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3 months · Twin Falls

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Shaelyn E.
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Gosia M.
Celeste K.
Susan B.
177th World and 1st Idaho ranking in the Girl’s contest which ended a day ago.
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Nyleah loves bath time, tummy time & cuddles with mom and dad 💗



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Celeste K.
Celeste K. 10 for 10/20 Colton
Gopal K.
Gopal K. Voting on behalf of Niom
Gopal K.
Gopal K. 10/10 done ✅
Su Ji K.
Su Ji K. We didn’t receive our vote
Monique Z.
Monique Z. Bonjour Sharlyn exchange🌹🌹🌹Panga
Shaelyn E.
Shaelyn E. Voted
Chekina N.
Chekina N. Bonjour💖 echange de votes 10 par jour
Chekina N.
Chekina N. Mettais votre lien sur le mur a ma fille pour ke je voys troyve facilement
Shaelyn E.
Shaelyn E. Voted!
Chekina N.
Chekina N. Je commence demain 💖
Chekina N.
Chekina N. 10 vote de fait 💖 20/10💖 je continue demain
Tara A.
Tara A. Exchange??!
Helena K.
Helena K. exchange of votes 10 per day for Malcolm ?
Shaelyn E.
Shaelyn E. Voted
Celeste K.
Celeste K. 10 for 10/19 see you tomorrow Colton
Celeste K.
Celeste K. Exchange votes? 10 daily? Colton
Shaelyn E.
Shaelyn E. Yes
Celeste K.
Celeste K. I’ll start here shorty
Shaelyn E.
Shaelyn E. Just started
Maria P.
Maria P. Shes perfect!
Ashley D.
Ashley D. My pretty niece 💕
Susan B.
Susan B. Absolute Princess 👸
Yasmine P.
Yasmine P. Such a cutie :)
Shaelyn E.
Shaelyn E. Thank you 💛
Shy R.
Shy R. 💚💛
China B.
China B. Exchange votes
Shaelyn E.
Shaelyn E. Just voted 💛
Leo H.
Leo H. Wanna exchange daily 10/10 votes? Leonidas
Tina E.
Tina E. beautiful nyleah honesty