Baby Stories


Addilyn is a three month old happy baby who loves to roll around and talk all day, he most favorite things are her daddy and laughing constantly no matter what!
2 year old toddler !
Bryson was born on 9/11 and had a rough start at life. He was in the nicu for a week but is thriving now
Wayne is a sweet boy that loves to laugh and play. When he is not eating or napping he is talking and enjoying his fingers in his mouth!
Wayne is a sweet boy that loves to laugh and play. When he is not eating or napping he is talking and enjoying his fingers in his mouth!
Little miss Avayah is so beautiful, lovable and playful. She loves sitting between mommy and daddy watching movies. She loves blowing bubbles, floor/tummy time, she’s not to sure about rolling but she absolutely loves her walker and trying to walk already. She loves FaceTiming Grandma Gonzales and Uncle Gabe. She loves looking at pictures of Grandpa Gonzales (she smiles and it’s just so heart warming. She will always be his little mouse.) She loves being held (she’s spoiled) I know. She just loves attention, night time reading, singing songs and just laughing in general. Vote for this sweet girl of ours because she’s truly an amazing baby and we are so blessed that she’s here. Thank you for the read and the votes.
Hi, I’m Adryan! Fun fact: I blessed my mommy & daddy with my presence 3 weeks before my due date. Right before Christmas Eve! I was the best gift ever, if I do say so myself. My favorite thing to do right now is sleep all day & be up all night! I love falling asleep on daddy’s chest & then cuddling next to mommy for her warmth. I’m mommys rainbow baby🌈💛
Kayden is a silly baby 🥰he always smiling very active
Millie Simms
This is my daughter Millie. This one year old is sure a character always knows how to make me laugh. She loves watching Elmo in the morning while eating her breakfast. Her favorite toy is her baby dolls. And she’s a daddy’s girl♥️
Damian is such a happy baby who likes to check out the world around him.
Hi I'm Raelynn! I love trying to talk & long cuddles with dad mom & my big brother.
Staton is 2 months old, he loves bath time, eating a lot & watching cocomelon.
Josie is the sweetest baby. She loves crawling and pulling up on things and she gets mad when she can't figure out how to walk on her own. She also loves all food, being outside and watching her dogs.
Beautiful blue eye baby 👶 💙
Brycen is 6 months old, he loves his big brother & food. He has the prettiest big eyes & long eyelashes. They’ll steal your heart. He’s always laughing and smiling.
Blake Nathaniel Ray
My baby boys loves music, very active, has a cute sneeze 😁
Hi I’m Daisy Claire. I’m a mixture between sassy and sweet. I love playing with my horse walker and watching cocomelon.
Connor is such a sweet, happy boy. Everyone that’s met him compliments his joyous personality. He’s always smiling and laughing. He loves trucks, music, Max & Ruby and his sisters. Connor is visually impaired but has learned how to use the little vision he has like a champ!
Greyson is a very playful child. He loves sitting in his walker, playing with his toys and, most importantly pulling mom’s hair. He’s a very happy baby with a hint of crabbiness.
A'amara is a little sassy sweet country girl! Shes a beautiFul soul with her own little personality vote for today!! She was the light of my life that i needed!!!!
Audiana Jo
Audi is happy loving lil girl that loves playing with toys & drawing on learning books! Her favorite things is babies she will carry hers around like it was her own ! She is very loving when it comes to her new baby brother comes she’s lays on mommies belly just to listen to him.❤️❤️
Legacy is out going one smart funny and amazing 11 month old with a great personality.
Paisley has so much personality! She’s always happy and loves watching Peppa Pig. Paisley is the youngest of her siblings and eats up all of the attention they give her. She’s such a happy go with the flow baby.
This is Jackson he loves his bath time and his mommy🥰❤️
Amelia is 5, LOVES toy story, dressing up, and taking pictures. She is the sweetest, most fun, and helpful little girl. ❤
Happiest baby in all of New Hampshire! Just takes one look and instant smile. Just makes it so easy to fall in love with him!
She is very sweet n is a daddy's girl
Hes such a happy baby. Always smiling. His demour is always happy. He looks at you andyour heart just melts. Hes very advanced for his age. His smile always melts your heart.He has such beautiful blue eyes and long eyelashes.He lives his daddy so much, but yet he's still a 👩Mama's boy.
Damian is sure to win your heart with his gentle and loving mannerism. His eyes tell it all, he’s the sweetest little guy you’ll ever meet!
Ian is one of the sweetest loving boy, he loves cars, he loves music, he loves helping his grandparents with anything he can
He is very sweet n loves everyone
Kamila loves to dance she dances to any type of music, she loves dolls, she's always happy no matter what she always has a smile on her face she the sweetest girl, love giving kisses
He loves his dog zeena. He loves music and to dance. Most as well he loves to take selfies. He is an all around child and loves just about anyone he meets.
Lillie Rennee
My daughters name is Lillie Rennee , and she is 2 yrs old ! Lillie loves to play with toys n she loves to get into any and everything she sees lol! Shes talking very good n so little im like how is she knowing all these words !!! Lol . She is very smart n outgoing n she loves life n she loves her mommy ❤❤❤ n people
Liam has a smile that can light up the room! He is a very inquisitive, happy and you will always find him with a smile on his face. He loves people and enjoys exploring this beautiful world. He has eyes that twinkle and will melt your heart with one look! He loves hugs and kisses and is a social butterfly. His laugh is contagious and there is a never a dull day with this little guy.
Hello! My son Bentley is 5 months old . He's an very happy baby, trying to talk already , very alert and observing! He really is an sweet precious soul!
Alaía loves to play with her big brother during play time and loves to eat any chance she gets. She’s also a breastfed baby so you already know she’s spoiled and mostly always gets her way. And let’s not forget she can never help herself but to smile and laugh for the camera 🤣💖
Aliyes loves the camera and is truly a character! He loves to listen to music and dances on beat! But there’s nothing he loves more than 🏀. Almost everytime he shoots, he scores.
A pretty beautiful little girl with a loving smile and big personality. She’s not only a month old and she giggles and holds her own binky.
She love to watch moana and hercules. She loves eating potatoes and making whatever possible noise she can
my name is Steven . My due date was April fools day so I decided to play a joke on mommy and come early (January 24💙) I’m currently in the NICU but I’m doing better everyday and can’t wait to go home 💙🏠
Miss Jaéclyn is a sassy one year old princess, who is also a mommy’s baby! LOL. She’s such a sweetheart & loves to smile ... & have her way!
He's a handsome blue eyed happy baby boy! Loves to coo at mama and daddy loves to smile and kick his feet always the happiest baby!
Very energetic, smart, and loveable three year old who loves dinosaurs & Ryan on YouTube! & His favorite color is green!
She is always happy and smiling truly a light to those around her.
Lucas David
Lucas is 20 months! He is such a sweet boy! Lucas was born at 38 weeks and 1 day during a storm. He was born with low blood sugar and had to stay in the NICU for 11 days to help regulate it. He loves to laugh in his sleep, loves to watch the ceiling fan and he loves to be swaddled. He is our little fighter! He is now healthy and fills our heart with joy! He loves to share. He loves Blue’s Clues and You, Winnie the Pooh and starting to watch Paw Patrol. He is so much fun. He loves to swim and take showers. He can say momma and dada. And he loves pizza! And green beans. He is such a sweet boy. He is very smart. He know how to use YouTube and Disney plus. He can say bye and give kisses. He is just a little ham who has a big heart.
Ethan loves to be outside. He loves Paw Patrol and PJ max and likes to make people smile. By voting for Ethan you are helping Alexandru to collect money for his SMA diagnostic treatment which cost over 2 mil dollars.Thank you!
He lights up anybodys day.... He loves to eat and play