is constantly laughing!
Smiling, Boobies, Mummy and Tati. Uncontrollable hair:)
Atlas loves to laugh, smile, and eat! He’s always happy and is super strong he can sit up by himself already and he loves to take pictures! He’s one silly boy!
Brinleigh loves to play peekaboo & hangout with mom and dad ❤️
Loves to watch Elmo and blow spit bubbles.
Renée-Mei (pronounced-my) is Caribbean and Portuguese. She has so much character already, she started crawling two weeks ago and is already determined to walk. She’s a calm, loving, and smart baby. She can already say mum, Mae (Portuguese-mum), daddy, dad, hi, titi (bottle) She engages amazingly and can understand English and Portuguese. She loves food her favourite food is anything loool! She has completed our family x Please vote for our girl Renée-Mei ❤️
They call me Turtle 🐢 I like to watch Johnny Test and sit around a campfire.
Happiest little boy🤍 he loves to smile and loves to be talked too
Hello I’m Víctor but fam calls me tank I very sweet , lovable & caring! I love my mommy , Daddy & baby brother! Also my family ❤️ I love to eat food and play outside with my tio I’m a Big brother ❤️
Colton is a happy baby that loves silly faces and enjoys a good cuddle.
Nash loves to smile and laugh, very talkative and will tell you all the tea! Also loves a good bubble bath.
The rainbow to my storm, Jeramiah came unexpectedly after a miscarriage and has saved me since the day I saw them lines 💗 my boy is such a happy baby unless hungry lol. He loves when we talk to him, bath time, and definitely keeping us up at night🤣🤣 please help me to start a savings account for my sweet boy. Thank you in advance💜
He loves to snuggle loves look at lights loves to talk and smile at people. He likes to be tickled and he laughs.
King is 2 . He is such a happy little one with lots of smiles & Very intelligent . King enjoys listening to mommy sing to him . He enjoys watching Baby shark & playing with his big brother. He’s the most handsome, cheerful little guy you’d meet. King has a smile that will brighten your day and light up a room. Vote Little Mr. King
HELLO! My name is Liliana😊 I am 3 years old! I am one of the happiest baby’s you will ever see❤️ SHOW ME SOME LOVE AND VOTE‼️
Austin Wilder James. Sweet loving baby boy only child. Was born on my dad's birthday. He is very smart likes to stand and learning to walk already he hates crawling and laying down unless he is sleeping. He loves to eat, loves talking to grandma, loves to cuddle.
Safiyyah means "The pure one".... Our rainbow baby has given us so much happiness! I honestly cannot think of anything in this world that could have made me any happier than she has!
🧸🧸🧸🧸💕💕💕💕 Za'Koria is a loving sweet 🧁 child she is very talented she plays basketball 🏀 she does gymnastics 🤸🏾‍♀️she loves playing video games,🎮 reading 📙and drawing 📝she love helping out with small kids she is just a bundle of joy she is the only girl out of 3 kids oh and she love taking pictures.📸
Hello I’m Santiago & I’m 3 months old. I love my mommy & daddy also my big brother! I love to coo & love different colors 😍 I love car rides only when the car is moving! I love to snuggle and be close to mommy❤️ I can’t wait to play with my big brother soon! I love my family!
Brantley is our blessing from God and has changed so many lives , thank you God for such a blessing
Jose is 3 months over dramatic and extra he's the size of a five month old and just a baby
Charlie has one blue eye and one blue and brown eye! He is a true milk monster.
Gracie Noel, 2.5 yrs old, is a NEC (necrotizing enterocolitis) survivor. She was born at 26 weeks weighing 1lb 10oz. She stayed in the NICU for 7 months before coming home. She’s is currently 100% G-tube fed. She has come quite a long way in her journey! Despite all she has been through, she is the most happiest, energetic, and brightest little girl ever. 🥰🥰🥰
Christopher is the happiest baby and his favorite thing to do is eat. He loves spending time with his older brother, and enjoys long cuddles. The easiest thing in the world to get my baby boy to smile.
Lilliana is 4 months old and she’s a very happy baby! We love to talk and play with our feet and hands!
My little ginger bread man loves his swing and seeing himself in his mirror! He has the most massive poops and smiles so proudly after making them.