Beauty - Baby Photo Contest
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3 yo · Cedar Rapids

3rd World and 1st Iowa ranking in the Girl’s contest which ended 5 days ago.
Prizes won: £ 550 + 2000 votes

Beauty is an active 3yr old. She loves to sing, dance, and read books while telling her own version of the story. Her favorite food is Macaroni & Cheese. Beauty wants to own a unicorn one day & become a queen. She’s makes everyone around her laugh. Beauty is sweet & caring!



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Tina J.
Tina J. She is absolutely beautiful
Michelle M.
Michelle M. I Can Exchange 10 a day in Votes if you can Vote 10 a day on my fur baby Chester
Fatuma A.
Fatuma A. Shes so beautiful
Francess P.
Francess P. She is adorable
Louise M.
Louise M. She's beautiful i will vote could you please vote for my sonKayden
Starlena N.
Starlena N. She truly is a beauty! Would you like to exchange 10/10 votes daily?