Bukata - Baby Photo Contest
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11 months · Safford

Contest over
Bukata finished 345th in the Boy’s contest which ended a month ago.

Bukata is a very happy joyful baby, he enjoys music, loves to play with dad and mom, loves hugs and snoggys with dad, and loves to play with his toys and he is very attentive and observant. His favorite cartoon is Hippy Hoppy and his favorite book is goodnight moon 🌙 and he is very social 😊



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Nancy C.
Nancy C. All the best to baby Bukata
Stee P. L.
Stee P. L. Ubusuma baby Bukata 😘 too much cuteness ❤️... I think I managed to vote...
Micheal S.
Micheal S. Handsome boy
Bukata R M.
Bukata R M. Thank You
Precious M.
Precious M. Precious
Bukata R M.
Bukata R M. Bamashina thank you so much
Mwembe K.
Mwembe K. Handsome little boy
Bukata R M.
Bukata R M. Thank you aunt Mwembe
Precious M.
Precious M. Bany Bukata looks amazing
Bukata R M.
Bukata R M. Thank you so much