Baby Stories


Miss Brooklyn Rose is full of love and lots of laughter. Miss personality loves to smile, coo and laugh. Tomorrow she will be two months old and already exploring all that the world has to offer ❤️
Jalen loves Mickey Mouse, his older brothers & the cuppycake song 💙
Our beautiful little Lilly Rae 🥰😇
Sandro Junior is 5 months old & 20 pounds😍He’s the youngest of three, he loves bath time, and he loves to be tickled😄❤️ Thank you so much for your vote❤️
Addison is 3 months today! Very sassy and happy and loves to move!! She’s a little Alaska baby who’s so ready for summer:)
This sweet little boy just discovered his voice so he loves to talk. He’s a very calm baby and his favorite tv show is Daniel tigers neighborhood. He would love your votes!
Kenzie is the sweetest and most content one month old around! When she’s not impressing all her fans with her fabulous outfits, she is busy melting hearts with her hugs and snuggles.
Cashton... where do I start with this amazingly handsome and loving baby boy? His hair is silky smooth with eyes as blue as the ocean water. He’s got a heart that loves anyone. Don’t let his handsome smile or love fool you, he does have an evil side. He is a Daddy’s boy for sure, he would rather go to Daddy than come to me. He’s his Daddy’s twin!
Waylon is always smiling and so happy. He is talking more and more every day. He loves when mommy sings the ABC and five little monkeys
Remington Ray was born Jan. 29th 2021! He is full of energy and has always been super alert, His favorite shows are little baby bum, and word party! He loves talking and laughing and he even tries to talk to our Pomeranian Atari! He loves animals and tummy time when he can look at himself in the mirror! He also loves to watch his Dad when he’s gaming!
My name is Baby Alex & I love to snuggle my momma & drink my Bobby’s all day 💙
PaygeLynn is 10 days old she likes to be rocked and to be held. She is an only child. She's mommy's best friend.
Pretty Girl
She loves to play and smiles alot as well as be carried
Noelle is the happiest 3month old. She adores her mommy and daddy & her most favorite thing is Mickey Mouse.
My little preemie baby has had so many troubles along the way but he is my strong baby. I love him to pieces
Shaunie is very friendly baby. She loves when people talk to her because she loves to smile and laugh.
Everleys birthday is April 5th! She loves to eat & take naps❤️
She loves playing a piano toy with her feet, laughing at her stuffed animals, bath time. A happy baby!
Mallorie Grace Deaton 2 months old Loves: -eating - bathing - Being talked to - Being held - Being Naked - Diaper change Hates: - Dirty diaper - laying by herself - putting clothes on - If her bottle isn’t made instantly - being kissed
Carter is probably the most energetic little boy you’ll ever meet. He doesn’t know a stranger. He LOVES food and his big brother Bryce, and his baby sister Paisley. The term “hell in wheels” definitely describes him. 💕
My daughter loves to be held loves to smile🥰
She likes to play the piano with her feet, she laughs at her toys, enjoys being held, a happy happy baby
Kenneth was born a month and 2 days early as a preemie weighing 4 lbs 13.5 ounces hes come a long way since birth he loves his parents and sibling and cuddles from the granparents hes a godsent gift
Hazel skye is a 31weeker preemie, she spent 19 days in the NICU,she is developing a huge personality and striving more and more each day❤
Bellamy loves to eat sweet potatoes and loves to wear his daddy’s hat ❤️
Teghe’n loves to watch tv , loves playing with his big cousin’s ! He loves pillow fighting and imitating what you do he’s very lovable and can turn your frown into a smile fast! He loves to Dance as well!
Marlei loves laughing, watching her dog, walks outside, and music!
Asher is the happiest baby out there! My days are filled with neverending smiles and cuddles from my little man. ❤
She is a very happy energetic baby. She loves Elmo and she loves to take long walks in her stroller. Her favorite food is EVERYTHING.
Noah loves to smile and laugh! He loves the bath, doggies, looking at his self in the mirror, and his family! ❤️
Braxtyn is the most laid back and calm little guy ever. He loves to laugh and smile at all his animal friends. Being the youngest of many siblings this little man brings so much joy to our family.
Nalaya is the cutest, most adorable baby with lots of personality and style!
She loves to smile😊, Loves bath time🛁, Loves to wiggle around🦋, and loves being outdoors ⛰🥾
Jaxon loves eating, laughing at his daddy more then his mommy, he likes watching paw patrol when he wakes up in the morning
He’s a very smart little boy for his age in our house we call him the boss baby lol
He is so sweet and polite. He was only 5 days old in this picture weighing in around 10 pounds!
Isaque is a beautiful baby boy he loves to drink breast milk and he love to sleep he like to laugh and smile lot he a loved baby 🥰
Navada is a loving and happy baby with tons of smiles to give 😁 Most of the time she is sleep or eating but if you catch her awake she will crack a smile or two. She is 6 weeks and very alert Vote for Miss Navada 🥰
Zelda is outgoing and lovable. She loves to dance, sing, arts and crafts, dress up, make up. Very intelligent. Bilingual: Spanish and English. A very happy child 🤍
Camden has recently learned to laugh and loves to coo and make different noises. He is a strong boy that always wants to sit up instead of lay down.
He is 5 months and full of so much energy!!! He is all smiles and laughs all the time!!! He is a miracle from God and I love him with all my heart!!! He would very much appreciate your vote 😊 😘 thank you
My baby girl Itzel is the most happy baby she’s supper cheesy and loves to be carried by anyone she loves to clap and say eia eia yoh she is currently 9 months 🥰!
Jaxson is 8 months old who adores doing anything his older brother does . His bestfriend is a kitten and can watch coco melon 24/7 ... he has the most precious smile and laugh ever and is always making every one smile.