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10 months · United States

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Isabella finished 1541st in the Girl’s contest which ended 8 days ago.

Grammys little doll she's beautiful funny and very smart for her age . I love her with all of my heart and soul plus her mommy of course <3



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Kayleigh Hey mama, Welcome to Bidiboo ☺️ your baby is too cute ❤️I am an ambassador for bidiboo & I would love to help your baby get a head start in this competition ‼️Go in settings under "My Profile" and scroll to "Referred By" you can use my code, No dashes just numbers and the Letter A before the numbers A•THREE•THREE•SEVEN•EIGHT (use the letter A then the numbers, no spaces)‼️to unlock 1000 free votes . it’s only good for accounts under 3 days so you don’t want to miss this.. Also! Add 5 photos & you’ll get extra votes! I voted, Goodluck.❤️🥰
Mary W.
Mary W. She's the most beautiful and cutest Little Red Riding Hood