Kehlani - Baby Photo Contest
Cheek, Skin, Smile, White, Happy, Gesture, Yellow, Pink, Finger, Cap, Toddler, Baby, Fun, Trunk, Abdomen, Chest, Thumb, Child, Event, Barechested, Person


4 months · Santa Ana

1st World and 1st California ranking in the Girl’s contest which ended 7 days ago.
Prizes won: Jackpot: £ 6,213 + £ 230

Kehlani is a quarantine baby. But she loves 2021 so far and loves the outside. Most of all she loves her mama.



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Jr. P.
Jr. P. Asher exchange??
Michelle M.
Michelle M. I Can Exchange 10 a day in Votes if you can Vote 10 a day on my fur baby Chester
Ebonie M.
Ebonie M. I will exchange 10 for 10 a day @Jer'Rielyn Myles
Ebonie M.
Ebonie M. @Michelle M
Tayla M.
Tayla M. Would you like me to advance your baby 150 votes to return to my daughter in march
Mercedes B.
Mercedes B. Ok sounds like a plan
Tayla M.
Tayla M. Okay I’ll start soon
Tayla M.
Tayla M. 10 done 2/4
Nichole D.
Nichole D. 20 done 2/5
Tayla M.
Tayla M. 30 done 2/6
Nichole D.
Nichole D. 40 done 2/7
Nichole D.
Nichole D. 50 done 2/8
Nichole D.
Nichole D. 60 done 2/9
Nichole D.
Nichole D. 70 done 2/10
Nichole D.
Nichole D. 80 done 2/11
Nichole D.
Nichole D. 90 done 2/12
Nichole D.
Nichole D. 100 done 2/14
Nichole D.
Nichole D. 110 done 2/16
Nichole D.
Nichole D. 120 done 2/17
Nichole D.
Nichole D. 130 done 2/19
Nichole D.
Nichole D. 140 done 2/21
Nichole D.
Nichole D. 150 done 2/22
Nichole D.
Nichole D. I will write on your wall when it’s time to return all votes
Tayla M.
Tayla M. Hope you take home the win rooting for you go kehlani
Naciyé L.
Naciyé L. +10 today Caramel
Donna W.
Donna W. Such a beautiful, happy little girl.
Patricia H.
Patricia H. Exchange votes for my Angel?
Jasmine W.
Jasmine W. Would you like to exchange votes?
Ashlyn G.
Ashlyn G. Exchange votes? I’ll vote 10x a day daily!
Louise M.
Louise M. Beautiful i will vote could you please vote for my sonKayden
Brittany G.
Brittany G. Please vote for my son Asher
Lynne M.
Lynne M. Your baby is so darned cute
Mary F.
Mary F. Would you like to exchange votes? Lilliana
Orlane S.
Orlane S. Hello 10 votes Sparow ?
Keiley A.
Keiley A. I'm sorry but I don't agree with photo shopping your baby's picture for a competition. Is Ur baby not cute enough without having to edit their faces
Mercedes B.
Mercedes B. I didnt edit anything. Dont hate on my baby
Alex S.
Alex S. Lol there a filter on almost every single photo you posted. 🤣
Makayla B.
Melissa A.
Melissa A. It’s called a filter not photo shop 🤦‍♀️ Im not gonna lie I’m jealous she’s winning rn but I’m damn sure not gonna hate on a helpless child. To be honest this contest is a lot to do with who’s got money and who don’t. Haters is all it is 💕 poor baby good luck kehlani 💕 love team Payton
Naciyé L.
Naciyé L. +10 today Caramel
Naciyé L.
Naciyé L. +10 yesterday Caramel
Felicia T.
Felicia T. Exchange votes? I will vote for you if you do the same and vote
Naciyé L.
Naciyé L. Yesterday 10 votes
Naciyé L.
Naciyé L. 10 votes please for Caramel
Laci W.
Laci W. Voted! Could you vote for my little man? I will vote 10 a day as much as I can. :) Jayceon
Mercedes B.
Mercedes B. Voted 2/12