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4 months · West Jordan

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She goes by Li’i. She is 4 months. Li’i loves to watch football with her dad. She loves Sophia the First more than Cocomelon. She’s learning to sit up and slide everywhere. She is a calm baby and she’s very alert of surroundings. She is loved. So grateful for her and her bubbly personality 🥰 Li’i h...



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Océane B. I'm advancing votes, are you interested? They will be due when Swanah 🎀 will be in competition again, I think no more November or December, the date will be defined later 😊 Can I suggest 200, 300 or 400 votes? Thanks in advance Ps: answer me, on my wall
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Kendra L. Exchange 10 votes everyday all month plus a like withZaidyn
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Christieleen Maryjane S. Ms Fofogaotamali’i Capri ♥️