A'Nyla - Baby Photo Contest
Cheek, Skin, Head, Hand, Eyes, Mouth, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Cap, Sleeve, Happy, Comfort, Baby, Finger, Toddler, Chair, Fun, Child, Pattern, Sitting, Thigh, Person, Headwear


3 months · Lake Charles

2nd World and 1st Louisiana ranking in the Girl’s contest which ended 4 days ago.
Prizes won: £ 800 + 2000 votes

A'Nyla is a 2 month old BABY DOLL, she's so sweet, loving, loves smiling and seeing mommy and daddys face! She is the only girl out of 3 boys. She deserves her CROWN 🥰



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Morgan A.
Morgan A. Want to exchange votes?
Naciyé L.
Naciyé L. +9 today Caramel
Jazmine B.
Jazmine B. Why does it say baby doll all caps..???
Lay L.
Lay L. Whoever votes I’ll vote for yours also!!!
Lay L.
Lay L. Omggg 😍😍😍
Siltia G.
Siltia G. To cute I want her😩
Kim B.
Kim B. Really hoping you win!!!:))) I will send some votes:)
Naciyé L.
Naciyé L. +10 today Caramel
Louise M.
Louise M. Beautiful xx
Adrian T.
Adrian T. +10 for Angel Wolf today
Gcross T.
Gcross T. This little queen deserves her crown 👑 1st place
Allysa R.
Allysa R. Yessss❤❤
Naciyé L.
Naciyé L. +10 Caramel today
Courtney C.
Corayah S.
Corayah S. Vote for vote ?
Shelby R.
Shelby R. vote for vote ? ❤️
Adrian T.
Adrian T. Vote for this little😇😇😇 angel Angel Wolf
Jessica V.
Jessica V. Voted :) want to trade votes
Adrian T.
Adrian T. Vote for my baby brother and ill vote for your daughter Angel Wolf
Ashlyn G.
Ashlyn G. Votes for votes? 💜
Judyza W.
Judyza W. Hey! votes for votes with Jallyria J ? 💕