Leo - Baby Photo Contest
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3 months · Soldotna

312th World and 3rd Alaska ranking in the Boy’s contest which ended 3 days ago.
Prize won: 400 votes
16 €

Leo was born at 23 weeks and is currently 35! He’s almost 3 pounds and loves to smile at mommy. He loves his binky and his hands by his face! He’s a very stubborn baby and a very strong fighter!



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Michell C.
Michell C. I love him so much 🥰
Sheila T.
Sheila T. We love you too!
Kali S.
Kali S. My baby girl was born at 23.3 weeks on 7/8 and she is now 36.3 weeks stay strong mama. He’s adorable! You got my vote!
Sheila T.
Sheila T. Thank you!!!! I’m definitely trying too ❤️