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Richard Joseph Morin

7 months · Madawaska

Currently winning:
£ 120 Cash
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Molly Grace J.
Destiny Paige Frazier
Jackie C. C.
Christina G.
Sarah F.
4th World and 1st Maine ranking in the Boy’s contest which ended 4 days ago.
Prizes won: £ 120 Cash + £ 230 Cash

Richard is 7 months old. He’s very smart and growing very fast. He puts everyone in a good mood with his little smile he has on all day long. His giggles are the cutest. Richard also has a best friend/older brother our dog Red, the bond they have is not replaceable. Richard’s favorite T.V. show is W...



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Kimberly M.
Kimberly M. He is adorable such a ham!!! Good luck lil guy u got my vote!!! 😘😍💙
Niki E.
Niki E. Voted for your sweet bub! He should be in 1st !!! He's too dang adorable!!! Good luck mama!🥰😍
Adel S.
Adel S. Echange possible avec Camélia 10 ou 20/j?
Brittany B.
Brittany B. exchange votes ? Skylar
Monique L.
Monique L. 03/09 Would you be interested in an exchange of votes with Betty if yes how much can you do. thank you for your answer on Betty’s wall
Filiz G.
Filiz G. Interested exchanging votes daily 10/10 ?
Loriane L.
Loriane L. bonsoir echange avec tony repondre sur son mur Tony
Becky Howells
Becky Howells Would you like to exchange votes with team jake 💜💗💜💗
Destiny Paige Frazier
Destiny Paige Frazier Voted for him❤️