Hello everyone here to share my story on my wonderful princess she was born a premie and had a rough couple months on this earth butshe was always a smiling happy baby .Aubree is the smartest baby ever she’s been talking since she was 9 months and can have a full conversation with you. Her favorite tv show Chico Bon bon and ms.Rachel and Oreos . Her favorite person in the world is her big sister lol she loves to eat and say cheese or say hey to everyone I just wanna spend a lil love around the world and share my princess with everyone
Hello my name is Iveana I am a very happy baby who loves vocalizing and giving heartwarming smiles to everyone who interacts with me. I also enjoy exploring the world around me. My current favorite toy is a kick and play mat that has a musical piano.
Cardel is one of the happiest babies I know. He loves to smile and play. He is perfect in every way 💙
Eliaya is a very silly sweet girl. She is eating now and loves bananas. She rolls everywhere and laughs all day.
Tommy is such a good natured baby. He loves cuddling and playing, and he’s already been on his first boat ride, 4 wheeler ride, and first cabin trip in the middle of the woods! Already a rockstar and just such a perfect baby. Anyone loves this little munchkin
Evie And Emery
Evie and Emery are identical twin girls.
My name is Aisha I was born on Halloween I loves to sleep low oxygen levels. I am a girl recovering slowly please vote
Demi is such and amazing happy baby❤️, she always has a smile on her face.
Aurora is the most positive baby I've seen. Always happy and smiling. She loves animals and all the bright Lights! 🎀
Braylin was born at 36 weeks and weighing 4lbs 15oz. She is my fiesty lil readhead!
He’s such a happy baby! Always smiling! He loves Mickey Mouse and Stitch
Very talkative,very load A very happy 5 month old
Hi my name is Ezra, I’m 7 months old , I love to laugh and play . Making others laugh and smile too is what I do best. Hope seeing my smile makes your day too!
Everleigh is my miracle baby in a way. My grandpa died before she was born and she is my miracle out of the misery, losing someone so close to me was very traumatic but I am now grateful to be able to have my beautiful baby girl.
Nava-mae And Scarlett Twins
Nava-mae And Scarlett rose are teins gorls who were born on Easter sunday in lockdown i was in the sun newspaper's as they were fristed lockdown twins baby bron
Levi is a big fan of milk, looking outside the window as Mom drives, long walks in the park and his binkies. He’s a very loving energetic boy who hates tummy time, so much so that he already learned to roll over. Please vote for us we would love to show the world this cuteness!
Amara loves boobies.
Annsley loves to smile and is just learning to let out a laugh.
Hi, this is Corven, hes 4 months. He loves music and is a super Chill baby.
Mae is a little diva who makes sure her brothers include her in all things. She loves to play and dance.
Tason is a very happy and energetic little boy, It is rare when you don't see him smiling! He is curious and loves to look around at his surroundings and explore. His big blue eyes are irresistible and his laugh is contagious! Tason was born two weeks early at 8lbs 13oz on December 29th. His favorite show is Ms. Rachel and Sesame Street. He loves to play in his toy car and to chase our two cats! I am so happy to be his Mama ❤️
Light likes to be on the go crawling everywhere playing with his toys and his sisters very happy boy 99% of the time
Martin Jr.
Hi everyone I'm Martin Jr. I love to watch boss baby and trolls. I really enjoy crawling and following my mom around the house. I also enjoy looking out the window.
Eli is a sweet blue eyed boy , he loves to laugh and run around all day long . He enjoys playing in the yard with his sister and brother . He is a blessing to be around 🥰
Waylen is a very adventurous little boy and always on the go! He loves animals and his little brother
Lucas is now 4 years old. I am a middle child. I have a big brother an lil sister. I enjoy playing outdoors with my favorite toys like robots, paw patrol toys an dinosaurs. My favorite snacks are applesauce an chips.
Ryder is a happy baby all the time and just the cutest thing ever. She loves money. She loves when mommy and daddy talk to her. She was 5IBS 11.2Oz and still growing so fast!! Vote for Ryder!
Little dreamer plotting big dreams. 💤#DreamingBaby❤️
Hi I’m Noelani, I’m the happiest baby, I love mommy, daddy, mama, papa. My favorite show is Gracie’s Corner. Please Vote for me ❤️
She loves swinging on swing, loves trying to talk up and loves when people are talking to her🥹
Alicia is a miracle. She entered into this world despite the many scares and complications we had throughout the pregnancy and labor. She is a calm and sweet newborn. She likes cuddles and nose scrunches the best right now. It would be amazing to tell her when shes older that she won the worlds hearts this young into her life. If she were to the win the prize money would go towards all the needs and wants of her, her sister, and her brother. It is with a heavy heart that i updaye this to say that our precious baby passed away on Nov 14, 2023 at 11 days old.
She love her mom and grandma the most. She always smile when she is sleeping. She is name after two females which is her great great aunt and her great grandma.
Dayanah Amor
Hello my name is Dayanah Amor and I am a happy 10m old baby girl 🫶🏽 My mommy and Daddy prayed for me for over 8years then I finally came. I love Ms. Rachel and watching cars drive past my house 🏠 I always love to scream. Please vote for me ❤️
Baby Isaac was born premature he's just a very healthy baby and he loves to smile he just so happy all the time but what he left to do the most is eat lol 🤣
Kylo loves cuddles & food
Jarlii is a very happy and cheeky little boy, always listening to people when talking to him and gives the biggest smiles ☺️
she’s the sweetest baby girl ever! she loves going for a ride with her daddy. she’s way too smart for her age lol i think a win will make her smile brighter
Jaden just turned 7 months. She is a very happy baby. She likes to roll over, scream at you and laugh all the time. She loves to spend time with her momma and daddy. She love to swing and spend time with her family.
Kaden-james loves he's mum and dad and he's big sisters even tho he doesn't really understand anything he's always there for a cuddle
Delilah is the youngest of four. She loves to talk and giggle , especially at the feeling fans. She is a very resilient little girl as her older siblings fight over her attention.
Kasey is almost 2 months now and is so sweet and really learning how to use her lol🫶 I love my sweet girl
My name is Presley I was born 6 weeks early my mom was only 34 weeks. I was 4 pounds 5.1 ounces I’m super small I’m a month old and still wear preemie clothes and diapers
She is 1 year old loves to eat and loves playing outside
Nabeel is the coolest 5 years old that I know and he loves to read. When he is not reading, you will find him on Roblox. Kindly vote for him