Natasha - Baby Photo Contest
Forehead, Cheek, Skin, Lip, Chin, Smile, Eyebrow, Eyes, Facial Expression, Eyelash, Window Blind, Ear, Jaw, Flash Photography, Iris, Camisoles, Chest, Long Hair, Jewellery, Blond, Person, Joy


10 yo · Perth

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£ 190 + 2000 votes
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Sam M.
Jake M.
Jemma C.
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Karla E.
9th World and 1st Australia ranking in the Girl’s contest which ended 5 days ago.
Prizes won: £ 230 + 2000 votes

Natasha has a twin brother and her older brothers are also twins Natasha loves doing makeup and playing with her siblings



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Michelle M.
Michelle M. All Votes are greatly appreciated!! For my fur baby Chester, I will Vote back!! Chester Even if you can vote 10 a day or just 1 time it helps!!
Judith L.
Judith L. Echange vote Judith ?
Bernadette E.
Bernadette E. I So hope you win this my Awesome Gorgeous Beautiful Niece xoxo Aunty Bernii 🐧
Michelle M.
Michelle M. Help vote for my fur baby I’ll Vote back Chester
Adrian T.
Adrian T. Vote for my baby brother and ill vote for your daughter Angel Wolf
Alex M.
Alex M. Hi! Would you like to exchange votes with Damien
Felicia T.
Felicia T. Exchange votes? I will vote for you if you do the same and vote
Kmy L.
Kmy L. Hallo, Adelle 10 votes 12.02 und back votes :*
Karla E.
Karla E. I would like to thank everyone who is voting for my angel to win
Brittnee D.
Brittnee D. Hello, would you like to exchange votes with Avaleigh ? 10 a day! 💜
Sam M.
Sam M. Beautiful young lady 🥰
Karla E.
Karla E. Thanks Sam xx
Teresa R. F.
Teresa R. F. hi beautiful good luck you have a lovely smile and personality xxx